9 Celebrity Summit Cruise Reviews for Fitness Cruises to Bermuda

Check in was fairly efficient. Size of room smaller than some other inside staterooms of other cruise lines. Cable TV and movie selection very limited. Shockingly no electric outlets at or near nightstands. Since I require had to power my ... Read More
Check in was fairly efficient. Size of room smaller than some other inside staterooms of other cruise lines. Cable TV and movie selection very limited. Shockingly no electric outlets at or near nightstands. Since I require had to power my CPAP machine Attendant had to string a large and unsightly extension cord all the way across the room. Huge water bottles to sell occupy too much space and our room had no table which we requested from the attendant. Robes in the room and the spa were way too small. Took 2 days to find one that fit. Takes forever to get hot water in the stateroom bathroom. Lots of wasted water. Canyon Ranch spa on this ship inferior to the Cunard line. Therapy pool smaller and open to everyone so water wasn’t clean. The only advertised excursions we wanted were inexplicably cancelled. Food and beverage service was hit and miss. First lunch at sea in the main dining room was a disaster. Guests waited in line over 30 minutes just to be seated and service and food quality was atrocious. Staff were working hard but it was clearly understaffed. Lunch on day 2 much improved and dinner service was fine. I bought the premium beverage package and wine choices too limited and quality not what was promised. While in port the main dining room was closed for lunch and all guests were forced to eat at the very crowded cafeteria for three days. Very disappointing. Also the only internet service offered was continuous which means guests are forced to spend a minimum $29 per hour even if you only need to log on for a few minutes. Worst plan of any cruise I’ve seen so I eschewed internet service completely. Read Less
Sail Date June 2018
We sailed on Celebrity Summit 39 Jan - 7 May 2018 to Bermuda. We booked Concierge class cabin as we wanted a mid ship cabin and all other balcony cabins were booked. The extras given for Concierge class are definitely not worth paying ... Read More
We sailed on Celebrity Summit 39 Jan - 7 May 2018 to Bermuda. We booked Concierge class cabin as we wanted a mid ship cabin and all other balcony cabins were booked. The extras given for Concierge class are definitely not worth paying the additional money for. The only good thing about Concierge Class is that you have a dedicated personal concierge member of staff who deals with your complaints immediately. Our concierge employee was MOLBY D SOUZA - he was brilliant in dealing with all our issues very quickly and effectively. Problem with Concierge Class - Lunch for embarkation day - We were not told we had to be on ship by 1.30 and so missed this. We were looking forward to it and had missed breakfast to enjoy it. Canapes - tiny pieces from buffet - ridiculous to call the canapes - we could just fetched a few bits from the buffet Even though we informed Celebrity I was vegan and made sure it was noted - I was sent meat canapes Air conditioning in cabin was only blowing cold - not good on first day as it was cold in New York. Dressing gowns far too big - (Probably fit xxxxL) and long and heavy Extra hairdryer - not much use to a couple when husband has very short hair - not needed BInoculors - broken and not needed Pillow menu - ridiculous and not needed Water coming out brown one day s0 could not have shower and leave cabin for over 2 hours Intermittant ewerage smell on Deck * near 8071 - 8069 Final day tour cancelled due to lack of participation - new tour offered at an extra 50 dollars each All the above issues were dealt with by Molby (Our dedicated Concierge employee) Thank goodness for him - it saved us running around trying to get things sorted. The Summit was ok - However not enough vegetarian or vegan selection in buffet restaurant - not even soya milk presented or stevia sweetener. Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
Port of Bayonne: Lousy signage caused us to make several U-turns on the way to the Port. Facilities were very crowded and slow going through security and getting on the ship. Arriving on ship: Don't know why they insist on forcing ... Read More
Port of Bayonne: Lousy signage caused us to make several U-turns on the way to the Port. Facilities were very crowded and slow going through security and getting on the ship. Arriving on ship: Don't know why they insist on forcing everyone into the Buffet line! Buffet restaurant is very confusing and too small for that many people. Food was terrible and the service attendance were worse. Not a good way to start off the vacation. Luggage: arrived in a reasonable time Cabin: Small but clean and adequate with plenty of storage and hangers in the closet. Cabin attendant was wonderful (Sarah). She always provided ice and was very responsive with requests. Quickly cleaned the room and surprised us with a few towel animals. Entertainment: The best entertainment of any cruise I have been on ( I have only been on 3) Mr. Carnell was not my favorite (a bit too Broadway for me) The ship should highlight the "cirque" style performers more as they were excellent! Food: I will open that I hate buffet style dining so my opinion in this area is very harsh with the exception of the Burgers and Fries served poolside. Sit down restaurant food was fine but I have had better in "fine dining" restaurants. Some items were not as advertised, example was the seared scallopes that were really broiled. Our server, Ballan, was wonderful and very friendly. Activities: Too many events that are really just ploys to get you to buy stuff. Several events happen at the same time so we missed some of the things we wanted to do. Not enough dance lessons and trivia games etc. Health Club: A bit crowded but I never had to wait long for an available machine. Need cups for getting