22 Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Reviews for Singles Cruises to Bermuda

My friends raved about Norwegian's Bermuda Cruise, and this one definitely lived up to the rave reviews. Top Broadway quality shows, delicious food, and expert housekeeping services. Terrific value if you're avoiding flying, ... Read More
My friends raved about Norwegian's Bermuda Cruise, and this one definitely lived up to the rave reviews. Top Broadway quality shows, delicious food, and expert housekeeping services. Terrific value if you're avoiding flying, especially for residents from the NYC area. Leaving out of NY harbor with exceptional views is the best way to start off the trip. The only negative to speak of is that the ship was full to capacity, and there really isn't much quiet space except for your cabin. The "library" is a suitable quiet space, but since it's adjacent to the Atrium, it's rarely quiet. With only 1 port of call, i.e., Bermuda, it gave us ample time to explore the island. As for shore excursions, you get a better value by booking a tour with a local taxi driver or tour bus once you're on the island. It's more economical and you have more flexibility on departures and return time back to the ship. Yes, as a solo traveler, I would travel with Norwegian again. Read Less
Sail Date September 2017
I stayed in cabin 11503 a studio cabin for one. It's location wasn't great, it's right next to the studio lounge and apparently everyone slams the doors on entry, not only the one on the 11th floor but also the exit on the ... Read More
I stayed in cabin 11503 a studio cabin for one. It's location wasn't great, it's right next to the studio lounge and apparently everyone slams the doors on entry, not only the one on the 11th floor but also the exit on the 10th is right below your head so you head it constantly being slammed. The gap between this cabin and the one next to it is piping so as soon as people start rising around 5am each day you hear water running non-stop. I strongly advise you avoid this cabin due to the noise. The cruise doesn't have the same level of activities as some of the others I have been on, there are fewer and sadly because there is only a couple of open decks there are literally people everywhere and getting a seat on deck was near impossible. The food is ok, about the same as other lines with the exception that you have many more paid options available and the food there is very good. Room service has an $8 fee regardless of what you order, all of the food seems to come with a liberal serving of oil as well which is disappointing. The Spiegel Tent has a Cirque offering, the 45 minute meal is great, the actual act was a little less entertaining. I wasn't sure what to expect going in but the acts definitely weren't worth the amount I paid. If you don't arrive early you're seated in these booths at the back where you have poles in the way of your view. Even though I was third in line, as I was a 1 person group I was seated at the very back with an awful view. Disappointing. Movie selection for the days when you have had a little too much sun is poor. There's limited TV options instead as well. Wifi was fantastic, I never had an issue with it at all throughout the cruise. They didn't know how to make half of the cocktails I ordered which are a standard on other lines. and the drinks were 50% more on NCL than other lines as well. Overall it was an ok experience but to be honest unless my preferred cruiseline doesn't sail to a region I wont be taking NCL again. They basically make you pay for everything and the non-pay options are not at the same level as other cruise lines so they almost force you to pay more. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
I chose this cruise because it had the solo cabins. The cabins themselves were cozy and the storage in them was amazing. They are really well-designed. I did not like the constant noise. All night long, there was water sounds and an ... Read More
I chose this cruise because it had the solo cabins. The cabins themselves were cozy and the storage in them was amazing. They are really well-designed. I did not like the constant noise. All night long, there was water sounds and an ice machine. If you book one of these cabins, bring a "white-noise" machine because all of the solo cruisers I chatted with heard the same thing, no matter where their cabin was located. Also, the security that was promised to solo-cruisers was not granted. Crewmen, or greedy cruisers, kept the door open to the "secure" area most of the time. During a private solo cruise cocktail party, children and teens came in to get cookies. Adults who were not solo-cruisers saw the lounge as their personal cappuccino oasis. They completed disregarded the solo travelers, in fact, one guest nearly shoved me through the door so she could get to the lounge when the door was actually locked. One of our solo travelers was so vocal in her complaints that she had the gratuities removed and they gave her chocolate covered strawberries and wine. If I were to book this cruise ship again, I would bring a noise cancelling app and keep security on speed-dial. I am not begrudging anyone their caffeine fix, but we were not secure in that area as we were promised. I am giving the cabin a 2/5 for the lack of security and the noise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
