7 Carnival Breeze Cruise Reviews for Romantic Cruises to Europe - Western Mediterranean from Barcelona

This was my wife's and my first trip to Europe. We chose the Breeze because of the itinerary and found a whole different face of Carnival from previous cruises - and not a good one. I'll get to the whole itinerary issues later. ... Read More
This was my wife's and my first trip to Europe. We chose the Breeze because of the itinerary and found a whole different face of Carnival from previous cruises - and not a good one. I'll get to the whole itinerary issues later. Let me start with the ship. The Breeze is a beautiful ship, modeled much like the Disney Wonder and Magic boats in decor but a lot like the older Carnival ships in layout. The food was the typical pretty decent Carnival fare (except the eggs in the buffet - ugh!) and had some fun additions like the Guy's Burger Joint (probably the best free food other than dinner) and the Blue Iguana Cafe. There were lots of upcharge food areas, too (an Italian restaurant for $12 pp, a steakhouse for $35 pp, a pretty decent sushi bar ($1-$12 depending on what you ordered), a dessert place ($3 for ice cream??), and Red Frog Pub which we did not try because none of the $3 appetizers appealed to us. The entertainment was sporadic (three times they cancelled shows and they had issues with the comedians, but that was due to the itinerary issues) and at times non-existent (basically, there's not much going on between 5-7:30). The staff was friendly but poorly trained in some areas (e.g. the girl in the Library Bar had no idea how to work the self-service wine machine - and she was the only one on duty). We had a cove balcony which was probably the best thing about our trip. The balcony was on deck 2 and had a great view of the water and was fairly well protected from the weather. One night we had 50 knot winds and 20-25 foot waves and it was pretty cool watching them from the balcony. The balcony does have an outer steel door which was closed when we had to take the rough seas broadside which prevented us from using the balcony during those 2 brief periods. The room was larger than previous Carnival rooms we had had and had plenty of storage. The thermostat just says "warmer" and "colder" and it didn't seem to respond very quickly either way. Our steward told us the last night of the cruise that the ship doesn't have heat, just AC either on or off and that's controlled by the thermostat. We had some cold nights, but the comforter was certainly adequate for keeping us warm in bed. Now getting to the itinerary issues, which were plentiful. I understand Carnival (or any cruise line) can't control the weather and want to put safety first, but they certainly made it clear that they would rather hide behind the legalities of their contract rather than try to do right for their passengers if they decide to change or remove a port. Weather was an issue for several days of the 12-night cruise. The first sign of trouble was Monaco, where like the two cruises with the same itinerary prior to ours, the ship was not able to dock. The staff had already reduced the time in port from an 8 PM departure to a 5 PM departure, but then as we approached Monaco, they scrubbed the port entirely due to "high winds" and we were told by the cruise director that there was no way we could get into port. Even by the ship's own data displayed on the map channel, there was less than 10 mph of wind and the seas were calm. This was just the first time the weather was used as an excuse to skip a port. Later that evening, the cruise director announced a major change to the itinerary, basically moving every other port day around and dropping Messina, which we sailed by two days later in calm seas. After we got into and out of Dubrovnik, the cruise director once again announced a major change to the itinerary that the ship would drop Venice and replace it with Messina after another 2 days at sea. All totaled, the itinerary lost 2 ports and 3 days in port and replaced them with "fun" days at sea - meaning half the cruise was "fun" days at sea in the Mediterranean, where there are ports all over the place. This is not what we signed up for. We came to see Europe, not a Carnival ship. And the grand total of the compensation offered for missing these ports? $40 pp in refunded port charges and ONE free drink per person in the main dining room at dinner from a limited selection. The extra days at sea were without entertainment or a poor selection of activities and the activities that were pushed by the staff all involved spending more money (spa, casino, restaurants, etc.). The comedians from the first few nights were supposed to leave in Rome initially, but had to stay on two extra days and get off in Dubrovnik instead. Their displeasure was on full display in their poor attitude and rather humorless and brief routines. The senior staff's attitude was that any decisions had to be made by the main office and their hands were tied. Even the free drink was only offered after lengthy conversations with the hotel director. Now the staff did SOME things right - they offered free phone and internet communications with private tours to allow for them to either be cancelled or rescheduled, and then they offered the same for families who were victim to Hurricane Sandy back home in the US, the latter only after again some prodding by guests. By losing Venice entirely, and then rescheduling Rome to a Sunday when the Vatican museum is closed meant that the two big things we really wanted to see in Italy were taken away from us. In the end, the itinerary was shot and Carnival did little to compensate for it. They basically chose to do what was legal rather than what was right. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
