Sail Date: March 2019
We just returned from a Caribbean Cruise on Saturday, March 30. The staff was wonderful - attentive, kind, welcoming...all you could hope for. As usual when this many people are being served, the food is fair. They do the best they can ... Read More
We just returned from a Caribbean Cruise on Saturday, March 30. The staff was wonderful - attentive, kind, welcoming...all you could hope for. As usual when this many people are being served, the food is fair. They do the best they can given the limitations and the massive number of people they are serving. It seems healthier options are gradually moving in. Our balcony room was lovely and had enough room for our needs. We had a junior suite and were surprised to find a walk in closet! Prior to booking this trip we had done as much checking as possible - online cruise forums, speaking with folks at RCI, etc - to be sure that the children's program on board accommodates children with special needs. We narrowed our decision down to a Royal Caribbean Cruise vs a Disney Cruise. In the end, it seemed the quality was comparable but the Royal Caribbean won since it was less expensive and we had cruised on their ships twice before (without kids) and were happy overall. We now regret the decision. We had been assured by Royal Caribbean agents that the childcare staff is all trained for dealing with children with special needs and there is even a program for autistic kids, though it was vague. As the cruise date came closer I tried harder to get specific information about what accommodations are made for children with special needs, including what the ratio is and could not get a clear answer but kept getting assured that the kids would be well cared for. Both of our kids have special needs, but our 6 year old son in particular is impulsive and hyperactive. He has to be well supervised. Our group was counting on having at least one hour per day of a break from him. Here is what happened: 1) my travel agent was told by someone at RCI the day before departure that upon arrival we needed to check in with guest services to get us set up as a special needs family. 2) upon arrival, we went straight to the guest services desk, waiting in line for about 20 minutes with a very hyperactive, impulsive and agitated child (!!) only to be told that guest services doesn't handle that at all. I insisted, but then an assistant manager who said he'd been managing that desk for about 15 years told me that absolutely the guest services folks have nothing at all to do with special needs accommodations. Then he said that someone would come to our room to do a private drill so that the crowds wouldn't be too upsetting for our son. That was nice, but not super helpful since we then had to sit in a lounge with NOTHING TO DO while the rest of the passengers were undergoing the drill and our son was spinning out of control from boredom. It was a very stressful way to begin our trip. 3) we headed straight up to Adventure Ocean where we met very nice people, shared our specific issues/concerns about our son. They said there would be no problem handling him but would give us a phone to contact us in case there was a problem. They then informed us that their ratio was a surprising 1:25! My adult kids who didn't have any sensory or behavioral issues would have come undone in that chaotic of an environment. I said that our son in particular needs a lot of supervision and we had been told that they can handle special needs and...what about autistic kids? Surely they can't have autistic kids in that kind of environment. They assured us that they have planned activities and all would be well. 4) the next day (2nd day of our cruise) we took the kids into Adventure Ocean but had to WALK THROUGH A VERY LOUD AND OVERSTIMULATING ARCADE to get in there. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thing to do to any family, but most of all special needs kids - the sensory overload was not a good way to enter the children’s program. We arrived to a scene that was so chaotic and disorderly that it looked frightening frankly. While standing there trying to assure my kids that they would in fact have fun, two children bumped into each other and neither adult in charge witnessed it because there were nearly 50 kids in the tiny space with only 2 adults - one of them frantically trying to check people in and out and the other ONE PERSON (!!) was trying to manage all of the children in the two sections of the space. It was really a crazy scene. I pushed through, thinking I'm overly sensitive and all of these other parents have left their kids so it must be okay. The child whose head got bumped was crying so hard he was hyperventilating but no one could take the time to comfort him. He looked about 8 or 9 years old. The child who bumped into him was clearly ashamed, feeling like he'd done something wrong and was in a corner in a sort of fetal position looking so disturbed and vulnerable. But again, no one could possibly take the time to comfort him and handle the situation. I stood there for a while and in the end both boys were just encouraged to get back in the ball game but neither looked at all comfortable or happy about playing anything. The boy who was crying was asking to see his parents. I don't know if the caregivers even heard him. 5) I stupidly left both of my kids in there for about 45 minutes and when we picked them up the place was still so chaotic we never went back. 6) we NEEDED this cruise to play but also to relax a bit. We didn't relax at all except for the one hour we had massages booked and our older daughters took care of the kids. We were counting on getting some relief from the kids and them having some fun organized activities, but that did not happen. 7) I complained to the Adventure Ocean manager by phone on the 3rd day, hoping that there was possibly some other program for kids who are sensitive, but nope. The only thing she said was that we could be let in the back door so the overstimulating arcade could be avoided. And she said that on port days the children's program has fewer kids. We took our kids out to enjoy islands on port days! So that's not helpful. We ended up having a very stressful experience on board. I am writing to let others know that at least on this ship, they don't have any sort of accommodations for special needs kids. And secondly, to have an adult to child ratio of 1:25 doesn’t even adequately meet the needs of typical children, in my opinion and from what I observed with my own eyes that day. My kids refused to go back there to try another day and they are kids who usually are game for any kind of adventure and fun. If I had even been told that the ratio was 1:25 we would have gone ahead and paid the extra to go on a Disney Cruise for fewer days. It is dangerous even to have ratios that high. After writing a letter to RCI, I received a phone call from someone who said they read my letter, thanked me for my feedback and suggestions, and have a nice day. Disappointing response for sure. At the very least, they need to have it posted where parents are able to see on their website when shopping for a cruise, that their ratio is 1:25. That information should not be impossible to learn until boarding the ship. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
