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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), vanity area, and a private bathroom. (140 sq. ft.)

Interior Stateroom (Q)
Decks: Deck 2
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Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 2063
Jun 2017
To us it doesn't matter what size is the room. Our room was on the 2nd floor and there really is not much difference size wise than being on the 6th or 7th floor. We are hardly in the room anyways since there is so much going on around the ship or in port. Basically we shower and sleep there.
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Cabin 2915
May 2017
We were right next to an engine/electrical room that hummed all day, but it did not bother us with our sleeping. Ample drawer and closet space with room under the beds for large suitcases. Had to sit sideways on the toilet based on the angle, but we managed fine. Be sure to turn the shower head away from you when turning on unless you want a cold jolt! Saw only 2 outlets, so a surge protector was great to pack in the suitcase (extension cords not allowed). Magnets and a nightlight were also beneficial for packing.
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Cabin 2011
Mar 2017
Very good cruise. By: Kreader
I had an inside quarantee cabin. Small with 2 chairs. Connecting cabin,but I never heard anything from the cabin next door. Small bathroom. Hard bed. Nice flat screen TV.
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Cabin 2059
Mar 2017
Noise: Deck 2 is a complete cabin deck (unlike other ships), so no noise from crew activities and spaces. Even though it's a connecting cabin, we never heard any noise from adjoining cabins. Being the lowest deck, you don't often have traffic through the halls. Space, furnishings, and storage: The cabin is well arranged and has lots of storage. It was easy to walk around the bed on the right side (but very tight on the left side between the bed and desk) and had a big open space in the middle. Even for a 12-night cruise, we didn't use but 3/4 of the available storage space. The closet had more than plenty hangars and it's easy to put your suitcase under the bed. The bed was comfortable to us both and the linens soft. You do get two pillows each, with different firmness levels. Because it's a connecting room, you only get a chair (instead of a loveseat) and a small side table (instead of a coffee table) and there's no reading light at the chair. Bathroom: There is only a shower curtain, not the hard doors. We bring extra-large binder clips to weigh the bottom of the curtain down, but not as effective as the hard doors. The bathroom has 3 storage shelves, a drawer, and a cabinet that often has extra supplies but you can reapportion. I don't have a lot of makeup, but we never felt we needed additional storage there. Ship quirks (not just this cabin): There is no minibar or fridge (you ask the room steward for minibar items). There were less TV channels available than on other ships, and no channel for ordering room service or seeing your current Sea Pass account. The Space channel was great for action movies, and also watched TCM, TBS, and TNT (no Dreamworks channel). However, we couldn't find a way to turn on subtitles when needed.
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Cabin 2581
Nov 2016
Queen size (two twins put together) bed, small sofa, desk and chair with a small round table and two night stands. Standard bathroom with the stick to the body shower curtain, plenty of hot water, the heat and AC were functioning properly. Its an interior, inside cabin. Plenty of storage and closet space. There are two 110 outlets, if you use a CPAP, you get the distilled water from your cabin steward and not from room service. TIP: bring a nightlight and an alarm clock,
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Cabin 8031
Aug 2016
we had an interior room, i would suggest turning on a light when you get up in the morning, so people can adjust, or else you just keep sleeping! Everything was clean. Steward was very nice.
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Cabin 2053
Jan 2016
Room was your typical interior cruise ship room. Large enough for two. you will find difficulties moving around on formal nights especially when the wife has to make herself up. But not bad.
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Cabin 2903
Dec 2015
Very small, but functional, as expected. Biggest complaint: the bed was NOT comfortable. It felt like a sofa bed, complete with the bar across the middle and very thin mattress. Asked steward for the egg crate foam top, which helped, but still made too many hours in bed a painful experience. There was a persistent smell in the hallway outside our room, somewhere between fuel and sewage. Inside the room was fine, however. On our previous cruise (Oasis of the Seas) we interacted a lot with our cabin steward, and he was always helpful and fun, and the towel animals were amazing. On Grandeur our steward barely spoke English. We almost never saw him. I think we received 2 rather lame towel animals on a 10 day cruise. Don't get me wrong, it's not about the towel animals. :) But this was definitely a lower class vibe than on Oasis. The steward only left fresh towels in the evening for the first few days of the cruise. Despite all this we were generous tippers every day, but the service never improved.
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Cabin 3067
Jun 2015
Grandeur is Grand By: methater
As the reviews have stated the staterooms are smallish. In particular the showers are small. My wife said shaving legs in the shower is almost impossible. Just to be clear both of us are in fairly decent shape and not big people. The beds are low to the deck, so finding a place to store baggage is a little bit of an issue. A general consensus amongst the people we talked with was that the beds were somewhat uncomfortable and I would agree. Our pillows were very soft and the bed was hard. As always the room steward was wonderful. In this case his name was Joseph.
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Cabin 8555
Mar 2015
Small but sufficient. You can store your suitcases under the bed but must lift them about three feet to get under the metal feet.
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Mar 2015
Worst vacation ever By: Rob9999
It was very small, the bed was hard as a rock and the pillows were flat. The smell of sewer was in the hall way and several rooms had to have their carpet removed
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Cabin 2525
Jan 2015
HELLISH AT BEST By: melody00536
Cruise was hell from beginning to end. Don't waste your money on this ship it's really not worth it
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Cabin 3615
Dec 2014
small but functional. It was enough for what we needed. Only complaint is the beds aren't tall enough to store the suitcases under. I always recommend inside rooms for families traveling with children. They love the pullman beds, and its dark when you turn out the lights at any time of day.Did not like the shower curtains in the bathroom, they blow in and stick to you.
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Cabin 4503
Nov 2014
Not Satisfied By: rebeca
Typical room. The 4th Floor is a great location,probably the best because it is convenient to everything (dining, bars, theater, center, exits). Stateroom attendants did an amazing job.
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Cabin 4007
May 2013
The room was fine. No stains or dirt and our attendant was constantly in there cleaning up after us.
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Cabin 2075
May 2013
Food was only disappointment By: torontosunvactioner
We were in interior cabin 2075. There is ample storage. Make sure you open up mirrors, drawers, under sofa...lots of space. Bathroom is very small (expected) but with a sink that juts out, does make it even smaller. I miss the curtain that acted as partition between beds and seating area that we had on the Enchantment.
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Cabin 8525
Nov 2012
8525 inside cabin- good closet space and under beds our suit cases fit fine. Quiet, little rocking due to position on ship. excellent service by attendant.
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Cabin 3121
Mar 2012
Stateroom 3121 was quiet- until the last day. It is directly under deck 4 of the Great Gatsby Dining Room. The dining room is carpeted, and we did not hear chairs or tables sliding around all week. However, Saturday night, once everybody put out their luggage for disembarkation, we heard what appeared to be luggage being dropped on the floor of the dining room. This went on until close to midnight, and made it difficult to get to sleep. Perhaps the Grandeur can do this on deck 5 of the dining room in the future.
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Cabin 7045
Oct 2011
Considering we chose an inside cabin because my mum doesn't actually like looking at the sea when there is no land in sight the cabin was lovely. Of course it is going to be a bit on the small side but in truth your never in it anyway because there's too much to do!
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Cabin 2517
Jun 2010
Mother-Daughter Fun! By: smileyperry
Lots of storage space! Small bathroom with a shower curtain, no acryllic sliding door. One bed was very hard, the other was soft. No movement was felt on our trip. Some banging from the room next door- 4 young boys!
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