My wife and I cruised on the Carnival Breeze for 12 nights on October 1st and had an amazing time. I am 38 and my wife is 36. We are both avid cruisers, although this was our first non-Caribbean cruise. First some general ... Read More
My wife and I cruised on the Carnival Breeze for 12 nights on October 1st and had an amazing time. I am 38 and my wife is 36. We are both avid cruisers, although this was our first non-Caribbean cruise. First some general observations: -Cruising in the Med in October was a great call. Excellent weather, less crowds, lower price. -Carnival Breeze is an amazing ship with lots of activities. -For those of you who are Carnival regulars this was a much older crowd than you typically see on a Carnival cruise. Some of this is likely a reflection of the time we choose to cruise. No families with kids. My children (12 and 8) stayed with my parents. There were quite a few late 20's early 30's couples and then 70% over 50. -I understood from the crew during the summer there are way more kids. For those of you contemplating bringing kids on this cruise,there is NO WAY I WOULD SPEND THE MONEY TO BRING CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 12(Probably 14)on this cruise. This is a very active, busy cruise. I can't imagine trying to walk a 6 year old through the Vatican. If you just want to relax save your money and go to the Caribbean.-Carnival Breeze is a beautiful ship. There is tons to do. Carnival has really upgraded this ship. Lots of nice touches compared to the other Carnival ships we have been on. Tons of activities. No excuse for being bored. -Food was very good. I read some reviews complaining about food. The reality is you can not go to the main dining room expecting 5 star dining. The price point of this cruise simply doesn't allow that. The steakhouse is amazing and a great value for a 35 dollar cover charge. You would pay 70-80 bucks just for a steak of that quality in the states. So if you want nicer pay extra. The lido deck food is very good. Again some other reviewers amaze me. Of course the food is more cafeteria style. It's designed to be good but to serve lots of people quickly and in a short amount of time. Guys Burger's is absolutely awesome. I gained weight because of this place. Huge upgrade over the old burger stands on carnival. My only complaint would be to have a little more variety in the main dining room menu. -This was easily the friendliest crew we have had on any of our 9 previous cruises. Best dining team, best cabin steward, hardest working crew, and the list goes on. -Overall entertainment was good. Latin nights was awesome. Brits wasn't very good. -Bottom line this was an outstanding experience. I don't see how someone could have been on this cruise with the amazing itinerary, beautiful ship, and great crew and not had a good time. Bottom line if you can not find a way to enjoy your self on this cruise it is on you. My port reviews are below. Happy cruising.Pre-Cruise, Barcelona-We arrived Sunday morning the day before departure. Naturally lots of jet lag. Used sunshine transfers to pick up from the airport. It was 39 euros to take us to our hotel. Used credit card points to stay at Le Meriden Barcelona on Las Ramblas. Happy with the service. I would have planned on arriving two days before the cruise if I had it to do all over again. There is lots to see in Barcelona and the first day you are just to tired. Also the first part of the cruise is the busiest, so getting your rest in helps. If you stay Las Ramblas area, it is easy to do self guided walks of the sights. Embarkation was very easy the next day. Taxi ride to the port was about 25 euros from Las Ramblas. We were on the boat by 1130. I'll cover debarkation during the ports review section. Do not be afraid to book your own tours! Carnival really pushes their tours but you say way more with less people by booking on your own. We enjoyed our one carnival tour, but were much more impressed with the private tours. Tripadvisor and CC message boards are your friend. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We had a fantastic time on the Breeze cruising from Barcelona on September 19th. The ship and crew are excellent. The itinerary for this sailing was loaded with excellent ports of call. The ship did not appear crowded to me at all. We ... Read More
We had a fantastic time on the Breeze cruising from Barcelona on September 19th. The ship and crew are excellent. The itinerary for this sailing was loaded with excellent ports of call. The ship did not appear crowded to me at all. We only experienced minor waits, if any to obtain food, drinks, or participate in an activity. Embarkation was very quick and we waited less than 15 minutes to board the ship in Barcelona Cabin Our cabin 9481 was the the very back of the ship and had a great balcony view off the stern. We did not experience any significant noise due to Lido deck 10 being right above us. The cabin was spacious and there is quite a bit of storage. The only drawback to this cabin is that you have not much in the way of privacy on your balcony. The partitions between the balconies do not go all the way to the end so from the railing of your balcony you can see all the other people on your deck, and