This cruise was a let down for me. It was an 8 day cruise and the cons overweighed the pros by a lot. First of all, everything closed SO early. The buffet closed at 9 pm but started sectioning people off at 8:30-845. I’ve never been on a ... Read More
This cruise was a let down for me. It was an 8 day cruise and the cons overweighed the pros by a lot. First of all, everything closed SO early. The buffet closed at 9 pm but started sectioning people off at 8:30-845. I’ve never been on a ship that the buffet closed so early. If we wanted food after 9, it was basically just pizza. A lot of things in general were closed. The flowrider was only open a couple hours a day, the climbing wall was only open a couple hours, the skating rink didn’t even open until the end of the cruise. They advertised these activities but then didn’t act on them. The skating rink wasn’t even open to passengers until the end of the cruise and it was only 30 min segments. So many of the bars were closed for many times in our cruise. One day, we had to go around to 3-4 different bars until we found one open and this was at noon. The MDR didn’t have lunch available on port days. The buffet was extremely boring and lacked flavor. The breakfast and lunch buffet had no variation of meals whatsoever. The lunch particularly was very poor. The MDR food was alright. The waiters were great. There was practically NO entertainment. This thought was commonly heard amongst a lot of passengers on the ship. A lot of people just sat around bored because of the lack of entertainment. Everyday felt so long because of the lack of entertainment. The entertainment they did have was mediocre at best. Our room steward didn’t talk to us once. He didn’t introduce himself, didn’t say hi, nothing. He did leave a tip envelope for additional tips (we did prepay tips) but he did such a poor job we did not tip him extra. Some days we would leave in the morning and come back 2-3 and our room still wasn’t attended too. The room other than that was fine. All in all, I would not recommend this cruise and would not sail on this ship again. Out of my 20+ cruises, this sadly was my least favorite one. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
We did a b2b on Adventure to escape the cold and to spend time with friends. Our cabin steward was Sherwin and he was the absolute best we’ve ever experienced! Kind, always smiling and incredibly efficient. Superb does not come close to ... Read More
We did a b2b on Adventure to escape the cold and to spend time with friends. Our cabin steward was Sherwin and he was the absolute best we’ve ever experienced! Kind, always smiling and incredibly efficient. Superb does not come close to describing Sherwin. I have deadly allergies to seafood, mushrooms and tarragon. I emailed the ship prior to the cruises with the information and requested a table for two to avoid accidentally being served someone else’s food along with trying to avoid inconveniencing other cruisers with needing to preorder my food each night. Royal has become more and more slack on some ships the last couple of years. The head waiter is supposed to manage allergies. On some ships I had to have the head waiter handle my food at lunch time as well. Not by my request, it was policy on certain ships. Our first week I asked the waiter to please find our head waiter and explained why. After speaking with the head waiter she tried to pass me back to the waiter telling me she would be fine. I insisted on the headwaiter doing my orders. I have been on ships where serious mistakes have been made with my food by waiters who did not take the allergies seriously. Fortunately I survived! The head waiter was pretty good until the night prior to the 2nd formal night when she told me lobster would be served. She suggested we dine in the cabin. I said no I would like to be in the dining room and if it was too much for me we would leave. I asked her to just make sure our dinners came out quickly like she had done the other nights and hopefully I would be fine. We barely saw her formal night. The waiter came by and I asked if she could make sure we had more vegetables with dinner. It was almost an hour after our appetizers that we received our entree and no vegetables, no head waiter. We did not return to the dining room that week. Our second leg we had the same table, new waiter. Again I requested a visit from the head waiter due to deadly allergies. The head waiter took my order and served us. All seemed to be going well till the waiter came by, obviously unamused by my request to see the head waiter. He started laughing about me having so many allergies. HE LAUGHED at me! I was upset, my husband was LIVID! We spoke with the head waiter and naturally he apologized. He called over the dining room manager. Naturally he apologized as well. Really??? We have been on about 35 cruises and had never experienced anything so uncalled for and rude. We reported it to guest services. The Assistant Maître D and Restaurant Operations Manager took us to another dining room and apologized profusely. In our estimation this could be solved with a chat with the waiter, requesting that HE apologize and provide him with some much needed training. Their solution was to call me the next day at 5:30 pm to say we were being moved to a private table in the dining room on deck 3. We would be escorted to our table, the head waiter would take my order and they would introduce me to the chef. I know they were trying to solve the problem but what they did punished us. We lost our excellent table, had to wade through a huge crowd to get into the dining room and the so called private table was the one we typically sat at for breakfast by a window. Nice during the daylight but very dark at night. This dining room was loud and not at all pleasant like deck 5 where we had been. The head waiter was very nice and so was the chef. The dining room was the issue. We did not return to the dining room. We ate in port, the WJ or one night in Johnny Rockets. This episode with dining room issues due to my allergies was not an isolated incident. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Disembarkation was horrible on our turnaround day as well. It was handled badly at the port, complete chaos with many many annoyed people trying to get off the ship to get home ALL at the same time! We got off as quickly as we could the day we went home because we needed to get on an earlier flight due to weather at our home airport. We grabbed our luggage where they weren’t finished lining up bags much to the shagrin of staff at the port. A porter was understanding and helped. We travel a lot. We have cruised less and less with Royal the past few years since in our estimation Royal Caribbean service and food has deteriorated dramatically and there is no consistency between most ships. We travel for fun and enjoyment. I don’t need to be fighting for my ability to eat safely. We are D+. Friends suggested that we try Celebrity. Their food handlers are certified in something called DineAware. We’re booked on a b2b in the new year. Hopefully they are as good on-board as their Vacation Planners were on the phone. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2018
WE chose this cruise because my husband had the week off, the port was close to home, and we had enjoyed all of our other Royal Caribbean Cruises. This cruise was the exception. Just as a side note. This was our 14th cruise, the 4th on ... Read More
WE chose this cruise because my husband had the week off, the port was close to home, and we had enjoyed all of our other Royal Caribbean Cruises. This cruise was the exception. Just as a side note. This was our 14th cruise, the 4th on Royal Caribbean. We have also cruised on Holland America, Princess, Norweigan and Celebrity. First, the stateroom. We were in cabin #9370, a balcony cabin. The bed was terrible. It was like sleeping on a table. We could not sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time without waking up in pain and having to move around. We asked our room steward for an egg crate to put over the mattress, but apparently the ship does not stock them anymore. The room steward was able to only get an extra quilt to put on top of the mattress,which helped not at all. The room itself was adequate, the steward did a nice job keeping it clean, no complaints there. The Windjammer Cafe. Disgusting. I have never been on a cruise before where the staff sees food on the floor and simply walks past it without cleaning it up. Whole pieces of bacon, lettuce leaves, pieces of fruit. Just laying there in front of or near the buffet line. The staff in the Cafe were indifferent. You were lucky to catch them to get you water, or lemonade. Mostly, you ended up getting it yourself. I never saw such a lackadaisical attitude on any ship or cruise line we have been on. We had to ask to have the tables cleared off and wiped off, and even if you could get a crew member to do that, you would still be left with pieces of food on the chairs and on the floor around you. It was really gross and unappetizing. The food itself. Horrible. Old food. Rotten fruit. Pieces of watermelon that would bend in half from being so either frozen or waterlogged. Blackened and burnt potatoes. Overcooked hamburgers and hot dogs. Breakfast sausages and bacon so overcooked as to be almost inedible. There was not a lot of variety. Much of the time, half of the Windjammer would be closed for cleaning, even on sea days when there was no where else to eat. The main dining room. The food was good. The wait staff was excellent. The one thing that was very disappointing was the fact that, although we had two formal nights, and most people made an effort to look nice, there were still many people that chose to come to the dining room, in one case, a man wearing a "beater" t shirt, people wearing shorts, baseball caps on backwards, and just a general attitude of disrespect for that tradition. It made us feel foolish to bother getting dressed up. The shows were pretty good. The hypnotist was great, as was the comedian. One observation was that the Adults Only rule was not followed. Kids were everywhere. In the 80's dance party, which was after 9:00 pm, the dance floor was filled with young children. In fact, they almost took over the venue. There was one little girl, maybe around 6 years old, that was so overtired she lay down in the middle of the dance floor and pulled her dress up to her waist. Her mother just stood by, talking, ignoring her . . . .Kids pushed their way into the adult games,. woman vs. men, and the Irish activities director just ignored it. The only "adult" in the room was during The Quest, when Mercedes, the cruise director, actually insisted that the parents remove their young children from the room. As far as the ports. We have been to Grand Cayman before, so we just walked around, did some shopping, and had a turtle burger. Costa Maya was the newest port, and it was very, very overpriced and overcrowded. Imagine Times Square on New Year's Eve. The port is still under construction, so there is pretty much only one path to walk on, a very small pool to sit in, and very overpriced shops. For example, there was a cute flamingo shirt I wanted to get for my husband. Asking the price, the man said $60.00. I started laughing. At that starting price, there is no negotiating. I could probably buy the same shirt at Bealls for $29. There was a very sad and small pool for the dolphin encounter. There was barely enough room for the dolphins to swim around. I felt so sorry for the animals and hoped they got to go to a larger space at the end of their "work day". The port could barely sustain one ship, yet there were 3 ships docked that day. It was almost impossible to even walk around, and we pretty quickly decided to go back to the ship. Cozumel was our favorite stop. We have been here several times. We did the beach break. In the