water. Bermuda: What can you say except that it is a lovely destination that is clean and friendly. Turquoise water, pink sand, rum swizzle's and coral reefs, in short, paradise. Don't love that they dock at the Dockyards as it is on the far end of the Island a bit far Hamilton and St. George, but the ferry service is fine enough. We rented a moped for one day through Oleander which is the only way to get around the Island by yourself. Fun but a bit uncomfortable and not for the faint of heart! We did the Catamaran Snorkel excursion and it was the highlight of our trip. Very reasonably priced and our ships Captain was very hospitable and provided a free round of Rum Swizzle's after we snorkeled. Highly recommend snorkeling in Bermuda as they have some of the healthiest and most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Not to be missed! Atmosphere on ship: Most of the crew was very friendly. This ship leaves from New Jersey so be prepared to spend time around loud and often rude people who are very hard to please. We did meet many very friendly folks from Pennsylvania and Europe. Overall it was a good trip. My husband I determined that we are a bit too young to be regular cruisers. We are active and fit enough to go to many destinations around the world and we enjoy more time exploring than cruising allows . We are novice foodies and were a bit disappointed by the food. Cruising is for people who don't want to walk too much and care more about quantity of food than quality. Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
DH and I went out of Cape Liberty on 7/6/14 on the Summit. Embarkation was the easiest ever. We drove down on Sunday morning, parked the car and were on the boat by 11am. Once on the ship we were escorted to BLU for a nice brunch. As ... Read More
DH and I went out of Cape Liberty on 7/6/14 on the Summit. Embarkation was the easiest ever. We drove down on Sunday morning, parked the car and were on the boat by 11am. Once on the ship we were escorted to BLU for a nice brunch. As always the food did not disappoint. This was the case during the entire cruise. We were in an Aqua Class cabin on Deck 9. Our Cabin Steward, Michael was the best. He was available and helped when asked. Our cabin was kept very clean throughout the cruise. We did not use room service at all during this cruise. The ship is small compared to some of the other ships we have been on but it was a very intimate setting and easy to get around. No lines at the elevators. All the staff that we met during the week went above and beyond to say "hello", "how are you today" , and "have a nice day". My mantra is everyone you come across appreciates a "hello" said with a smile. Ken Mills was the Cruise Director on this sailing. We did not see him much around the ship but we spent our days by the pool in the Solarium. He seemed to enjoy his job and the shows were very well done. The weather the entire week was fabulous. The Captain remarked at one point that if it was any better it " would be illegal". He had a great sense of humor. Bermuda is a beautiful place and the beaches were amazing. The first day we took the ferry to St. George's and got on " The Fun Bus" with Reggie, the tour operator who took us out to Clearwater Beach. It was 10.00 dollars round trip and so worth it. There were only four people on the beach. There was also a place there to get food and drinks run by Marlin who was great to talk to. I would highly recommend this over Horseshoe Bay where their were about 3000 people. The next day we took the bus out to Daniel's Head Beach to do a paddle board tour that I booked with Larry, from SurfSup. This was so much fun. The beach was small but the area was beautiful. We saw sea turtles and rays. There was also a great place to get drinks and lunch there as well called SUDS. Dayle runs this and he is a chef. Food was amazing as was the Swizzle drink. We also did the obligatory trip to Front Street in Hamilton and walked around and did some shopping at the Harbor Nights Festival. They had many local arts and crafts which were reasonably priced. We had great weather the entire three days. We ate at BLU every night and the food and service was over the top. Such a relaxing atmosphere. All of the waitstaff, Andres, Rambo, Alex, Jon, Collins, Edguardo, Juan, Albert, Luis and others who I have missed were amazing. The Maître D whose name I have forgotten was always available as well and assisted his waitstaff which I liked. In the afternoons we would sit and read in Cafe Bacio with a cup of tea and a pastry. I think I tried most of them during the week. We did use the gym which was packed on sea days but if you went in the afternoon it was not crowded. Disembarkation was also the easiest ever. We walked off the ship at 8:00 am went through customs and where in the car by 8:30 am. This was a great cruise and one we would do again in a heartbeat. Celebrity you WOWED us again.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
Just completed our 24th cruise with Celebrity (out of 30 or so - I've lost track). The more you cruise, the more you come to understand the kind of product a cruise line strives to offer and how the product is delivered. One quick ... Read More