they can see you. Other balconies on the ship have the privacy screen which extends all the way to the balcony end so that people can't easily look into your space. This is a minor concern but just know that this is the case if you are booking a stern balcony cabin. Our cabin stewart keep our room spotless during our 12 night vacation, that team could not have done a better job. The food We had anytime dining and this was really the only area where they don't seem to have things worked out just yet. Food was always good but the cadence of service on anytime dining was spotty. Sometimes you were greeted soon after you were seated, other times there was a significant wait. No big deal. We did use many of the specialty dining options, had two dinners at the steakhouse, one at the Italian resturant, and one night at the chefs table. All of these were top notch. The chef's table was amazing, each course was artfully presented and the service was outstanding. The steakhouse put out wonderful food on both our visits and the chocolate sampler is nothing short of spectacular. The italian restaurant is also good for both lunch and dinner. There is no up-charge for lunch but you basically get to choose a type of pasta, sauce, protein & vegetables. Your pasta is then made and brought to your table. You do hear the bouncing of the basketball court above you during lunch. At dinner this restaurant serves a full multi-course menu. While we chose to cruise at a timeframe where there would be very few children on the ship, we didn't encounter any of the problems noted by previous reviews. Guys Burgers, I guess I am outside the curve on this one. They are good but I feel this is case because of the toppings bar not because of the burger itself. I think Carnival could have saved a bunch of dough by just putting a burger toppings bar out there, there is nothing special about the hamburgers. The blue iguana serves up some tasty burritos for both breakfast and lunch. This was my go to place for breakfast, never a line and you leave the chaos of the lido buffet behind. Tandori was good the one time I tried it. The deli made a nice sandwich The pizza pirate did a nice job with the variety of pizza they served, fresh and tasty. Fat Jimmy's C-side had a huge line when it opened on the first sea day, we tried it and along with most of the people seemed to judge it as lacking. I say this because there were little to no lines for this place on the remaining sea days. We ordered one breakfast from room service that was delivered on time and the order was perfect. Comedy brunch on sea days. We did this on two mornings and the menu is good, food is good but I still don't understand the rationale for doing this? The comedy shows were packed everynight they were offered so they don't need any promotion and the material the comics use during the brunch is pretty much what you heard the night before during the show so I still don't really understand what the goal of this "2.0" addition is. There is a specialty coffee and dessert that serves gelato, and large slices of chocolate cake and carrot cake as well as chocolate dipped strawberries for a small charge. The lido buffet is very large and the lines move pretty well except for the beverage stations which are poorly designed with the ice dispenser in the corner, this has been pointed out in other reviews. Still there are enough beverage stations positioned throughout the lido area that you can always find one without a line if you're willing to walk a little. I did not try the sushi restaurant or the mongolian wok so I can't comment on thos except to say that the sushi restaurant rarely appeared to be busy. Ports: Getting off the ship was easy in every port except Monaco where we were 40 minutes late so people were lined up on the stairs waiting to get off. In most ports we docked on time or were early. We did private excursions in each port so I can't comment on Carnival tours but I did not hear anyone complaining about their tour. Entertainment: We attended a couple of comedy shows which were good. The juggler on the ship was outstanding as well. The Hasbro show was good but in my opinion it takes too long to pick the contestants and I found myself getting bored. We didn't go to any of the productions shows, we were too busy doing other things. Piano Bar 88 was nice a couple of night but we had to move the crowd into the modern music era. This cruise had a pretty high median age!!! Red Frog pub had a guitar player who was good but seemed to like to play depressing songs so I didn't hang out there very much, didn't try any of their appetizers either but the menu looked good. Activites: We played mini-golf, tried the ropes course, outdoor billiards and foosball which were all good fun. Both water slides were a lot of fun as well. Never spent any time at either pool and only walked through serenity a couple of times as it was always at full capacity. I also don't understand why serenity is by the water slides. If this ship was full of kids all you would hear is screaming children, nothing serene about that!! Thrill Theatre: We purchased the full cruise pass and we watched almost all the movies/rides. This was a lot of fun and something truly different at sea. We also did the behind the fun tour on the second to last sea day and this was a great overview of some of the inner workings of the ship and crew. Spa/fitness center The fitness center was only crowded the first morning, by day three there was nobody there. They have plenty of treadmills and elliptical machines but a very small free weight area. We got a couples massage that was very professional and felt amazing after four full days port tours. All in all this was a great cruise and I highly recommend the Breeze. The ship is incredible and the crew is outstanding, this was my best cruise ever and I can't wait to start planning our next adventure. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
