7 Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas Caribbean - Southern Cruise Reviews

Arrived at the terminal at 9:42, an hour before my scheduled time. Bags were checked in less than 5 minutes, RFID tags attached. After two prior attempts to visit the Tear Drop Memorial, I was finally able to walk over there (prior ... Read More
Arrived at the terminal at 9:42, an hour before my scheduled time. Bags were checked in less than 5 minutes, RFID tags attached. After two prior attempts to visit the Tear Drop Memorial, I was finally able to walk over there (prior construction of terminal stopped me in the past) and reflect. The drive in and Check in was painless, about 5 minutes. Then off to my 'waiting area' where people are cordoned off by their scheduled check-in times. On the ship at 10:49 a.m. Four minutes after schedule. The Royal IQ app was downloaded on my Android phone the day it became available. It had two updates since, which were done while I was still on land. This app worked exactly as promised the entire cruise. One bag was already at my cabin door at 1 p.m. and it was wonderful to see the second bag travelling on its scheduled path and arriving at my cabin an hour later, through Royal IQ. No more checking periodically by foot to see if it showed up. Brilliant! My recommendations for IQ...add deck plans and the Cruise Compass. My cabin TV quit processing my daily account (yes, I could have requested a fix) but I had instant access to it through my phone so I didn't bother. I was able to book excursions and other reservations without any problems on my phone. The Diamond Lounge was nice, but I got rather tired of listening to others complain how the Quantum isn't like other ships. Frankly, I prefer to surround myself with positive thinking, especially while on vacation. The DL served a good selection of items at breakfast and dinner time. Enough to keep you going on the run. Now, on to the so-called Disaster (Dynamic) Dining. I did not have ONE PROBLEM with any of it. For me, reservations were easy and hassle free before and after I got on the ship. I tried all restaurants at various times during the sailing and never saw more than 2 people waiting to get seated, guess I got lucky? By choice, the only two I did not try were Devinely Decadence and Chic. Chops Grille was awesome, both times I went. Every night I made sure the waiter knew I had a show to go to. Not once was the dinner longer than an hour, except The Grande. All the waitstaff were great to exceptional, except The Grande. All food was great to exceptional, except the Grande. Realizing just one waiter/waitress can make or break the experience, I'll give the 'break' to The Grande. It wasn't awful, just not enjoyable or quick. The internet worked perfectly. I purchased the one device plan for the entire trip. It only slowed down briefly the first and last day. OB3 works better the closer you are to the equator. I didn't do any speed tests but I will tell you it is faster than my cable internet at home. No problems with video and mass photo transfers. It was easy to log off my phone then log on to my tablet and vice versa. I will admit, if you are bad at reading/following instructions, or, if you are not computer-literate, you will most likely not get the bang for your buck. For me, the instructions were very easy and simple to follow and I had no issues with a solid connection the entire trip. NorthStar, bumper cars, etc. were quick and easy IF YOU GO WHEN OTHERS DON'T WANT TO! No waits while the ship was in port, early in the cruise, or when everyone else is still asleep. Just like any other ship/cruise line I've ever been on. Figure when everyone else wants to do something and do the opposite. With every cruise there are hiccups. Mine were asking for ice in my cabin twice a day and not getting it as often as requested. More clothes hangers requested but not received. No mid-cruise laundry bag until requested. A phone call took care of some things, others I felt it wasn't worth my time but I'm sure things would have been corrected if I did call. Guest Services was a blessing, fast and friendly (remember, I choose to call/visit at times when no one else wants to). Although many of the crew were ready to jump ship before China, I felt all but three I talked to came across as wanting to please their customer. Not bad for a 12 night cruise, in my opinion. Favorite meals. Jamies at lunch and dinner. Chef's Table, dinner twice. Windjammer, breakfast. Two70 cafe for quick breakfasts and lunch. Sorrentos and the Hot Dog stand when passing through. Diamond Lounge...because it's there. American Icon, because my server Hilda was awesome and the food was great. Lunch in American Icon because of the salad bar. Entertainment was top notch. ALL of it, EVERYWHERE. Solo cabin with balcony had more than enough storage. Bed was great (always a personal preference), shower was spectacular with plenty of room, adjustable flow and temperature controls (many don't know how to use it) as well as removable showerhead and adjustment for people over six feet tall. (YAY!) The night light a big plus. I'm certain all rooms have a light just above the curtains to the balcony which illuminate the balcony at night. You may not be able to read a book by it, but you won't trip over the long-awaited, lay-flat chairs while you're out there. Just leave the curtains open and you will have light on your balcony. Hit the switch near the door. The USB outlets were an absolute plus as well as the US electric