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Carnival Glory - Western Caribbean

Sail Date: May 2006
Destination: Western Caribbean
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
First of all let me say that I have only cruised one other time and it was on the Victory in Nov. 2005 at Thanksgiving. We had a great time on that cruise but was always on the go, so on this cruise we were going for R&R. We planned to just do each port our own way without any excursions. The original itinerary was Key West, Belize and Costa Maya with 2 sea days at the end. The new itinerary was Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Nassau.

Me (44), wife (45) and daughter (7) were on this cruise.

The Ship:

The ship is approximately 100 feet longer than the Victory. The noticeable difference is the bigger Red Sail Restaurant, which was bigger than Victorys buffet restaurant, and the Glory has two buffets where the Victory had one. Also noticeable is that the Glory had more cabins than the Victory.

The ship still looks new to me. I did notice the smoke smell in the casino but it seemed to get weaker during the week. I did not notice any more More movement than the Victory; in fact it probably had less. During my cruise on the Victory, there was a tropical depression around Jamaica, so there was a little back and forth movement for about a day and a half. There was a little of this movement on the Glory, but it didnt seem to last more than a couple of hours. There was however, a little vibration noticed in our cabin, (will describe cabin later), but it was nothing that was irritating.

The Crew:

Overall the crew was really good. Our cabin steward was Jesus, he did a great job and was very friendly. Our dining room wait staff was Anka our head waitress, and Olga our assistant waitress. They were both very friendly and did a great job.

Dining Room:

We ate in the dining room every night except one and we thought the food was really good. The last cruise we would look at the menu and didnt eat there but 3 times.


After much anticipation we were finally on our way to Port Canaveral. We left our house about 6:30 am and stopped to get gas and stuff to drink for the trip, which I thought, would take at least 3 hours. After leaving the store we were on the road by 7 am.

The drive was from the west coast (Clearwater) so we had to take I4 to Orlando to pick up the Bee Line. There was a little traffic but nothing like the weekdays. There was one accident around Lakeland on the westbound lane and there seemed to be 5 or 6 cars involved with one or two of them in really bad shape. This slowed us down for a couple of minutes but other than that I4 was no problem. The Bee Line was a little congested out of Orlando but after that it was a breeze. The tolls totaled 2.75.

The big shocker was we were in Port Canaveral around 9:20 am. You can see the ship from about 2 miles away. It is a heart pounder. You see the signs where to go to get to the pier and all you see the hole way is your cruise ship. Talk about baiting.

When we arrived we were directed to park inside the parking garage and the attendant advised us to find a shady spot so our car would not get sun burned. (Ha Ha). After parking he said that we couldnt go inside the terminal until about 10:30 or drop our luggage until then but we were free to walk around outside until then. When we walked out of the parking garage, there were hundreds of people waiting for shuttles and for cars to load their luggage into. I said to my wife look at all those sad people coming off the cruise.

While we were there looking, people were coming out of the parking garage with their luggage and sitting on it in front of the terminal so my wife said let's go back and get ours and sit on it in case it gets busy later. So we went and got our luggage out of the car. When we crossed the street, a security lady told us to walk down and give our luggage to the baggage handler. So we did what we were told. The baggage handler took our luggage and asked about our carry on. I told him that the Carnival website said it could be 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall and our bag was only 1.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall. He smiled and said that he didnt have any problem with it but if the security thinks it looks big they wont pull out a tape measure. He asked me what the contents were, and I said that we had our change of clothes for tonight, camera, and some medicines, (Motrin etc.). He said that is what you need to say if asked, that you have valuables and medicines in there and we wouldnt have any problem.

After dropping off our luggage we walked up to the terminal were everyone was sitting on their luggage and the security lady that directed us to drop off our bags asked us if we would like to people watch or go inside and wait in the waiting area. We opted to go inside. The security checkpoint is right inside the doors, so we did that and went upstairs to the waiting area. There was security man up there and he gave us a form to fill out for the Bahamas and we waited for about 15 minutes and he said we could get in line to get our cards if we wanted. There were about 20 people ahead of us and that took about another 15 minutes and then we were in line to get on the ship. Oh, by the way, when we were checking in the lady taking our credit card and then the lady that handed our sail and sign cards to us both welcomed us back with a big smile. It really felt good.

We waited in the line to get on the ship right next to the VIP section. This took about 30 minutes and then they let us on. We were on the ship about 11:10 am and it was very smooth. They told us to go to the buffet or tour the ship but to not go to the cabins that they would not be ready until 1:30, and that the fire doors where closed to the hallways.

After eating and we took a walk just to see where our cabin was (12:50) and the fire doors were closed but there was a gut wiping the outside of the door and asked me if I would like to drop off the bag in my cabin. I said no that I didnt want to interrupt anyone and I could wait but he said come on follow me and asked for our cabin number. I told him 8403 and he took me there and we place our bag under the desk out of the way.

We then took a tour of the ship and then at 1:45 we went to our cabin to put our swim trunks on and went to the pool. We went to the pool where the big slide was and hung out there. This is also where we hung out the entire cruise. We met a few couples at this pool. The first ones were from Ocala, which we hung out with for most of the cruise. We also met the couple from Minnesoooooota which is also a new cruise critic member, and they were very nice. We bumped into them from time to time.

