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3,323 Carnival Galveston Cruise Reviews

Ok, I'm a Carnival fan... This was our 6th cruise, all on Carnival. Our first cruise was a 7 night on the Triumph in '06. We traveled with our daughter, son in law and 3 yr old daughter. They have cruised with Princess and NCL. ... Read More
Ok, I'm a Carnival fan... This was our 6th cruise, all on Carnival. Our first cruise was a 7 night on the Triumph in '06. We traveled with our daughter, son in law and 3 yr old daughter. They have cruised with Princess and NCL. All of our cruises have been 7 nights before this one. The ship was very clean except for the windows but it was terrible weather for keeping windows cleaned. Not a problem. The service was wonderful. Kudo's to Branimir, Venu, and Wilson for making our dining experience very special. Always lots of smiles and great patience with our shy granddaughter. The first night I asked about Creme Brûlée and was told they don't offer it on a 5 day cruise. :(. That was what I looked forward too the most! On the last night we were all served Creme Brûlée! We were thrilled! It was delicious and a nice generous portion. Our kids said the food was much better on this ship than the others they have cruised on! After ordering 2 starters and entree's almost every night, they should know. Very few dishes were a disappointment. We ate in the dining room almost every morning as well. Great service there and all of the waiters knew Maci by name! Didn't use the buffet a lot but did like the deli and loved the hamburgers for lunch! Go upstairs from the buffet and enjoy a little quieter area to eat. Ate way too much ice cream! The desserts were not spectacular. We do love the chocolate melting cake tho! Our cabin service was very good with very creative towel animals, lots of ice, and clean rooms. We had plenty of storage space for everything. Missed having a nightstand tho. The tv was the older style but who's there to watch tv? No fridge but took a collapsible cooler and the steward kept it full of ice for our soda's. Took Maci to Camp Carnival but she was too shy to stay. We did a build a bear and the camp counselor gave her all of the crafts and a t-shirt on the last day. They were very kind. We attended a few shows. The shows are great but the costuming is PG rated and some actions were not family friendly. The magic show is very good but the kids took Maci out because it seemed to bother her. The singing and dancing is very good with high energy throughout the whole show. Just wish it were a little less risqué. The comedians were very good. Even the late night shows were great. Not really vulgar. Got a lot of laughs! We did the Dzbilchaltun ruins with AutoProgresso. Great excursion if you are interested in this. Very reasonably priced. I didn't like that they told us to be ready at 9:00 but then scheduled the excursion for 10:45. This was to get you there to their little mall to shop. On Cozumel we caught a taxi to paradise Beach. We have been there before. Loved it! We experienced some rough, rainy weather at sea but we were fine. They also had a power outage for an hour on Friday but kept us well-informed through out. We were disappointed when they got it going again! We wanted a free cruise! Overall, we felt the 5 day cruise was too short. We also had a balcony on the spa deck which is perfect for kids at Camp Carnival! Right next door. But, being that high up we used the elevators way too much! I prefer a little lower so I can walk up and down to everything easily. We have cruised the Glory, Conquest, and Magic and like the bigger, newer ships better. So, even though we had a wonderful experience with no complaints, we probably won't do this cruise again because we like longer itineraries. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
I have been on several cruises- so decided to book a cruise for my Mom's 75th birthday and a sisters 50th birthday. There were 13 members of the family, most had not cruised before and saved for a year to take this cruise with my Mom. ... Read More
I have been on several cruises- so decided to book a cruise for my Mom's 75th birthday and a sisters 50th birthday. There were 13 members of the family, most had not cruised before and saved for a year to take this cruise with my Mom. Two of those members were in wheelchairs. What a disappointment! Once we were onboard, the elevators were few and far between because the crew was getting luggage to the cabins. I have not been on a ship that did this as people were trying to make their way to cabins and something to eat and drink. One might think having a BIG screen pool side would be a terrific idea! Think again! Trying to have a conversation with anyone other than yourself was impossible. The Big screen was so loud ALL DAY you could not sit and have a conversation. If I wanted to WATCH TV I'd stayed at home! Not to mention old sitcoms re-runs of re-runs ALL DAY and oh, did I mention how LOUD it was? Yes- a MOVIE in the evening was nice- but LOUD TV ALL DAY was not. The coffee machines in the buffet dining were constantly broken. Had to go to the far back of the ship to get coffee several times. One or another of the coffee machines down EVERY morning-not a good thing. They should get new ones instead of trying to baby them along cruise after cruise. Pool side women's restroom had bare wires sticking out of the wall where a hand dryer was. Were these hot wires? They were not capped or even taped. The staff was very accommodating with furnishing a room for our Birthday parties. We brought our own decorations (but you can purchase Carnivals) we purchased a cake from the Sweet Shop (very good)and the room was furnished with ice water, cups, plates and silverware. This was the first time that I had a cove cabin. I must say I liked it. Closer to the water and when it rained we were protected overhead. Plenty of storage There wasn't a day that we had ice in the ice bucket in our cabin. We had to track someone down each time we needed ice. The dining room staff was excellent and enjoyed the food! The night before disembarking- the same scenario with the elevators, few and far between as the crew was moving luggage. UGH! Because of the fog on our return to Galveston, we were held at sea for approx. two hours longer, but disembarking was as smooth as it could be under the circumstances.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We went with some cruise virgins and while they were skeptical they would be bored, after two days they were hooked. Compared to some other ships this one is crowded so there are lines (10-20 min) for the anytime dining but not so much for ... Read More
We went with some cruise virgins and while they were skeptical they would be bored, after two days they were hooked. Compared to some other ships this one is crowded so there are lines (10-20 min) for the anytime dining but not so much for assigned seating. A nice feature of this ship is that the 5th deck wraps completely around the ship allowing for walking without interruption or steps. We did not visit the gym since we could fast walk around the deck instead of pacing on the treadmill. We last cruised the Miracle and the deserts and food were significantly better on the Magic. The decor is clean and modern so don't expect a lot of flash and nautical themes, however the Red Frog Pub turned out to be a favorite of ours as we were playing card games and some of the tables are set up for checkers, dominoes and cards. jThis ship has many hot tubs so enjoy! The comedy entertainment was good, essentially no magic shows and the two main shows we went to were uneven in quality. While we were on this cruise we heard that a cabin caught on fire, a crew member was taken off for a deep cut in the galley and one passenger had to be helicoptered to Galveston for a medical emergency. The only flaw with the ship design is that the Vibe lounge plays very,very loud music and that music goes on until 2:30 am. The lounge is between decks 6 and 4, if you want to sleep, avoid a room near this lounge. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This was our second sail on the Magic and one of many on Carnival, as well as other lines. We had a group of 15 with cabins scattered throughout the ship. For the first time we booked a spa suite on Deck 11 and are now spoiled. Loved the ... Read More
This was our second sail on the Magic and one of many on Carnival, as well as other lines. We had a group of 15 with cabins scattered throughout the ship. For the first time we booked a spa suite on Deck 11 and are now spoiled. Loved the separate vanity area and the spa tub. We had a couple of wine tastings and there was room for all 15 . One perk of a suite is priority boarding which still worked out okay despite a departure delay due to some drill the crew was engaged in. Our room was ready when we boarded,and room steward was great. Though it's a huge ship, I have always managed to find neat little nooks and crannies to relax without a crowd.. Carnival food is sometimes much maligned, but I have always enjoyed it and never had complaints about the food being cold. I LOVE their pizza. They have tweaked the recipe some and I ate a couple of pieces every day, without fail. Perhaps my palate is not as sophisticated as other cruisers and therefore I am not burdened by bouts of dissatisfaction..Thus my dining experience, especially in the dining room , was excellent. My husband took advantage of the deli sandwiches at lunch.. We have been to all the ports several times previously so don't do excursions, but have a blast at the Margaritavilles and Senor Frogs along the way, despite our advanced years. I saw some online references to a fire on our Jan. 12 cruise. It occurred in Cabin 11240 and got everyone's attention. Some electrical wiring got hot and apparently smoldered. Smoke poured out into the hallway and into the cabin above on Deck 12. Don't know if there was any actual flame. The crew acted quickly, using some kind of foam. I didn't know you could fit that many crew members in a hallway. I was glad to see the quick response. The smell was acrid, you could tell it was electrical. Hats off to the crew. Enjoyed the comedy shows, you can choose family rated or more risque shows at a later time. Debarkation seemed a little crazy at first. I think due to our having to wait about an hour for the Galveston fog to lift and to people who don't or won't follow directions. We got off quickly and had no trouble finding a porter right away. A shuttle bus from Lighthouse Parking was waiting. We always use them because their service and friendliness is top notch. On the last night of the cruise a Coast Guard helicopter had to come in to pick up an ill individual. I didn't realize the Magic has no heliport. The patient was hoisted into the chopper. Hope they are doing well. . Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We chose the Carnival Magic for our second cruise following an invitation from very good friends to explore the same three ports of call we enjoyed in 1996 when we sailed on Holland America's Amsterdam. The Magic overwhelmed us with ... Read More
We chose the Carnival Magic for our second cruise following an invitation from very good friends to explore the same three ports of call we enjoyed in 1996 when we sailed on Holland America's Amsterdam. The Magic overwhelmed us with luxurious accommodations and service. The crew members were magnificent and tended to every need/request. We could not have asked for more. Dining and on-shore options were outstanding. Lots of places on the ship to keep you occupied; other than the complaint mentioned below, we had an awesome time with our friends... Our main complaint was the vulgar drunken behavior of many young adult passengers; evident, for the most part, on the Lido Deck which houses the main pool, outdoor theater and water park. Screaming profanities and lewd, suggestive conduct were routine throughout during the cruise, with no regard to the presence of young children or other passengers who were obviously disgusted with these actions. We were disappointed that crew members didn't intervene and, thus, chose to spend most of our on-board time away from this area. The Lido Deck area caters more to the younger set, so the music tended to be quite loud. We managed to escape it by finding other places to lounge away from the main blast. If that routine doesn't annoy you; I would recommend this ship. In comparing our two cruises, Holland America offers a higher class environment for those who prefer fun in the company of mature individuals. We'll select that cruise line or similar venues in the future. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
I had only been waiting 11 months, 8 days, 32 minutes, and 16 seconds for this day to arrive. Finally, the time for my husband and I to embark on our two-year anniversary cruise with Carnival. This was our third cruise, but we were still ... Read More
I had only been waiting 11 months, 8 days, 32 minutes, and 16 seconds for this day to arrive. Finally, the time for my husband and I to embark on our two-year anniversary cruise with Carnival. This was our third cruise, but we were still as excited as our first. I had just clocked out of work at 7:30 am and was ready to head out to Galveston. As my husband began to load the luggage I sat at the kitchen table and reminisced on all the wonderful places we already visited in the Caribbean. Suddenly I hear a familiar song playing in the background. I grabbed my freshly brewed coffee and headed out the door only to find my husband with both car doors open and the radio flaring to the Jimmy Buffet song “Margaritaville.” “Roman, turn that music down it is a Sunday and it is 7:45 am. Not everyone is going on vacation babe,” I said as I locked the house door. In no time I could see the enormous Carnival Magic ship. We arrived to the port parking and were picked up by the friendly driver of a shuttle bus. “ Are you ready for your vacation?” he asked me. “ More than ever!” I said. We checked in and headed to our room. I put my luggage to the side and threw myself on the bed. This by far had to be the best room we ever had. The room was huge, compared to the other balcony suites we had stayed in. I began to unpack our clothes and gave up after 5 minutes. My husband and I headed up to deck ten for lunch. Music was playing and we could smell the chlorine from both of the pools near our area. “What should we eat?” I asked my husband. “I am dying for Mongolian” he said. “Mongolian it is then.” As we were in line we could smell the Thai barbeque sauce as it sizzled in the skillet. While the wait was 15 to 20 minutes, the food was worth the wait. The horn sounded as I placed our food on the table. “Hello everyone! This is your captain speaking. We are now departing the port and your vacation has officially begun.” I looked over the itinerary for the day. Since we were going to be at sea for the next two days might as well find some fun things to do onboard. The first night and decided to check out the casino. My husband and I are not much of gamblers, but love to watch other people play and cheer them on when they are winning. “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding” sounded as we walked pass the quarter machines. The casino sure was busy, and everyone had huge smiles on their faces, even those who were not winning. We stayed in the casino for about 2 hours and then headed to the room to get ready for dinner. On Wednesday we arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica. At 