past, that price included an all you can eat lunch buffet. No more. The ocean was so choppy it was unsafe to swim. The red flags were out. The water toys were all removed from the water. The pool was overcrowded with kids. We took a chance on the excursion, because the excursion sales person did mention that there was a lot of seaweed on the beach and the tides were high. We gambled and lost. It was too windy to stay at the beach, so after about an hour we ended up taking a taxi back to the cruise port, and spent some time shopping around. It seems that in the past, there used to be a lot more activities on the ship. Now, most of them seem geared to a "seminar" to get you to buy jewelry, beauty treatments, cigars, liquor . . .it feels like it has become a big, captive audience sales event. We laughed when we went on Holland America for the first time, because it skewed with such an older cruising crowd, but we had a two day cooking class that we really enjoyed, and to this day make a few of the recipes. Royal Caribbean used to be our favorite cruise line. I really feel that Royal Caribbean has become the Walmart of cruise lines, which makes Carnival, in my opinion, be downgraded to the Dollar Store of Cruise Lines. The room steward told us that we should have brought our own blow up mattress to put on top of the terrible bed. Yeh, like that is going to happen. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2018
This was my least favorite RCL cruise.It was full of 500 children.Loud and noisy passengers also.The Serenity area was not quiet or serene.The hot tub was a cespool of drinkers and party types.I thought a cruise right after Thanksgiving ... Read More
This was my least favorite RCL cruise.It was full of 500 children.Loud and noisy passengers also.The Serenity area was not quiet or serene.The hot tub was a cespool of drinkers and party types.I thought a cruise right after Thanksgiving would be quiet.How wrong I was.The front desk said it would be like that all December.My Diamond status was all screwed up.Card had issues getting my 3 drinks loaded.Roy the guest services manager comped me Chops for one night.Praises for him.Lots of pushing and shoving going on.I was on the Serenade the week prior.Had a great time.Cabin was ok on Adventure.Entertainment was good.Only got off in Cozumel.Did a chocolate and Tequila tour.It was worth the price. The Windjammer was very large and laid out well.The Promenade was a hubbub of people and activities.I had a 350 onboard credit from my RCL Visa card.Lost 200 of it in the casino.Saw people winning but not me. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2018
We chose this cruise because it occurred after hurricane season and it was presented to us as a ship that had recently been renovated. The ship was clean and the staff very friendly although not very knowledgeable of the ship's ... Read More
We chose this cruise because it occurred after hurricane season and it was presented to us as a ship that had recently been renovated. The ship was clean and the staff very friendly although not very knowledgeable of the ship's functions. When we would ask informational questions the answers that were given were incorrect. Their offer was that you did not need to purchase the internet to use texting on the ship but that was not true. We never did get their app to work correctly until after we purchased the internet package for a day. Also RC only allows smoking in the casino. The entire time of walking through the main deck from our room to the Windjammer it was so smoke filled that we could hardly take a breath without smelling smoke. this was the third cruise we took with RC but feel that what was presented to us on the website and what we actually experienced were two different things. The beds in the cabin were very old and not very comfortable. However, the food in he Windjammer was was very appetizing and they take every precaution to make sure that their presentation of it was well done. Overall I would not recommend this ship just because of the second hand smoke. I am a person who has asthma and my lungs were congested throughout the ship. We were a four person cruise but all agreed we would never book a cruise on Adventure of the Seas and think this ship should be retired from service. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2018
Embarkation and disembarkation were smooth in spite of security delays by incompetent port and customs personnel, that anyone feels more secure by this grandstanding is amazing. The ship was well maintained, but the decor and furnishings ... Read More
Embarkation and disembarkation were smooth in spite of security delays by incompetent port and customs personnel, that anyone feels more secure by this grandstanding is amazing. The ship was well maintained, but the decor and furnishings looked dated. Activities ran the standard, but things like the rock wall, ice skating, surf rider and water slides were severely time restricted. Bar service is very slow especially in the pool areas in spite of paying $403 for a unlimited bar package. The drinks are generally short poured as well which adds to the insult considering the duty and tax free prices the ship must acquire the alcohol for. Bar tenders always use shot jiggers because they're too incompetent to shot pour so you get the added bonus of whatever is on their hands in your drink when they pour. Maybe someone should make a fecal contamination study to determine why there are so many ship borne illnesses. Dining and cabin service were very good. 10 plus cruiser so did not use the excursions desk. If you are new to cruising, just go into port and strike a deal. You'll always save at least 10 percent and up to 50 percent if you really do your homework on Tripadvisor. Standing in line for other customer service issues I always meet people who are there fixing a problem with the excursions desk. The cabins are dated looking and our toilet malfunctioned overflowing and spilling into the cabin a small bit. Access to the toilet water shut off was in a locked closet outside our stateroom to which the cabin service person did not have a key and had to bail poop water into the shower until the maintenance people finally arrived after multiple frantic calls by my wife and the cabin steward. The bed was comfortable. The air conditioning was insufficient on some days. The main dining room was very good with a good