outlets by the bed. More space could have been utilized between the curtains and the balcony door. There was 18 inches between the two. I found it a great place to stash shoes, backpack, etc. It was also a great place to put my now-emptied, pre-ordered, bottled water box now filled with mini-bar items which were requested to be removed from the cabin, but denied. Weird, but not a big problem for me at the time. Although I do prefer turning on main cabin lights by the bed, I found the 'bed' light was fine for moving around in the middle of the night. Shove a business card in slot by the door to keep air conditioning/lights running while you're gone. Embarkation. I chose to walk off with my bags. Preferring not to get there at the exact time as requested, I found not standing in line waiting suited me better. It was long. There were no directions provided with my luggage tags the night before. Later that night, I called Guest Services and requested if/when I could walk off. They gave me two times. I chose 6:30 to 7:30 and went down about 7:10, just after the ship cleared Customs. Although there was a sign at Customs stating Pinnacle/Suite Guests only, I found asking an employee if Diamond can go through, I got the answer, "Of Course". Good to know. Signage outside was lacking for pick up. It seems Zones 10 and 11 must have blown off the building. An employee outside told me to instruct my car service driver to pick me up in Zone 10. I chose to call the company and advise I was in Zone 12, because the sign was in tact and I didn't have to guess where 10 and 11 were. All in all it was a wonderful trip. I felt I got my money's worth. Anthem has been booked and I am not regretting it one bit. What I wish would have been better...I miss the wide open Promenade decks of the Voyager/Explorer class. MiniBar removal from room. Instructions for departure, either on paper, TV (instructions were provided that morning not the night before, but when do you know to wake up?) or on Royal IQ. Providing sunblock for purchase in ship store. Selling accessories for Go Pro, but not selling the Go Pro camera itself. I was told the 'shipment' didn't make the ship. Other wishes...Perhaps a better cabin attendant and maybe more space to sit at the outdoor pool. Fellow passengers who have nothing better to do than to hate/pick apart every little thing and even worse, ones that don't/can't/want to have a good time. What is so much better...Internet connection. Great cabin, shower, and storage. Adjustable balcony furniture. Easy ship navigation, or at least maps/technology throughout the ship. Nice displacement of passengers, almost like the bigger ships of Princess. Many restaurants to chose from and flexibility to change dining/shows on quick notice. Visibility of officers and captain. Entertainment. In all ports, extremely quick embark/debark process, once cleared. Fastest I've ever experienced, on any line/ship. Better control of Chair Hogs. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
It is a beautiful ship and the entertainment is top notch. They need to work on the dining reservations, too much work and a lot of complaints from some of the older travelers. Also having to book every show was a bit much Great staff, ... Read More
It is a beautiful ship and the entertainment is top notch. They need to work on the dining reservations, too much work and a lot of complaints from some of the older travelers. Also having to book every show was a bit much Great staff, great service, the food was great. Loved 270, it's over the top. Bumper cars, what's not to like. The flight simulator was great, a little small for a guy 6'3". The observation arm off of the top deck was also great The gym was great, I love all of the things they've added to keep you entertained. The pool decks were nice and I love the adult area on the front. Embarkation was ok, smooth enough; the disembarkation was great we walked straight off. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Loved the ship, everything was beautiful, but it was very confusing with the dining. I would have preferred traditional dining experience I have been used to. I usually eat at least twice a cruise in the specialty restaurants just for a ... Read More
Loved the ship, everything was beautiful, but it was very confusing with the dining. I would have preferred traditional dining experience I have been used to. I usually eat at least twice a cruise in the specialty restaurants just for a change. all said the ship was fabulous, but the crew seemed to be off kilter, I am so used to the Explorer and the exceptionally friendly staff, this crew just didn't seem to be enjoyable, a few I spoke to that once were on the Explorer explained it in a nutshell, this ship just doesn't have the unity and friendship I have had on other ships, the crew needs to bond a lot better. Hopefully when the Anthem gets here it will be better, I see they are changing the dining format, hope it will be better, I am already booked and looking forward to it. The old saying that change is good sometimes doesn't hold true, but I am an optimist. the entertainment was excellent, best I have seen in years, Mama Mia was fabulous. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Don't know why only about 40 percent of past cruisers have given the Quantum this low rating. Four is us rated it around 75-80 percent. Had a great cruise. Balcony stateroom was large with tons of storage space; shower was roomy ... Read More