Just completed our 24th cruise with Celebrity (out of 30 or so - I've lost track). The more you cruise, the more you come to understand the kind of product a cruise line strives to offer and how the product is delivered. One quick comment on the cruiser''s comment above who neededva gluten free diet due to Celiac Disease. I wonder if this condition was mentioned in advance and the need for a gluten free diet identified to Celebrity Staff? I am confident this would have been addressed if staff had known. Yes, the ship is old - 13y old. Refurbished 4y ago. This is why guests can pay as little as $500 for a 7d cruise, meals included. If you want to sail newer ships, it's easy to book the Solstice class ships. On the food. I believe you will find the negative comments made in this critique to be among a small minority who complain about the food. Remember, this is a cruise ship serving 1600 or so meals at the same time, multiple times during the day. Regular dining is not 5 star dining. Normandy is and I felt like this cruiser got what she what she looking for there. Moving on. I think most of the lines have similarity but each of them (RCL, NCL, MSC, Carnival among the others I have sailed with) do have a niche. I call it their individual cultures. Obviously, Celebrity's appeals to me or I would not have been as loyal as I have been over the 12 years I've been cruising. The point? Cruisers are going to have different tastes. Different things they are looking for in this style of vacation. I'm going to try to describe what I think goes on in that department with Celebrity Cruise Line. Maybe I can provide some insight that will help you select a cruise. In my opinion, what line you choose to cruise with is as important to your overall experience as all the other factors - price, itinerary, timing and so forth. We are, as you might expect, within what I think is one of many target populations for Celebrity. 60s, mostly retired, lots of time to cruise. I have found, however, having talked with couples in their 30s and with kids, that Celebrity has very very good programs for families with children. There were many families and children on this cruise. They seemed to be having as much fun as we were having and all of the kids were well behaved. Which means, the Moms and Dads on this cruise are good parents who have control of their kids. Something you may be looking for if you are cruising as a family. I didn't see any bad actors. So, while this review is indirectly about Summit's 7 day summer itinerary from Bayonne NJ to Bermuda and back, it's more about what you are going to be immersed in if you choose Celebrity Cruise Lines for you vacations from the perspective of the older traveler without kids traveling with us. First know that what part of the world you are cruising in, who the Captain and senior hotel and restaurant staff are, have a lot to do with what the ship you are on feels like, what kind of vibe it gives off. So does the length of the cruise. But fundamentally, Celebrity tries to create a repeatable experience on all of its ships. That is a corporate goal from what I understand about it from senior staff I have spoken to while aboard. That experience is sophisticated, relaxed and full service. You do nothing but show up and enjoy life aboard ship the way you like it. X-ceptional service has to be at the top of the Top 10 list of what corporate wants guests to experience. Celebrity touts it in its advertising. The repeatability, in all of its ships, of this aspect of cruising with Celebrity that I have experienced compared to other lines I have sailed with makes me believe this. Again, from what I hear from all levels of ship's company aboard Celebrity ships, corporate invests in its employees and works hard to train, advance them in a certain career path and retain them. High retention rates of happy employees produces happy, satisfied guests. No smart corporation selling anything doesn't try to do this, it's just that some do it a lot better than others. Celebrity is one of the better ones in doing it. Service doesn't just happen. It happens because of a corporate commitment to it, not just lip service, and when excellent leadership from senior staff is present. So, it seems obvious to me that Celebrity works to develop this important characteristic in its employees from the start. Motivated, intelligent and loyal staff are identified early and advanced. I think that is why so many Eastern Europeans, Phillipinoes, Indonesians and Indians, to name just a few counties where advancement in that business culture is based on who you know and who your family is, want jobs with Celebrity. They can live the American dream. You work hard and with integrity, you will succeed. It is not uncommon to find crew who have been with Celebrity for 15-20 years going back to Celebrity's early beginnings. They retire from Celebrity. We repeatedly renew acquaintances with restaurant staff especially, who we see over and over again but on different cruises and different ships. First knowing them as Assistant Waiters, some years later they are running the dinning rooms. I think corporate embraces that kind if thing and is quite loyal to its employees. These kinds of things produce the kind of welcoming similes,tireless effort on your behalf and uncompromising service you will find from the crew on all Celebrity ships. This is an important ingredient in creating a culture aboard ship, a product, that keeps cruisers returning for more. You know this is coming from corporate headquarters and it filters down. I'm pretty sure, the big boys strive to make that so through the officers it selects and promotes to run its 11 ships, including the 2 Azamara ships. It's working. You will also see a lot of team building going on if you look for it. That's another staple term in business these days. Celebrity gets it while others don't and the end result are these sort of memorable events or experiences from shows to entertainment around the ship to dining to fitness to ports and excursions to what Celebrity brands as its Life programs. Team leaders work to get employees to buy into their particular product whether it is food, fitness or entertainment. They are engaged and therefore what they present is theirs, they own it, and the net result is a terrific cruise experience. On this particular cruise, we met a couple at our table in the main dining room who we dined with in Normandy, Summits single specialty restaurant present before Solticization and now among three after it. I have always had good experiences with Celebrity dining but this Normandy dinner took the prize. Why? Because of one chef, Marijan from Macedonia, who runs the place. He is the product of Celebrity's system