7 am we were lined up ready to go, but so was every other passenger on the ship. There were at least 500 people in front of us, but we were in no rush since our excursion would not begin until 9 am. As we walked out onto Jamaican ground I heard reggae music coming from a nearby building. Jamaica, I already loved it! We headed out to Dunn River Falls to embark on the 600 ft climb up the waterfall. The water was cold, but felt wonderful once we got use to it. The climb was a challenge, but the view was spectacular. At about midpoint we gazed down and could see the water rapidly moving down each rock and splashing beautifully once it hit the bottom of the fall. The climb took about 50 minutes to complete, but what a wonderful accomplishment. The next day we arrived at Grand Cayman Island. The water was crystal clear that we could see the fish swimming while on the ferry making our way to the island. Upon arrival we met with our tour guide who would take us on our excursion that consisted of swimming with stingrays and snorkeling. We arrived at the Stingray Sand Bar and entered the Caribbean waters. While my husband was freaking out to make sure that the stingrays did not swim near him, I was the complete opposite. A huge stingray swam right beside me and brushed against my back. The day ended with a little bit of snorkeling with views of the spectacular coral reef. I could taste the salt water when I swam deeper and forgot to take off the snorkeling gear. Then, on Friday we arrived in Cozumel. We stepped out the ship and could smell the tacos sizzling at the nearby taco shop. Unfortunately, there was no time to stop since we had to make our way to the ferry that would lead us to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. As we got on the ship there was a short Mexican man with a thick accent shouting “ Margaritas, tequila, beer, Mexican holy water…” It felt so good to visit Mexico again. The boat ride to Playa Del Carmen was pure torture. Well, if you would enjoy riding the Titan this may have just been the best 45 minutes ever. The waves were so intense that I felt as if my stomach was left on the floor by the end of ride. I was not looking forward to the ride back. Once we got to Playa Del Carmen it was an hour ride to Tulum. However, once we arrived the history and beauty that the ruins held was stunning. It was amazing to witness the creations of the Mayans. Not to mention that the ruins are right near a beach. Before we knew it the cruise was coming to an end. We could not wait to get back home and book our next cruise. We ate our last dinner on the deck and watched the sun set over the vast ocean. We could see all the stars in the sky perfectly and enjoyed the fresh smell of fruit that was being served at the nearby buffet. “Carnival has done it again!” This was defiantly a trip we will never forget!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
Food on the Carnival Magic was cold. This for every meal. I am generally not that picky about my food but this food was bad. All six people in my group thought the food was cold and not very good. Definitely not up to standards of other ... Read More
Food on the Carnival Magic was cold. This for every meal. I am generally not that picky about my food but this food was bad. All six people in my group thought the food was cold and not very good. Definitely not up to standards of other Carnival cruises I have taken. Disembarkation was a nightmare for ports of call. Carnival was disorganized for port excursions and did not have elevators going to Deck 0 to get off the ship because they had not turned on the switch to allow the elevators to go all the way down. Very difficult for passengers with mobility problems. Disembarkation for end of cruise was delayed by fog which was not Carnival's fault but the organization for getting off the ship was totally screwed up by someone on the Carnival staff. In my opinion the entertainment was not as good as past cruises I have taken. You have to put your sailing card in slot for the lights to remain on in the room including the bathroom. A woman in our party failed to put her card in the slot and was in the bathroom when the lights automatically turned off because the card was not in the slot. She could not see in the dark and fell and chipped one of her front teeth. I think this is a safety issue. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
I will start by saying that I had no idea meeting the man that I'm about to marry on an embarkation in Cozumel! We sailed out of Galveston, which was very cool in temperature at the time. I didn't like the fact that we paid $40 ... Read More
I will start by saying that I had no idea meeting the man that I'm about to marry on an embarkation in Cozumel! We sailed out of Galveston, which was very cool in temperature at the time. I didn't like the fact that we paid $40 to park but had to manage our luggage ourselves when crossing the busy intersection. The parking attendant was VERY kind. As a matter of fact, I came back to a flat tire and he put air in my car, which allowed us to make it home safely. My only complaint was having to walk in heels with about 100lbs of luggage. This was my first cruise. I should have dresses a tad bit more comfortable but beauty hurts right? ;) Checking in was a bit unorganized. We were obviously struggling with luggage and NO ONE informed us of a drop off point or anything! We ended up hauling the luggage through check in, upstairs,up steep ramps allll the way to our cabin. We were so tired that we had to shower and take a nap. So be sure to ask WHERE EXACTLY should you leave your luggage and they will deliver your bags to your cabin. My first impression of the ship was that it was very clean. Our cabin was a little tight for 3 but we had TWO bathrooms, which helped a great deal. I would also suggest an ocean view. The motion was not bad whatsoever. We did go into another couple's cabin. They had a small cabin with no view. It was AWFUL! THE MOVEMENT was horrible! ! I couldn't believe it! By the way, We were on the 2nd floor I believe odd number if memory serves me right. I would suggest bringing cash and going to guest services to add money to your card or you can use the machine. On the first day guest services is, quite busy. The line was long but it moved fast. We were ready to sail away to Montego Bay Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel! FOOD: Pizza was free 24 hours and good! The lines during the daytime were pretty long but again moved very fast. I have no complaints about the food. Dinner was nice and the staff entertained us by singing and dancing. Sooooo much fun. We had an AMAZING server I wish I could remember his name. ENTERTAINMENT: Our nights consisted of comedy hour and drinks after dinner, then the club. You must get to comedy hour EARLY to grab seats. I don't normally watch comedians on television; however, the two that were contracted at the time were REALLY GOOD! Of course it's adults only and a little raunchy but all in good fun. Art auction was not exactly great but entertaining. Ok ok I only went for the free champagne but it was only 1 glass of champagne and it seemed as if I waited forever to be served! The auction could have been better organized as far as serving guests. I did spend a little time on the slot machine in the casino. If you can't stand cigars and smoke then you MUST stay away from the casino. Personally, I liked the feel and smell even though I don't smoke! The casino is also fairly small. CLUB: Club seen was fun. Not very crowded to say there were thousands of guests on board.The music is versatile. New age rap & r&b , a little Miley Cirus, Michael Jackson. It's a mixture. It also depends on the crowd. The DJ was cool. The drink specials were also pretty good. Sometimes we received little gadgets duch as a cut little sdveka (vodka) flashlight, disco ball drink cups. EMBARKATION If you are a smoker, the moment you step foot in Montego Bay you will feel at home. Just about EVERY WHERE you go, you will be offered something. I politely said I don't smoke. It was action! People were everywhere. We took a bus for 19 00 roundtrip to the city. We were dropped off were we could walk from one spot to another. The FREE beach was the best!! We were catered to, our drinks were brought to us while we relaxed in the ocean. We were shown a bathroom to change. It was clean. THE OCEAN WAS GORGEOUS!!! I turned around to the sight of a GORGEOUS blue green SPARKLING OCEAN!! We hung onto the reef as I can only float, not swim. My pictures are breathtaking. Montego Bay was a once in a lifetime experience. It was awesome, not to mention the mean were pretty hot. Once you paid for the shuttle van, you can take another at anytime just be SURE TO BE BACK TO THE SHIP ON TIME!! Jamaica was cool but I sure wouldn't want to be left there. Cayman Islands WAS LIKE A DREAM!!! BEAUTIFUL OOOOH THE WATER wad the most beautiful turquoise. I built up nerve to do the stingray excursion!! I eould definitely recommend this. The water was cold at first but ok after a little while. I was actually scared to go out into the ocean. I hing on the side the boat for a few minutes ubut the tour guide talked me into going and reaching shallow water. I'm glad I listened and tip toed my way through. I'm 5'3 and once I got off the boat the wster was not as shallow but I was able to tip toe my way a few feet.....did I mention that I grabbed on to a stranger and he yelled " OH WE ARE BOTH GOING DOWN!" It was a good laugh. The end result was that I actually KISSED a stingray in the most beautiful water I've ever seen! Going to the middle of the ocean was about a 25 minute boat ride, then we went to a private beach where you could buy jerk chicken burgers etc. It was pricey and not all that great but nice calm. COZUMEL! I LOVE COZUMEL Soooo much culture and beauty. Watch the men here as well ladies. They are also fairly aggressive. Cozumel is where you can redeem coupons for free charm bracelets, little necklaces, free alcohol tasting in jewelry stores and CHEAP gifts to bring back. REMEMBER the farther you walk away from the ship, the cheaper things will be. I negotiated LOTS in Jamaica and Cozumel for different things to take home. We took a taxi with Russell very sweet cab driver. he took us to a private beach that would have cost us had we not taken his taxi.The beach was BREATHTAKING!!! No crowd! Gorgeous! HOW I MET MY FIANCE: I was walking around alone, by now I knew how to get around. I was approached by a tall, dark, well dressed man who politely asked if he could speak to me. I hesitated at first because I was in a foreign country and I was alone; however, there were tons of other guests around. We sat in public view and began talking. He stated that he worked on Royal Caribbean. We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. The rest is history. He flew me to Fort Lauderdale to set sail on the Royal Caribbean! I had my own cabin.Lets just say that Carnival is on for a first time cruise but Royal Caribbean sets the bar. I sailec on Allure of the seas about 2 months after I returned from my cruise on Carnival. Both are EXTREMELY positive experienced. Thank you Carnival for taking part in finding my soon to be husband! Happy tears. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This was my 4th carnival cruise & my 2nd mother & daughter cruise & my first time purchasing faster to the fun. My mother & I had a balcony the first cruise we took on the conquest, but elected to go with an inside #7212. ... Read More
This was my 4th carnival cruise & my 2nd mother & daughter cruise & my first time purchasing faster to the fun. My mother & I had a balcony the first cruise we took on the conquest, but elected to go with an inside #7212. Our friends were in cabin #7220. These rooms were very nice & quiet. My mother & I arrived at the terminal about 11 am & went straight to the holding area along with the other fttf, platinum & diamond guest & only waited maybe 30-45 minutes. Once we received our sail & sign cards, it was smooth sailing, straight to our room which was ready & waiting. My biggest complaints are def the food. The pizza in my opinion was sick. The pizza on the conquest had a thicker crust, more meat & the cheese was shredded unlike the magic, super thin crust, big globs of cheese, & the guy acted like he was scared to put sauce on it. I've never seen a thin crust pizza soggy in 0.5 seconds. The buffet food wasn't that great & was barely hot unless you got an omelet, or caught the cheeseburgers when they came out off the grill outside on the lido deck. I never understood when in line for breakfast, why the line for french toast, pancakes, & waffles were outside. My food was cold by the time I got back in to eat. The food in the southern lights dining restaurant was better than the other places, my opinion. We actually decided to do the prime steakhouse this go around, big big mistake. My mom enjoyed the appetizer of tiger shrimp, but then the server came to our table saying bon appetite from the chef with a little tea cup for my mom & friend with something they said tasted like hot sauce with picante sauce mixed in, while the server brought my friends mom & I something that was potato confit, when it looked like a oreda tater tot with the crust gone, some kind of glaze, & 2 green stalk things sticking out of it (looked like plankton from spongebob squarepants lol). I just looked at it & hoped it didn't stare back. My mom & I ordered the prime rib, & my friend & her mom ordered the surf & turf...now the guy to my left ordered his steak med well done & when we saw him cut into his steak, blood ran all over the plate & was mooing, so we decided to order well done...big mistake...the server brought our plates & needless to say, each steak was well well well done alright, burnt, charred beyond recognition. 3 different people including the server, waitress, & manager came & asked me what was wrong & did I want something else, I quickly replied no, & look at my moms steak, it was worse than mine...then the manager brought the chef to our table & we couldn't believe he came over grinning as if he was proud of what he sent out. I told him the same thing to his face & said he ought to be ashamed for sending that out, with garnish...they offered dessert, big mistake. We ordered the molten lava cake & vanilla ice cream~I thought surely they can't mess that up...o lord, it was bitter & looked like chocolate pudding inside of 4 shot glasses...we didn't have to pay for it, which I wasn't anyway. The ship is beautiful, but a little crowded for my taste. The lido deck seemed to stay wet. The deck parties were alot of fun, along with the punchliner comedy club. We laughed at one of the games they did on stage where 5 guys, 5 ladies had to place a coin between their butt cheeks, hold it while walking to the front of the stage, & try to drop it into a wine glass...funny. The red frog pub is good, but the thick smoke in the casino & vibe club triggered my asthma & was hideous. I bought a piece of that 4 layer carrot cake & wasted $2.95, that cake wasn't even sweet, & was sick. The air went out in our cabin 2 of the 7 days along with the cabin across from us. If we didn't have our fans we brought, we'd burn up. My mom & I went to bed early our last night, we weren't feeling it, & was past ready to go. They slid a note under the door saying that due to heavy fog & 0 visibility, the port was closed until further notice. My dad was picking us up in Galveston, & by the time I got up & saw the note, he & my uncle were already gone. We had priority debarkation which only helped us wait with diamond, platinum & other fttf guest as we didn't debark til almost 5 pm. Once we were clear, we got down to where our luggage was & were pissed. If a #1 debarkation tag is priority, why throw them in with the 2 & 3's? Our luggage was scattered from here to there. In conclusion, our waiter Jose was wonderful, funny, attentive & danced with my mom. Our housekeeper Hamid was the same, up until the captain said due to the fog delay, we all could remain in our cabins. His attitude was horrible. It wasn't our fault the fog delayed not only us, but them from doing their jobs & backed them up, but he should've been just as pleasant to us regardless. I felt like snatching our tip back. I have lupus & other things, but my health isn't worth my going somewhere confined with so many people, & with some who purposely came with the flu because they didn't purchase the insurance, & didn't want to lose their money putting innocent people in harms way. We took precautions with reg hand washing, using wipes, but I got sick the Tuesday I came back up until now. I heard people saying they'd rather cruise the triumph instead & thats bad. Anyway, my last cruise. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
