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Every Carnival guest is assured of spacious, comfortable accommodations. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films. Our SuperLiners all feature staterooms above ocean level for a more comfortable cruise

Balcony (8B)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 7225
Jun 2017
Our room was cleaned daily and we were surprised to see a new towel "animal" making himself at home on our bed each day. Our room steward was OUTSTANDING. She took care of all our needs and requests for things, like a fan. It's not a big room by any means. But that was fine since we didn't plan on spending a lot of time in there except to sleep at night or take a nap during the day. It was spacious enough for us, and I'm 6'1/280lbs. Not a small man by any means. The balcony was relaxing as well.
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Cabin 7439
Apr 2017
First Back to Back By: raynvic
This was one of the L shaped cabins where the room has a bit longer hallway with the bathroom on the other side of the cabin and the balcony is much longer. This cabin is actually a little bigger than most of the balconies and does not have a couch, only a chair. I would choose this cabin every time. In fact once we got home we switched our cabin on the Breeze to this type for 2018.
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Cabin 7439
Nov 2016
Opportunities Missed By: Jakemeister
Cabin was amazing. Had plenty of balcony and room space. Would recommend this room to anyone.
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Cabin 7419
Jun 2016
The stateroom window and ledge had stuff smeared all over it. The cabin stewart claimed that it was glue, but the carpet hadn't been replaced. The balcony was very dirty, stuff all over the chairs, stainless steel was black. Took three days to correct it.
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Cabin 7406
May 2016
Our cabin was aft and near the elevators. We did hear the ding of the elevators but it wasn't that annoying. There was plenty of room for the 2 of us and plenty of storage space. The bed was very comfortable and there were no maintenance issues. The balcony is not large but it was comfortable with 2 deck chairs and a small table. Our room steward was fantastic. Everything was spotless and he saw that the few requests we had were taken care of.
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Cabin 6324
Apr 2016
Great Family Vacation By: primepretty
Cabin was as described, it was well kept and with the only drawback being that they were pressure washing it while we were there and we couldn't open the door.
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Cabin 6421
Feb 2016
Plenty of storage space. Beds were comfortable. Everything worked great. Enough pillows, blankets and outlets for what we needed. Loved the robes! There were 3 of us in the room and the cabin steward was sure to have 3 of everything for us, even bringing a 3rd chair for the balcony when requested.
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Cabin 7340
Feb 2016
Am I in Alaska? By: Largocruiser8
Too small. Balcony
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Cabin 7427
Jan 2016
Great location quiet and plenty of room
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Cabin 7427
Nov 2015
Great Cuise By: pattycake5410
Plenty of room - the bed was so comfortable that we had to make ourselves get up, and loved the balcony!!!
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Cabin 8445
Sep 2015
very clean, quiet and odor free.
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Cabin 9278
Aug 2015
Efficient and clean!
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Cabin 6394
Aug 2015
Better Than Expected By: Cruisinlessard
Neat and clean, roomy enough. Old TV but they have a great channel line up. Plenty of closet space. Great cabin steward.
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Cabin 6282
Jun 2015
The cabin is on the Upper Deck 6282 near but not too close to the elevators and stairs and you can hear the entertainment down on the lobby deck and the music is not bad to listen to at night. The cabin was cleaned everyday while we were at breakfast and turned down with towel animals while we were at dinner and catching either the show, listening to music in the different areas, or catching the comedy act. We had plenty of room to hang our clothes and drawer space. The bathroom took a little to get used to with a small space. The toilet was really interesting with the flushing method. We had plenty of room for our toiletries and plenty of towels to use. Our cabin steward and his team took great care of us. I highly recommend having a balcony and being midship.
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Cabin 7371
May 2015
The cabin was physically clean and laid out well. The room steward was good. The balcony door does not latch good and lets in outside smells (neighbors smoking). The entire room wreaks of cigarette smoke non-stop, I think it must be in the carpet and air ducts. This smell really ruined the cruise for us on top of causing major respiratory issues with our almost 3 year old.