variety each day and excellent service. When ordering you should always get two each of appetizer, entree and desert to try different things, but please tip the wait staff for this extra effort. Also no corking fee if you bring your own uncorked wine to dinner to which you are allowed two bottles per cabin. The Windjammer buffet was great for breakfast and lunch, but the variety has become very limited. I don't think they realize that when I see a buffet pepperoni pizza slice with one pepperoni slice, I'm just going to get four pieces, combine the pepperoni slices onto one piece and throw the other three pizza slices in the trash. That's not a cost reduction. On a previous Royal Caribbean ship the variety was much better. The entertainment this trip was a 5 out of 10 for some reason, previously I gave it a 9 out of 10 for my last cruise with Royal Caribbean. The Ice Skating show was great, but the main evening shows were not great and poorly attended as well. Finally, the customer service desk personnel are the most incompetent double speakers on the planet. Nothing is their fault, nothing can be done supposedly because of something you did when you registered, etc. I spent 1.5 hours trying to get my kids $40 each to play in the video arcade, and the kids finally gave up after figuring out how to use all six of our cabin account cards in a frustrating approval/denial cycle of doom. In summary, this cruise line has declined drastically from the last time I used them, things are getting dated, cost reduction seems to be the main goal which you can offset with some work, but I don't go on cruises to work. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2018
For an 8 day cruise was Extremely crowded, Noisy, loud passengers, crowded with families, babies and kids. Surprised me so many school age kids. everywhere.Surprised Halloween theme resulted in dress up kids everywhere., so crowded on ... Read More
For an 8 day cruise was Extremely crowded, Noisy, loud passengers, crowded with families, babies and kids. Surprised me so many school age kids. everywhere.Surprised Halloween theme resulted in dress up kids everywhere., so crowded on promenade with families, They took over entire ship. Music all around ship, deafening loud, techno pop, blasting everywhere,especially Buffet , you cannot have a friendly conversion without shouting. Couldn’t sit on outside deck, to relax and watch ocean, even loud techno music there. Even in my cabin under vanity a speaker with techno music, couldn’t shut it off, only bit lower. We were on Riviers deck and had a noisy family of four. The two kids were always banging on walls, screaming at each other.. reported this to front desk, was difficult for them to do anything, it was just that they were a noisy, loud family. Who didn’t dare. And cutbacks everywhere, In buffet very few vegies, and white bread no healthy whole wheat here.. cheap food and entertainment, difficult to find seat everywhere. I found the passengers on board using cell phones even in bars talking loud, so unmannerly. Difficult to enjoy and hear performers in Bolares Th overall experience was worst of my 16 cruises. I had to wear earplugs all time. The Daily Cruise Compass font has gotten so small, unreadable, so print less pages. Entertainment was cheap,untalented performers. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2018
My name is Andrew. My wife (Kristen) and I just finished our honeymoon aboard your Adventure of the Seas ship out of Ft. Lauderdale from October 27th thru November 4th. This special trip that we planned nearly a year in advance left me ... Read More
My name is Andrew. My wife (Kristen) and I just finished our honeymoon aboard your Adventure of the Seas ship out of Ft. Lauderdale from October 27th thru November 4th. This special trip that we planned nearly a year in advance left me sorely disappointed and frustrated for several reasons. After the abysmal experience I would like to share it. Issues began prior to boarding the Royal Caribbean Adventures of the Seas ship when my wife and I attempted to book excursions through Royal Caribbean's website. The website simply did not work and would not process our requested excursions. This was a problem as we would prefer to avoid additional fees. Booking online in advance privileged us to a discount which we wanted to take advantage of. We attempted to use the website countless times. We tried different web browsers and even our smart phones. The site would not work. As this issue did not resolve after all our efforts over a couple of hours, we called Royal Caribbean customer service for assistance. Their customer service representative logged in with our account and had the same issue. The customer service representative stated there was nothing they could do. They were apathetic and when we inquired if the pricing would be honored on the ship, as the issue was on Royal Caribbean's end, we were told, ‘No’. This obviously led to us having no choice but to pay more than we should have for excursion(s). We made it to Ft. Lauderdale and were anxious to get on the ship as soon as possible. We did. After we initially boarded the ship, my wife and I meandered for a brief stint. Shortly after, I found myself in the Windjammer Buffet to get some lunch as my wife waited outside on the deck, as Kristen has a severe gluten allergy and wasn't hungry yet. While in the buffet line I was pleased to see signage that encouraged guests with allergies to approach the staff for assistance when getting food. These signs were everywhere. I was pleased had confidence that Kristen would have substantial options, especially as even when we booked the trip her Itinerary even allowed a notation for ‘Gluten Allergy’. As I was in a slow moving line, I politely asked a member Royal Caribbean Windjammer staff where or what was offered for people who had a gluten allergy. The staff member, an Oriental female, smiled and with a look of confusion walked away from me. She never came back. I returned to my wife and gave her a quick rundown of the encounter and we both agreed we would try to get assistance when she was hungry. Being reasonable people we figured that there would be some workers on the ship who would simply not understand us. I had only asked the Windjammer employee because we have learned to be very proactive, careful, and thorough to ensure meals from sources outside of ourselves are safe for