Just to start off I have been on 12 of carnival cruises different ships and different nbr days cruises. The Carnival Magic I have to say was not what I expected. The Lido deck dinning was always crowded and the pools had so many kids in ... Read More
Just to start off I have been on 12 of carnival cruises different ships and different nbr days cruises. The Carnival Magic I have to say was not what I expected. The Lido deck dinning was always crowded and the pools had so many kids in it. The one deck I did enjoy was the Serenity deck for adults it was nice if you could get up there in time to get a chair. I think all cruises have the same menus because the food to me is all the same. I did enjoy the Lobster on formal night and the shrimp meals were good. Do not get the steak in the dinning room it is tough and not really cook to the way you want it. The other thing I did not like is when they make a big deal in the shops on board about how you have to come at certain hour to get a good deal well it was so crowded that you could not even get inside the shop to buy anything it was bad. If you just wait to the last day at sea they put everything out and mark it half off. The Magic I think is least favorite ship I have been on. I wish they would bring the Ecstasy back to Galveston that is my favorite ship so far. The Truimph is ok I am leaving in Oct to go on another 5 day cruise I hope by then they really step up to the plate and make it a great cruise. I am a platiumn cruiser with Carnival and its ok but some of the perks are good like getting on board quick on the day you leave and getting your laundry done free but that's just about it for that level. I think my favorite cruise I have ever done was on Princess and I have done over 23 cruises. I will go back to princess next year. I am doing Carnival because of my mom she likes it. Word of advice do not get a cabin on the upper deck or 6th floor middle it is above the show room and you can hear all the shows like they were in your cabin with you singing and dancing we had to request for a new cabin and we were lucky to get one the 2nd day of the cruise. If now well I would have been really upset with the person at Carnival who booked this room without telling me about the show room below us, Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This year we took Carnival Magic out of Galveston at the end of Jan. While getting on was a breeze a lot of other things happened that kinda put a bad taste in my mouth so to say. We had a cabin on the upper deck but it turn out the be ... Read More
This year we took Carnival Magic out of Galveston at the end of Jan. While getting on was a breeze a lot of other things happened that kinda put a bad taste in my mouth so to say. We had a cabin on the upper deck but it turn out the be right above the showroom ugh you could hear everything that was going on morning, afternoon and night. The wall shook it was so loud what ever you do try not to get cabin 6235 it was horrible and I was really surprised that the person at Carnival who booked this cruise did not warn me about this. Well by the 2nd day we had enough of the wall vibrating and floor shaking so I went to guess services and demanded another room and they said oh yea we get allot of complaints about this room, go figure. anyway we were moved up the 8th floor and it was so much better. Well after that things started to look up. The shore excursion we took in Jamaica was wonderful I would recommend taking the one that goes to Secrets resorts for adults (that if you are with adults only and want to sit on a nice beach and drink and be waited on hand and foot) the place was beautiful and worth the money!!! The other thing I was kinda disappointed in was when they would announce a sale at the gift shops the crowed were so thick you could not even get in the purchase anything it was a free for all allot of pushing and shoving just to buy something you will probably never use again. lol Oh well. I was also very disappointed in the Lido deck buffet and how they did not keep it to clean up there. It was also very hard to find a table to sit at to eat if you happened to go at the peak eating time. The food was ok. The dinning room food was ok the lobster was great and allot the shrimp dishes were good. I love seafood so it was nice getting to eat it almost every night. So when the trip was over we got in late because of the fog so you can imagin when you get off the boat the mass craziness it was. Everyone was in a hurry and the people were screaming and shouting trying to get there suit cases because they had a flight to get to or a long drive home. I felt sorry for those people because I know they must have been stressed out. So just to let yall know I have been on 12 Carnival cruises and not all of them are good but there were some that were great. I have been on a total of 24 cruises in my lifetime and I hate to say but Royal was one of my favorite boat and then Princess. I think you do get what you pay for and that why Carnival is so cheap. I guess if they had to be Princess then the prices would allot higher. oh well untll next time which will be in Oct 2014. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We encountered lousy weather coming and going. It was lousy enough to dedicate a paragraph or two to our experience with the Port of Galveston. Flying from BOS (Boston) 24 hours late due to snow cancellations in Beantown, we flew into HOU ... Read More
We encountered lousy weather coming and going. It was lousy enough to dedicate a paragraph or two to our experience with the Port of Galveston. Flying from BOS (Boston) 24 hours late due to snow cancellations in Beantown, we flew into HOU (Hobby) just in time for an Ice Storm. Bush International to the north was closed because of the ice but somehow we managed to squeak into Houston. Our car service www.republiclimousine.com (Frank) was waiting for us upon arrival (despite the weather) and quickly scooped us up and brought us to our Galveston Beachfront hotel. I can’t say enough good things about Republic Limousine, we were treated to quick and safe transport to our hotel and they did an amazing job getting us back to the airport at the end; more on our return later. Two other couples who drove through white knuckle blizzard conditions from Minnesota, met us there, amazed that we made it. Clearly with ice storms we were NOT in the Sunshine State so it was quite cold and winter jacket worthy. The weather improved by Sunday, Embarkation day. Pre-Cruise Lodging; We stayed at the Holiday Inn Club Vacation’s Galveston Beach Resort. We stayed in a fully equipped condo featuring a full Kitchen. The Bathroom with a large walk in shower and massive Jacuzzi style soaking tub was a real luxury. The service was impeccable with over the top hospitality and an immaculate room steps off the beach. Beautiful grounds with a really cool infinity pool and steaming hot tub – I wish the weather was warmer so we could have enjoyed the property more. Hungry on arrival, we ordered pizza from the local Pizza Hut only to be called 20 minutes later to be told they don’t deliver to our location. Apparently the staff at Pizza Hut as little geographical clue about their own island, hello? Don’t you people live here? Frustrated we found a place called “The Jungle” and about a half hour later, two of the most delicious burgers were delivered to our door. You should definitely check out www.thejungle.co/west DW and I highly recommend the Jungle Burger. We also had Saturday available to explore. We had lots of fun in the old town area known as “The Strand” featuring old fashioned gaslights on the streets and lots of cool little shops to explore. We took the ferry across Galveston Bay (it’s free) and saw Dolphin scampering around in the water. We found the people of Galveston to be extremely warm and open. Definitely worth considering a return trip in warmer weather, you’ll love the laid back beach bum vibe. The trip to Pier 23 and Embarkation went so quick, I didn’t have time to check my watch. Curbside, our checked luggage got tags installed and whisked away to be delivered to our State Room later. Next stop was Security to have carryon luggage x-rayed and a quick step through a metal detector. Nobody batted an eye at the 2 bottles of Champaign in my back pack. Next stop, up one long escalator (elevator was available) to the last step in the check in process, cruise cards. After a 10 min. wait in line we checked in and were advised rooms would be ready around 1:30. Off to the Gangway where we paused for the usual photo op with the Carnival Photographers. Where the Gangway ends, the Magic begins. A quick zig zag deposited up inside the Magic Atrium. A massive space that stretched from the belly of the ship on deck 3 all the way up to the water slides on deck 12. Very similar to last year’s Carnival Dream, we felt at home right away. We were onboard before noon. We did our usual Embarkation Day Sneak and deposited our bags in our room. We were stopped on the way by a Crewmember who said rooms on deck 6 were not ready. I mumbled something about Faster to the Fun (we were not) and dragged my luggage right past the crewmember and down the Starboard side to my room. The door was open but the room was not quite ready. We dropped the carry-on luggage inside the closet and dashed off to the buffet for lunch. The line at the Wok was ridiculous so we opted for delicious grilled chicken, rice, eggplant parm (yum) which was all good. We were watered and fed and even had desert before the rest of our group had even ordered at the Mongolian Wok. Next stop the bar and a cocktail to explore the ship with. Around 3:30 we attended the obligatory Muster Drill before our big Sail Away right on time at 4 pm. Treated to a beautiful sunset with Galveston in the background we sailed toward the early seating for dinner and Jamaica beyond. As hinted to before, we were on Deck 6 (SR 6289 Category 8B Balcony) overlooking the Starboard Promenade Deck. We slept comfortably with no issues with noise above or below. The room was set up with a Queen Bed, couch (which was convertible to a bed so the room was capable of handling a party of 3) vanity and 3 closets, two for hanging clothes and one with shelves. Plenty of room for 4 pieces of luggage under the bed. The room and balcony were comparable to the wonderful Cove Balcony we had last year on the Carnival Dream. Cove rooms enjoy more privacy on the balcony but this higher balcony was every bit as enjoyable. One note of caution, selection matters on deck 6 because your balcony is only slightly higher than the hot tub/spas on the Promenade Deck. We selected a room roughly half way between the bump out/half circles protruding from the Promenade. We had the room attendant (who was awesome) empty the fridge for us so we could chill the cokes and case of water I carried on. He kept our ice bucket filled at least twice a day. Thanks to Room Service, we enjoyed Coffee on the Balcony every morning. In the course of our travels I encountered a room attendant and an unhappy looking couple being moved into a room down the hall from me. When inquiring if they were running away from home, they replied they were running away from noise. They were originally located in a room under the Galley so it was quite noisy when breakfast was being prepared. Apparently it is less than restful at 4:am when pots and pans are clanging overhead. Note to yourself; Location, location, location, it pays to pay attention to real estate above and below when booking your Stateroom. Montego Bay Jamaica was our first Port of Call. I have always caught a cab and went to the beach on my own. For the first time ever, we booked a Shore Excursion through Carnival. Negril Experience – Margaritaville & Cliff Diving was a lot of fun and worth the price. We met our Bus Driver and Tour Guide and were first on the bus. When everyone in our group was onboard we left for the Hour plus – ride to Negril. First stop Margaritaville, right on Negril beach. Since DW and I are both accomplished Parrot Heads (with over 20 Jimmy Buffett Concerts under our belts) we felt right at home. Hungry upon arrival we ordered the loaded Nacho’s (excellent) and enjoyed the beach and beautiful warm blue water while we waited for lunch to be served. We opted for Cheese Burgers which were good (though we’ve had better at other Margaritaville’s) we still enjoyed our Cheese Burger’s in Paradise. We were told the alternative Jerk Chicken and rice was delicious. An hour or 2 after lunch it was time to move onto the famous Rick’s Café for cliff diving. Although our Tour Guide didn’t forbid it, it was recommended we not participate in cliff diving. I highly recommend tipping the divers and remaining a spectator and NOT a participant. The cliffs are jagged and the thought of a broken limb in the third world should be reason enough to remain on terra firma. However it is a beautiful place and the diving is quite a spectacle, there is no wonder why Rick’s Café is rated one of the world’s top ten bars. I wish we could have stayed for the famous sunset but we had a Fun Ship to catch. On the way back to the ship we stopped at a little shopping area where I picked up too many pounds of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Well worth lugging the coffee beans home with me – yesterday morning I enjoyed freshly ground Jamaican coffee at home while it snowed outside. Uneventful ride back to the ship, we really enjoyed our first officially sanctioned Shore Excursion. One final Jamaican thought; We’ve stayed in Montego Bay for a week a few years ago and this was our first beach day in Jamaica where we were not pestered to buy this, that or the other (illegal) things on the beach. I understand the locals make a living off to tourists but to be free of this really added to our enjoyment of this excursion. If you are approached on the beach a friendly “No tank you mon” usually will suffice. Remember, Peace, Love and Respect Mon! Next day was Grand Cayman and despite the pain in the neck of a Tender Port, we really enjoyed Grand Cayman. Again we did an official Shore Excursion, this time it was the Tiki Beach club. Chairs and a welcome drink were included with round trip transport. A quick 10 min bus ride and a beautiful near perfect beach day was enjoyed. For a