At 4 pm we went to the muster drill, which we said that we were going to wait for everyone to get there this time so we werent crammed up against the walls. When we got there we were on the outside of the line and it was pretty easy for us.

After the muster drill we went back up to the pool until 5 and then we got ready for dinner (6:15). The last cruise we ate at 8:00 and everyone we met went early so this time we picked early. Yes everyone we met this time had late seating.

After dinner we went to the camp carnival embarkation party for enrollment for our DD and they danced a little and had a good time there. After that it was about 10 pm so we went to the cabin and retired for the night.


This was our first sea day. We got up went to the buffet for breakfast. We always ate outside by the bigger pool area. I will admit like from some of the reviews I have read that it did seem like it took a long time for the tables to get cleaned up after people left but the staff was very courteous and we would just ask and they would clean it up. After breakfast my wife went to work out in the gym and I just walked around until we met up around 10 am and went to the pool. Saw the couple from Ocala and they gave us two of the four chairs that they had and we had a good time. They had never used Camp Carnival before and we talked them into letting their kids try it and their kids loved it. Our daughter gets mad if we dont let her go for a few hours a day. I dont know if the hypnotize them when they get there or what but all the kids love it their.

I also tried out the big slide with my DD and it was fun. The trick to going really fast is to make sure your shoulder blades are on the slide and you will go really fast. At the bottom of the slide there is always a crowd looking for the biggest splash.

After swimming all day we went to get ready for dinner and dropped our DD off at camp carnival for the kids dinner and then we went to the dining room. This was also formal night. We pose for a couple of pictures on the way there. After dinner we went to the casino and played black jack for a while and then we went to the bar blue for the legends.

I also entered the black jack tournament, which lasted until 12:30.


This was Cozumel day. We docked at the old pier that was damaged. They have fixed some of it and it probably would hold two ships. They also have a downtown pier that the other cruise lines use. They have a little shopping area at the customs area and that is also where they pick you up for your excursions. You can also rent cars and scooters there and get taxis. We were told that Carlos and Charlies was about 3 miles down the road which was good walking distance for us so we set out to walk down there. Well our DD was giving up after about 2 miles because she wore flip-flops instead of good sandals or sneakers so we hiked a cab for the rest of the trip. Carlos and Charlies is a must see I think. It is a party atmosphere for all ages. They had a guy going around making balloon animals for all the kids that were hats and he made them for everyone at the table also. I had a lobster hat and my DW had a flower hat. I tipped this guy five dollars. He wasnt waiting for it because he had left before I got it out. When I found him he was very appreciative.

After Carlos and Charlies we went to the mall (right next door) and looked around for a long while and then we got a cab to go back to the ship. It is six dollars each way, which I thought was cheap.

Went to dinner and then met up with the Ocala couple and went to the shows. The first show was a juggler that we picked up in Cozumel. He was the world record holder for the fastest juggler. He was entertaining. Then a comedian came out and he looked like the off spring of Jerry Springer and Robin Williams (his words, but true) and he pretty much joked about the south and Wal-Mart.


This was Belize day. We opted not to get off the ship. We were told by friends that if you werent doing an excursion that there wasnt much to do there where they dropped you off. So we decided to do the ship's scavenger hunt. We had a great time. The only clue we couldnt find was the one by the body painting person out by the pool. We were later told that the body painting person didnt come on this cruise so we never finished the hunt.

After the scavenger hunt we went to get our swim suits on and went to lunch on the Lido and then went swimming. We met up with the Ocala couple and hung out all day. This is the day that we missed the dining room. I was 6:30 before we knew it. It was also the day of the harry chest contest. It was hilarious. The only thing is my DD was upset she missed the kids dinner and she had to eat with us but was happy when we dropped her off after.

After swimming we went to get ready to eat in the Red Sail. The Ocala couple dropped their kids off at Camp Carnival too and wanted to go bar hopping so we agreed. There was a little incident at this time. When we went to get ready for dinner, my DW and DD where taking their showers and I went to iron my shirt. Well the Glory only has one laundry room per floor and the iron wasnt working this night. I think someone had dumped water all over it because the ironing board was soaked also. So I went to the 7th floor and had to wait. I was 6th in line. Well when my wife got out of the shower she asked DD if I had come back yet and she said that I hadnt. I had been gone about 45 minutes. Did I mention that we all had been drinking a little that day by the pool, and that the DW and I dont drink? She went looking for me didnt see me in the laundry. She went up to the pool to see if I went to one of the bars up there and then went down the other hall to see if she could see me. At this time I came out of the stairway and she walked up behind me. I could see she was upset and she said all she could think about was the bad stuff that you here that happens. Its really nice to be loved. Cant put a price on it.

We went to the piano bar and had a good time. There was a lady named Loraine from Canada playing the piano. It reminded me of Saturday Night live with Will Farrell and Sheri Oterri playing the music but it was fun. Then we went to the Bar Blue for another legends try out. It was Aretha Franklin night. They were all good but the girl that won man she was excellent.