Well I am a foodie plus I am single. I did not want to Shack up with a stranger the Breakaway has studio cabins. I thought I was getting a good deal but it ended up being more than if I would have paid double for a regular cabin. The ship ... Read More
Well I am a foodie plus I am single. I did not want to Shack up with a stranger the Breakaway has studio cabins. I thought I was getting a good deal but it ended up being more than if I would have paid double for a regular cabin. The ship was gorgeous, well I do not have anything else to compare it too being my first cruise. The food was good but the specialty restaurants was exceptional. The main dining rooms the service could really use an overhaul. The staff was nice but really did not have proper training for being on a wait staff. It should not take 3 hours to have dinner.... not once but twice. Kids were allowed to go in the adult only venues.... You can not control the weather and Mother Nature let us know who was in charge. We missed Hurricane Matthew but Nicole made sure to keep us at bay. The ride was rough enough, I think the Captain did well, I did not want to sail into a category 4 Hurricane. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
This was my 4th time on Breakaway and was expecting to go to Bermuda for final time before I go on Epic next May . I like everyone called up before boarding ship , I was told by representative of Norweigan there would be no change of ... Read More
This was my 4th time on Breakaway and was expecting to go to Bermuda for final time before I go on Epic next May . I like everyone called up before boarding ship , I was told by representative of Norweigan there would be no change of plans . I was part of group called Breakaway 10/9/16 , we were constantly exchanging information and we found out that thru our group we were not leaving until 8am Monday . I even called Norweigan while on ship and I was told there would be no refunds if I got off ship before we sailed . Of course we were not told about change of intinary until after the fire drill ( 4 pm ) My cabin was what i expected after all it was forward and 4 cabins down from my first cruise on ship . My cabin steward was great , he took care of me perfectly . Dining was also what I expected at speciality resturants , one day the captain dined at La Cucina , people were scrambling to make sure he was served correctly . I was with solo travelers so we ended up at either Savor , Taste and Manhattan room . I stayed with group until my dinner reservations at Tappenyani , Cagneys , Moderno and La Cucina , service was great at those resturants and I tipped accordingly . The days I didn't eat at speciality resturants , I wound up at Manhattan , that is where problems did develop . I had soda package and two nights in a row they failed to give me my soda . Another night i was with 3 other solo travelers and they ordered something off the drink menu and it took 4 times to get it right . So I send letter to Prim , Hotel Manager who passed me off to Liulan , Resturant Manager , who cleared the problem immediately and gave all 3 of us a nice bottle of white wine , 2 thumps up ! One of our solo travelers was staying in the Haven and she was told that she could only have 4 guests with her even thought she was going to cover costs of entire group ( 9 total )by Luilans assistant , 2 thumps down for that action. Entertainment and activities were great and kept passengers occupied and happy , I saw favorite show , Burn the Floor , 3x in theatre and 3 x in manhattan room , changed routine last night in manhattan room , too slow , and not a fan of Rock of Ages , too long and not for children . Port Shopping Consultant , Shannon and Robert did great job considering that they changed from Bermuda to Nassau , job well done . Excursions were opposite of that , garbage , I wound up paying $15 for a ride to a beach where you couldn't swim or go in water , I stayed 1 hour hoping weather would improve , it didn't , I spend rest of day in spa . Only thing thing that saved trip was that I had booked spa before trip , yes they gave another $50 OBC for all Bermuda excursions booked , I didn't need I was going to explore bermuda on my own . Debating about coming back , even cancelled next cruise on different ship and if $200 is all the discount I will receive time to try some other cruise company . Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
I chose this cruise because it was close to home, and I didn't have to fly anywhere. Bermuda is my favorite place in the entire world. If I could live there, I would. This was my first time on the Breakaway, but my 2nd cruise with ... Read More