fair skinned Irishman, I appreciated that part of the beach was sunny and part shaded so no beach umbrella needed. There is a coral reef very close to shore so without water shoes we were confined to shallow wading but the water was beautiful, blue, warm and great. This is a great beach to snorkel from but lots of people seem to complain about the coral. We coped with it just fine and despite the coral, Grand Cayman was our favorite stop of the week. (Please don’t be the dummy to stand up on or walk on the coral reef, it takes decades to grow coral back when you break it off. Besides, you don’t want to end up the bandaged up fool to find a Sea Urchin with your bare feet. We sat down for a wonderful Cheese Burger at a cute white rot iron table under a picturesque red umbrella right on the beach. A most memorable lunch with a view to die for, we will never forget it. Seven mile beach stretching off to the right and a view of our cruise ship in the harbor to the left. An expensive island to be certain but we’d love to return for a week or two and would do so in a heartbeat. After getting dropped off back at the Pier, we had plenty of time to stroll over to Margaritaville to collect another t-shirt in our ever expanding Buffett inspired t-shirt collection. Then it was back to the ship to chill out for a while before getting ready to overeat at dinner once again. Cozumel was a cloudy but warm day and we decided to stay on the ship. With a nearly empty ship we enjoyed having the place to our self and took advantage of everything the Funship had to offer. A so called fun day at sea before returning to Galveston was spent enjoying the Serenity Deck. We had beautiful sunshine for our last day onboard and took full advantage of it. Soaking up the last hint of warmth before returning to the frigid North East, we relaxed on extremely comfortable Chase Loungers with thick padding and great service from the wait staff and nearby bar. The Serenity Deck is close to the stairs that lead to the water slides which were very fun, making this middle aged guy giggle like a kid again. The Drainpipe was fun but the Twister was definitely the more extreme of the two big slides. The Twister spins you clockwise before quickly reversing you in a counter clockwise spin before depositing you at the bottom. The Twister though fun, gave me a bit of whiplash that showed up a few days later so if you have neck problems, you might want to rethink trying this slide. At the time, both were very fun. All good things must come to an end, eventually….or later. Upon arrival to the mouth of the Channel that leads to Port Galveston we encountered the big fog delay. We sat roughly a mile off shore for 6 or 7 hours waiting for the fog to lift sufficiently for safe navigation. The Port was closed to all inbound and outbound marine traffic so we there we sit, fog horn blowing as car services wait, flights leave and expenses mount. We were advised that our State Rooms were still ours and we could stay in them and otherwise have full run of the ship until we were tied up alongside in Galveston. No need to drag suitcases around, we were encouraged to leave them in our rooms. Through public address announcements we were kept informed and advised that the restaurant and buffet were open for our enjoyment. The whole ship and all she had to offer was still our home away from home and were encouraged to use it while we were still aboard. There were no cups at the beverage stations, huge lines at the buffet and an unbelievable line at the dining room. If I didn’t know better I’d think people hadn’t eaten for a week. We gave up and camped out in our room and dined on a left over box of cereal from room service two days prior. Finally cleared to sail into port we arrived after 2 and shortly thereafter disembarkation began. While off shore my Verizon Wireless was no longer roaming, I changed flights, updated car services at both ends. Ralph from Republic Limo was in constant contact and assured me he would be there when we cleared customs. Disembarkation was a whirlwind. Since time was of the essence I found the Woman in charge in the Atrium, Dee was most helpful in getting us off the ship. We would definitely have missed our new flight out if not for her. We were “Self Assist” so we had all our luggage in tow, left the ship, walked the gang way to customs and exited the building 10 minutes, Cabin to curb - amazing. As soon as we left the customs hall we called Ralph, we waited at the curb less than two minutes before he scooped us up and had us on our way to Hobby – Bing, bang, boom. We made it to our gate and sat less than 15 min before boarding happened. Without the help of Carnival’s staff (Thank you Dee!), efficient Customs Agents and a great Limo Company and an awesome JetBlue counter attendant (originally from our own home town), we never would have made it on time. Everything came together as the stars aligned on Super Bowl Sunday (except the Pats weren’t playing). A few last words about the Port of Galveston; it seems to be plagued with foggy conditions more often than not in winter and ridiculous delays appear to be the norm. Watching various webcams, the ships based in Miami and Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) seem to come and go week after week without a hitch. Meanwhile Galveston is fogged in and closed to marine traffic every other week. These delays affected our outbound flights requiring costly rescheduling fees and inconvenience to our Car Service at both ends. Inbound we encountered that ice storm and although the fog at the end of the cruise didn’t impact the airports we were most definitely impacted by cold and weather coming and going. Do not book an early flight if you choose to sail in and out of Galveston. The friendliness of the people of Texas surpassed that of FL on previous cruises, it’s too bad weather issues tainted our experience. We still made the most of it despite our inconveniences and made our own fun despite Mother Nature’s poor sense of humor. If we sail out of Galveston again we will definitely be scheduling a next day flight home.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This was our 2nd-ever cruise, and we chose the same ship and itinerary as our first one! FASTER TO THE FUN: This time, Faster to the Fun was available, so we bought it. It wasn't particularly helpful at the cruise terminal, but it ... Read More
This was our 2nd-ever cruise, and we chose the same ship and itinerary as our first one! FASTER TO THE FUN: This time, Faster to the Fun was available, so we bought it. It wasn't particularly helpful at the cruise terminal, but it was well worth every penny of the $50 per cabin... The best part was the VIP line at Guest Services! Wow, that was great... We'll buy FTTF again in a heartbeat! Oh, and having our room ready and our luggage there was awesome too. THE CABIN: We stayed in a cove balcony, 2317 - It was mid-ship, near the forward section. Apparently our room was just beneath the Northern Lights dining room, but we never had any noise that we noticed. The cove balcony was wonderful, and we will probably book one of these again! It's the least expensive balcony you can get, and it's very private. We were just about 30 feet above the water line, and this particular cabin wasn't completely secluded by life boats - There was a gap after the first two life boats, and we were just under the very front edge of the third one. As in all of the rooms, there was plenty of room under the bed to store our luggage, and ample space in the closets and drawers. Per recommendations I've read on various cruise sites, I took an over-the-door shoe holder to put on the closet door to store sunblock, sunglasses, deodorant, etc. We brought a bungee cord to keep the balcony door open, and this time I remembered clothes pins to secure our clothes to the retractable clothes line in the shower! A pleasant surprise this time, was that the balcony was great for extra room to dry swimsuits, water shoes, etc. I was afraid they would blow away, but even in our awful wind and high swells they stayed put just fine! WEATHER: So the first couple of days, we were trying to out-run that awful cold front, and the water was SO rough! We left on Sunday, and Monday was the worst of it. It was windy and cold, and the water was so rough that they had to cancel the Grooveline stage show and close the outside decks for safety. There were a lot of people not feeling well, and I just felt tired. Personally, I kind of enjoyed the motion of the ocean - It was nice to be rocked to sleep by God's hand! FOOD: We enjoyed dinner in the Southern Lights Dining room on Sunday and Monday nights, and our waiter (Alan) was great. He did some napkin tricks for the kids, and even made them a special hat with napkins and coffee cups! Monday night was elegant night, and I had the lobster but didn't think it was all that great. Rather than dressing up every night, and dealing with my two antsy six-year-olds, we opted to enjoy the lido buffet for dinner on our port days. Yes, there were lines, but the food was plentiful and good. We did try the steakhouse on Tuesday night, and personally my lobster bisque and my filet mingon were the best I ever had! The cheesecake definitely wasn't New York style, but it was good. Having had the steak house experience now, I probably would recommend that you try it once - But I wouldn't pay $35 pp to do it again, when there is so much good food on the ship! On our first cruise, I was very disappointed in the Pizza Pirate - The cheese was just weird. This time, it was TOTALLY different, and we all LOVED it! See my album for a picture of the menu. I do wish they had it available via room service! Oh well, I'll walk my lazy rear up there and get some when I want it! Room service still had the standard sandwiches (hot and cold) and salads, all of which were good - A little more variety of hot foods would be nice though. I loved the deli at 10 aft, near the tides pool and bar - Partially because we spent so much time back there! I never did try the Tandoor Indian food, but I wanted to. Hamburgers and hot dogs at the grill were a big hit, but often with long lines. I've got to give those guys credit though - I don't known how they keep up! PORTS/EXCURSIONS: We knew from the last cruise, that we wanted to do the "Behind the Fun" tour - It can only be booked on the ship at the shore excursion desk, and there is only one tour per cruise. Well, that's what we were told, but there was actually another tour taking place the same time as ours. It's $95 per person, and they pointed out that it's non-refundable. We agreed and bought the tickets as soon as we boarded, then we were told that it would be at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, the last sea day before we got home. The problem is that Camp Carnival doesn't open until 10:00 a.m., so we asked what we should do. They told us to just tell the Camp Carnival team ahead of time that we would be doing the Behind the Fun Tour, and they would gladly take the kids at 8:00 a.m. for us - They did, and it all worked out fine! The tour itself was AMAZING. We started in the Prime Steakhouse at 8:30 a.m., and were lead by the HR director for the ship, Brett. He was very impressive, patient, and well-spoken. We started with the steak house chef, who I could not understand at all. That was kind of a bummer. I work with an international, very diverse group, but I just couldn't understand this guy. Next, we moved on to the main galley, where I had the same problem. We went on to see the zero deck loading and logistics area, environmental services, the engine control room, training areas, the showtime theatre stage and crew, and dressing room, the crew and staff mess areas, crew and staff-only areas around the ship, and ended on the bridge, where we met the captain. That was my favorite part! Captain alluded to the fact that they *might* be working on a 10-12 day itinerary for the Magic, out of Galveston... Aruba, Grand Turk, Curacao, and St. Thomas. Wouldn't that be awesome? We had our pictures taken at the very bow of the ship, and on the bridge, and were given quite a few complimentary 8"x10" prints that evening. We ended up in the private party room, where we were given our choice of a glass of champagne, a mimosa, or just orange juice. We also got a drawstring back-pack, a cap, a lanyard and a little bracelet as gifts. Once we reached port in Montego Bay, Jamaica, you'd never know we had been in such awful weather. It was about 86 degrees, and humid! Last trip, we left the kids in Camp Carnival and ventured out to shop right there at the terminal. This time, we felt better about taking the kids out, as long as we were on a ship-sponsored excursion, so we decided to get out and see the island. The folks at the shore excursion desk were very helpful, as we waited until the last possible minute to go ask for recommendations for a kid-friendly, close-to-port, brief excursion. We bought tickets for one excursion, but decided we couldn't get everyone fed and ready in time... So even though the tickets were non-refundable, the shore excursion desk was so gracious to exchange our tickets for a later excursion, which was the "Montego Bay Highlights and Shopping" tour at noon. We made three stops - One at a craft market, one at the Rose Hall Shoppes, and finally a stop at Margaritaville. Hubby bought a Tissot watch in one of the shops at the Rose Hall Shoppes, and got a really good price. I was pleasantly surprised when talking to the shop owner, who kept swooning over my twins. It turns out that she also has six year old twin grandchildren, so we bonded and had a lot to talk about while Steve was shopping. At first I was kind of nervous when she was offering them cookies and bottled water, but she was really very, very nice. The tour was just enough of the island to get a taste and see some things. When arriving back at the ship, we were greeted by a marching band, which the kids enjoyed while waiting in line to board. In Grand Cayman, we had pre-booked the Turtles, Turtles, and More Turtles Deluxe excursion through Carnival. We tendered in and got to the terminal very quickly, got our tour bracelets and lunch tickets, but we stood around sweating for about 45 minutes before we were ushered to a bus and taken to the turtle farm. Our bus driver, "Captain Morgan", was awesome. We were told to remember his name, that we were on bus number one, and that he was to pick us up at 11:30. When we got to the turtle farm, we were surprised at how bad the turtle poop smelled up the whole area! Sorry, just wanted to warn you. My six-year old daughter was gagging and did NOT want to stand around listening to the tour info! At the turtle farm, our tour guide was Tony. He was pretty good, but apparently he was jumping around among three tour groups, often leaving us standing around waiting for him, wasting time. To further confuse matters, he had another group that was supposedly on bus number one. So our groups eventually got mixed up, but it all worked out. I was personally glad when the tour part was over. Our family moved on to the saltwater lagoon, where you could snorkel with the turtles and the fish, but when walking in it was slimy. The kids and I don't swim very well, so we just kind of waded around for a while, before we heard someone say that there was a freshwater pool with a water slide. We headed over there, and wished we could have spent the whole day there! It was great, and also set up like a lagoon - It was a zero-entry rock pool, and the lifeguards at the waterslide