Sail Date: October 2012
I'll start by saying I've been on 8 Princess cruises, 3 NCL cruises, 1 Royal Caribbean cruise, and 2 Carnival cruises. Of those 14 cruises, only two have ever canceled ports altogether. Those 2 were both the Carnival cruises ... Read More
I'll start by saying I've been on 8 Princess cruises, 3 NCL cruises, 1 Royal Caribbean cruise, and 2 Carnival cruises. Of those 14 cruises, only two have ever canceled ports altogether. Those 2 were both the Carnival cruises I've been on, and the biggest reason I'll never go on Carnival again. This cruise was something our family had talked about doing for 13 years, and had actively planned for nearly 1 year. We were excited about going on a new ship, but the overwhelming reason for choosing this cruise was the fabulous itinerary, and the fact that out of 11 full days, only 3 were going to be "fun" days at sea (a better ratio than any cruise I'd ever been on). When all was said and done, only 5 days ended up being in ports, and 6(!) days were at sea. The trouble started the morning of the first full day, when during breakfast in the dining room (which incidentally we walked out of after being ignored for over ten minutes after being seated), an announcement came over the loudspeaker saying that we would not be able to dock in Monte Carlo due to high winds "for our safety". The odd thing is that the wind was less than 10mph, and the seas were calm. We later heard from other passengers that Monte Carlo had been canceled on the last two cruises before us, and that our captain had crashed the Breeze into some expensive yachts in Monaco on a previous cruise, and they had decided beforehand not to return again. Whatever the reason, it was NOT the weather, and it had clearly been decided beforehand. Later that same evening (after the first unexpected "fun" day at sea), an announcement was made that "Mother Nature was STILL not cooperating" and many of our big ports would all come packed together at the end of the cruise, and Messina (Sicily) would be omitted as well. The next day we stopped as planned in Livorno, then had two more unplanned days at sea before stopping in Dubrovnik. That night, after leaving Dubrovnik, another announcement came. My husband and I were eating in Cucina del Capitano at the time. This announcement was to tell us that they were "so sorry" but the weather was yet again an issue, and now we would not be getting EITHER of our TWO days in Venice (however the one day in Messina was mysteriously returning to the itinerary). After this third announcement canceling Venice, all hell broke loose. The couple next to us in the restaurant was on their honeymoon, and the wife began to cry. My parents were in their stateroom at the time, and they heard someone scream with rage in the hallway. An angry mob started to form at guest services (later moved to the theater due to size). Crew members took names and contact info, and implied that things would be made right (to date, over a month later, no one in our party has heard a word from anyone at Carnival). The compensation for radically altering the trip we all had planned on? Refunding $40 in port charges, and one free drink voucher good only in the dining room and for a limited selection of drinks. Other aspects of the cruise were disappointing as well. Food was definitely subpar, both in the dining room and the buffet. Meals were often served cold, and missing certain ingredients (no cheese in "broccoli cheese soup", no sweet chili sauce on "thai sweet chili shrimp"). Parts of the buffet were often inexplicably closed during peak times, leading to overcrowding and exceptionally long lines in areas that were open. The dining rooms were frequently closed for breakfast and lunch on the "fun" days, leading to even more people at the buffet. The one bright spot for dining was Guys Burger Joint, which had exceptional hamburgers and oddly enough not much of a wait most times we went there Entertainment was very limited. On a 12 day cruise, only 4 shows were provided, and they were just repeated continuously. Most of the entertainment options that were heavily hyped cost money (bingo, thrill theater, casino, etc). The constant announcements to encourage passengers to take part in these paid activities was enough to make more than a few people skeptical of the real reasons of all the added "fun" days at sea. Being a new ship, everything was very clean, including cabins. Beds were not comfortable, and didn't seem any different than on the 8 year old Carnival Miracle we sailed on the previous year. Our particular room was right across from one of the only TWO laundry facilities on board, which seemed very inadequate to handle the needs of nearly 4,000 passengers. This meant that every day from 6am until midnight, there was a continuous line of people spilling into the hallway waiting to do laundry, some of whom actually sat in our doorway and fell back into our room when we'd open the door. I'd advise anyone to look at a deck plan map carefully before booking. This cruise has basically taught us that you get what you pay for. Before going on Carnival, I wondered how they were able to charge less than other cruise lines and stay in business. This cruise answered that question all too well. Subpar food, more passengers per unit area, canceled ports, and limited "free" entertainment. We won't be going on Carnival again. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2012