Don't know why only about 40 percent of past cruisers have given the Quantum this low rating. Four is us rated it around 75-80 percent. Had a great cruise. Balcony stateroom was large with tons of storage space; shower was roomy compared to all other cruises that we had. Food was very good compared to other cruises. Only ate at complimentary restaurants; Loved the Grande--lobster and beef tenderlioin was excellent. Prime rib and rib eye steak in Chic and Americav Icon was delicious. Chinese food in Silk was only ok. Windjammer (buffet) had 10-15 stations and had seafood dinners two of the nights. Entertainment was very good--Momma Mia was better than Broadway. Horizon 5-piece dance band at the music is great. Sea flex is great--bumper cars, tramporine; roller blading; and other activities. North Star, ifly, and flow rider were exciting to try. Solarium (covered glass area) had lots of chairs and 4 hot tubs. Best advice--0n such a large ship, you need to schedule your dining and entertainment activities prior to your cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
My husband and I sailed on the Quantum of the Seas December 1 - 12. We are not complainers and we basically enjoy ourselves anywhere we go. We were celebrating my husband's 50th birthday and were in need of a real relaxing getaway and ... Read More
My husband and I sailed on the Quantum of the Seas December 1 - 12. We are not complainers and we basically enjoy ourselves anywhere we go. We were celebrating my husband's 50th birthday and were in need of a real relaxing getaway and this was it! The absolute best part of the experience for us was the Grand Loft Suite (Suite # 10720) If you are going to book a Grand Loft Suite, make sure it is one of the corner units! The accomodations were simply FABULOUS!! Well appointed, super comfortable, spacious, top notch service (from our suite attendants, Lystra Blake and Joey Barcelona...the best!!) The suite has two levels with spectalcular views on the rear of the ship, three balconies, two flat screen televisions, the works! This is my 4th cruise vacation in a suite and my 10th overall cruise. On some nights, we took advantage of the meal delivery to the suite which was a welcome change from having to navigate the AWFUL reservation issues surrounding Dynamic Dining which I will mention later. Now the not so good issues....First, it seems as if Royal Caribbean rushed to get this ship on the seas. There were small details that were overlooked in the suite that made a difference. For instance, there is no soap dish in the smaller bath, the white sink was permanently stained with makeup, everything is white (I would like to see the furnishings after 20 or so cruises!) a beautiful wicker rocker chair blocks the door on one of the decks and there is major smoke stack residue which falls onto the main balcony making it difficult to enjoy a meal or even lay out there for an extended period of time! These are things that could have been worked out. Dynamic Dining is HORRIBLE. Reservations made prior to getting on the ship were nonexistent or conflicted with showtimes. Changing them after boarding is virtually impossible. The concierge staff was so overwhelmed by the requests that they were ineffective. The restaurants were all wonderful and the menu selections were very good but the experience is tainted by the difficulty in juggling all of these reservations. If you want to eat the same time each day, forget it! The Grande is a great concept however, it was touted as a "formal only" restaurant yet people were allowed in there in casual attire which took away from the experience. The entertainment was excellent, especially Mamma Mia, The Elton John impersonator and the entertainer (someone with the last name Turner) on the final night HOWEVER, the room capacity for every event (including Royal Caribbean regulars like 70's Night) was overbooked, overcrowded and, if you wanted a good seat you had to stand in line for an hour prior to showtime. The casino is one of my favorite activities but the air quality in there was stifling. It was the only place on the ship where smoking was allowed so people who were not gambling crowded the casino to smoke. The result was a completely suffocating environment where two people had asthma attacks while I was there. The machines were not "loose" and the table games were even worst! The rest of the ship is wonderful, beautiful, the artwork is magnificent, the Bionic Bar was fun, the Solarium is AWESOME, the pools are great, outdoor entertainment was good, the shops are nice, and the fitness activities were fun. I like to dance yet I thought the club options were limited and the music selections did not vary. If you dine in Coastal Kitchen, Sandra (from Serbia) is the best and if you go to the spa, Meverly from the Phillipines has the best healing hands ever! Once they work out the kinks, it would be a better experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
This cruise on Quantum of the Seas was my 17th cruise in total, and my 13th cruise on Royal Caribbean. Traveling was myself (43), my husband (42), my daughter (15), and in an adjoining cabin was my mother (63) and father (74). I am a ... Read More
