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Having spent may years travelling and have been on other scenic cruises our assumption was that this cruise would be as good as the others, to our surprise the standards have dropped, the meals have become very small and average in quality ... Read More
Having spent may years travelling and have been on other scenic cruises our assumption was that this cruise would be as good as the others, to our surprise the standards have dropped, the meals have become very small and average in quality and there is a lack of variety. One passenger joked the meal sizes were like an overpriced nursing home meal. As a Celiac it is also important that my meals are gluten free, as with other cruises and tours I was provided with a daily menu listing what could be eaten or not, unfortunately due to lack of attention to detail these on multiple occasions failed to reflect the correct advice resulting in two instances of intolerance reaction to myself and our traveling partners. To give you an idea of what we experienced day by day in the first few days please take the time to read the following: Day 1 Embarkation was late due to the late arrival of the ship, ok that will happen from time to time, once on board the first few hours were rushed from getting on board, allocation of cabin, unpacking, now you need to go to the port talk, then to diner but be finished by 9pm so we can close the dining area. Many passengers were unhappy with the rush. Also despite paying for the Deluxe Diamond Deck cabin we were surprised as to how small the cabin was compared to other cabins we have had on scenic ships, commented on by many passengers as well. Day 2 First of the tours, well the much touted Improved Scenic Tailor Made, didn't make it at all, may units failed, would not hold the charge and the crew and guides had insufficient skills to correct the issues. Again many of the passengers discussed these issues on their return to the ship Day 3 Again multiple tailor made units failed before setting off on the tour of Rouen, then our guide Miranda, lost two from our tour, who were our friends from Canada, she just set off and failed to keep track of who was in the group and how many she had. They were so disappointed as to the lack of care taken by her that they just returned to the ship. Dinner in l'amour Restaurant, as a Diamond deck passenger we along with our friends were invited to dinner in this "restaurant". The location is all glass and has the associated noise factor. As we later heard from other passengers, their experience was just as bad as ours with the noise and the lack of ability to hear each others conversation. Many were disappointed with the menu on offer. The area is designed to hold 26 to 28 passengers for an upmarket dinner, with wine etc. Unfortunately for me the crew seated us next to an overly loud passenger, who we were later informed by other passengers and Scenic staff they had had complaints about him from the cruise he had just gotten off and the Scenic Staff were aware of his overly loud manner, so much for OH&S and Duty of Care. As a result of the lack of sound absorbing material in the dining areas, and despite multiple request for the staff to ask this person to quieten down it was necessary to leave the meal before the main course, I now have what has been described as Noise Induced Hearing Loss and constant ringing in the ear. This could have been avoided had the staff actioned the reasonable request and exercised their duty of care to the passengers. Also no offer of medical assistance was made until after I filled in my claim form and noted that under the section re medical treatment I listed "Not Offered". Day 4 Again the Tailor Made units failed, on return to the ship there were not enough tables for everybody to eat with their new friends at the same time, we were told to go to lounge and the Maitre de would come and get us when a table for 4 was available, after almost an hour we checked and they denied that this was what we had been told and the dining area was closing in 20 minutes, after some "discussion' with the hotel manger we ended up eating in the lounge and our friends went back to their cabin as they were so upset. At this point my wife and I discussed that due to my injury and the ongoing issues on the ship that we wanted to leave, having discussed our options and that we would be incurring significant addition cost on top of the scenic costs we decided to talk to the hotel manager about the options they could provide and when could I get medical assistance, one option they said was that we could take all our meals in our room. OMG are you serious. As for medical assistance due to the location they felt that no suitable person could be contacted for a couple of days and to stay on the ship. Day 5 the loud person now seemed to take pleasure in trying to sit behind us on buses or at meal times , we changed seats and buses regularly and still the staff seemed oblivious to the impact this was having on us and our friends. By now many passengers were also coming down sick due to one or two passengers came on board with colds and the infection control for the ship was inferior. So enough of the day by day stuff, now for some other general information, general entertainment on the ship has reduced from other cruises, the excursions we were surprised to see the guide we had in the past bring her daughter along to Monet garden, if you need a heat pack, bring your own as the ship does not have them. We needed one for the wife who slipped and fell on returning to the ship on a wet day. Be carful of the linen on the tables mine contained glass shards that embedded in my hand. Overall as stated up front this was without doubt the worst Scenic Cruise it was apparent to us and many other passengers that their is a drop in the standard across the board on this ship. Would we book Scenic again, lets just say that we are looing at other vendors who other passengers had travelled with and they were keen to return to the other providers. Read Less
Sail Date September 2017
Scenic Gem Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 5.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 4.5
Entertainment 3.0 4.0
Public Rooms 4.0 4.7
Fitness & Recreation 3.0 N/A
Family 0.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 5.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.5 N/A
Service 5.0 4.8
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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