of career advancement, reflects the culture of impeccable service Celebrity wants to project and people like this are why we keep returning to this particular cruise line. I was unaware of this hierarchy among restaurant staff until this cruise but those designated as chef, also in various ranks that I cannot recall, are at the top of the restaurant/food services heap. Chef Marrijan started with Celebrity in 1998. He was a utility kitchen cleaner and has risen to the top since starting. All the table service is provided in Normandy by chefs. These are not your usual waiters in the Cosmopolitan, Summit's main dining room, also excellent. You will see these excellent chefs during the day managing other food services on the ship and then finding themselves in the evenings doing what they love. Serving guests with unparalleled, five star fine dining. Same with the wines. Those serving guests in Normandy are the Masters among Sommeliers. I love wines but I'm not into expensive ones finding plenty of very good wine under $15 retail. Of course I have no expectation for that aboard Celebrity ships. You are going to get restaurant prices for those $10-$15 wines and that means $28-$32 is going to be the low end price point per bottle. I rarely buy an expensive wine and that for me is more than $50 while I'm cruising. Well,I paid $65 being charmed into it by the knowledge and savior fare of this particular Cellar Master, Anna ......... Celebrity has to love employees like this. I did not in the least bit feel pressured to buy this wine. It just matched perfectly with the Chateau Briand I was having and the Lobster Tail or Duck others ordered. She knew that, she delivered for the team ably lead by the head Normandy chef, Marijan Maybe it was just the chemistry between ourselves and the Normandy staff and we are very friendly folks but I had more fun in this specialty dining experience than I have had on any ship. Yes, the wine helped. The lobster was prepared table side by Marijan. So was the flamed desert crepes. I can highly recommend The Normandy aboard Summit. Make a special occasion just for the two of you and if you are vacationing aboard ship with kids under 14 or so, who are not likely to appreciate a fine dining experience like this, leave them with the program staff. You can do this as long as they are loving the program, and my information leads me to believe most of them do love it, so, just do it. We also love the production shows on Celebrity. Over the years they have just gotten better from a talent and production standpoint. First rate and definitely a big part of the really exceptional vacation experience on Celebrity ships. I work hard to maintain the same level of fitness cruising as I do while I'm at home. Know that Steiner, a separate fitness and spa company in Europe, runs the fitness and spa facilities on Celebrity ships. Over the years, I've felt like the fitness experience declined under Steiner's management. To my surprise, a lot of the things I disliked - pushing useless products, hyping treatments and fitness that are more show than something with a sound exercise physiology basis, charging a fee for fitness classes that had previously been provided at no cost-that sort of thing, are being de-emphasized and there is a noticeable return to free fitness classes and a real effort to offer useful nutrition and exercise information to cruisers. I think Steiner listened to criticism and possibly under some pressure from Celebrity is working to deliver what cruisers interested in fitness are asking for. The addition of Zumba, this done by the Celebrity Activity staff, not Steiner, is also a welcome addition for those that enjoy this fitness activity. It is very popular aboard and the time spots allocated to it a couple of times a day are packed with Zumba enthusiasts. I don't avail myself of spa services. I think they are over priced and this is not just on Celebrity. This has gotten way too long but it will give you a good idea what Celbrity ships are all about. We have sailed most of them except Azamara Expedition and the two new Solstice class ships. Enjoy. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
My wife and I just returned from the August 18 sailing to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit. This was our third cruise and our third time on Celebrity. Each of the previous cruises was wonderful and this one did not disappoint. We could not ... Read More
My wife and I just returned from the August 18 sailing to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit. This was our third cruise and our third time on Celebrity. Each of the previous cruises was wonderful and this one did not disappoint. We could not have asked for a better experience. EMBARKATION: We selected this cruise because we wanted a relaxing vacation. Our last few trips have included a lot of driving and sightseeing, usually followed by a long drive or flight back home --- after which we always feel like we need another vacation. We live in Staten Island which is only a few minutes from the port at Cape Liberty. On Sunday, the 18th, we took a car service to Bayonne and arrived at about 10:45 AM. The embarkation process was very easy. We dropped our bags off and took the short shuttle ride to the terminal building where, after passing through security, we found the line marked "Aqua Class" and followed it directly to a representative. Within a few minutes, we had our sea passes and were headed to the ship. We stopped briefly to look at the menus for Qsine and Normandie and were on board at 11:30, ready to begin our vacation. It couldn't have been easier. THE SHIP: We sailed on the Infinity a couple of year ago before the refurbishment, so we were interested in seeing what had been done to its sister ship, the Summit. We found that the Summit retained all of the charm that we remembered, but certainly looked a little spiffier. The ship is smaller than the S class ships and other ships like the Breakaway