were excellent! When one of our kids was about to come down the slide, the lifeguard would give us a thumbs-up so we would know to catch them. Sometimes we thought one of our kids was about to come down, and he would blow the whistle and tell us to get out of the way! After we got out of the pool and changed clothes, we went to the bar and restaurant to eat - They had a buffet of fried fish, BBQ chicken, dirty rice, fried plaintains, and punch, and it was good. The kids weren't really interested in that, so they also offered a cheeseburger, chicken strips, or hot dog - All with fries. One had the hot dog, and one had the chicken strips. We tendered back and got the kids all checked in at Camp Carnival, then hubby and I caught another tender back to go do a little bit of shopping. It was funny - That was about 1:00, and at that time most folks were heading back to the ship. We were two of only four people on our boat going toward the island, and our friends later told us that they were packed like sardines on their tender, and when we passed they said "Hey, look at that boat with only four people on it! WAIT! That's Steve and Sheila!!!" Hahaha... For Cozumel, we had planned on going to Mr. Sancho's - But our friends' kids were already very sunburned from their excursion in Jamaica, and we also wanted to do some shopping. So our son stayed on the ship in Camp Carnival, and our daughter came with us into the shopping area just off the ship. We spent about three hours shopping, and found a few good deals - Nothing spectacular, but fair. We did use a lot of the coupons we got at the "Fun Finds" shopping show, to get free charms, a free drawstring backpack, and other goodies. I bought some bamboo sheets from the Cariloha store, and some Mayan Fiesta rum cakes. FYI, I liked these much better than the Tortuga brand that they sold on the ship and in some of the stores in port. The Tortuga cakes, to me, tasted heavily of alcohol - That may be what you want, but I enjoyed the Mayan Fiesta cakes' different flavors including Mexican Vanilla, Pina Colada, Coconut, Banana Daquiri, and Golden Original. SHIP-BOARD ENTERTAINMENT: There is SO much to do on this ship... This was our second trip, and we still didn't get to do everything we wanted to do! On Monday morning we went to the "Fun Finds Shopping Show", and got suckered into buying the $25 coupon book. It's kind of like the "Entertainment" books you buy, but be aware that they advertise a lot of free stuff, but you don't get all of those things up-front. You have to use coupons and go find them all and claim them in port. There was one item that we tried to get at two of the different ports, and we were told they didn't receive their shipment... Both times. The coupon book is huge, but there are coupons for all ports that Carnival travels to in the Caribbean, so just know that the whole book of coupons won't apply to your cruise. We went ahead and redeemed the coupons for all of the little trinkets and charms, and saved the book in case we go on another cruise to different ports any time soon. I didn't see any expiration dates on the coupons, so we'll see! We saw the "Destination: Unknown" illusion show on Wednesday night, and it was spectacular! Camp Carnival took the kids to see the early showing, and they were blown away - They loved it, and so did we! "A Night of Magic with Mark" in the Spotlight Lounge was NOT that great... On Thursday night we saw Kim Harrison's Adult Comedy Show - She is HILARIOUS! I love that woman! I'm now one of her many Facebook fans... Friday night was hands-down, the BEST show of the cruise - "EDGE" was amazing, hilarious, and had me in tears! The show started out kind of slow, but we ended up walking out hurting from laughing so hard! I need to find out more about this guy, and stalk him on Facebook too! Throughout the whole cruise, when we were waiting for something else to start or waiting for dinner, we enjoyed hanging out in the Ocean Plaza on deck 5, and watching karaoke and listening to trivia. Next time I'd like to do that more. CAMP CARNIVAL: Camp Carnival, as always, was fabulous. I just can't say enough! The staff is beyond amazing! SUMMARY: All in all, it was a rough start but still a wonderful vacation. You can't control mother nature! Always take plenty of Dramamine - Even if you don't think you'll need it, take it just in case! I bought the childrens' Dramamine, and almost ran out. I was sweating it, because you can't buy it on the ship and I couldn't find it in any of our ports. And after the rough seas, the ship sold out of the regular Dramamine too... I had been a bit worried about the temperature when traveling in January, but it's true what everyone said - Once we got to our destinations, you'd never know it was winter! It was just a bit too cold coming out of Galveston. I love the Carnival Magic, but having been on her twice now, we'll probably try the Triumph on our next cruise! Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My family and I decided to take a cruise together. I've gone in the past with my husband and once with my nephew but this time would be different. . . different ports and with two additional family members; my over the top brother and ... Read More
My family and I decided to take a cruise together. I've gone in the past with my husband and once with my nephew but this time would be different. . . different ports and with two additional family members; my over the top brother and nervous wreck sister! My sister left her yorkie at Bone Voyage - a pet resort that took VERY good quality care of her dog that is located along the way to the terminal on Harborside. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using them if you are in need of a pet sitter. My sister is typically a nervous wreck and doesn't like anyone to watch her dog unless it's family. She took a chance and LOVED LOVED LOVED every bit of the experience. She got pics of her dog and constant updates on demand. It was awesome. We went aboard the Carnival Magic for 7 nights of wonder. We stopped at Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. We live fairly close to Galveston so the ride and park was an option we chose to go with. We used the Discount Cruise Parking located on about 80th and Harborside Drive where the shuttles packed our luggage on board and away we went to the terminal. We had used this lot before so we were able to book online ahead of time and use the discount code to save an additional $5~! Since we lived so close to Galveston, my husband (who is always so laid back that he is LATE to every event - even our wedding but we won't go there...) decided that since there was a delay on the ship due to fog that we would leave a little later than usual. Well the departing time was set for 5pm and we arrived at the parking lot at 4:45pm!! Yep, the last ones on the lot and it felt as if we were the last ones to board the ship but there were a few others behind us. I must say, it was easy boarding and going through security~! no wait AT ALL!!! But the adrenaline rush of being late kept us going. Of course, it kept me a little frustrated but ah well we made it! The parking crew was very nice, the porters came right up to us at the terminal and had our luggage gone before we even got out the van. We were running so late that the porter didn't even stop to wait for a tip...away he went with our luggage in tow... We booked an ocean view room for 3 of us and an interior room for the other two. Typical rooms, nothing special but spacious enough for all of us. We dined mostly at the buffets not once did we do the dining, partly because the days we thought about it the dress code was not anything we brought with us. My 17 y/o nephew enjoyed taking part of all the Club O2 activities for the teens - we barely saw him! Other onboard activities were the usual for us but for my sister and brother were wonders of their world! All the "at sea" specials ran at the fun shops, art auctions, shows at the theater, comedy, club nights, casino and everything else their hearts could desire were aboard this ship! We decided to stay at the terminal in Roatan because the weather was rainy and overcast. Just so you know...it's not a good idea to be out in the rain, drinking a fat tuesday daiquiri while "just sticking your feet in the beach water." At least for me it wasn't. I picked up congestion almost overnight! But I didn't let this stop me...on to Belize we sailed.... While in Belize, again remember my husband likes to be late..., we decided to eat breakfast on the ship then head to the terminal. Well we had to take a tender to the port which took about 20 mins but the wait to get on the tender by 10am was about 20 mins. Mind you, we were ready at 9am...my husband....another story! We arrived at the terminal at about 10:45ish and my sister decided she wanted a pair of cheap sunglasses since the sun was starting to peak out. On our next venture we went....wheeling and dealing with the shops to try to get what looked like a $5 pair of glasses for at least $10; then we later learned that the locals pay two for $5!!! They said you just have to go in town and away from the terminal! We got the sunglasses and off to find terminal one where the infamous Vitalino would be waiting for us to arrive for our zip line and cave tubing adventure. This company is by far AAAA+++ service! Book ahead of time and if he isn't too busy he will cut you a deal on the prices. We ended up paying $65 per person. He was very responsive by email and attentive to our requests. His website is www.cavetubing.bz and we highly recommend using his company for quality service and articulate history of the city. Well by the time we found the terminal, we were told to look for the guys in the yellow shirts that say cavetubing.bz ...there were a ton of yellow shirts but none of them had this logo. As soon as you got out of the terminal you had people come up to you left and right offering cavetubing adventures and other excursions. I was on a mission to find Vitalino so away I pushed through the crowd and onto the street. I finally saw a couple of people that had polo shirts on that appeared to work for the terminal and not screaming at you to join their excursion so I asked if they could help me find Vitalino. One young man immediately called him on his cell and found out that he was no longer in the city but would arrange for us to be picked up. He had one of his trustworthy pals find us transportation and off we went. The van ride was about 15 minutes where we stopped at what appeared to be a local store and picked up Vitalino who greeted us all with bottled water. Aboard he came along with another guy "Byron the Water Bender". Vitalino gave us complete instructions as to what we were to expect and how the day would go. We were a little late in starting but he assured us we would get a full day of activity and be back to the ship by the 4:15 departure time. Another 30-35 minutes on the van with Vitalino giving us info on the things we saw on our drive and we arrived at his family place where people were having lunch (chicken, rice and beans and rum punch) and we were asked if we needed to use the restroom or wanted more drinks and if we wanted to eat or wait until after the excursion. Of course, we had just eaten a huge breakfast so we opted for after. My nephew rented his water shoes for $3 and typically they have you pay then but we weren't sure who was going to do the zip lining (my nephew was nervous and "afraid of heights") and time was a ticking! So Vitalino approved us to just pay after. About 5-10 mins later we arrived at the zip line site. I believe it was 7 different heights/lines that we went across with the first one being short and low called the "chicken run". My nephew tried it and was hooked...he wanted more, more more and even the guys there offered him to just try it since he voiced his fear. They later laughed at him because he was at the front of the line ready to go on the next line! Be ready to hike up steep stairs - aerobic stamina is helpful but not necessary. Off to cave tubing we went after our adrenaline rush and fun at the zip lines. It was the first time for all 5 of us and we enjoyed it greatly! We hiked about 15-20 mins through jungle and a few stream crossings so make sure you wear good comfortable shoes that you can walk in and cross water in. My water shoes left a slight discomfort in my feet but overall ok. We arrived at the cave opening where our tubes awaited us - the tubes are custom made with the seat and cup holder and we did not have to hike them up the trail with us as we saw others doing. We were shy a tube so our tour guide Byron ran all the way back to get the additional one and away we tubed... He didn't use a tube and was proud to call himself the "water bender". He was very knowledgeable and interesting. By us being so late....we were able to have a personal tour without others tubing next to us which was pretty cool. The water was cold but felt good and was beautiful! You could look down and see the minnows and my husband even got his fingers nibbled on by them. The cave was amazing to see and hear the history about. After our adventure we hiked back taking our tubes but Byron was a gentleman and took mine and my sisters for us. We got dressed and away we went to meet up with Vitalino. He called Byron and asked if we were done and on our way back. We got to his family's place of business where he waited for us on the side of the road with his daughter holding bags of boxed lunches and sippy cups of rum punch and a bottle for refills as well as sodas and waters in glass bottles. He politely jumped in the drivers seat and our driver sat in the back with us and we all enjoyed our lunch in the van on our way back to the terminal. He got us there just in the nick of time. He passed up a van with a load of carnival cruisers heading to the terminal as well so we weren't the only late ones. In fact, as we arrived at the terminal we paid him and entered where we were constantly being told by those manning the security area "you are late guys, get in there quick." We got to the line only to find that there were LOTS of people lining up late to catch the tender back to the ship! Ah well, away we went. We didn't get to shop at the terminal or in the city but we had the BEST time on the excursion! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND VITALINO'S CAVETUBING.BZ!!! Disembarking was not bad at all either. We were able to get off the ship without waiting in ANY lines. We weren't even late to get in line, I couldn't believe it! Perhaps most people were doing self-assist because we didn't go immediately when our zone was called in an effort to "let the crowd" go first but as soon as the next zone was called we were down there and were still able to get off without a problem. Now finding a porter once in the terminal was another thing. It took about 20 mins for my husband to go hunt one down for us. We waited about 15 mins in the line before we were out and on our way to the van to head to our parking lot. We waited about less than 5 mins when the van pulled up and away we went. Our vehicle was secure and we didn't have a problem with the parking lot at all WE ALSO RECOMMEND DISCOUNT CRUISE PARKING if you don't mind taking a van/shuttle to the terminal. I will leave you with one warning: if you are looking to exercise and see a sign up sheet for Pilates. . . unless you are looking for just an exercise class with no classic pilates moves this class is for you. Also be aware that they charge tax or gratuity for the course as well. It said $12 but we were charged $13.80 for a class that I did NOT enjoy at all. We reported it to guest services but no action was taken. Other than the overcast and rain at each port, our cruise was awesome and a lot of memories were made. WE enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to our next one :) Cheers!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