Kristen. Eventually Kristen was hungry and went to the Windjammer buffet as I stayed on the deck. When she returned she looked concerned and had a plate with lettuce- just lettuce. I was perplexed and asked if she was helped. Kristen then explained how the employees in the buffet either could not understand her or walked away from her. She sought help from several Windjammer employees and some were deemed to be ‘supervisors’. As no employee helped her at all she searched for anything that was 1, clearly gluten free and 2, did not suffer from cross contamination. So she returned to me with the one thing she felt was safe. Lettuce, just lettuce. I was not happy. This cruise was our honeymoon and not even a few hours in, it already had begun to show hints of what eventually became a miserable and problematic nightmare. I realized that I needed to speak to the head chef and get us answers to avoid further issue. I told Kristen I was sorry for how things were going and I'd go back in to the Windjammer and get things straightened out… I went back in to the Royal Caribbean Windjammer buffet and started an ‘excursion’ sarcasm very much intended. I spoke to any employee I could. This venture occurred for approximately 20 minutes and included Windjammer: wait staff, food suppliers, drink suppliers, and alleged supervisors. Eventually after being led in literal and figurative circles by the Windjammer staff, I was linked to a floor supervisor of sorts who allegedly would get me the chef. I was relieved, finally someone who can help! The male supervisor assured me that he would personally make sure my wife would get food and said he would get the chef immediately. I was elated. At that point the supervisor stationed me by a meat cutting station just outside of the kitchen entry on the far end of the Windjammer buffet. The supervisor left me and entered the kitchen and I patiently waited for him and/or the chef to come out to help me and my wife. Meanwhile as I patiently waited, I watched as other guests helped themselves to their 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd serving of heaping piles of food. Consider, while I am watching other guests eat endless amounts of whatever they want, my wife can’t even get a basic protein or side item. Hours in to our honeymoon we were spending more time apart than together and wasting precious time while she became hungrier. Kristen waited for me to pull through with good news. This did not happen. The supervisor who went in to the kitchen never came back, nor did a chef come out. I stood and waited for 5 minutes, 10 minutes… eventually I asked a female food supplier to check on the supervisor and chef for me. I explained how I had been desperately waiting for them. She said she would go get them. I believed her. She went in to the kitchen and never came back, no chef… 15 minutes, 20 minutes (meanwhile I’m getting dirty glares from guests in the buffet line as they don't understand why this guy with no plate-me, is standing in the area of the flow, even though I was careful not to block anything). So then I asked the young male Windjammer meat cutter who had been near me the entire time, if he could check on the chef for me that I had been patiently waiting. He recognized this as I stood near him for 20 minutes. He did leave his station and go in to the kitchen. Eventually he came back to report that the chef would be on his way, he stated the chef was allegedly wrapping up a phone call. I was baffled that the chef was so apathetic towards me and my wife but appreciated the efforts of the meat cutter and waited for the chef to come out. Also, I realized what I had been dealing with was on the verge or absolute ridiculousness and extraordinarily poor customer service so I took my smart phone and recorded the back end of this experience. I wanted documentation and proof of the unacceptable ordeal. After several more minutes of recording and begging for any sort of help, I gave up and went back to my wife. I missed her and knew she would worry about me. No one was coming, no one would truly help us. I learned that, nothing else. Easily over an hour of our cruise gone, me-upset and concerned, frustrated. Her-hungry and confused as to what was going on. I filled Kristen in on where I was and what happened and we decided to head to guest services with urgency for help. The ship was leaving the port and I did not want us to be on it if my wife could not get simple sustenance. At guest services we waited in a long line to eventually be connected to a staff member who took us from one floor to another, looking for the proper people so that Kristen could eat. I was so confused, was this the first allergy Royal Caribbean ever encountered? It sure seemed like it. Princess Cruise lines labels the food for allergy purposes. They handle it with knowledge and efficiency and don’t miss a beat. This was our first try at Royal Caribbean and I began to tell the employees that if my wife could not eat a proper diet we would just forgo the cruise. We would have no choice. At one point hours into our pursuit for assistance an employee back at the Windjammer pointed at an alleged gluten free bread. I told the staff I would not stay on the ship if my wife's diet was to only be comprised of possibly gluten free bread and lettuce. The staff I was with kept saying they were wanting to help us but we still had no solution. About 3 hours in to the nightmare we finally managed to get to two chefs in front of us. I was sorely upset for my wife and the way we were treated. I was appalled by the manner in which the Royal Caribbean employees handled the situation. I explained the trouble we ran in to, the chase I was on, the employees disappearing, and showed video footage of I dealt with. I asked these chefs why they did not come out to help me. They had no answers. There is no answer for what they did or more accurately didn’t do. They did not deny anything which I appreciated. Eventually one of the chefs apologized. I was glad to finally hear the smallest shred of human decency but as I explained, the 3 hours we lost was precious and my wife was still very hungry. She finally was given a couple options from the chef and we moved on praying and hoping getting her food would not be an ordeal as even when we booked our trip, we were able to note that she had gluten allergy. We didn't think it would be a surprise or major issue. We