and some of the RCI ships. And that was fine with us. We like the more intimate feel of the ship (if you can call a 2000 passenger ship intimate). I never felt like I was very far from any part of the ship I wanted to get to. And it never felt crowded. There were a lot of children on the trip (someone said there were 400), but the younger ones spent most of their day in the Fun Factory or in the pool. I didn't find the kids annoying and all the ones I saw were pretty well behaved. If there was one minor drawback for me, it was the pool area. There really aren't enough deck chairs for everyone and many people came down before 7 AM to "reserve" chairs. The Pool Butlers did, at times, remove belongings of people who were gone for too long, but this was not done consistently. Still, since we prefer not to sit in the sun, we were eventually able to find places to sit. As I said, this was only a minor annoyance. THE CABIN: On our first cruise (on the Equinox), we had a Concierge cabin. For our cruise on the Infinity, we upgraded to a Celebrity Suite. This time, we decided to try Aqua Class (cabin #9070) --- and we were very pleased with the decision. The cabin was a comfortable size for the two of us. We packed a little more than we probably needed, but there was plenty of room in the closets to hang our clothes. In addition, there were six drawers next to the main closet and two large shelves. The two night tables each had two deep drawers and the vanity had two large storage spaces. Our suitcases fit comfortably under the bed. The bathroom was small but sufficient and I really loved the shower. The balcony was large enough for the two of us to sit and eat breakfast comfortably or read. There is a large overhang so that there was only sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Since we prefer shade, it was perfect. The only minor negative was mentioned on some message boards: the water from the shower tends to pour out from under the shower doors and "flood" the floor. This in no way negatively impacted the experience. We simply had to put down a few extra towels to mop up the water. On the third day, my wife figured out that by closing the doors in a certain way, we could minimize the "flooding." Overall, we really enjoyed the cabin and were very comfortable. DINING: As Aqua Class guests, we were assigned to eat in Blu. Initially, we thought we might want to occasionally eat in the MDR or in one of the specialty restaurants. However, the experience in Blu was so good that we dined there every night (and a few mornings). The first three mornings, we ordered room service, but soon we were having breakfast in Blu as well. We thought that the food was very good and loved the fact that the portions were a little smaller --- so we never felt stuffed after dinner. Dinner always began with an interesting appetizer, followed by either soup or salad. I really enjoyed the soups. The main dishes were tasty and, for the most part, light. I really enjoyed one of the roasted chicken dishes, the filet mignon and a rack of lamb (I know, how could that be light? Somehow, it was). The menu was different each night. However, the best thing about the restaurant is that it felt like a real restaurant, not like a huge dining room at a Catskill Mountains resort. Blu was quiet and intimate and quite relaxing. Everyone we spoke to felt the same way about the ambiance of the restaurant. And the staff! Well . . . THE STAFF: We absolutely love the staff on Celebrity ships and this sailing was no different. Every single staff member we passed in the halls stopped to ask how we were, how we were enjoying the cruise, if we had a nice day, etc. Of course, it probably helps that we are friendly, as well, but they went out of their way to make our cruise enjoyable. I have a hard time believing reviews that say that the staff is surly or indifferent. They are warm and friendly and professional. Now some specifics: We couldn't have been happier with our treatment in Blu. It started with Mazy, our Maitre d'. He always greeted us with a smile and welcomed us back. During the meal, he stopped by to make recommendations, to ask if we were enjoying the meal or simply to chat for a few moments. The wait staff was friendly and professional as well --- in particular Rambo, Alvin and Ashvin. They provided us with information about the food that allowed us to make informed choices. They took the time to chat with us and we found out a lot about their backgrounds and the countries they came from. They made us feel like guests in their homes, not customers. At one meal, the woman sitting next to us (from Montreal) was having trouble conveying to Alvin exactly what she wanted to eat (she spoke English well, but didn't quite have the words to convey her exact meaning). Alvin brought got Ashvin, who spoke French, and together they were able to figure out what she wanted to order. Pleasing their guests was important. I also have to mention Jom, the sommelier, and Agus, who brought us other drinks. They were so delightful and helpful and really helped make the experience in Blu a wonderful one. And, after the first night, everyone on staff knew our names and, by the third night, knew our dining and drinking preferences. In addition, I want to mention Steve Gayda, the Cruise Director, and his staff who went out of their way to make sure that everyone had a great time. By the time the cruise ended he knew the names of many of the passengers. ENTERTAINMENT: My wife and I are regular theater-goers in NY and I like to go to the shows on the ship. The entertainers were all excellent. Guitarist/vocalists Brandi Paige and Jefferson Eng are quite good. Jordan Peterson, the pianist, is very talented and I wished I could have seen him and the others more often. When the aerialists, Lulu and Dima, had to drop out of the final performance because of rough seas, Jordan took their place and did a wonderful set. The major performances by the Celebrity singers and dancers