Reading the ship reviews is one of my favorite things to do on this board, so I was eager to let you know about our experience. We just got off the Carnival Magic which went to Roatan, Belize & Cozumel. This was our first cruise in ... Read More
Reading the ship reviews is one of my favorite things to do on this board, so I was eager to let you know about our experience. We just got off the Carnival Magic which went to Roatan, Belize & Cozumel. This was our first cruise in the month of January. While we LOVED the prices, we didn’t particularly like the “iffy” weather in January, which was at times chilly, overcast or drizzly. We only had about 1 ½ days of good deck weather where we could actually sit in the sun on deck and enjoy relaxing in a deck chair. It was never warm enough to enjoy the Dive-In movies which we have enjoyed on other cruises. First, I’ll tell you about our stay in Galveston. We used Priceline, and got the Galveston Beach Hotel which is right on the Seawall & 17th, and is an EXCELLENT hotel! We were so pleased, and we only had to pay $70/night! We had a balcony that looked right out on the ocean. I believe all their rooms have balconies. It does not serve free breakfast, but does have a dining room where you can buy breakfast. We went to Denny’s about a block East of the hotel which was a lot cheaper. I believe this hotel does offer free cruise parking to guests that stay at the hotel, and their parking is behind the hotel in a locked fenced area. You have to have a code to enter the gate. We had already made previous parking arrangements or we might have considered it. Anyway, you only had to drive north on 17th to Harbor Side Drive to any other parking place to get to the ship. We chose Park-n-Cruise because it has covered parking (in an actual inside garage). We parked, pulled our 3 pieces of luggage across the street to the terminal & turned them into the porter and entered the terminal building. On return, we were some of the first to disembark after the VIP’s, and we were across the street & in our car heading home by 7:30AM. Check-in was a breeze. We have passports, and that makes things go so quickly. We were directed to the waiting area, and had to wait until about 1PM to board the ship. The cruise before us had arrived late because of fog. Lunch first day: Once on the ship, we went directly to the Italian restaurant, by-passing the Lido buffet which was busy. (stairs to this restaurant is located in the Lido, behind one of the buffet lines). The restaurant is free every day at noon, but costs $12/person at night. They give you “menu” & you check off what kind of pasta, sauce, meat, bread & salad you want. It comes in a bowl. Its very tasty. Then downstairs for dessert at the buffet. Cabin: After lunch we checked to see if our room was ready, and it was. We were on deck 2 in a Cove balcony for the first time, midship in room 2338. It was a very quiet room, and we only occasionally heard any noise from above at night, but all was quiet after about 11:30 or 12AM. It was awesome being that close to the water. One day I did see dolphins, but they were more towards the front of the ship. Last year we were on the 7th floor in a balcony, and I think our room might have been just a little bit bigger. If we remember correctly, I think our bathroom might have been a little bigger. However, the size of the Cove’s bathroom was just fine. We were just 1 floor down from our dining in Southern Lights. Being at midship on 2 was pretty smooth, even though we had a few bumpy rides during the week. The only disappointment with this room is that our steward wasn’t the best. We’ve always had super service, but this time was not as good. I never even met the steward all week. My DH talked to him once the first day. We passed him in the hall a couple of times, but he never really engaged us, other than a hello. He would never fill our ice bucket – and we’ve never had to ask for that on any other cruise. We finally left him a note to please fill it every day. A couple of times I put dirty towels in the floor, and he hung them back up! Our bed was made every day, but the sheets would always be scrunched up at the foot, and I would have to pull them down & retuck them to make it comfortable. We had one small water glass in the bathroom, and he never replaced it all week – or brought another for my husband to use. Our deck windows or door were never wiped down, and looked pretty bad by the end of the week, to where you couldn’t see out of them very well. The banister of our balcony always had salt on it, even after he had just cleaned – so I don’t think he ever touched the balcony at all. However, we would walk by other rooms being cleaned and saw the stewards cleaning the glass, etc. I guess the service could have been worse, but it definitely wasn’t the best we’ve ever had on ship. Sea Days: We decided that January may not be the most ideal time to cruise if you want to enjoy much time on the deck. We probably had a total of 1 ½ days at sea that we could really enjoy without getting chilled. We discovered the BBQ place on deck 5 about midship during sea days. They had sliders and hotdogs. The sliders cooked over charcoal were delicious! We ate there every sea day except the last one – and that was only because the weather was so cold & windy outside they didn’t have it open. We also loved the salad bar just inside the door from the BBQ. You can choose the type of greens, meat, toppings & dressing. It was only open at lunch and was so good! Dining Room: We had every night meal at the Southern lights and sat at a table for 8. We had 3 other couples at our table, and we all came every night. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the food. I don’t think we had anything we didn’t like. Our waiters were very good, and would remember our choice of drinks, bread, etc. , and all of our names. We had a table by the window – which really doesn’t matter much in January because it was always dark by 6pm – our dining time, and you couldn’t see anything anyway. From our table, we also couldn’t see anything going on in the middle part of the dining room, so when they had the waiters singing we couldn’t see anything – just hear it. That was a little disappointing. Other than that, we really enjoyed the dining room. The food was great. One note: We received the tickets for a free drink, available only during brunch. We didn’t go to redeem them until the last day at sea. They have two drink stations set up outside the Southern Lights dining room. We didn’t realize that you really didn’t have to eat brunch to get the drinks. Just a FYI for anyone who gets these free tickets! We did eat there for brunch, but we weren’t that impressed with the selection. Mostly breakfast type dishes, and we were there more towards lunch. Sports & Activities: My DH joined in on a dodge ball game the first morning at sea. His team won that day. He went back every other sea day to play – and by the last day, it had become a pretty big deal on ship! Pretty much the very same players came back every day (about 20 on each team) and they had developed fan bases that were watching on both sides. The coach was awesome, and even though there was some high competition going on , all the players were very good sports and were all having fun. My DH’s team won every day of the challenge, and my DH was even chosen as one of the MVP’s of the week – the coach chose 6. He got a medal which he is very proud of. He also played bean bag toss, ring toss, ladder toss, AND got to judge the Miss Carnival contest. He got 2 more medals for winning ring toss & judging. We enjoyed a couple of comedy shows, and main theater shows. My DH volunteered a couple of times and was on stage. Once he dragged me along – when the Magician did his card trick. The next time he was on the stage with the juggler – which turned out to be hilarious. My DH is more of an “extrovert” where I tend to just like to sit back and watch. There was always something to do on the ship, even though we did have to stay indoors a lot because of the weather. We did get to do the ropes course one afternoon, and played a game of putt-putt. Both are fun and challenging. Spa: This was my first time to enjoy the spa. I had a Tip-to-Toe massage one of the Sea days when they run ½ price. It cost me $160 (which included a 20% automatic gratuity). It was an awesome massage, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, they try to sell you all the products they used on you once it is over, but I just said a polite “no” and left . Overall, we really enjoyed this cruise. We met some wonderful people. Our dining-mates were all very nice, and we had things in common with all of them. We met others during excursions or around the ship. We exchanged phones & emails with some of them, because we want to keep in touch. The only downside to this trip was the weather wasn’t ideal the entire time, but not enough to spoil the trip. You make your own fun. We feel we are on vacation, being treated like royalty, eating super good, getting entertained – so what is there to complain about? I have left reviews on the forum pages of all of our ports, and will also add them below. Magic is a great ship. We hear she will dry dock next February for about 40 days to be fitted with the new upgrades.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We're super impressed! I know you've read the negative reviews- bad food, bad ports, bad service, bad shipmates. I'm here to tell you 99 percent of that is simply not true! We've been serious cruisers for 2 years (2 or ... Read More
We're super impressed! I know you've read the negative reviews- bad food, bad ports, bad service, bad shipmates. I'm here to tell you 99 percent of that is simply not true! We've been serious cruisers for 2 years (2 or more cruise per year.) We'd heard all the rumors. And it was with major reservations that we booked the 7 day "exotic" Western Caribbean sailing with Carnival. The price was excellent, and as we'd been to the ports before on another major cruise-line we decided, "How bad could it be? " Since we ship-hop we've not earned any elite status on Carnival and booked Faster To the Fun along with our shore excursions for Roatan and Belize pre-cruise. We used the cost-savings to book a cove balcony, and stay over night before the cruise in Galveston. Pre-cruise: We checked into the Hotel Galvez and Spa. They offered a free shuttle to the port and week long parking (for less than $20) with a one night stay. Our room was not ocean-view. But was very large and clean. The water-pressure in the shower was excellent. We ordered the walnut brownie from room service and were amazed at the large serving-size. We plopped down in very comfy beds for the evening and fretted about our cruise decision. Would this be worth it? Embarkation and the Balcony- It was as thick as pea soup! We couldn't see the street outside our window. We had just become the most recent victims of the Galveston Winter Fog. Carnival kept us informed via text messages and e-mail. We had already reserved an 11:30 shuttle. So we headed to the port. Check-in was fast and efficient. One of us even set up a cash account, which was not a problem. We were then herded to the packed waiting area. Since we purchased FTTF we did not have a zone boarding number. We just waited. Did some reading, some fretting over the balcony and a bit of worrying. Mostly we watched the clock. Happily within 45 minutes, and after the weddings, casino group, platinum and diamond cruisers, we were on the Magic! Our room was ready! Someone had order decorations for our room (It was my birthday.) and they looked wonderful. No one stopped to check out the beds or that bathroom, we just wanted to open the curtain! Our balcony was WONDERFUL! Careful planning had put us in a cove balcony with no lifeboat directly above us. There was a camera-which was a bit off putting, but no big deal. The balcony was a bit bigger than a regular balcony and had the standard two chairs and small table. The light streamed in- this was not the dungeon described in the reviews. This was a vacation oasis. There was a white wall instead of the normal plexi-glass, but we were so close to the water we could spot, and clearly see the eyes of the dolphins playing in the shipping channel. A few words of caution: three things are beyond your control when booking a cove. (1) The doors: If your neighbors were raised in a barn and have not learned how to properly close a door. Your cabin will rattle as their balcony door slams closed. It's loud, and it's annoying. (2) Smokers- nothing you can do about this. We had smokers close to us, but could never smell the smoke. I imagine things could be bad if you're next to Cindy Chainsmoker. (3) Weather- if the seas are rough your balcony can become an oceanview. Since these rooms are so close to the water there are metal doors that can seal out the sea in the event of bad weather. We never saw them in action. These rooms are very nice if you're looking for a bit more privacy as there are no decks below with balconies and the life boats shield you from those above. Service and Food- Our stateroom attendant was fabulous. One of us uses a CPAP (sleep machine.) We had packed a surge protector with a 3 foot cord, this was not comfortably long enough to strech from the outlet at the desk to the bed by the window. We had a longer additional cord when we returned from dinner. We also had exceptional towel animals and were the envy of our friends. Our cabin was always kept clean and we were never intruded upon, or made to feel uncomfortable because some one wanted to clean our cabin. This was beyond nice. We were always greeted by name. We ate at both Cucina del Captino, and the Steakhouse in addition to the lido buffet and the main dining room. We had Your Time Dining and found the lines to be shorter around 7:30 PM. The steakhouse was worth every penny. We had a filet and a New-York strip. Both we done perfectly-one was rare the other well done. The Cesar Salad was honestly and without a doubt the best Cesar salad I have ever had. Dishes were well plated, the service was attentive and prompt. Any questions about menu items were answered politely. We booked the steakhouse for the first evening and received a free bottle of wine-what a nice perk! Cucina unfortunately was a disappointment. We ordered the meatballs, and the Chicken Parmigiana.Both left us feeling blah. The meatballs were we felt over-spiced. And the chicken seemed to of the frozen pre-breaded variety. Our server was lackluster and just doing a job. We did not see any of the touted performance elements (singing and a wine-dance?) which was just as well for us. Main dining room food was excellent to above par. Please stay away from the pumpkin pie-trust me. There were plenty of fish options, as well as red meat. Turkey and chicken were almost always on the menu. Desserts were good. Our waitstaff changed from night to night (we had YTD) but all were attentive and engaging. Lido food was standard buffet fare. I will say I fell in love with the potato salad. I am a bit ashamed to admit it. Pizza Pirate was good, but often had long lines. The Wok station was