try to be optimistic people. We thought things would be better and were proactive to ensure there were no more major problems. Per the chefs instructions we ordered Kristen a gluten free breakfast a day in advance, for approximately 10:00. We called in the morning to report that we would be on our way and were told to ask for 'Kenny’. Again, we followed the instructions we were given and I called to be extra thorough. When we got to the Windjammer we asked for Kenny as instructed. No Kenny came, eventually a random chef came to us but had no idea what we were talking about. He was not aware of the advance order that was placed. He said he could make Kristen’s breakfast but if would take at least 10 minutes. We would have preferred it to be done so we could enjoy our ship activities and move on to our island stop but we allowed them a chance to get it done. Over 20 minutes later I went up to check on my wife's breakfast, the staff looked at me confused and said it was ready. So I returned to our table where we waited briefly, they then brought her pancakes and no syrup. So she waited nearly ten more minutes for syrup, not sure why that was so difficult, but it was. So my wife who had pre-ordered her food a day in advance and checked in on it in the morning was seated watching everyone else eat for nearly 40 minutes just to finally eat cold pancakes and eggs. The scrambled eggs had two hairs in them and as much as we would have addressed it, we were on the verge of missing planned activities. The kitchen was not receptive, our efforts were a lost cause. Also as a side note on day one we inquired with the chef and were given some clarification on gluten free options at Windjammer as far as what is available in the buffet. That information was helpful but meaningless due to the excessive cross contamination from the guests who sloppily make their plates, the buffet was NOT a viable option. After this dining experience at the Windjammer and upon further investigation for the remainder of the trip my wife and I utilized the small Cafe on the other end of the ship as we learned they offered small but gluten free pizza. The Café personnel were not initially knowledgeable about gluten and cross contamination but with great effort my wife and I were able to muddle through it with them. The pizzas took 10 minutes to make whereas all other food was immediately available, this excludes the wait in line. It was a struggle to pick up the gluten free pizza once it was done due to the way the lines at the café were set up, it usually sat at the kitchen window for a while but we made it work. Kristen ate the mini pizzas every day for lunch as the Windjammer proved to be insufficient no matter how hard we worked with them. Pizza, every day. We weren't going to even try and eat at the Windjammer anymore but we did go there for drinks three times and even that was too much for them to handle. On day one I was told I could not have orange juice unless I went to the bar where I waited and was ignored for nearly 10 minutes just to finally leave and get orange juice from a secondary drink station, no different than the first I went to. Then a couple days later, when I wanted to get water, a member of staff mildly scolded me and refused my entry to the Windjammer. She said my shirt was wet. It wasn’t. It was dry, my body was dry. My shorts were nearly completely dried from being in water maybe an hour or more before. I suppose they appeared used or tattered from going down water slides earlier that day? With no decency or reason the Windjammer employee outright berated me that my shorts were wet and declared I would not be allowed in the Windjammer for a cup of water. No Water. The third experience occurred several days into the cruise. I went to a drink station and was told they only had one flavor of drink, so I politely accepted the singular option I was given. The staff member than opened the machine to discover not only was the drink she offered completely empty but it was lemonade and not the flavor she had stated. She then pointed me in the direction of another station across the room. The second drink station I went to had an employee who had no cups and I had to stand and wait for any sort of beverage. Also, on a last Windjammer note, on the second to last day since we happened to bump in to the head chef of the Windjammer. Kristen was sick of pizza. We thought it was a stroke of luck and we asked if he could make my wife chicken for lunch. She was tired of pizza! He was polite and it was made and there was hair in it. Pizza, again… Moving on, my wife and I researched the evening dining dress codes. We ensured we had appropriate attire for every evening. At the dinners, none of the dress code guidelines were enforced. People wore shorts, wife beaters, see through shirts, and tank tops. This occurred on casual and formal nights. Had we been given accurate information, we would have packed far more casual wear in lieu of several suits, dresses, and shoes. However per guidelines of Royal Caribbean, we easily incurred additional luggage costs that could have been avoided. We did so because we follow rules. However, they were not applied or followed by anyone else. I would have saved a small fortunate in luggage costs had Royal Caribbean accurately stated what was allowed at the dinners. Also, insult to injury please recall when I was scorned for the shorts I had on and that led to my refusal of admittance in to the non-luxury, messy buffet. So I was not admitted there, yet others were dressed comparably and worse but were somehow allowed to attend what was considered the fine dining? Moving on, in regards to the excursion we wanted to book online, as we approached the excursions desk to book it, a guest of the ship and his two kids stopped right at the entrance. The man may have been drunk but I said excuse me to him twice as he and his kids were blocking the corridor we needed. He responded by yelling and cursing at me directly in front of the Guest Services Desk and several employees. They all ignored his belligerent attitude and profane manners. This particular guest became well known around the ship for his abusive attitude. He cursed out and older man at the sky bar and got in to it with another guest at the Windjammer. I can't hold Royal Caribbean accountable for this man's actions but Royal Caribbean is responsible to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable trip. Had they addressed this man on day one when we encountered him at Guest Services on day 1 he could have been put on notice and maybe would have acted more civil during the trip. If he refused, at the time he could easily have been removed from the ship. Also, we learned there is security and jail on the ship which easily would have housed him and would have been justified enforcement for any of his belligerence and altercations. When we finally got around the vile man and his kids the woman at the excursions desk was not knowledgeable and could not explain anything about the excursions we we're interested in. She eventually shared with us that it was her first week. Also, we did not get the 15% discount that we should have been able to had Royal Caribbean’s online booking process worked. More money lost. My wife and I scheduled a couple’s massage and it was supposed to be 75 minutes long. We arrived early and due to a seminar held to sell acupuncture treatments we did not get in until 10 minutes after the time we were scheduled. We verified with the masseurs that our scheduled massage was the special deal offered by the manager ‘Z’, and they left and returned saying it was. After the massage we noticed it was only a 50 minute treatment. There are no clocks around and when we asked what the spa would do to make it right the only thing they offered was for us to come by on an island day (lost time on an island) and we would be given 25 minute back rubs. We spent a fortune at the spa and they could not even give us extended times or throw a complimentary ________ treatment at me or my wife. We lost more time and to be frank we didn’t even want the quick back massages that ended up wasting more of our time. More cost to us financially and of our precious time. During a Ping Pong tournament there was a no show and I asked Royal Caribbean staff member ‘Jack’ if another individual could play. I did not know the person who wanted to play but they were present. I was very polite and explained that since someone who signed up wasn’t there, the guest who was turned away and was still present could take the open spot. Jack scolded me and glared at me with distain. He said, ‘no!’ I wish I was making this up. He then scorned me and stated that the playoff spots were final. My wife was a witness to his mannerisms towards me. Inexcusable. I was weighed to use one of the two slides on the ship. The scale showed 219 lbs. which I did not believe was right. I weigh around 210 lbs. I was refused use of the, ‘yellow’ slide and had to wear a wristband that reflected I was to be refused use of the slide. The slide has a weight limit of 220 lbs. which I was still under. Upon returning from the cruise, the following Monday at my Doctor’s office I weighed in at 208 lbs. I guess I lost nearly 12 lbs on a cruise where everyone else gains weight because of all of the endless dining options, makes sense? Regardless, I was needlessly refused use of a slide while I was under the weight restriction (with a faulty scale). Less and less activities. Some honorable mentions of other problems. I saw towels on the outside of rooms, so I followed suit. The person who cleans rooms, who was very nice, and stated his supervisor wanted me to be put on notice not to do that. It was innocent and I profusely apologized. I told him I would happily talk to his supervisor because someone who to be so concerned over towels could possibly help us with all these other issues. They never spoke with me though. The safe provided in the room was very old and we later learned it is known to malfunction. The last night we wasted over an hour and a half waiting for someone to get the safe to work since our passports were in it. Then we were told the wait was to be expected. Throughout the Cruise, multiple elevators were ‘out of service’ the reoccurred every day. On one of our particular Dinners, my wife waited nearly 45 minutes after I received my food for hers. All of the issues were reoccurring and led to several missed activities. Our honeymoon was a mess, a disaster, it lacked the assurances of fun, relaxation, and essential things like food for my wife. This honeymoon was terrible and there was no need for it. I even contacted Travel about the issues and heard back this weekend. The response from Royal Caribbean was that they offer skim milk on their ship and my wife and I it should have been able to find gluten-free options... Despicable!!!!! If you have celiacs please be leery! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2018
Horrible management on this sailing. MDR people and cabin steward were great but there was a total lack of concern by everyone else. Missed a port due to bad weather, cold, rain. They think it's a wonderful thing to show movies ... Read More
Horrible management on this sailing. MDR people and cabin steward were great but there was a total lack of concern by everyone else. Missed a port due to bad weather, cold, rain. They think it's a wonderful thing to show movies outside. What happened to streaming in rooms considering the weather! Large ship but other than trivia, not much else going on. Even the solarium wasn't covered. The evening reception was wall to wall people. Claimed they couldn't put in a larger venue because they promised the space to Park West!! During that time, the imperial loung was vacant!! In the meantime, no monitoring of who belongs in the evening reception other than,someone look quickly at you sea pass card going into the diamond lounge. The m ale shift bar, nobody the ked. Of course you could haced easily given your card to anybody. Who would have known? Suffice it to say, many NON Diamond on up passengers were able to benefit from the free drinks etc. from 4:30 to 8. To add insult to injury, we wanted to disembark in Canaveral 1 day early and planned it prior to sailing. Told $65 to do that. Challenged it with Miami, no luck. Found out that passengers that decided to get off earlier while onboard the cruise, NO CHARGE!!! Not rumor. Guest relations verified it and said we had to discuss with Miami. Used to be, as they say, loyal to Royal". Now the million dollar question, WHY? There were so many disgusted passengers on this cruise so I know this is not an isolated case, sadly. We are diamond plus, but with this treatment, are the perks worth it? Read Less
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