This cruise on Quantum of the Seas was my 17th cruise in total, and my 13th cruise on Royal Caribbean. Traveling was myself (43), my husband (42), my daughter (15), and in an adjoining cabin was my mother (63) and father (74). I am a Diamond member. We sailed on Quantum from Dec 1-12, 2014, Southern Caribbean route, with stops at San Juan, St. Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, and St. Kitts. As a point of reference, to date my favorite ship is Explorer of the Seas, with Liberty of the Seas RIGHT behind it. We’ve also been on Enchantment, Freedom, and Oasis, and now defunct Nordic Empress, but that is irrelevant these days, lol. The number one thing we noticed on this cruise: WOW do people LOVE to complain! The biggest bunch of negative-minded humans we have ever experienced. On the very first night in American Icon, a table of four “Diamond Plus” members were reaming out the poor waiter and called over the Head Waiter over ridiculous things. And I should know, as our tables were close enough so that we might have all been together, so I heard every last word. What a table of crotchety, picky, nasty people. Little did I know that would only be the beginning. Sheesh. I feel bad for the cruise employees, having to deal with people’s EVERY complaint over ridiculous things. (So what if someone’s food came out 30 seconds later than someone else’s at the table! Do you have nothing going on in your life that this is what you have to make a big deal about? I wish that was all I had to complain about!!) Believe me, I did encounter complaining people onboard that did have valid complaints, no doubt. (Including us! More later….) But the level which people were taking things to was ludicrous. Embarkation was fine. We got to the port, checked in our luggage, got our luggage tickets scanned, and proceeded to check-in. We didn’t get in a line, we went to a mobile person who held a tablet in their hands. She checked us in, went to get our SeaPass cards, and we were on our way to board the ship. Painless, and took about 15 minutes. It’s great not having to ride the busses to the ship, although that never really bothered me anyway. Stepping onto Quantum for the first time, I knew I was going to love it. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous design to this ship. (In most areas, not all, as I’ll get into later.) Everything was shiny and new. We entered on Deck 5 and of course we were starving, so we went up to the Windjammer, as per our usual cruise routine. The Windjammer was only ok, I actually think Explorer’s WJ offers much more. But the outside dining available at the back of the WJ on Quantum was a huge plus! Bravo to RCI for finally adding that. I love all the of the things there are to do on Quantum, especially during the chilly weather sailaways. The SeaPlex is genius….there’s foosball, ping pong, XBox, bumber cars, trapeze, basketball, and a host of other activities available at various times throughout the day. Awesome area! I also loved Two70. This venue is great! Gorgeous views of the wake of the ship during the day from the huge windows, and it transforms toward the night, as shades come down over the windows and turns into a huge screen with views of landscapes, underwater scenes, and other entertaining sights. And the shows in Two70 are awesome! Take advantage of the giant swing on the left side of the theater as you walk in - a lot of fun! Another bravo goes out to RCI for a couple covered pool areas, as sailing out of NJ here can lead to many changes in the weather. The Solarium is gorgeous! And covered, with pools and hot tubs. And a great row of chairs right up against the glass in the very front of the ship, to kind of lead to a “Jack on Titanic” view of flying out over the water in the front of the ship. What a gorgeous area! Then heading aft, there’s another pool with a retractable roof, which made it great to sit out by even though the weather outside was cold at one point. Once we hit the Caribbean, the roof was retracted and it was open-air. Then heading aft again, there’s the typical pool area (uncovered). This is where the band played, and where the kid’s area also was. It looked like there was a lazy river-type pool for the kids as well as a wave pool. Or maybe it was just because the ship was rocking, lol. The kid’s pool area had statues of the Dreamworks characters, making it a really fun area! There is so much public space on this ship! Little nooks and cool couches to sit in and on throughout the ship. You never felt crowded except for the first and last days. Other than that, you would never know so many people were on that ship. Not really impressed by the gym. Different from the rest of the ships, and no locker room, sauna, steam room, or showers. Definite bummer. But it still serves the purpose. The Music Hall on the ship was the place to be! The Beatlemaniacs played four nights on our cruise, and they were absolutely out of this world!!! Wow! They got everyone up and dancing and having a blast, almost like being at a real Beatles concert. What a fun time! It seemed the Music Hall, on deck 4, was packed all the time. My daughter loved the teen area, The Living Room on Deck 14 between the Windjammer and pool deck. She loved the games and wall of books and lounge couches right up against the windows. There were only 30 teens on our cruise, so most of the time it was empty, so the employees of RCI running the teen area really gave a lot of personal attention to the kids that did go, and they were a ton of fun, according to my daughter. They had Teens Only Bumper Cars one night, and it seemed like all the teens on board showed up for that, and they had a blast. ROYAL IQ APP: Great, great idea, except where there's technology, there are issues. The app told me that my luggage was still on the pier after we had sailed away from New