also good, but crowded. Another note of caution: The lido buffet is by fair the number one place to see shipmates behaving badly. We observed a woman who was very rude with staff because there were no blueberries on the buffet-though blueberry muffins and yogurt were available. I understand the logic-but it's not the staff's fault. Please don't yell at them. Also the concept of lines are hard to grasp for some people. These issues aren't daily occurrences, and could even happen at home. Ports- This is the rainy season. We were rained on almost daily while in port. We booked excursions through Carnival for the dolphin encounter and beach break in Roatan at Anthony's Key. We had been to Anthony's Key before and once again enjoyed meeting a dolphin. The wonderful thing is thing is the trainers can gear the program to any age group. There are no life jackets need, and you can wade out into water that is between knee and chest deep (I'm 5'2) the dolphins are friendly and seem well treated and fed. Our beach break was at Tabyanna and was not unpleasant. We swam for a while before the rain put us off and we took the shuttle back to the port. We did some shopping and headed back. We took the Belize Zoo and City Tour through Chukka (offered by Carnival) our guides and bus driver were stellar. They knew the animals by name and could coach them to come. They took time to explain each animal to the group. They fielded questions from kids and adults, dealt with rain showers, and even passed out bug-spray to those who had not read it was essential.The zoo featured rescue animals from around Belize. Each animal had a biography written as a little poem.The foliage was gorgeous.Most of the animals are visible from paved walk ways. There are a few stairs, but no steep hills. Wonderful day! Tip: there is a small gift shop at the zoo that offers some very nice ceramic items for sale. Cozumel-We went on our own and shopped. Cozumel is more built-up than the other ports. And we felt safe to venture out into the both the Downtown and pier area. If you aren't interested in going Downtown you can find many of the same large (chain-type) shops on the pier area. Entertainment- We saw three shows. Two productions and one magic performance. The magic show was very enjoyable, the production shows were comparable to other cruise-lines. We also played BINGO- we swore an oath we wouldn't but found ourselves in the lounge at the right time. Disembarkation- Here's were FTTF really paid off. We tagged our bag the night before left it by our door, and in the morning headed to the dining room. We sat there for 15 minutes turned a corner and were off the boat by 8:15 AM. No long snaking lines for us! So what does this all boil down to? A wonderful vacation for less. We loved the cove balcony, had amazing friendly service and are planning to do it all again soon! Don't be off put by the off-putters. This was just the vacation we need and wanted!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This was our 9th cruise, 6th on Carnival, and we really enjoyed the Magic. Our spa cabin on deck 11 was perfectly located, secluded, and quiet. Loved the super comfy beds and great pillows. The amazing spa amenities were worth the extra ... Read More
This was our 9th cruise, 6th on Carnival, and we really enjoyed the Magic. Our spa cabin on deck 11 was perfectly located, secluded, and quiet. Loved the super comfy beds and great pillows. The amazing spa amenities were worth the extra cost of the cabin. This is the largest ship we've ever been on and had some concerns that it would seem crowded but it didn't at all. In fact, there was an abundance of outdoor spaces and plenty of opportunities to find a good spot to relax. There were pools in several places, lots of hot tubs, and plenty of lounge chairs. (Unless you wanted one by the Lido pool.) Enjoyed all the outdoor movies especially because of the cozy comfy chairs and sofas on several levels around the Lido area with perfect views of the big screen. The only complaint I have is with Your Time Dining. We've done it several times before with no problem and minimum wait times. This time it was terrible! The lines lapped themselves around the lobby deck and an hour wait was normal unless you went at the very beginning or at the end. Another minor aggravation was with the so-called Pilates class. I've been a Pilates instructor for years and the guy did not use ANY recognizable Pilates in the whole class. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We are frequent cruisers but have cruised the last few cruises on Celebrity. We came back to Carnival to give it another try because we had heard about how wonderful the Carnival Magic out of Galveston was. It is a wonderful ship. ... Read More
We are frequent cruisers but have cruised the last few cruises on Celebrity. We came back to Carnival to give it another try because we had heard about how wonderful the Carnival Magic out of Galveston was. It is a wonderful ship. Waterworks, rope course, comedians, cruise director Noonan, spa cabin- There is something for everyone on the ship.The Magic also had excellent service and food.. The ship was mostly Texans, a very friendly group. We had beautiful weather for most of our cruise starting with sailaway from Galveston. Montego Bay was sunny in the morning but rained in the afternoon after we went back to the ship. We were hesitant about going out on our own in Jamaica so we used up some OBC and chose the Catamaran Snorkeling with the stop at Margaritaville. Very fun! Had a great time on the inflatable toys out in the water at Margaritaville after trying the famous and very fast waterslide. Grand Cayman started out very stressful. We purchased FTTF to get early tendering in Grand Cayman for a private excursion. We were at the service desk at 6:50 am to get the first tender. Told by staff to wait in lobby and as soon as tendering started, we would be escorted to first boat. Husband happened to look out the window after 7 to see tenders already leaving the ship while we patiently waited in the lobby. Had to ask several more times before we were escorted to the tender boat. Barely made our 8;30 meetup time. Tenders take their time loading even though there are always 3 or 4 other tenders circling waiting for passengers. Takes about 25 minutes to load the tenders. Magic's shiptime never changes so remember Grand Cayman time is 1 hour later if you book a private excursion. We booked a snorkeling excursion with Acquarius Sea Tours here that was the highlight of our trip. Pickup at the dock, snorkeling, pizza, private one on one time with the rays at Stingray City (while watching, across the way, boats packed with hundreds of people all gathered around a single guide and ray), another stop at Starfish Point, delivery back to the dock and free pictures taken by the guide of the whole excursion available on the internet. Could not have had a better day! Next port was Cozumel. Been there lots of times so decided to try America's Cup Racing to get out on the water on a sailboat. Captained the Canadian Boat to the win! I wanted to relax so I was made the Captain. My husband wanted to help sail so he was the Grinder. Fun! So we had a wonderful week on the Magic that all came to a crashing halt when we hit fog and were delayed getting back to port. I know, that's not Carnival's fault. The way they handled debarkation is though. The other reason we purchased FTTF was for getting quickly to the airport after the cruise. Debarkation was the worst we have ever experienced in all of our many cruises. Again, we had FTTF specifically to get off the ship quickly. The FTTF letter delivered to our stateroom even states that we will be among the first to debark the ship. With fog delaying the ship's arrival, we thought FTTF would really help get us to the airport faster. WRONG. We got off the ship fairly quickly just to wait over 50 minutes staring at our luggage at the port, being yelled at by port staff and not being allowed to pick up our zone 1 luggage until all zones had their luggage placed in rows. I don't understand why this happened. When finally allowed to proceed, we were put on a Carnival transport that then sat over 50 minutes to leave for the ride to IAH. The transport arrived 7 minutes before our rebooked plane left which was too late to make the flight. That meant incurring even more rebooking fees and hotel and food costs not to mention missing work and babysitting responsibilities Monday. We had spent a fabulous 7 days on the Magic with all the employees going out of their way to make our vacation special only to be rudely yelled at and dismissed by the port staff. They kept yelling at us to get over in the corner as we watched most of the ship walk off. We were to wait until all luggage was off the boat until we could access ours. The Carnival employee at the transport bus said she is allowed to hold us for an hour before she has to send the bus onto the airport. There were already about ten people on the bus before we got on and they waited the full hour plus for departure. Consequently everyone in front of us was missing their flights. We had to wait for the bus to fill up with a few more stragglers before we could leave. Shame on Carnival. They treated their most valued guests (those with Diamond and Platinum Status and those who paid extra for FTTF) the worst. I wouldn't recommend paying the extra $50. Save your money!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
Trip of a lifetime!!! Embarkation was a little crazy, the ship came in late from fog so we sat in the terminal for 4 hours, reminded me of flying standby, but carnival called us to board an hour earlier than previously announced--and ... Read More
Trip of a lifetime!!! Embarkation was a little crazy, the ship came in late from fog so we sat in the terminal for 4 hours, reminded me of flying standby, but carnival called us to board an hour earlier than previously announced--and within 10 minutes near 2pm we were eating make your own pasta at cucina de capitano! the lido buffet looked great...but that's the popular spot! the desserts were great! the strawberry cakeballs on the lido the first day are hard to beat! The 2 days at sea were magnificent. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny!! the pools and water works were very popular with children. My 6 year old told everyone the slides were his favorite part of the whole cruise! Which was also nice for mommy to catch some rays and enjoy the drink of the day!!! The magic also provides an awesome husband daycare called the Red Frog Pub:) Isla Roatan, Mohagany Bay, Honduras---Unbelievable!!! gorgeous, lush rainforest with lovely beaches just steps from the ship.---awesome job with this one carnival!!! I highly recommend the pirates, monkeys, gumbalimba park excursion--tour guide William was precious and knowlegable for a young university student! the shopping at this port was lovely clean and mostly hassel-free---5 stars--carnival! and the beach chair skyride is a must! We took pictures of dolfins, sting rays, ships and rainforest from up there! Belize---I had high expectations but it was just ehh. the port was not great bars and shops, leaving the port is not recommended unless you have a carnival shore excursion, which is what I should have done but we already had onein honduras and one scheduled for cozumel. My husband tried some belizian beers for $2 and bought me a pretty fake coach bag---but after an hour or 2 I took the tender back to the ship and took my kiddo to the waterworks. Cozumel--always lovely...we did a shore snorkel for beginners, Jonathan was an amazing, thoughtful, careful, safety oriented guide! was great and patient with our 6 year old--the only issue he had was people trying to leave the the group saying they are expert swimmers or snorklers--hello! I am too but this was called "Shore snorkel for BEGINNERS and it was policy to stay with the guide. The shopping, eating and drinking is very fun in cozumel! MDR--we had Northern lights, but the Southern lights is a prettier dining room, the food was awesome no complaints---I just love the chocolate melting cake and the waitstaff works so hard with a smile. Best food--Tandoori--yummo, pizza pirate is awesome--they really should make the pizza pirate bigger to accodate all their pizza fans!!! Ship--pretty, fancy, clean--I love it!---my 2nd cruise ever and second on the magic I love it!!! Spa--a must!!!---worth the extra $$ Shout outs: Dean and Evanston at the red frog great!! Napolean at pixels and jaquline very sweet!!! Tamryn in the the spa did a great shelac manicure--very fun and sweet girl!! dee-assist. CD--cool and very personable!!!...best week ever!!!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
I was very impressed with the Carnival Magic. This was my 2nd Carnival cruise and my 6th cruise total. All of the staff seemed happy to be working everywhere you went on the ship. Our embarkation was delayed due to fog but the handled the ... Read More
I was very impressed with the Carnival Magic. This was my 2nd Carnival cruise and my 6th cruise total. All of the staff seemed happy to be working everywhere you went on the ship. Our embarkation was delayed due to fog but the handled the delay well. While our cabin could have used more outlets especially at the nightstands it was nice. I appreciated the king sized bed vs. most cruise lines having queens as my husband is quite tall. The cabin had decent closet and storage space and the bathroom was fine. Our 5 year old daughter’s bed was the pull out couch and it was just perfect for her. Our steward did a wonderful job and was very personable. Our daughter really enjoyed the towel animals. The dining room staff in Northern Lights was all wonderful! They cut my 5 year old daughters food for her. Entertained her, danced with her, and made her feel very special. We had Any Time dining and other than on formal nights the wait was next to nothing or minimal. The check in staff was always personable and friendly and never seemed stressed. The food in Northern Lights was very tasty with varied options nightly. We did eat in Southern Light for 2 of the Sea Day Brunches. Sadly the staff there has a lot to learn. The service was poor as was the brunch food. As for the other food areas the buffet food was rarely appetizing and very bland. But the staff was friendly. The Pizzeria was really tasty but there was almost always a line. They really needed to add more staff to that area. The Grille was just so/so. We did not eat at Cucina del Capitano, Red Frog Pub, or the Prime Steakhouse so I cannot speak to the food or service in those areas. The Cloud 9 Spa was nice and relaxing but as always it would be nice if the pricing was not so marked up. I was really impressed with Camp Carnival. The staff were energetic friendly and very knowledgeable. The activities varied and my daughter loved her time there. The weather wasn't great on our cruise but it was January. Honduras was beautiful and I wished we could have had better weather there so we really could have enjoyed it. Belize is nothing to write home about, I do not need to return there. And Cozumel is Cozumel. As this was my 3rd time visiting there I can say it is always clean and there are many things to do. The disembarkation was one of the fastest I have ever been through. We were off the boat, had our luggage picked up, through customs, and to our car and out of town in less than 40 minutes. We used Galveston Park n Cruise which was right across from the port and used their covered parking. It was reasonable priced for the convenience and they had personable and professional staff. Now the only very negative thing I have to say about Carnival is that they still allow smoking on their balconies. And we had smokers right next door to us that smoked ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Seriously I wondered if they ever left their cabin. It was awful. Bad enough that it was not worth having a balcony. Now not everyone will get a smoker next door or near them but for those that do and are not smokers themselves this is very unfortunate. Have designated smoking areas in multiple areas around the ship. But do not limit non smoking balconies only to your Spa rooms. Seriously it is 2014. Get with the times Carnival.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My husband and I and our three year old son went on our first cruise in January. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and we have already booked the same cruise (ship and ports) for 2015. However, our experience was somewhat challenged ... Read More