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Cabin 8237
May 2015
Best week of my life By: MotheringInstinct
Very clean. Shampoo and body wash were provided but I had to buy conditioner because of the salt water! I brought battery operated tea lights to use as night lights to get to the bathroom during the night. It is very dark out on the ocean! We brought window clings to decorate our door to make it easier to find.
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Cabin 7423
Apr 2015
Located in the AFT section of the ship. Quiet, nice and clean. For some reason I swear that around 6:00 p.m. every night I'd get a smell of charred burger (like flame broiled burger king). It was just weird. It was a quick walk to the stairs, and as long as you could remember which MDR you were supposed to be at, it may be an even quicker walk to the MDR. Bathroom was nice and clean. Only 2 of the closets had a rod/hangers. So if you're going to fit 3 people in there, not everyone will have their own "closet" if you need hanging stuff.
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Cabin 6328
Mar 2015
Craving the sun By: Grayz
We had cabin 6328 mid ship. This was our first balcony stateroom and we really enjoyed sitting out in the morning enjoying the beautiful ports. The room was spacious and had great storage for two people. The shower had good pressure. The room was showing its age a bit and the tv was older but everything was in good working order with no issues. We did spend a little more time enjoying our cabin because we were relaxing on our balcony. I think I will want a balcony on my next cruise as well.
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Cabin 7422
Mar 2015
Will still go back.... By: barbadosbeachbum
Our cabin was fine for the most part, but our bathroom was an ongoing issue all week long and we seemed to see and awful lot of maintenance crew coming in to fix our flooding bathroom. And when I say flooding, I mean we could have got out a boat and floated around in the bathroom. This happened at least 3 times during the week. Plenty of room for 3 people, and easily could have fit a 4th. The balcony was nice and private. Have always loved Carnival for the amount of storage space!
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Cabin 6285
Feb 2015
Great Trip By: KillerKev
We were offered an upgrade to this cabin after initially booking an interior....what a tremendous thing that was. We thoroughly enjoyed our cabin and its roominess. It was so very nice to be able to have a place of solitude on which to enjoy morning coffee. We were delighted with this cabin...I would recommend bringing along a daily dose of Dramamine as we noticed quite a difference between this cabin and the interior cabin amidship we had last year. Seemed to be a lot of rocking and rolling...but with a daily dose of Dramamine we had absolutely no trouble at all.
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Cabin 6447
Jan 2015
40th Birthday Cruise By: HORDOSR
I would not book the back of the ship for a room as it was pretty rocky the first few nights and we were above a dance club so noise was there.
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Cabin 7410
Jan 2015
Fabulous Cruise By: kiwibor
Large balcony cabin - decent size balcony. Plenty of storage space, and ample room in bathroom for toiletries.
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Cabin 6359
Nov 2014
Room was comfortable but very basic, There was a lack of draw space and the night tables did not have a draw and were not very useful.
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Cabin 7212
Oct 2014
Great, quiet location beneath bridge. Upholstery faded; window coverings worn; furnishings tired. Bed very comfortable. Toilet bowl disconcertingly darkened with wear.
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Cabin 6284
May 2014
Wonderful By: lesleywoollard
Very good size, spotlessly clean, room service available. Room cleaned daily. This cabin was above the bar area but we did not hear any noise. Plenty of cupboard space. Balcony had two chairs and a small table so nice to sit out on if you want some privacy. We were more than happy with this cabin.
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Jun 2013
Noisy and stinky due to the smokers on each side. We could hardly use our balcony. What a waste.
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Cabin 6278
Jan 2013
6278 2 beds put together to make a big one, only problem is as you sleep the beds spread apart a bit and you fall in the crack. Couch isn't all that great, but you don't spend much time in there sitting on your couch! Balcony is nice, though the chairs don't really fit out there comfortably.
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Cabin 6343
Nov 2012
Carnival Valor 27/10/12 By: barbadosbeachbum
We were in cabin 6343, and the room had tons of space. We were only two of us, so we didn't even use up all the space provided. The balcony space was decent, but because we were just above the Casino Bar, the music went until 12:30 every night and was really loud. This could obviously be disturbing for anyone with kids or people who want to sleep before that time. During the day, it was nice and quiet and you are, literally, mid-ship.