Jersey. Temporary panic attack. So the luggage tracking wasn't really working too well, as my luggage made it to my cabin. However my daughter also downloaded the app so that we could text and call each other over the ship's own wifi. Brilliant idea to keep in touch with those onboard. But it only worked here and there. Allegedly it was supposed to cost in order to use the app for communication, however when I purchased the app it said $0.00. Even better! But, you get what you pay for. When it worked, it was great! But sometimes the texts and calls didn't go through. If that technology gets better, it'll be awesome to be able to communicate onboard. CABIN: This part was not so great. We had cabin 6216 and my parents had adjoining 6218. We never had the adjoining door unlocked, however we did have the partition removed from between our balconies. But what a terrible cabin location! First off, we booked this cruise when it was first opened only to Crown & Anchor members. We were never told at the time of booking that this was an obstructed view cabin, and deck plans weren’t available at that time. We spent 11 nights looking at the yellow lifeboats right outside our balcony. (Or, as my father called them, The School Buses.) We would have gladly payed more to have an UNobstructed view of the ocean, had we been told. Whatever. That wasn’t even the biggest issue of this cabin location. Right below us was the Bionic Bar. Which one would think there would be no issue about. However, each night, the Bionic Bar had a DJ and the music would start at 10:00 and go until “late”. Believe me, I loved the music he played, however hearing it loud and clear in my cabin that late every night got to be extremely bothersome. My husband especially disliked it, and I can’t blame him. We come on vacation to catch up on sleep we don’t get in real life, and for music and bass to be blasting and vibrating our cabin is really poor design. Maybe RCI didn’t intend to have a DJ there at night in the first place, however they have to take into consideration that it is not a dancing venue, and that there are cabins directly above it and can hear every last music note. Calls to Guest Services went unanswered for upwards of 20 minutes. Finally when we did get someone to try to resolve our issue, the solution was to move us up to deck 13, completely aft. However, my mother has mobility issues, and the hike to the aft of the ship, even from the aft elevators, took a while for a quick-moving person. And there was also the fact that we took this vacation as a family, and we purposely wanted cabins next to each other to share a balcony. So, that solution didn’t work. We stuck it out for the rest of the cruise. And to be totally honest, we used TWO iPads on full volume with white noise, and earplugs, and when I laid my head down on my pillow, I heard the music THROUGH the bedding, loud and clear. That is totally inexcusable. Steer clear of deck 6 above the Bionic Bar, unless you are a late-night person. Lesson learned. FOOD/DINING: I’m not going to comment much on food, because I am not picky in the least, and as long as I don’t have to cook it, I’ll eat it! But I honestly found the food good, and the desserts were awesome! We tried to book dining reservations THREE times before our cruise, before I gave up. Every last one of my dining reservations kept getting deleted. It was completely annoying, and it’s the type of stress you don’t want to deal with when planning a fun vacation. Now as for Dynamic Dining…..I have to say that I was in love with this concept. Eat whenever you want, wherever you want. Now, I have to say I’m not exactly a fan. I don’t hate it, but I’m not loving it. Since our reservations got cancelled, we would just appear at a restaurant whenever we wanted to eat. We always got in, no problem. No wait. The times we went were anywhere between 6:00-7:00. We ate at American Icon twice, Silk, and Chic. Food was good at them all, however the dining experience was painful. Service was VERY slow in general. Waiting for drinks or condiments - what used to be done by an assistant waiter - bordered on torturous. We had some very sweet waiters, however you can tell they were overwhelmed. They take orders on tablets, and it just seems that they still don’t have their ‘groove’ down pat in working these restaurants. It seems to me also that the wait staff really missed getting to know the passengers, as we had a few that asked us to specifically ask for them when we returned to that restaurant. I had to agree with them, as I also missed the getting-to-know the wait staff like we used to when we had the same ones every night. I missed traditional dining MUCH more than I thought I would!! To me, traditional dining is a HUGE part of the cruising tradition, and in my opinion, if RCI does away with it completely, it would be a darn shame. Please keep traditional dining as an option on some ships, RCI!!! Many, many, many people feel the same. We had a character breakfast with the Dreamworks characters one morning, for $10 per person. Definitely worth it. 3 of the characters show up, and give personal attention. Dreamworks is our Disney, and we thoroughly enjoyed taking pics with the characters, as well as going to their appearances throughout the entire cruise. A lot of fun! Great parades and performances as well. I like’ em big…..I like ‘em chunky……… I was very disappointed in Cafe Promenade. Soooo tiny!!!! This is one of my very favorite spots on the other ships. On Quantum, there are no tables