Didnt get to the cabin till 1:30. A real late night for us but we had a lot of fun.


Costa May day. We shopped in the shops for a while and then hung out with the Ocala couple by the pool all day. We talked about getting a taxi and going into the village but time slipped by and then it was time to go back.

We got ready for dinner and ate in the dining room, (second formal). Dont remember what I ate but it was good. I think I had shrimp and roast beef. After dinner we seen the Minnesoooota couple and they said that they went to the village and they had a really good time. The beer was real cheap (10 beers for ten dollars?), and that it was nice.

Side bar: I really didnt see you guys waving at us, sorry.

After dinner hung out at the casino bar for a while and got our picture taken again a couple of times. I think this was also the old photo night. After that we met up with the Ocala couple and went to a show. This was magic night and then a comedian. They were both good.


This was a sea day. Don (from Ocala) and I went to enter the slot tournament at 1:00 because we had had enough sun and I also had a free tournament pass from a coupon from the Victory. Well then we had to wait until 4:00 so we went together with twenty dollars each and played roulette until 4:30. We were up and down but at the end we both had our original money and I think twenty-five each after that. It was fun.

We went and got ready and went to dinner in the dining room. Dont remember again but I know I like it and it was good. After that we met up with the Ocala and went to the previous guest party and they played some music and cocktails and food. We were full from dinner so we just hung out and watched. The cruise director Mark Price came out and thanked us all for coming back and then he drew a name out from a box the put all the invitations in and gave away a free dinner to the Emerald room. Then we all met back up 9:45 to go up to the deck for the deck party. I dont know why they dont do this every night. It was fantastic. By the way, you know all those annoying guys that bug you to buy drinks from them on the deck, well the one that kept bugging us had what we drank and our first names by this night and we really like the guy. I guess if you sat out there and no one ever waited on you, you would feel the total opposite. Anyway the deck party was great. They played music from the 60s and 70s. They had a long conga line for each team color that was pretty fun. Oh and I forgot to tell you, there is an activity director that the ship crew named doogie from the show doogie howser md. He is pretty funny. It was a great time and if there is anything I could suggest to Carnival is that you do this on every ship (wasnt on the Victory) and do it every night.


Nassau Day. We met up with the Ocala couple and went to the Atlantis hotel resort. We got a van and it was four dollars a person. They drive crazy over there. The streets are real skinny and I dont know how there isnt road rage over there. Anyway the Atlantis is really nice. The aquarium is neat. We didnt pay to see the extended version but the part we saw was really nice. They have a Sting Ray that has to have a 20-foot wingspan. It is huge. After the Atlantis the women went to a straw market there and bought some stuff. I went to a liquor store across the street and got me a Pepsi. My body went into shock. I dont drink a lot of soda but man was it good. After that flagged down a taxi van and went to the other straw market by the ships. The taxi we got was all decked out inside with flat screens coming out of the ceiling and on all the headrests and sun visors. This guy charged the same amount. I think he also does tours too. He gave me his card so if anyone wants his info I will give it to you. He doesnt go up to the ships. He drops you off a couple of blocks away. He doesnt want to get his van smashed up. This was fine with us because where he let us off was right near the straw market.

After the land trip we went back on board and went to dinner. The reality was starting to set in that this trip was almost over. By the way our tablemates was a nice family from Winter Haven. The parents were originally from South Africa by way of Canada. They had 2 boys and 1 girl that was DDs age. They hung out at camp carnival together but she didnt eat there. She was in the dining room every night. The last night camp carnival was closed during dinner and my DD ate in the dining room. At the end of dinner the wait staff and us all did a big conga line dance around the dining room. It was pretty fun.

After dinner we met up with the Ocala couple in the Amber palace and played the bingo and waited for the raffle for the free cruise. Didnt win any of them but it was fun. Then we went and hung out up on the deck until 1 am and said our good byes.


Debarkation day. We were not in a hurry to leave. I felt like crap, kind of like a homesick feeling, but not for home but for leaving. We got up at 6:30 and got ready and then went up to the deck to hang out until the called our color. There were a lot of people in our color but the line kept moving and it wasnt anything like Miami. It went pretty smoothly. When you pick up you luggage it is on carousal like at the airport not in a big room. It went real smooth though. Then we walked outside to go to the parking garage. At this time my DW asked me if any of the people walking to the terminal was thinking was I thought when we arrive. Look at all the sad people leaving.

The cruise was a great one. We were a little reluctant about not doing any excursions at first but this worked out great. I think this is why we had a better time to be honest. We did our own thing and we werent disappointed about anything. We met really nice people and I wish I could remember all of their names.

I think it is true. You get out of the cruise what you want to. If you are looking to have a great time you will. If you are looking for a good time you will. If you are looking for stuff to complain about you will find it and you will waste all of your time looking for it.

We had a great time and will definitely cruise the Glory again and most definitely cruise Carnival again. Hopefully this year and the eastern Caribbean this time.

I hope I gave a good incite of my cruise and hope you have just as good of a time if not better.

Happy Sailing. Less

Published 06/12/06

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