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Cabin 6400
Aug 2012
Room: We booked balcony rooms and had the divider opened between the 2. We had rooms 6398 and 6400. This was the perfect set up. Our son could sleep in the room with grandma, have his own bed instead of a couch and still move freely between the 2 rooms via the balcony. Unfortunately, these rooms were located right above the One Small Step Dance Club. This proved to be a disaster :) You could not hear the music, but the base from the music was sooo loud it vibrated the floor, walls and bed from our cabins. You could even see ripples moving through the water in our glasses. We could not turn the TV up loud enough to drown out the noise. We made multiple complaints to guest services at times begging them to please turn it down as it went full force until 3:30 am each morning. My initial frustration is the guest services attendants appeared amazed that there was a complaint. Carnival did address our concerns appropriately. The ship was initially full, but someone debarked on the first port and we were given their balcony room. We no longer had the adjoining balcony set up we were so happy about, but they did give us 3 keys to the other room so our son would have a key to both. The cabins were on the same floor and relatively close ... just the new one did not come with additional noise. All 4 of us were refunded some money on our accounts for the inconvenience and we all thought it was a fair amount. * I would hope in the future Carnival would treat these rooms like an "obstructed view" and add a disclaimer during booking. I am certain there is a population of their customers that would not be bothered by the noise... however, I feel comfortable saying most unsuspecting grandparents and families are.
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Cabin 6332
Mar 2012
Great Cruise! By: freddy penguin
Small for three people, did not notice any noise even though the casino is below it, not enough hanging closet space
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Cabin 6423
Dec 2011
Very Noisy Location. Was directly across from Crew Space. Could hear them at all hours of the night banging the doors coming and going. It is only one floor above the Casino so the smell of smoke greeted us every time we left the room and at times could smell the smoke in the room. The crew has cart with a squeaking wheel that went up and down the hall at all hours of the night.
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May 2011
We were very happy with our balcony room. I would suggest a higher deck than 6 because we could hear noise from the bars when we went to bed early.
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Cabin E7400
Nov 2010
We were in cabin E7400 and I would not ever book that cabin again. It was very noisy being near the elevators. The room was fine, storage was awesome and the balcony, although small, was just fine. I just would not want to be near the elevators again. The deck "Empress" is great as it is sandwiched between decks with just staterooms.
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Cabin 6351
Apr 2010
Mostly not an issue, but at times, the band below was very loud. Plenty of space, very comfortable beds. Loads of closet space.
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Cabin 6283
Dec 2009
An early Christmas Vacation! By: dalmatianlvr
our cabins were very nice. we always get balconies. we were in 6283 and 6285. they were pretty quiet except when the singers sang in the American lobby from 9-12pm.! the sound carried up. there was plenty of closet space and the balconies were very nice. we were lucky to not be next to any smokers, so we were able to enjoy our balcony.
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Cabin 6382
Nov 2009
beyond my wildest dreams! By:
Carnival Valor 6382 was a very quiet balcony cabin. It was in the center of the ship and one floor up from promenade.
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Cabin 6300
Sep 2009
Paradise Found By: esoteric escort
the cabins are small, true! but who wants to spend time in their cabin other than to sleep and shower? one bit of advice: this was our own fault and nothing against any cruise line...... DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR 3 ADULTS IN ONE CABIN. Friendships will be lost! There were 3 of us, 2 men and one woman (friends only, nothing else) and by the 7th day, we had fully gotten on each others' nerves.
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Cabin 6351
Feb 2009
Center of ship, large shower stall, nice balcony, was directly over the entertainment by the casino, so some nights you heard the singer.
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Cabin 6389
Sep 2008
cruising with teens By: bob and annie
Balcony with stunning view, very private but not soundproof.
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Cabin 7338
Aug 2008
Great time had by all By: bettypc
Cabin was great, quiet - plenty of room for all of our stuff. Near elevator- quiet location
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