The theme song for this cruise was "we´re on the ship to nowhere". That´s how we felt on those 6 ¨fun days¨at sea and during the 3 itinerary changes. We have been on 8 different cruises and this was our first (and last) ... Read More
The theme song for this cruise was "we´re on the ship to nowhere". That´s how we felt on those 6 ¨fun days¨at sea and during the 3 itinerary changes. We have been on 8 different cruises and this was our first (and last) cruise on Carnival. We had selected the cruise because of the new ship and the attractive itinerary; however, it ended up being a total deception, waste of precious money and vacation time. Furthermore, communication from the ships' officers to the passengers seemed non-existent especially when so many changes were taking place. These changes led to an impromptu gathering of passengers in guest services demanding to speak with the captain as the cruise director was unable to deal with the passengers' concerns. (She even commented over the intercom, after cancelling the 2-day visit to Venice due to weather, that passengers should focus on their loved ones being affected by hurricane Sandy). This event ended up being the "entertainment" that evening as the theater was chosen to accommodate the large and growing crowd. The next morning (another "fun day at sea") allowed the ship's hotel director to answer "questions" from the passengers. Once again, and without a microphone, the ship's hotel director had inadequate answers to passengers' real concerns leading to an early and escorted exit due to a so-called "important conference call". Once again, the passengers were left feeling frustrated with no real explanations as to why so many changes had taken place and above all, no real compensation (only $40 per person total for cancelled Port charges) for all of the missed ports and shorter port times in the latest itinerary. Other negative points: The entertainment was lacking and repetitive, the most fun was actually the Liquid Night Club, thanks to the fun guests on board. Halloween was also a good time, but once again, thanks to the guests who hauled their costumes in their suitcases. (we were unable to buy costumes at any ports due to the cancellations). Any of the "interesting" lectures on board were actually Carnival sales pitches to get us to spend more money. The activities on board were boring...too much Bingo, too much trivia and too few classes to actually learn things. The theater was too small for the amount of people on board (especially for port information meetings where people had to sit on the floor, stand or sit on the stairs) The gym offered too few group classes as well although the individual equipment was good. The good points: The wait staff in the dining room was very patient, accommodating, positive and friendly. They dealt with all of the changes in stride and made sure we had a good time at dinner and ate well. The food in the dining room was quite good and the Lido buffet was not too bad (except those scrambled eggs!). The hamburger was surprisingly good and there seemed to be a variety of food to choose from. The cabin with balcony was a decent size, clean and quiet. The beds were comfortable too, except for the very hard sofa bed which was made as soft as possible by the cabin steward. He was also quite accommodating and friendly. There was enough room for the 3 of us (adults). All in all, the cruise was very memorable, both good and bad. We still don't understand why Carnival would offer this itinerary so late in the year knowing how the weather affects specific ports of call (i.e. Monaco, where the ship could only dock with very little wind so it had been cancelled various times by Carnival already in October). It was unfortunate that Carnival was unable to re-work the itinerary in a way to include substitute ports of call that could handle the ship during autumn weather. Instead, we spent too many "fun days at sea" cancelling ports traveling back and forth and in circles all around the Mediterranean Sea. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2012
We were a family of 8 adults from Australia setting out for a great adventure in Europe. A once in a lifetime trip as some of our members are 80 plus. We enjoyed much of Carnival Breeze. It is a new ship and we had balcony cabins that were ... Read More
We were a family of 8 adults from Australia setting out for a great adventure in Europe. A once in a lifetime trip as some of our members are 80 plus. We enjoyed much of Carnival Breeze. It is a new ship and we had balcony cabins that were quite spacious. Our cabin crew were really nice and we had folded towel animals and chocolates each night. We were in cabin 6364 which was a really convenient spot in about the middle of the ship near the lifts. Getting on the ship was really easy as we got there late in the day and got straight on. However, once we got on we started experiencing problems with the itinerary. . We missed out on two ports. The first one Monaco, their excuse was that there were high winds, however it did not seem windy that morning at all. The next disappointing thing was missing out on the highlight of the cruise, Venice. Ok it may have been flooded but Carnival had plenty of time to organise another port. Also the ship was to stay in Venice overnight so instead of being in Venice we got two more 'fun' days at sea. They promised some great entertainment for those days but none came, it was just the same, trivia, bingo and spa talks such as 'secret to a flatter