My husband and I and our three year old son went on our first cruise in January. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and we have already booked the same cruise (ship and ports) for 2015. However, our experience was somewhat challenged by our son, who seemed to be lacking in sleep and in an over-stimulated mode most of the time... something to keep in mind when traveling with small children. Being our first cruise, we had no idea what the embarkation process would be like, and I have to admit I wasn't overly thrilled with the process; however, we were delayed about two hours due to the previous ship returning late (fog), and overall, I believe all was handled well. Thankfully, we checked our bags in (we debated this) as we did not realize the cattle-like waiting process. As our son grew more and more tired and cranky as a three year old can be, I went to the help desk to ask if we could have a lower number due to the three year old child two hours past his nap time. One woman instantly answered "no, we can not do that". But the kind hearted woman next to her asked what number I had and proceeded to swap my card with a lower one. We were so grateful for her kindness. On board, we did not partake of any shows, and we actually did not do the main dining or restaurants either (except for the Red Frog one night for their snack options). We felt it was easier to stick with the Lido buffet, pizza, BBQ, sandwiches, burgers and other non-sit down options. I have seen a lot of mediocre to bad reviews about Magic's food, but honestly, we thought it was good. Certainly, there were no-so-great options, but overall, for our situation, I was very pleased. And our three year old ate more on the cruise than he usually does at home! We did enjoy the water park (though the water bucket was not a favorite for my toddler and others), the pools, and other outdoor activities. While on board, the variety was really nice. The staff on the boat was great! Our room steward was always on top of things and responded promptly to any requests. Staff in other areas were all pleasant as well. We had no issues. In fact, I lost my wallet in Cozumel (not recommended), and the Guest Services woman was so very helpful. I was able to get in touch with my credit card company and get it resolved immediately. The boat itself was amazingly clean. We couldn't believe how much cleaning, painting, and maintenance they did constantly. We were very impressed. For our excursions (Isla Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel), we booked nothing through Carnival, and we had great fun in all locations for much less cost. However, for our 2015 cruise, we have decided to book Belize through Carnival to have the guarantee of getting back on the boat. We were not late (thankfully), but I will admit I was overly stressed about being late with our three year old in Camp Carnival, especially with the tender process. Speaking of, Camp Carnival is a great option for the kids and the adults really (getting that needed break). In fact, that was one of the main reason we decided on a cruise... where else can you get free babysitting!? While my three year old liked Camp Carnival, he liked doing other things just as much, so by no means did he want to be there all day every day. But he enjoyed it, as did we. I had and have since read some really bad reviews about debarkation, so we were prepared for the worst. But we got off early and got through customs in a relatively short time. However, we carried our bags with us, so that may have made a huge difference. I recommend it if you can do it. I was more than pleasantly surprised at how well it went. Overall, the cruise surpassed our expectations, and as mentioned, we are scheduled for the next one! Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My first cruise was in Sept 2011 on the conquest and the weather was perfect! This time was on the magic in Galveston in January. Unfortunately it was cold until late in the evening on Tuesday and I had not brought the proper clothing to ... Read More
My first cruise was in Sept 2011 on the conquest and the weather was perfect! This time was on the magic in Galveston in January. Unfortunately it was cold until late in the evening on Tuesday and I had not brought the proper clothing to be comfortable so I had to wear either my robe or the giant coat I had worn! It was the big cold front that hit the US in January 2014 and it extended the entire gulf reaching highs into the 50's and 60's on Monday and Tuesday. Sunday was in the 30's. I will cruise again in the winter but I will pack sweaters and mentally be prepared to sip warm drinks snuggled up in a sweater, reading a book enjoying the beautiful ocean pass before me instead of envisioning getting a tan poolside sipping pina coladas! It put in a rather depressed state of waiting for the sun instead of enjoying the cruise. Maybe sun maybe clouds but either way, I will be ready to enjoy. I will be ready. We packed our suits in our carry on, changed in the bathrooms and hit the hot tubs in freezing cold Galveston. No one else had their suits so this was a hoot! Grab a towel to dry off with before you get in! My husband said this was his favorite part. Then we went to the pub. The free fried chick peas they bring to the table are so good and yes it is worth $3.33 to buy the conch balls and the coconut shrimp! So wonderful. Don't miss these yummy finds. We ate at the steakhouse the first night and it was the best meal we have ever had and so romantic! I want to budget to do this more than once on my next cruise as it was the best dinner. Free bottle of wine that I took home with me and used it to cook with. White or red. That is the choice and I have heard the white is not fit to drink. the dessert with the chocolate sampler was one very delicious with hints of chocolate and other flavors. Not heavy dark chocolate. A must try! I ordered several delicious cups of coffee in the steakhouse. All was included. I liked the decor of the Conquest better than the Magic but I loved the richness of the Conquest. This seemed a bit like a Nick JR channel to me in decor. I don't know why. I wanted to love it but I just didn't feel it in much of the ship. Room was beautiful and relaxing though. And of course the dining room and Steakhouse. It is a beautiful ship just not my favorite. As always our steward was wonderful. We enjoyed eating at Scottchies in Jamaica. Take a taxi and eat everything on the menu as nothing is expensive. Red Stripe is $2 a bottle. Food is smoked and wonderful. When you google it, there are 2 locations in Jamaica and Carnival Magic cruisers are going to the one in Montego Bay. Looks like a dive but it is so neat to eat there. It is on the highway that is next to the ocean so you don't have to go deep into Jamaica to get there. I don't like to venture off the coast:o Cozumel we took a taxi around the entire island, visited local stores in the heart of the island, and went to a beach resort to snorkel. Our tour guide took such good care of us all day and wouldn't even let us go into stores without him going in first when we were site seeing in the heart of Cozumel. Tours Plaza Hire a Driver for the Day. That is the company. Highly recommend. Grand Cayman- went to a beach, and bought a coconut and drank the water from it for $2 each. Then she cut it open so I could eat the meat. Fabulous. On Saturday morning, my last sea day, I perched myself in myself in a squishy deck chair above the aft pool and watched the ocean and read a book with my swimsuit soaking up the sun. By noon it was cold again but I finally had my time in the sun and it was grand. My room was wonderful. The dining room was beautiful and the food was fine. Oh! One of the best foods on the ship was the Quattro Formaggi pizza. I am so glad I ordered it the first day! This is not you kids cheese pizza! Oh my! Sprinkled with fresh parm and italian seasoning, the thin crust is soft not crispy like a cracker. I started getting this for every meal. So I really didn't try a bunch of food on the ship in the buffets. I would eat pizza when there was no line. Just order the whole thing! If they don't have any, it only takes 8 minutes. I love Carnival even when its cold:)   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
As I walked onto the Carnival Triumph, one single thing clearly stood out. The Triumph smells like a public bathroom. You'd think the refitting Carnival did after the Great Poopsplosion of 2013 would have gotten rid of the stench. ... Read More
As I walked onto the Carnival Triumph, one single thing clearly stood out. The Triumph smells like a public bathroom. You'd think the refitting Carnival did after the Great Poopsplosion of 2013 would have gotten rid of the stench. You'd be wrong. Lingering in hallways, stairwells, pools; drifting out of the drains in your bathroom. Poop and pee smells. Everywhere. Admittedly, I have a pretty good sense of smell. The Triumph didn't have an overpowering, in-your-face bodily waste smell*. No, it was a subtle reek that snuck up on you the moment you'd manage to forget you were being haunted by the Poop Ghost. Now, if it was just the smell, whatever, I can dab a little perfume underneath my nose and go about my day. But Carnival was determined to give me the most sub-par cruise possible. Tacky, decades-out-of-date decor (pretty sure the tube TV in my room was 20 years old). Worse-than-a-school-cafeteria food (the fried rice and the melting cake were the only things I'd consider eating in real life). Overpriced, badly-made drinks ($7 for 6 oz gin & tonics). Thoroughly confusing and inefficient layout (why is the internet "cafe" in a hallway, or a pool in a dining area?). Again, whatever, it's a budget cruise line. It's an easy and cheap way to throw together a quick, low-stress vacation. I actually had a great time off the boat, and I enjoyed hanging out with my family. But at the end of the day, I just have two words for the Carnival Triumph. POOP SHIP *Except Cat Pee Hallway. Cat Pee Hallway made my eyes water. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
My wife and I used faster to the fun which meant quick boarding and the room was ready. I would use FTTF on a future cruise. I expected the cabin to be in better repair. Although the carpet had been replaced recently, the writing desk had ... Read More
My wife and I used faster to the fun which meant quick boarding and the room was ready. I would use FTTF on a future cruise. I expected the cabin to be in better repair. Although the carpet had been replaced recently, the writing desk had de-laminated, the closets wouldn't stay shut, and the television cabinet door was badly misaligned. There were large gaps in the baseboard moldings also. My major complaint was with the cabin room staff. Most mornings the beds were not made until well after breakfast, the last sea day was after noon. In the evenings, our cabins was freshened twice. We had early dinners and did not return until after nine. A disappointment. Our cabin stewards never introduced themselves. Restaurant service was much better. We ate each night in the Paris dining room with Christopher (from India) as our waiter. He is both very competent and personable. The food was better than I remembered from previous cruises. We enjoyed the hamburger bar immensely. As for entertainment, we made several small deposits in the slot machines. We went to the comedy club one evening, the piano bar another, and the magic show. We also went to the past cruisers social. No complaints whatsoever. At Progreso, we left the ship to shop a bit at the shops at the port. At Cozumel, we took the glass bottomed boat tour from the pier at Puerta Maya. The reefs are stunning and my wife enjoyed the shopping. Because we had FTTF, we were off the ship, passed through immigration, bused to our vehicle, and on the ferry by 9am. All in all, a pleasant cruise. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
Just returned from cruise to Progreso and Cozumel on Carnival Triumph. I've been on one other cruise before on another cruise line. I was under the impression (message boards,etc.) that Carnival would somehow be a step down or two ... Read More
Just returned from cruise to Progreso and Cozumel on Carnival Triumph. I've been on one other cruise before on another cruise line. I was under the impression (message boards,etc.) that Carnival would somehow be a step down or two from other cruise lines...that is NOT the case. The embarkation went perfectly! The muster drill went smoothly although I was a little concerned a room by room roll call wasn't done. How does Carnival know someone from each room attended? The food....AMAZING! Can't complain about one single thing. I'm now a huge Guy's Burgers fan. The dining room service was perfect and everything was delicious. The dining room service was FAR superior than another cruise line I've been on. Progreso...although I'm glad I went and experienced it I don't have a desire to return. It was ok but I would must rather Progreso be off the itinerary and maybe an overnight stay in Cozumel instead. Cozumel....was beautiful! I stayed in Puerta Maya shopping but others in my group went to Paradise Beach and with only a $14.00 cab ride they were on a beautiful beach with kayaks, trampolines, snorkeling gear among other things included! Great deal and my next trip to Cozumel I'll be doing that as well. My room was awesome....on spa deck. The timing of my cruise was great because school was in session so there was not a lot of children or college students. It was medium income middle age crowd for the most part. I really can't complain about much. Carnival really exceeded my expectations and the Triumph is a beautiful ship. I will say that 3 people from the 8 party group I was with stayed on the 2nd floor and in the hallway I did still smell some sewer issues at times. I also feel as if Carnival pushes the alcohol a bit too much. I saw crew going up to adults offering drinks when the adults had young children with them. I feel that is a bit inappropriate. I wish the alcohol wasn't pushed so much. And as I mentioned earlier the absence of a room to room roll call wasn't taken at the muster drill and that's a concern. Other than those 3 complaints I had an AMAZING experience with Carnival and will book again with them in a heartbeat! In fact, I'm looking at another on the Carnival Magic out of Galveston as we speak! Thank you Carnival! Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
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