were enjoyable. The shows themselves were not very strong. "Sirens" suffered from a weak script and awful dialogue and the revues, "iHollywood" and "Stars in Their Eyes," had, in my opinion, some odd song choices. However, the singers and dancers were so good that we didn't care. The singers, particularly Glenn, Diana, Drew and Hannah had strong, beautiful voices and the dancers, especially Ben, Sacha, Jason, Jason and Ashley, were superb. Some of the dance numbers were absolutely exhilarating. As my wife remarked to one of the performers at the end of the first show, "Whatever they're paying you guys . . . it's not enough!" Jason Bishop, the illusionist, was absolutely amazing. We've all seen these "tricks" before, but his unique take on these illusions was phenomenal. While I didn't see comedian Kevin Flynn in his adults only late show (past my bedtime), I enjoyed him when he appeared in the final night's show. He was hilarious. The highlight of the week (entertainment-wise) was the appearance of Telly Leung in the 54 Below show. Telly is a Broadway veteran (I've seen him in several shows) and his set, along with accompanist, Gary Adler, was fabulous. The theme of the show was about the songs that were important to him growing up. They included Broadway songs, pop music and traditional songs. He has a beautiful voice, passion and lots of personality. He even stuck around and appeared with the Celebrity singers in their final performance. OTHER STUFF: - We don't usually book our excursions through Celebrity, but my wife decided that she wanted to do a glass bottom boat tour. It was pleasant and informative, but nothing special. Still, we enjoyed being on the water and met some nice people on board. - I like to take part in Trivia competitions and there were several each day. I met another couple and we formed a team that lasted the entire trip. The whole point of the games is to have fun and we had a blast. And won a few times, too. - While on the ship, we ate lunch in the Aqua Spa Cafe. Lunch was mostly salads and this was fine with us. - The only time we ate at the buffet was the day we first boarded. Nothing else was open. It was OK. We did occasionally stop in for ice cream or coffee and tea. - There was a minor error on our bill. When I checked my charges on Saturday morning, I noticed a charge for two glasses of Chardonnay from the previous evening. My wife had a Rose wine and I had a gin and tonic --- no Chardonnay. I went to the guest services desk and Angelina, the rep, reviewed our charges and said she would check on them. By that evening, the charges had been removed and I even received a call from Angelina informing me that my bill was now correct. My wife and I are not drinkers. She likes a glass of wine with dinner and I will sometimes have a soda or a gin and tonic. As a result, we didn't but any beverage packages. On past cruises, we didn't drink enough to warrant a package. However, people who like to drink more on a cruise benefit greatly from a drink package. - The weather in Bermuda was great and we had nice weather for three of the four days at sea. The last sea day was a little rocky, but not too bad. OVERALL: Overall, we had a great cruise. We arrived on board determined to relax and have a wonderful time and we did.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Sad to say, this cruise did not meet expectations. I had never sailed Celebrity before, but I was expecting it to be somewhat like Princess in that I expected good service in an upscale setting for a mostly adult crowd. The ship itself was ... Read More
Sad to say, this cruise did not meet expectations. I had never sailed Celebrity before, but I was expecting it to be somewhat like Princess in that I expected good service in an upscale setting for a mostly adult crowd. The ship itself was decent, despite a few awkward areas that didn't seem to have an identity. But I found the service level of the staff to be far below expectations, and by far the worst of any I've experienced in any of my 10+ cruises. We sailed a 6-night itinerary to Bermuda, which I understand was unusual (all of the other sailings were 7 nights), and also it was the last sailing to Bermuda before the ship gets re-positioned to Canada. The crew and the activities all seemed to be "off" -- nobody seemed to know what time things started, entertainment crew was late/missing to activities, the time zone change was incorrectly communicated so that all of the passengers and crew had conflicting ideas of what time of day it was, our stateroom attendant was angry with us that we had not evacuated the room by 8am on disembarkation day (although I searched everywhere and could find NO mention of this expectation anywhere) ... Very strange. I chalk this up to the crew being thrown off by the change from a 7 day to a 6 day itinerary. Possibly the crew was also just "tired" of the Bermuda itinerary?? It was a very strange experience with lots of unnecessary mix-ups. Besides the scheduling and time zone snafus, I want to make 2 more notable mentions of the overall disorganization before I get into my list of pros and cons: The first was at the AquaSpa, where my BF and I were trying to each get a service (him a neck and shoulder massage, me a stone massage) and they kept mixing up the two of us over and over and over. After trying to resolve at least 3 times, they then said they had straightened it out and took me into the salon because they still thought I had the neck and shoulder massage! You would think this was the most difficult problem in the world to solve, the way they handled it. Needless to say, by the time I finally got my stone massage I was extremely irritable and stressed. The other thing I want to call out is the Celebrity Select dining - I do not recommend this over traditional dining! Service was consistently awful. Wrong dishes were brought, we'd have 5 different people serving us at any given time, I never knew who to ask for what.... It felt