inside the cafe, and just a few outside in the Esplanade. If you want to sit, you have to go next door into Sorrento’s and sit. However, when I get a cup of coffee and a cookie, I don’t want to sit and smell pizza! Big fail on that design. Cafe Promenade is supposed to be a place to sit and enjoy coffee and a snack, and it’s just not that on this ship. Cafe Two70 was very nice! And it was nice to sit in Two70 enjoying the food. Hot and cold sandwiches, and pastry, coffee, etc, this is a very nice place to have a snack. Chops ($35 pp): PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Holy moly! Everything - from start to finish - was absolutely incredible! Kudos to the chef of Chops!! Wonderland ($45 pp): I didn’t go, but my father took my daughter. They loved it! You’re not only paying for the food, which they loved every bite, but you go for the experience. My daughter was in heaven! And my father said it was worth every penny. Chic was good, and I got a good prime rib type meal there. I forgot exactly what it was called, but it was good. My father and husband went to Silk, where my husband said food had come out cold, but my father said his was great. PORTS: Had a DELICIOUS dinner at Cafe Puerto Rico in San Juan, and walked around a little. It was great to view Quantum at night from land. We were in SJ from 4:00pm-10:00pm. St. Maarten is always nice. Martinique stunk. No available taxis for at least a half an hour for a family of 5. Seriously?? Our lunch, which we all split because we weren’t that hungry, consisted of two club sandwiches, 5 Pina Coladas, and a side of fries, for $95.00 USD. But wait, even though we SPECIFICALLY asked them if they took Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX as we entered the restaurant and were told ‘yes’, lo and behold when it came time to pay, they didn’t accept that. So after we were told that, we asked how much it came to in American dollars. Well, guess what, we were told they don’t accept that either. Our awesome taxi driver had to get involved and got mad at the restaurant staff because we specifically asked if they took credit cards and were told yes, so they ended up saying they would accept American money. Then we were told it came to $95.00. For what??? Whatever. We paid and got out of there. We would have gladly exchanged for Euros BEFORE we ate if they told us they wouldn’t accept credit cards. But man, that is one expensive island. We also heard similar stories from others in the hot tubs that night and the next few days. Be prepared! Barbados was AMAZING!! We went to Harbor Lights. Gorgeous from start to finish!! St. Kitts...well, I couldn’t get off the ship. But my husband and father went to Cockleshell and my husband said it was absolutely paradise. The night before St. Kitts, my daughter started vomiting. That sent my family into a downward spiral, as then my mother got it, my father got it, and then I got it. We were all quarantined to our rooms. The medical staff was WONDERFUL. We visited the Medical Center numerous times, for IV fluids and injections, and they also visited us in our rooms when we couldn’t make it down there. We knew it wasn’t a widespread virus thing, as each time we went to the Medical Center, we were the only ones in it! But RCI was great, they give free room service and free movies all day when you are quarantined. It sucked to be stuck in the cabin, BUT if others were sick, that’s where I would want them to stay! lol So we literally lost the last 5 days of the cruise. Good thing it was an 11-night cruise! At least we had 6 great days! SHOWS: Outstanding!!! Mamma Mia was pure Broadway quality, for sure. Sonic Odyssey was genius, and Starwater was cool. They had an Elton John impersonator/comedian which was hilarious. Great entertainment. My daughter did rock climbing and the RipChord by iFly, and had a total blast!!!! We never got to do the NorthStar because we got sick. Boooooo!!!!! And by the way, the NorthStar reservation lines are only for THAT day. I waited in line for a half hour before getting to the front of the line, when I wanted to make a reservation for the next day. Only to be told that the lines for at 9:00am for THAT day only. Thanks. Debarkation was awful, as my father was very ill. Getting off the ship wasn’t a problem, it was customs in the building after that which were backed up insanely. We ended up having to take my father to the hospital (because he didn’t drink enough fluids while sick and became severely dehydrated) so the customs agents moved us right to the front of the line. Thankfully my parents only live about 30-40 mins from the port and we got him taken care of. But the backup of the customs lines was awful!!! But that’s not RCI’s deal. All in all, with the exception of 4 out of the 5 of us getting sick and quarantined, this was an amazing cruise! We did our typical stuff like trivia in the Schooner, and participated in some of the game shows in Boleros. Get involved, it makes it 10x more fun!!! I really, really loved Quantum but there’s something inside me aching to go back on Liberty from here out of NJ instead of Anthem next year. Decisions! There’s a lot I missed about the old school cruising (mostly the main dining room!!), but then again Quantum had things to offer that were amazing! I guess we will just have to wait and see…...   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Reading the negative reviews on here (especially back in Nov./Dec./Jan.), we worried this would be a miserable experience. Should we cancel our cruise and cut our losses? We are so glad we didn't! As a 65-ish couple, we decided to ... Read More