stomach' where they are trying to sell you something. They also played some really old movies and kept repeating them. One night they cancelled the main shows due to supposed high seas, however the seas were not high at all. We have been on many ships where there have been really high seas and they have not cancelled the show. The most insulting thing was we were sitting waiting for the show to start as we had not been told it was cancelled and they put on a 30 yr old Johnny Cash movie, surely they could have come up with something better than that. I must say though, the ship itself was pretty good, we really enjoyed the adults only area upstairs and there seemed to a lot of spa's around to bask in, especially the ones on level 5 that were very convenient to us. We enjoyed the food in the restaurant, it usually seemed of a very high standard.. We were on my time dining and had no problems with that. We enjoyed the waiters dance routines every night. The drink waiters were often very slow though. The food in the marketplace was ok but the area seemed too small for a ship of that size, it was often so crowded that you had trouble finding seats and had to get in long queues to get food. The Italian restaurant was free at lunchtime and was very good We were also really surprised that they allowed smoking in the casino, this was really awful as we had to walk past this smoky area and worst of all we often saw kids in there, sitting right near the bar, breathing in all that smoke and seeing all the gambling. Shame Carnival! The lifts were a problem as well, they were not working on a number of occasions. There was no notices or information as to what lift to use and the staff didn't seem to know which were working. As we had someone in our party who was 88, it was very inconvenient not knowing where to go to find lifts that were working. The last thing that really upset us was how we were treated on the last day. We were woken up at 5.30am with very loud announcements from the cruise director Jamie telling us who could leave the ship. We felt this was extremely rude. She was so loud there was no way you could sleep though it and she kept making these announcements about every 10 mins. This has never happened on any other ship and l think it left people with bad memories of Carnival Read Less
Sail Date: October 2012
This was my wife's and my first trip to Europe. We chose the Breeze because of the itinerary and found a whole different face of Carnival from previous cruises - and not a good one. I'll get to the whole itinerary issues later. ... Read More
This was my wife's and my first trip to Europe. We chose the Breeze because of the itinerary and found a whole different face of Carnival from previous cruises - and not a good one. I'll get to the whole itinerary issues later. Let me start with the ship. The Breeze is a beautiful ship, modeled much like the Disney Wonder and Magic boats in decor but a lot like the older Carnival ships in layout. The food was the typical pretty decent Carnival fare (except the eggs in the buffet - ugh!) and had some fun additions like the Guy's Burger Joint (probably the best free food other than dinner) and the Blue Iguana Cafe. There were lots of upcharge food areas, too (an Italian restaurant for $12 pp, a steakhouse for $35 pp, a pretty decent sushi bar ($1-$12 depending on what you ordered), a dessert place ($3 for ice cream??), and Red Frog Pub which we did not try because none of the $3 appetizers appealed to us. The entertainment was sporadic (three times they cancelled shows and they had issues with the comedians, but that was due to the itinerary issues) and at times non-existent (basically, there's not much going on between 5-7:30). The staff was friendly but poorly trained in some areas (e.g. the girl in the Library Bar had no idea how to work the self-service wine machine - and she was the only one on duty). We had a cove balcony which was probably the best thing about our trip. The balcony was on deck 2 and had a great view of the water and was fairly well protected from the weather. One night we had 50 knot winds and 20-25 foot waves and it was pretty cool watching them from the balcony. The balcony does have an outer steel door which was closed when we had to take the rough seas broadside which prevented us from using the balcony during those 2 brief periods. The room was larger than previous Carnival rooms we had had and had plenty of storage. The thermostat just says "warmer" and "colder" and it didn't seem to respond very quickly either way. Our steward told us the last night of the cruise that the ship doesn't have heat, just AC either on or off and that's controlled by the thermostat. We had some cold nights, but the comforter was certainly adequate for keeping us warm in bed. Now getting to the itinerary issues, which were plentiful. I understand Carnival (or any cruise line) can't control the weather and want to put safety first, but they certainly made it clear that they would rather hide behind the legalities of their contract rather than try to do right for their passengers if they decide to change or remove a port. Weather was an issue for several days of the 12-night cruise. The first sign of trouble was Monaco, where like the two cruises with the same itinerary prior to ours, the ship was not able to dock. The staff had already reduced the time in port from an 8 PM departure to a 5 PM departure, but then as we approached Monaco, they scrubbed the port entirely