To give a little information about myself initially: I am in my early 20's and travelled with my boyfriend who is also early 20's. I am British but my partner is Australian and had never been to Europe before so we both thought ... Read More
To give a little information about myself initially: I am in my early 20's and travelled with my boyfriend who is also early 20's. I am British but my partner is Australian and had never been to Europe before so we both thought that a port intensive cruise was an excellent way for him to see all of the sights and have all the amenities of a brand new boat whilst doing so! Neither of us had travelled with Carnival before, and I have to say (being a keen researcher) I was a little concerned with some of the iffy reviews posted on here about the ship. Now I have to say, although i'm not the complaining type this holiday was incredible from the ship, to each and every port and definitely enhanced by the wonderful staff aboard the Breeze. Embarktion: We knew we were possibly shooting ourselves in the foot heading to the port at 1.30 - as we knew this may be the busiest time, but it was remarkably inefficient. Although the queues looked long we were out of the taxi and eating a Guys burger on the ship by 2.40pm...no complaints at all! The Ship: Now I cannot pass comment on the previous Carnival decor, but I loved the look of the Breeze, the atrium was dramatic and unique, and all of the individual public areas were very individual. Some people have commented on uncleanliness already but I saw none of this at all and the boat really did feel brand new. Lido Deck - I agree maybe 2 pools was not enough for the size of the ship, however saying that they were never busy and I think the majority didnt actually use them! The slides were surprisingly good...very quick (especially the yellow one) and the sportssquare was great with crazy golf, and the ropes course. The Cabin: We opted for an interior cabin as we thought we would only use it for sleeping and showering and landed one in an excellent spot, 9 floor, right under the lido deck and stairs up to the pool. I was concerned about noise but this was never a problem. Our cabin steward was the best, and knew our names within the first few hours and proceeded to say hello everytime we left our room (I actually think he had a secret cupboard on our passageway as he was always there working hard!). The food: Another big concern of mine judging the reviews was food - but I dont think I have ever eaten so well in my entire life! Guys Burgers - Very fresh...would have gone back so many more times than once if there wasnt so much other choice to try! Just had a plain cheeseburger, but used pretty much all the toppings and it was delicious! Blue Iguana Cantina - Had a shrimp burrito and it was outstanding! So prawns cooked to perfection and not too spicy, and all the other additions were delicious - made for the best burrito i'd ever eaten! Lido Marketplace - Only ate here for brekkie (and one salad bar) again due to phenomenal choice elsewhere. But the breakfast was vast, I dont think I saw all of the stations in 12 days, omelettes were excellent, and the little unique option on the hot food (quiche one day, eggs benedict another) were so yummy. Only disadvantage is they put the milk before the cereal which seemed a little odd but jees that was nothing to complain about! The salad bar again was so fresh and a huge amount of choice it was lovely! Pasta Bar (Cucina del Capitano)- Im not a huge lover of pasta but my boyfriend and I decided to try this for lunch one day and it was great how you created your own dish, I had a shrimp pasta in the clam sauce and it was really good, and a great way to get some vegetables into you which you can sometimes forget whilst on holiday! Bonsai Sushi - We are both great lovers of sushi and this really did not disappoint , we were a little hesistant ordering something with a surcharge due to the great included selection, but we were not disappointed and the food not only was excellent but was incredibly good value for money. Ordered the sushi ship and between two that included a miso soup each, 16 rolls, 8 pieces of sushi with 4 different types of fish and a side salad with an amazing dressing on it! - That cost $15 for the two of us...total bargain! Jimmys BBQ - Tried this on one of the days and thought it was great - went around 1.45 and there was no queue - loved the pulled pork and the creamed corn - My boyfriend was slightly disappointed the the marinated chicken was cold - but we think that may have been as it was nearing the end of service, however it was still juicy and tasty! Taste Bar - Not sure everyone knew about this even though it was in the funtimes clearly. But was a lovely little addition and meant we could hang on until 8ish to eat dinner each night which worked best to see the shows! I think there was maybe 6 different ones during our cruise - favorite the comfort kitchen one, however all were filled with taste - but were quite spicy! Sapphire dining room - This is where I was really impressed (now