Reading the negative reviews on here (especially back in Nov./Dec./Jan.), we worried this would be a miserable experience. Should we cancel our cruise and cut our losses? We are so glad we didn't! As a 65-ish couple, we decided to board Quantum with an open mind and a spirit of flexibility for “something different”. FIRST THINGS FIRST: Embarkation was a breeze, and most we spoke to found the same. It's different than in the past, but it seemed to work fine. Cabin? As others have said, much improved shower size. At first glance, storage seems skimpy but once we discovered the overhead bins (above the head of our bed), we were A-OK. The self-closing drawers are a nice touch (quiet). The new Virtual Window was a plus – especially when we got great island views, such as in Labadee! We caught a few sunsets on it and even a sunrise! The sound feature didn't always work but when it did, it was fun. We found the bed comfy. Our only complaint? A bit more room to walk on both sides of the bed would have been very nice. 'SNOW JOKING: We flew from Charlotte NC to Newark NJ just to board Quantum. When we realized it could still be wintry in NJ in early March, we joked it might be fun to have snowfall on board a cruise ship. Well, snow it did! Once on board, we experienced 3 inches of rapidly falling snow in port and during sail-away! People were snapping pictures by the hot tubs and pools, slip-sliding around in snow, making snowballs. Even some of the crew joined in. Memorable! CABIN HINT: Unless you wish to buy the water, beverages, or snacks they stack in your cabin frig and on your precious counter space, ask your steward on Day One to store them all in a bag under your bed (apparently they're not allowed to actually take them out of the room). Wala! You now have your own frig space for yogurt, milk, fruit, meds etc. AND you now have more counter for your own stuff. Another HINT: we actually type a list for our cabin steward and hand it to him/her on day one – they've always taken it with cheerfulness. It tells them any special requests we have (call us by our nicknames, a robe, extra pillow, ice twice a day, replenish the toiletries etc.) so they don't have to try to remember and we rarely have to remind. By the way, we never wore our Wow bands as people told us they didn't work everywhere and they seemed bothersome with our watches/jewelry (and for me, Sea-Bands which are anti-seasickness). No one from Royal every complained. Just used our Sea Passes as always. Note: If you think your cabin lights aren't working, you have to put a Sea Pass in a special slot! THE SHIP ITSELF: While Quantum's design and artwork (modern) may not have always been our personal taste, it was well done and was interesting, sometimes even fascinating. Open your mind and you may just like it. The whimsy of the elevator art is clever. We loved the prevalence of comfy cushioned furniture in many areas. We did greatly miss the much wider Promenade on Allure/Oasis (and even Freedom class) – the Esplanade on Quantum seemed narrow & thus less impressive. The narrow feel, though, was made way worse by RCI's insistence on piling purses / watches / jewelry on sale down the center every single day, leaving little room for passengers who just wanted to enjoy the ambiance, or walk through – and spoiling the appearance while they were at it. No room for full-fledged parades or an overhead stage, but they did circus type shows a few times. The ship's Library was well-stocked with hundreds of new books one could peruse or check out – I think a lot of us appreciated that. I read one novel and looked at several nonfiction books. Just remember to return books before departing! If you're a crafter, they've created a special room for this with natural light! ENTERTAINMENT: Everyone on board seemed to agree Mamma Mia was wonderful. (Do reserve at least your major shows in advance). We personally did not like the show they put on in 270 – it just did not feel uplifting to us and the music was actually disturbing to me. I try to appreciate creativity but I could not wait for this show to end. Perhaps they were trying too hard to show off their expensive technology and forgetting many of us are looking for fun, lighthearted, positive entertainment on a cruise ship. But evidence that this is personal taste? The way younger guy next to me was yelling bravo. Sonic Odyssey we enjoyed much more – had a happier feel to it and the instruments such as Earth Harp are so unique. Cannot say enough praise for the Mamma Mia cast and orchestra, and the same performers show up in Odyssey and elsewhere on board – hurray for them! By the bye, the robotic screens in 270 are pretty cool: you may want to catch the shows when they “perform”. Have a roast beef sandwich from the nearby cafe. I'd say try to see the vista backgrounds in 270 at least once too. A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Music Hall.....we thought the décor in here was reminiscent of an old timey Western saloon, and it was a great place for some of the contests/trivia like Majority Rules, complete with pool tables. After Mamma Mia, our favorite show all 12 days was, believe it or not, Name That Tune in the Royal Theater! Do NOT miss this; it's only put on once during the cruise. Some of the cast from the musical are in this show (they provide LIVE music for contestants/audience rather than recorded). Cast members come out in