due to "high winds" and we were told by the cruise director that there was no way we could get into port. Even by the ship's own data displayed on the map channel, there was less than 10 mph of wind and the seas were calm. This was just the first time the weather was used as an excuse to skip a port. Later that evening, the cruise director announced a major change to the itinerary, basically moving every other port day around and dropping Messina, which we sailed by two days later in calm seas. After we got into and out of Dubrovnik, the cruise director once again announced a major change to the itinerary that the ship would drop Venice and replace it with Messina after another 2 days at sea. All totaled, the itinerary lost 2 ports and 3 days in port and replaced them with "fun" days at sea - meaning half the cruise was "fun" days at sea in the Mediterranean, where there are ports all over the place. This is not what we signed up for. We came to see Europe, not a Carnival ship. And the grand total of the compensation offered for missing these ports? $40 pp in refunded port charges and ONE free drink per person in the main dining room at dinner from a limited selection. The extra days at sea were without entertainment or a poor selection of activities and the activities that were pushed by the staff all involved spending more money (spa, casino, restaurants, etc.). The comedians from the first few nights were supposed to leave in Rome initially, but had to stay on two extra days and get off in Dubrovnik instead. Their displeasure was on full display in their poor attitude and rather humorless and brief routines. The senior staff's attitude was that any decisions had to be made by the main office and their hands were tied. Even the free drink was only offered after lengthy conversations with the hotel director. Now the staff did SOME things right - they offered free phone and internet communications with private tours to allow for them to either be cancelled or rescheduled, and then they offered the same for families who were victim to Hurricane Sandy back home in the US, the latter only after again some prodding by guests. By losing Venice entirely, and then rescheduling Rome to a Sunday when the Vatican museum is closed meant that the two big things we really wanted to see in Italy were taken away from us. In the end, the itinerary was shot and Carnival did little to compensate for it. They basically chose to do what was legal rather than what was right. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2012
Embarkation at Barcelona was long to me. I did not like taking zone numbers based on cabin location to board. To me, if you show up early, you should be able to board when you get there. The ship was very nice. I really liked the decor. ... Read More
Embarkation at Barcelona was long to me. I did not like taking zone numbers based on cabin location to board. To me, if you show up early, you should be able to board when you get there. The ship was very nice. I really liked the decor. It was much more subdued compared to other Carnival ships. I also liked the variety of the dining venues. The Blue Iguana burrito and taco stations on the Lido deck were a welcome change. As was the addition of Guy's Burgers. But the times they were open were very limiting. With all the sea days we endured, it was disappointing that they closed the burrito bar at 1:30 pm and only opened Guy's from noon until 6 pm. Fat Jimmy's BBQ was good, but with the bad weather on deck, I found it only open one day out of the twelve day cruise. I heard similar complaints from many other travelers. Good food, but limited dining times. The MDR was the MDR - nothing different, nothing new. And the buffet was the same as ever. The addition of the Tandori station was good, but again limited in the time it was open. The Bonsai Sushi restaurant was excellent, but hardly used by the passengers. We did enjoy the Il Capitano italian restaurant. We had an excellent meal there, It was well worth the extra $12 per person. We did not eat at the steak house on this cruise. One highlight was the Red Frog Pub. Good drinks and appetizers. Now limited dining times may sound trivial if you are on a port intensive cruise or on a Caribbean cruise with sunny sea days, but on a cruise that ended up with six sea days - most all rainy and windy, some relief from usual dining at extended hours would have been welcome. Now on to the schedule. I was on deck the morning we were supposed to dock in Monte Carlo. It was slightly overcast with light winds. In my view, the captain made no attempt to even try to dock. We simply loitered offshore until a blaring (volume level) announcement was made by the CD that we were going to miss the port. It was my birthday and we had arranged to rent a car and drive the Corniche. It was disappointing, but I was willing to overlook it. I had missed a port before with Carnival, so I got over it. Little did I know what was in store for the rest of the cruise. We went on to Livorno, where it was windy and wet. We arranged for a rental car to meet us at the dock and we visited Lucca. Lucca was fun. Wet, but fun. But we had a great day shopping and sightseeing. But upon arrival back on ship, we were told we were going to bypass Naples, Rome, and Messina, and head straight to Dubrovnik to try to avoid the weather system. We would then see Venice, then Naples, then Rome. Messina would be missed. Ok, I could live with that. Out of all the ports