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Problems from the start. Ticketed as new cruisers when in fact it was cruise #3 for us , it took 3 visits to the pursers office (waiting in line) to correct that error. Even then, there was no way to ensure early dinner sitting, a ... Read More
Problems from the start. Ticketed as new cruisers when in fact it was cruise #3 for us , it took 3 visits to the pursers office (waiting in line) to correct that error. Even then, there was no way to ensure early dinner sitting, a requirement of our booking, yet never advised as a problem until we had been ticketed and fully paid up. Different table at most dinners. Did I say dinner? A sample from the Britannia's international menu follows. And I challenge you to find this in any cookbook. Taglioline (ribbon pasta) in a light tomato sauce and sitting on top: TWO turkey breast schnitzels! Missing items -No fried egg on top, and no chips! From what hell's kitchen did this dish emerge? Try cutting up turkey schnitzels on top of pasta without ruining whatever qualities you may have thought were present underneath! In the Lido each day, for breakfast there were the same 3 kinds of (possibly, it wasn't labeled) yoghurt, along with 2 or 3 kinds of melon: water, rock (sometimes) and honeydew. On the one morning bananas were served, they were soft and very close to black.In Sydney, our departure port, there were available abundant quantities of papaya, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, mangoes, plums, white and red grapes and pears. None of these was available. Instead we had the aforementioned melons, cut pineapple, and canned peaches, pears, prunes and pineapple rings. Smoked salmon with your breakfast? Forget it. Beef sausages? Forget those too. No just pork or chicken, every morning, day in and day out. And as for fish! Have you Aussies ever heard of a "long tailed snapper" that had all the markings of a sea mullet, (dark, large u-shaped remnants of scales on the black skin with brown flesh underneath, and the only whitish flesh in the centre. The whole lot tasting like something you'd normally throw to the gulls? )Try Cunard for a whole new understanding of this delicacy. In the Verandah restaurant which prides itself on a long tradition of French cuisine, I had to wait for French mustard to be sourced from somewhere else to go with my sinewy, overcooked rack of lamb. A French male, raised in a Paris restaurant, met at the pool, told me with a sad shake of his head, there is no French cooking in that restaurant. (The head chef is Indian, by the way, according to the staff announcement one evening.) The French man had been served a sole, and found it inedible, due to having been "white frozen" at the tips and edges.You know, that's when your fish has been exposed to too much air after a long, long time in the freezer, with lots of openings and closings.. Another Britannia restaurant special featured monkfish wrapped in bacon. Quiz question for junior cooks: how do you cook bacon to a point where it is cooked if you wrap it around monkfish? Answer: you don't worry about the fish Just make sure the bacon is cooked, and to hell with the fish. Another. What is the difference between a green bean and a khaki bean on a Cunard liner? Answer: none. Cook the crunch and the colour out of it. Some people might love khaki coloured beans. Fancy an early morning swim? Two outdoor pools are available, and you'd better love an icy cold shower to follow your swim, because there are no warm ones. Want a warm dip? $35 (AU $50 approx) per person per day will get you into a spa pool which on cruise lines at half the price are free of charge. Who spends all day in a spa pool? Even $5 for an hour might be reasonable, but $50 is outrageous. Glass of wine with dinner? $AUS20 for a "specially selected Cunard chardonnay. Origin ? Vintage? Who knows? House white we call this type of wine in Aus. Not happy? Try the Devlin's Mount Unwooded Chardonnay, not well known but only $AU 60 a bottle! I have a similar wine at home that I buy for $4. Not $40. Just $4. If your thing is 1960's pub food, 5th rate entertainment (you had to be there for THAT), drinks at outrageous prices, staff with attitude (understandably--some of these guys are ex QE 2 in the glory days, but are now trapped in a Cunard time warp) and prices about double the competition's, then indeed, Cunard is for you. No? Then forget it. Try Royal Caribbean or Celebrity instead. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
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