I may have ordered exceptionally well) but I would have between 2 and 4 courses every single night in there for dinner, and not one of the plates I was disappointed with. The presentation was exceptional, the fod hot and cooked to perfection and the choice was insane! My tip: if you like seafood - rder seafood dishes! I was never let down! Entertainment - Saw quite a few of the comedy shows, and loved them as a change from the usual ovation theatre choices. But I actually really enjoyed the playlist productions too! My favorite I think was Divas, but all got you singing along and tapping your feet. Hasbro the gameshow was fun if a little slow at times, but anything involving Calvyn and John I found hilarious, especially the Battle of the sexes and liars club. Excursions - We opted to do most places on our own which was never a problem - however we did leave plenty of time to return to the ship. I found the tours to be quite expensive, and we only did two (La Cinta Beach, and Taormina on your own which were purely transfers and we found that it was expensive to use public transport or get a taxi). Ports - All excellent, my favourite was probably Monte Carlo (as we went up to Eze which is well well worth a short bus trip) but I also LOVED venice! Chris fell in love with Dubrovnik. Debarktion - Many have complained about John waking them at 5.30am for debarktion this was mentioned quite a lot leading up to that morning and I can understand why it is necessary to do so. We decided to take our bags with us, grab breakfast and was off the boat in around 35 minutes and into a taxi, so so simple! I think the real key thing to take away from this review is if you go on a (excellent) value for money cruise ship such as this you need to go with a mind to just enjoy every experience. However we have no complaints what so ever and had one of the best holidays I have ever been on. Absolutely loved the Carnival breeze! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
This had been my 4th cruise this year on Carnival and the menu was the EXACT same on each ship!!! Thank goodness for Guy's burgers, Steakhouse & Deli otherwise we were eating the same food. The worst possible thing was the ... Read More
This had been my 4th cruise this year on Carnival and the menu was the EXACT same on each ship!!! Thank goodness for Guy's burgers, Steakhouse & Deli otherwise we were eating the same food. The worst possible thing was the reusing of the bread & dishes that was left at a table and we witnessed these ourselves. During breakfast & dinner (at least 4 occasions) whatever bread was left over in the basket after people ate the staff put the bread not eaten back into another basket and served this to another passenger!!! This was horrible!!! We had a family of three but the tables were set for four and each time I moved the cups or put my hands inside the cups to move them, the staff still used them and took the glasses to another table without inspecting, this was awful! This is the first time we had a junior suite it was beautiful, we loved the extra space, the tub & closest! The only bad part was on our balcony, since the jr. suites are located at the front of the ship, people who went on the front part of the deck could look right into our room we had no privacy. Others with a balcony have had shields or blockages so others could not look onto their balconies. The way our room was set people could look right into our room and at night see everything!! We had to keep our drapes closed at all times, no waking to the beautiful ports. In the morning we wanted to go out to the balcony in our pj's just like others did but there did ALWAYS people want to see the ports.... to our dislike we couldn't go out there unless we wanted everyone to see us!!! The entertainment was not up to the usual standard, not sure if it was because there were so many ports or what, but they repeated the comedy shows & the entertainment shows and many nights there was no entrainment!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We stayed in a spa balcony on deck 12 the spa was relaxing and usually not very full of people. We had an 8s grade balcony not sure how this differs to other balconies as we have stayed in a cove balcony on a previous carnival cruise and ... Read More
We stayed in a spa balcony on deck 12 the spa was relaxing and usually not very full of people. We had an 8s grade balcony not sure how this differs to other balconies as we have stayed in a cove balcony on a previous carnival cruise and this was lovely too. As with all carnival ships the food is endless and if you dont mind the rude people in the lido we just got on with it and became just as good at pushing back. I enjoyed the restaurants on an evening and the frank sinatra singer was great and the dancing waiting staff really good fun. The food to me was good and loads of different things on the menu the best night we had was on the overnight in venice when everyone got off we went for dinner to find it really empty and our three waiters had time to chat to us and they were really good fun the reason we stayed on board was the rain started and we didnt fancy getting soaked getting from the ship. The serenity area was lovely but children were in and out of it all the time even though it clearly states over 21 when our kids are with us we would not let them run in and out so would not use the serenity it seemed a lot of the parents were sun bathing whilst the kids were up and down the water slides shouting to them