to miss, Messina is the one. But it screwed up our plans in Venice. We had a hotel in Venice booked overnight to spend more time in port. Now that was gone. Dubrovnik was nice. Clear warm weather. Plus it was great to get off the ship just to walk around after two days at sea. But I could see it clouding up, and I feared they would cancel Venice. Well, they did. After getting back on the ship, we got another annoying blaring announcement from Jamie the CD telling us we were going to miss Venice and have two more "Fun Days at Sea" on the way to Messina. Oh boy! We were getting Messina back. I say that sarcastically. A few side things here. Jamie had to be one of the most annoying CDs we have ever experienced on Carnival. Also, the PA and sound systems on the ship were always set to the maximum volume level. I get up early and like to go up on the the Lido deck to have some coffee and look at the ports or the sea. On the mornings when the Lido deck was habitable, they would run CNN News at the highest volume possible, prompting passengers to scream for them to turn it down. Ok, back to the change in plans. After learning about the itinerary changes, we headed down to guest services. We found about fifty people gathered around Jamie and a ship's officer complaining about the changes. We also saw a security officer off in the background there to ensure nothing got out of hand. Many people complained about the changes in plans, the lack of communication, the lack of compensation, etc. I took my turn and spoke out. I brought up the fact that Carnival had a captive audience of 3000 people to fill the casino, buy drinks form the bars, and shop at the shops. I brought up the idea that Carnival could have searched for alternate ports when they learned of the weather system. Of course Jamie gave us the line, "at least we weren't involved in Hurricane Sandy, and that the captain was just keeping us safe." That was an outlandish statement used to guilt the passengers into accepting the situation. I mentioned that I saw no weather reasons that we could not dock in Monte Carlo. An officer tried to explain to me that the ship was too tall and that high winds would have caused problems with docking, and that Monte Carlo was a soft dock, not a hard dock. I have trouble with that whole explanation. Many people gathered there were long time cruisers who had cruised with Carnival many times. They told Jamie that they would no longer cruise Carnival. Jamie responded with the company line "I"m sorry to hear that". I asked her if that was all she had to say. She responded that Carnival does not compensate passengers based on weather conditions. Even though Carnival was within their legal right to change the itinerary based on weather conditions, the changes to the itinerary were poorly executed and left many of the passengers feeling they did not get what they paid for and therefore, Carnival should have, at the very least, offered discounts or credits towards a future cruise. How much could that cost them? Many of the people would never use it, but it may have restored some confidence with other cruisers. No offers, no compensation, nothing. I got tired of arguing, so I went back to the Casino Bar. As for the Casino Bar. I spent a lot of time there. The Lido Bars were usually closed because of the weather, so the Casino Bar became my home away from home. We purchased the "My Awesome Bar" program upon boarding the ship, so I was there to get my money's worth. The bartenders, especially Miljan and Goran, worked hard to keep the passengers happy. And, while I understand we were in European waters and getting European satellite feeds, a six-day tennis tournament, cricket matches and European football only enhanced the boredom of the imposed sea days. Another side note, during our conversation with Jamie, my wife told me that she was sick of hearing the term "Fun Days at Sea." She told her days at sea were not fun when that was all you got out of the cruise. We use the ship as a floating hotel, not our entertainment. When we travel to Europe we expect to tour Europe, not float interminably in the Mediterranean. It's sad that the only way many of the passengers got to experience the European ports was to hole themselves up in their cabins and watch Rick Steves' travelogues on the ship's television. For the rest of the cruise, during Jamie's blaring announcements, we heard no more use of the words "Fun Day at Sea." As for cabin service, it was horrible. No ice bucket was offered until asked for. The refrigerator was unlocked, but never emptied, even though I asked for it to be done twice. Dirty towels were not picked up. Bed linens were not changed. Empty plates or dirty glasses were left in the room. The only way I could get dishes picked up was to leave them outside the room. And they sat there for over twelve hours many times. And, how my wife's pajama bottoms ended up stuffed behind my nightstand will continue to be a mystery to us; we thought that was rather strange. We made it on to Naples and Rome and made the best of it. In Naples, we rented a car and drove to Amalfi and Positano. While walking around Positano and seeing people enjoying the views at cute restaurants, we started debating whether further cruising was for us. Always constrained by time in port is becoming a factor in determining our vacation wants and needs. If Carnival would have made all the ports, this discussion may not have occurred. This cruise had become a disappointment