full costume with special songs/choreography just to say “goodbye” to each contestant – it's amazing. We enjoyed all the pools & hot tubs, and were glad for the indoor one on the first and last cool days. It was never hard to get a chair except on the very last warm day At Sea, which one would expect. YOU HAVE TO EAT, RIGHT? First, a SECRET: We only made reservations for 4 of the 12 nights and we were able to get in to the (free) restaurant of our choice the other nights with little or no problem. We kind of used it like “my time dining”, allowing us the freedom to decide that day, juggle it with our show choices, etc. Several times we were seated immediately, other times they asked us to wait while they gave people w/ reservations priority (which they should) but these were only 5-10 minute waits. For some reason, few passengers even tried this approach. Our attitude was hey, if we can't get into Icon, we'll ask at Chic or even eat at Windjammer (which is quite improved over other ships). Caveat is that there are only two of us, and we are almost always willing to share a table. A larger group or passengers who insist on a private table would likely have more trouble. Silk wasn't our favorite type of menu, but we thought there were plenty of good choices at the other three. Service in the restaurants was a little up and down but for us no worse than on the other ships. Areas to improve: Ask guests what they'd like to drink and then bring it promptly. This is a given at almost any restaurant on shore, so why is it so hard on a cruise ship? I am talking non-alcoholic such as iced tea, milk, coffee etc. On 2 occasions, we were never asked about coffee until we were well into eating our desserts, if at all. Also 2 or 3 times, they finally brought my husband's milk after he was done with his meal. One night all 6 of us laughed as we joined forces for 30 minutes to try to get my hubby one simple glass of iced tea. He had said no to water, preferring iced tea and literally felt parched by the time it came! Ridiculous. Overall, though, on board we found most wait staff and crew very friendly and warm, contrary to what other reviewers have said. Note that the 4 free restaurants change their menus half-way through the 12-night cruise. Try sit-down dining in the announced restaurants for breakfast and lunch – a chance to meet more fellow passengers in a bit more relaxed setting than dinner. We often sat and chatted with these new-found acquaintances. At noon, in Icon, you could order from the menu or do a great salad bar buffet where they make you a custom huge salad (or do both, but for us that was way too much food!) Breakfast? If you'd rather not wait for items from the menu, you can eat in the dining room buffet which has hot and cold food too. ACTIVITIES: Ride Northstar more than once. Go up when you're at an island to get a view of the island. But also go up when you're at sea so you can experience going out over the edge and looking down at the sea! The wait is generally in the hot sun so be prepared, but we went 4 times and never waited more than 30 minutes. They only can take 14 or so at a time. I am a chicken and was arm-wrestled into trying the I Fly. I was nervous but it was worth it for bragging rights – I felt I was having a bit of trouble breathing toward the end what with the “wind tunnel” but other than that, I was quite comfortable despite the weird feeling. Hey, you can do almost anything for one minute (that's all you get in the tunnel). We did not know, but apparently if you wish to go a second time, at that point it's NOT free – we heard $50 for 2 minutes perhaps? Bumper Car area is HUGE – we did this 4 times and had a ball ramming people and being rammed – great fun to think you're on a cruise ship and doing this. Times are limited so watch the schedule. HINT: Read your daily Compass newsletter and mark it up, or you may miss fun and important events. Some people said they only learned of things on the cruise director's morning TV show (like when they would add a show, or promote something like Name That Tune), so try to tune in once in awhile. We were blessed with abundant sunshine and ended up having a lovely time. A Coast to Coast bus tour of Barbados was our favorite shore excursion. P.S. We do NOT recommend St. Kitt's Beach Extravaganza – it was anything but and RCI refunded some of our money. (People who got on the St. Kitts scenic railway really liked it – it was booked when we tried on Day Two!) We always enjoy swimming at Columbus Beach at Labadee (take the tram back there -- the first beach on your left when you get off the ship is subpar). If you've never done their zip line over the ocean, it is great (again, even for a chicken like me). My hubby paid for the Quantum behind the scenes tour and thought it was pretty well done (should be for $150!) Would we choose Quantum again? Like so many others (especially the over 50 crowd), maybe not – we'd probably pick Oasis class. But we were curious, and now our curiosity is satisfied. We would have always wondered. Bon Voyage to those of you who hop on board this year! Remember, comem with an open mind....and a somewhat disappointing day at sea is still better than a good day at home or at work! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
Quantum of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 3.5 3.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 5.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 N/A

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