from the top very annoying i think the staff in serenity should be telling them rather than ignoring them. As with all family cruises in summer hols you can expect loads of kids we have them i think alot of people complain about this but my thoughts are dont go on a cruise in august if you want to not see loads of kids or noise. Overall i would go back on carnival i love them missed butch and baby butch from the dream but john and calvin were brill. Met calvin in a lift and he was really funny. We enjoyed the trips did two with carnival and one to capri on our own we just got up really early and went on the hydrofoil then got the boat to sorrento and had lunch and back to naples by boat saved alot on the ships trip but you need to give yourself loads of time just in case. Cant wait for my next trip hopefully from san juan in 2013 with carnival Lovely old town very hot Went to capri and sorrento lovely Ok bit of a mess trying to go around due to roadworks Ok had a day here before thankfully didnt get robbed this year Ok Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We began our cruise in Barcelona, stay there beforehand or after, but it is a great city to tour! We could embark at 11:30, so we were there around this time. There was a long line, but it moved very quickly and were on the boat within an ... Read More
We began our cruise in Barcelona, stay there beforehand or after, but it is a great city to tour! We could embark at 11:30, so we were there around this time. There was a long line, but it moved very quickly and were on the boat within an hour from when we got there. The port terminal is nice and new and it definitely shows. Once we got on the boat, we went to our room, which was not ready yet, but we were able to get in. The rooms are GREAT! We had a balcony which was very spacious, had a beach lay out chair and two sitting chairs. We had a little bit longer balcony than other rooms because we were right next to the Aft. We had the king size bed which was great and the bathroom was very nice. It had plenty of room around the sink to set things there. There was also plenty of room to store our clothes in the closet and drawers. The TV was nice and Carnival has done a nice job of adding more channels to the TV (not that you need to be in the room watching anything!). They also added this self service tab to see how much you have spent on the Sign & Sail Card as well as what is on the menu for dinner. We then went to explore and found what would be one of our favorite places, Red Frog Pub. We went in there, got a drink, and they took our picture which would end up be displayed just for that day. We had a great time in there, they play live music in there and it was just a lot of fun. My husband loved the Red Frog beer. Then we went outside and hung out at the Blue Iguana Bar and the Red Frog Bar which is by the main pool The pool is very nice because it gives this shallow area where you can sit in, so you don't have to get soaking wet, but get a little nice refreshing coolness. Then we went and tried the watersides. There are two! The orange one was my favorite, but the yellow is just as fun! We also did the mini-golf which was harder than it looks. It was 9 holes and definitely recommended as well. Our dinner and service was excellent each night. The Chateaubriand was delicious! I still dream about it! I think the Melting cake is also a winner, but it seemed the desserts were a lot better than my last cruise because I rarely got the melting cake! We also paid money to go to the Steakhouse- Fahrenheit 55, which was good. I am not sure it was amazing, but def. a good steakhouse. I had the surf and turf which was good. The problem was, we left feeling disgusting because we were so full. The shows were actually pretty good on this boat. I think they have done a much better job of making them not so cheesy. We had The Brits, Divas, Latin Nights, and Motor City. Divas was definitely the best show, followed by Latin Nights. Motor City was okay and The Brits was decent. I definitely recommend seeing them all (especially on a 12 day cruise!), however, Divas and Latin Nights is a must. We also had this hilarious comedian and magician, John Lenahan which actually put on the BEST show of them all. I highly recommend if he has a show one night, go to it!!! We cracked up about his banana joke for the rest of the cruise. We also went often to the Punchliner Comedy Shows which were decent. We had 6 different comedians throughout the time of the cruise. There were two British comedians who were not as good as the Americans, but maybe we didn't get their humor as well as the Americans. They were funny....but not our cup of tea necessarily. We also went to the Punchliner Comedy Brunch Shows which the food there was EXCELLENT! Go! Another show was the Hasbro Game Show--I got up there the first night. This was entertaining and fun! If you get up there--more fun, however, even being part of the audience was fun. My husband really liked Guy's Burger Joint---I recommend it as well. I also liked the Blue Iguana Cantina tacos. The chicken and fish were good. I loved this boat, even though there were a lot of people on the boat, it never felt like it was busy anywhere. I never had to wait in line too long or anything. I loved that! Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
Carnival Breeze Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 2.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.0

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