like eating amid chaos every night. I would ask for a lemon wedge, or a Perrier, or an extra spoon, and they would either come 25 minutes late or not at all. My BF asked for a glass of Port and that never arrived. One night two different someliers came to give us a glass of wine we had ordered and we ended up with double the amount of wine. At one dinner, I ordered 2 appetizers and received neither of them, and instead got 2 appetizers I did not order. It was simply ridiculous. We asked other passengers who did traditional dining, and they did not have these problems that were consistent with everybody we talked to who did Celebrity Select dining.General List of the Good and the Bad: Good: -Embarkation was fast and efficient (Cape Liberty) -Stateroom with veranda was nice -Quality of the food was quite good, and the buffet food quality was probably the best I've seen in a long time -Solarium area and AquaSpa buffet was a nice change from the usual cruise fare -Casino was fine, and slots were pretty loose (we got a lot of play time for our money, and broke even) -Beer selection at Michael's Club was great -Bermuda was fabulous (as always) -The production shows in the Celebrity Theater were actually pretty good (the Sirens one was our favorite) -Coffee shop and Gelato shop were great -TVs in the rooms had nice channel variety -Celebrity's Premium Beverage package was awesome, really convenient, and well worth it Bad: -Celebrity Select Dining. Just terrible. -Crew always seemed to be missing or slacking off. Counters often were unmanned, never saw anybody on the pool deck walking around to bring you drinks. When you could find some members of the crew, they always seemed overworked or exasperated. -Crew misinformed about time zones and activities (or differently informed than passengers, anyway). -No sports bar on the the ship. If you want to watch the game, they send you to the business conference room on deck 3. Very weird. -Michael's Club didn't open until 7pm on most nights. -It felt like there weren't enough lounges and bars (and the ones they had were often not open until late) -Trivia activity was awful. Disorganized and not fun. -Jogging track got cut short by the "solstice-izing" of the ship, and now runs into a wall. -The "for-fee" things on this ship were much more expensive than on other ships I've been on. $40 per person for specialty restaurants. $80 for 2 fitness classes. -Disembarkation was slow and inefficient at Cape Liberty. We had to all pile onto buses right off the ship, and the buses take you literally about 20 meters down the road. Took FOREVER to get everybody off the ship, into the buses (lots of elderly and disabled on this cruise, plus suitcases, which added to the bus loading time), and off the buses. Message to Celebrity: You'd better improve your service if you expect repeat customers. Next cruise I think we will go back to Royal or Disney. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
Just sailed to Burmuda on the Summit. Second year in a row for my Girlfriend and I on the same cruise. Where do I begin. First of all last years cruise was nothing short of remarkable in every way. THIS, given the fact that it rained ... Read More
Just sailed to Burmuda on the Summit. Second year in a row for my Girlfriend and I on the same cruise. Where do I begin. First of all last years cruise was nothing short of remarkable in every way. THIS, given the fact that it rained ALL WEEK!!!. So obviously, going into this cruise, I was a little concerned that there just HAD to a bit of a "Letdown" this year. I could not have been more wrong. So we began by getting to Bayonne at around 12:00. We were parked, checked in, and eating lunch in less then an hour. Our Luggage (My 2 bags, my Girlfriends 4!! lol) were at our stateroom by 2 pm. We decided on an Ocean View this year after having an inside room last year. It made a HUGE difference. Honestly despite the fact that the rooms are ALWAYS small on a cruise ship, we were very happy with the amout of space. They upgraded carpets, bathroom, mirror, etc. And as was the case last year, the bed was very comfortable. We had a 6:00 pm Dinner seating and requested a table for 2, as we did last year. Our Waiter Saraso and Assistant Waiter Antonious, could NOT have been better. They were friendly, courteous, and prompt. The food, and this goes for the ENTIRE ship. Buffet, Dining Room, Grill at the pool, was second to NONE. I am in the food business and I am telling you that the quality and presentation of EVERYTHING was fantastic. The entertainment for the week was again, super. They had a new cast from last year and they were just as good. We saw every show and the singers, dancers, and Russian Acrobats were just unreal. Our cruise Director, Justin, was friendly, funny, and very good at his job. He was EVERYWHERE. When he sleeps, I have NO IDEA!! Kirstie was also really good and complemented Justin well. They did a wonderful job keeping everyone going and up to date. The comedian, Jim Mcdonald, was very funny. Our sides hurt from laughing during his first show. I was involved in the Pool Vollyball where we played against other guests with the chance to play the 'Crew" (including Captain Theo). My team won AND beat the crew!! It was such a blast. Well put together and half the ship was watching the final game. Burmuda was beautiful as it was a year ago but the difference was the Weather could not be better this year. We did the Snorkel to the Burmuda Shipwrecks and it was amazing. They take you out to the shipwrecks and you can actually SEE them on the bottom of the ocean. We also went to Horseshoe Bay. Beautiful Beach, Water Blue and a great temperature. We took the ferry to Saint George and did some shopping. The ferry is very relaxing and Saint George is a nice little town with cobblestone sidewalks. I'm sure I left many things off a was all over the place, but the bottom line is that I would do an infomercial for Celebrity. Amazing cruise line that I would recommend to ANYONE and everyone. We will certainly be back next year. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