to us. In Rome, we went to some areas we had not seen, the Appian Way and the Aqueducts. They were very impressive. We also went to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter's Basilica. My wife and I were very dissatisfied with the cruise. We planned for a year for it, spent a lot of money to get there, and were totally at the whims of Carnival management. It still bothers me to think of the first time Carnival cruisers I met who said they were disappointed with cruising and how they would never choose Carnival again. I have read John Heald's blog with his two letters from people who were on the cruise. One expressing disappointment, one expressing praise and regrets for the captain and CD. He dismissed this cruise with no apologies or interest. The second letter expressing praise for the captain for "keeping us safe" reminds me of the people in airports who do not mind intensive groping by TSA in efforts to "keep us safe." I'll give Carnival another chance on the upcoming Christmas cruise on the Victory. It's already paid for, I have no choice. But if we see a repeated pattern of missing ports for Carnival to save port fees, increase revenue in the bars, casinos, and shops, then we will stop cruising Carnival. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2012
We arrived at the Barcelona airport on cruise day. The Carnival staff was disorganized and inadequately prepared to handle the large number of passengers arriving. There was no order to dropping off luggage for transport to the ship. ... Read More
We arrived at the Barcelona airport on cruise day. The Carnival staff was disorganized and inadequately prepared to handle the large number of passengers arriving. There was no order to dropping off luggage for transport to the ship. Embarkation took a long time. Our room was nice and in a great location to get where we needed to go on the ship. Overall, the food was good (except for the eggs in the Lido Marketplace and the fact that they had ran out of bananas for several days) and the entertainment was good (except the last night when there was a vocalist who was drowned out by the band). Several shows had to be cancelled/rescheduled due to rocky seas. Some nice additions for lunch were Guy's Burger Joint and the Blue Iguana Cantina. The very first day the ship was unable to dock into Monte Carlo, Monaco, due to high winds according to the Captain even though the navigation map did not show any high winds. The staff had informed us the night before that they were expecting high winds to come in later that day so they moved up the departure time. An announcement was made during the evening on our first unscheduled sea day that the itinerary was changing for the remainder of the cruise in an attempt to avoid bad weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea. We were still going to Livorno as scheduled in the original itinerary. After Livorno, the revised itinerary given to us was an additional 2 sea days, skipping the scheduled port of call in Messina, followed by a port of call in Dubrovnik, then an overnight in Venice, then another sea day, then Naples, then Rome, and then a sea day back to Barcelona. We were disappointed that when the itinerary changed, that Rome was still on a Sunday. The original day that the ship had been scheduled to visit Rome, the Vatican was open as it was the last Sunday of the month. With the new itinerary, the Vatican would not be open. Shortly after leaving the port in Dubrovnik, there was another announcement of yet another itinerary change. We were not going to Venice due to the flooding, and that we were going to have 2 additional sea days and the port of call of Messina was added back to the itinerary. Lots of disappointed passengers concerned with the itinerary changes swarmed the guest services desk and were moved into the Ovation Lounge where an impromptu meeting occurred with the ship's captain and staff. After leaving Dubrovnik, the ship actually sailed around in a circle on the first sea day in the Adriatic Sea. Normally, it takes one day to sail from Dubrovnik to Messina and the captain was taking 2 days. (We passed through the Messina straight around 6 AM the day before we reached Dubrovnik earlier in the cruise). Sea day activities were limited, unless you wanted to spend money for spa treatments, donate money in the casino, go to the overly crowded trivia, spend money for Bingo, etc. The compensation for the missed ports of call were credit for the port charges/taxes and a token drink (from a limited selection) at dinner. Most passengers felt that this was not enough to compensate for a disappointing vacation experience. This was our first cruise to Europe and as such, we had booked this cruise due to the itinerary which had 7 ports of calls and only 3 sea days. Due to the various itinerary changes, we lost 2 ports of call and added 3 sea days. This was more boat ride than we expected and wanted. Early on, the Captain should have known about the weather conditions and changed the itinerary to other ports of call which the Breeze had been to before. Debarkation was very smooth and well organized. Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.3
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Entertainment 4.0 3.5
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Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 2.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
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