After reading the poor reviews for the Celebrity Summit, my fiancE and I were skeptical about what we were about to experience. We had both already been to Bermuda the prior year with Royal Caribbean, and did not think that anything would ... Read More
After reading the poor reviews for the Celebrity Summit, my fiancE and I were skeptical about what we were about to experience. We had both already been to Bermuda the prior year with Royal Caribbean, and did not think that anything would be up to par. However, we were pleasantly surprised from the beginning of our arrival at Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey. We arrived slightly early, but were able to quickly go through security, get our SeaPasses, and take our first pictures. From there, we jumped right on the shuttle to the ship and walked right aboard, welcomed with Mimosas. We then got lunch from the buffet and explored the ship and our stateroom was ready by 1:30 PM. What we did not expect but were happy to find in our room were bathrobes and even two umbrellas should rain have met us in Bermuda (luckily we did not need them), as well as a free beach bag. The crew throughout the entire ship was always friendly and welcoming, ready to entertain and chat with all guests and passengers. Definitely very impressive so far. Throughout the course of the cruise, we were very impressed with the food in all places (minus the Normandie Restaurant-we did not eat here as it was not free). The Waterfall Cafe (the buffet) went on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the options were phenomenal. Even when we were hungry for a small snack, we were able to visit the coffee cafe for free mini sandwiches and small salads (the coffee/espresso/liquor drinks were not free-but if you'd like coffee throughout the day, my suggestion is that you head to the Waterfall Cafe for free coffee). The room service was also always available, and FREE!!! The main dining room called the Cosmopolitan Restaurant always had plenty of options and the food was exceptional, along with the entertaining servers. Best of all, the drink server remembered our names and drink orders from the very first day and from another bar, I might add. Although drinks were a bit pricey, we quickly understood why-they were neither stingy with the quality, nor the amount of alcohol in each drink. I have to say that we were also very impressed with how the cruise line apparently matched up our table-mates with us; we were all close in age and had very much in common with the other couples at our table- we even hung out with them throughout the cruise AND when we docked in Bermuda. My word of advice: take the time to answer the questions about yourself when booking your cruise-they ask those questions for a reason! The activities offered also kept us entertained. On our previous cruise with Royal Caribbean to Bermuda a year earlier, we didn't get involved with the onboard activities too much. On Celebrity Summit, we did karaoke and hung out and partied until late into the night in the lounges and bars with our table mates. Although I can't remember his name, the comedian was very funny and entertaining along with the singer/musician that followed his act. Although we personally weren't into his particular "style", he was nonetheless a pretty good entertainer. We saw one other show with the other singers and dancers and were generally happy with it. I do have to say that it is not really a show for younger audiences, for the female dancers/singers costumes for this particular show were a bit... revealing (I am by no means prude when it comes to things like this, I just thought it would be something to note). The dancing was quite impressive, though. There are two main pools- one in the "Aquaspa" mainly for adults with jets and warm jets as well as a hot tub. Note: Security does not permit children under 16 to enter the hot tub; they WILL make your children leave the Jacuzzi. The other pool was welcome to families and was also a wave pool. Another note: be sure to reserve your seat at the pool as they fill up very quickly. But, this is common throughout any cruise ship. The fitness center was also impressively large and well-equipped with many machines, mats, free-weights/equipment, etc., and knowledgeable personal trainers. Although I would have liked to join in the yoga and Pilates sessions (which apply a small fee of $8 I believe), I wound up not doing them for other reasons. Nonetheless, I heard from other passengers that they were great programs. The spa was a bit out of my price range, but look out for specials throughout the trip if the treatments they offer interest you. Of course, Bermuda was beautiful as usual and very safe. I do recommend that you eat on board the ship before going out in town since the restaurants can get a bit expensive (some are quite worth the price, but why spend the extra money when you can eat on board any time for free?!). One last thing I can note is that the times they give you when leaving the ship are accurate-we were given an 8:20 AM disembarkation time. We reached our designated room to wait in with our items we were carrying off at 8:10AM, were called at 8:15AM and walked down to the gangway and right onto the shuttle back to Cape Liberty customs. We were in our car by 8:35AM and ready to leave the port! Very, very smooth. I can genuinely say that we have absolutely no objections or negative things to say about this cruise. Celebrity Cruises is most certainly the way to go when traveling to Bermuda. Enjoy!! Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 5.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness & Recreation 4.5 N/A
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.5 N/A
Service 4.5 4.4
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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