I chose this cruise because it was close to home, and I didn't have to fly anywhere. Bermuda is my favorite place in the entire world. If I could live there, I would. This was my first time on the Breakaway, but my 2nd cruise with NCL. I was on the Dawn in 2014 with my daughters. This was also my first solo cruise. I appreciate that they have a solo coordinator, but it's not the same person every week. I think if NCL would have a dedicated solo coordinator, then the entire solo experience would be much better. I loved my solo coordinator, but she was so busy with other things, that we didn't really have a lot of solo events. I'm definitely going again. I hope next time there are more solo events. Dining was ok, each restaurant had the same menu, there could be a variety. Rock of Ages, Howl at the Moon, and Wine Lovers The Musical were better than amazing. I can't wait to see them again, next time. Shore excursions were fine. I've been to Bermuda a few times, so I pretty much go out on my own now. I do wish I had known about the VIBE Beach Club before embarking. When I went to purchase a pass, they were all sold out. I also feel that the Spa employees try to sell so many products. I had a spa day to relax but they tried to sell me over $300 in beauty products. I also took the bootcamp class, and the trainer tried to sell me a $600 detox program. All I wanted was to work out and relax. Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
Once again I was on Breakaway to Bermuda and this time it was for my birthday . I was traveling as a single except I wasn't in single cabins , I was upgraded to inside cabin due to past medical issue . My room was excellent as well ... Read More
Once again I was on Breakaway to Bermuda and this time it was for my birthday . I was traveling as a single except I wasn't in single cabins , I was upgraded to inside cabin due to past medical issue . My room was excellent as well as the attendant taking care of my room . The food and entertainment were excellent as always . Since I was a single traveler I was able to meet with other singles on board and that was excellent since most were first timers and I was able to help them on choices on board from lunch and dinner . They also gave me a birthday cake since my birthday was second day at sea . The person in charge of the singles , Jeff , made sure that we all had wine to celebrate my birthday and he had to get 3 bottles because there was 18 or us . Since this was my second trip to Bermuda I knew exactly where to go and Norweigan had the perfect excursions for my trip . I went to Horseshoe Beach as well as the beach near the Dockyard . The staff on the ship were very professional and were always smiling . I knew a few people from my last cruise and they went out of their way to make me feel welcome from the minute I stepped on the ship until I departed . Read Less
Sail Date May 2016
As a retired Marine, I have traveled the world, yet this was my first cruise. While retired, I have started writing mystery novels and can happily say I am published. I thought this cruise might give me a plot for my next mystery. Well, it ... Read More
As a retired Marine, I have traveled the world, yet this was my first cruise. While retired, I have started writing mystery novels and can happily say I am published. I thought this cruise might give me a plot for my next mystery. Well, it certainly did give me some great experiences and memories. I am already planning to book my next cruise on Norwegian. The boarding process was unbelievable. I had read some horror stories from other cruise lines, and really didn't know what to expect. Well, once they started boarding, I was literally in my room within 45 minutes! My luggage arrived about a half-hour later. Absolutely incredible. Leaving NYC was incredible--the views, etc. And the departure party on the top deck made me feel really dumb that I hadn't taken a cruise earlier in life. I felt on top of the world. I felt like the staff was part of my family. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire cruise. The balcony stateroom was impeccable--clean, roomy and comfortable. I was amazed, especially, at how large the bathroom was--so much room. The shower was as good as one I might find in a four-star hotel. No, I am not employed by Norwegian, I really did like this cruise as much as I am stating. OK--what about the food? Delicious, but it was the variety and availability that impressed me the most. At any time of the day, I could get a spectacular meal and never have to wait more than a few minutes at the buffet line. The Manhattan Room (a complimentary restaurant) reminded me of the old Copacabana. Live band, tremendous dance floor, and the food and service top-notch. While this cruise stopped in the Bermuda, I must say that even if it hadn't, my experience would have been a resounding success. With all this said, I must say that as a solo guest, I enjoyed meeting the other passengers more than anything else. The diversity and nicety of the other guests was refreshing in a world with so much turmoil. I made many new friends that I anticipate to maintain contact with for many years to come. The specialty restaurants were above reproach. The entertainment never-ending (too much to comment on--take my word, they were professional all the way) I disembarked the ship within minutes of the line starting to move. I didn't want my experience to end. I actually felt depressed until I thought about booking my next cruise. I, obviously, highly recommend this cruise for anyone who wants to get away and just enjoy the good life. Kudos to all the staff for giving me such a great vacation. I have been taking care of my Mom for the last two years (she has Parkinson's) and this was just the thing I needed to clear my mind. Oh, by the way, the weather was horrible for most of the trip, but it simply didn't matter. I will be a Norwegian traveler forever! Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
The Trip I am grateful for (just shy of Category 5) Hurricane Joaquin providing me with the full spectrum of experience of cruising on the open ocean. Without those wonderful 155mph winds, I never would have experienced Sea States ... Read More
The Trip I am grateful for (just shy of Category 5) Hurricane Joaquin providing me with the full spectrum of experience of cruising on the open ocean. Without those wonderful 155mph winds, I never would have experienced Sea States ranging the full spectrum 0 thru 8 on a scale of 9, with 9 labeled as "Phenomenal." The previous week's cruise to Bermuda had crossed the hurricane's path in each direction to and from the Island. Joaquin was content to sit and spin, beating the hell out of The Bahamas. But, she wouldn't sit there much longer. Captain Hakan Svedung chose not to cross in front of the storm a third time, delaying departure from the NYC port by 10 hours to allow the storm to pass. Joaquin did pass on its way to the North-East, but not by very much distance. We set a direct course for Bermuda, taking the shortest route at full steam to make up the lost time. Shortly after leaving port we encountered Sea States 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then 7 with average (and I stress the word average) wave heights of 22 feet. I was sleeping at 2am when the thrusters pushed us gently out of port and onto our South-East heading. Several hours later I woke to a horrific rocking. I was a bit dizzy from being tossed around the bed like a rag doll until 9 am. Monday morning the rogue waves started to pound us. The 22 foot waves occasional combined into a single 44 foot wave, as I judged it viewing the bridge cam. They appeared suddenly like mountains, masked by the other waves around them. The bow of the 1069 foot Breakaway rose to climb the wave then seconds later went into free-fall, obeying the law of gravity which states that all objects fall to Earth at the same rate, no matter how massive they are. Every time a rogue wave hit, the ship dropped out from under me, setting off an unfortunate series of events. I imagined a little alarm bell ringing as a lightning bolt bounced around inside my head. Less than 60 seconds later I was making my way to the head to expunge yet more of my stomach contents. This happened every time a large wave hit and they hit about once an hour. Time and time again I found myself racing for the head from 9 am Monday until 4 am Tuesday. I was popping Dramamine's like candy, chewing on ginger candy... I longed for death. At 4 am Tuesday with the seas showing no signs of letting up, a calm came over me. Suddenly and miraculously I no longer felt the waves. The pendulum I hung from the ceiling to judge the chaos outside was spinning around in circles but I no longer felt the movement. I had earned my "Sea Legs" just in time for a half-day diversion back to the continental United States. We traveled East 160 nautical miles where a couple was air lifted out by the Coast Guard. There was a pregnant woman complaining of abdominal pains. I toyed with the idea of asking if my insurance company would pay for me to hitch a ride on the chopper back to land. After a precision rescue mission we returned on course for Bermuda arriving half a day behind schedule. The Cruise Experience After nearly 24 hours locked inside my cabin, I dusted myself off and made my way upstairs to the buffet to replace the contents of my stomach. Here is where NCL excels. I was pampered and served like a king on vacation. Each table was covered with white linen and decorated with hefty flatware. My promotional package includes an all you can drink plan - if it were fluid, I could drink it for free. It was a shame that my head and stomach were in no mood for alcoholic beverages. My cabin steward was just so nice, filling my ice bucket every day to the brim, turning down my covers, and making towel animals for my entertainment. What started to distract from my pleasant cruise experience was a lack of an Internet connection, priced at $180 for the week. Thankfully, I held out the week and returned home to find a mere 59 emails, only 1 email being of any importance and not very urgent. I digress. The television channels were a choice of BBC World News, CNBC, MSNBC, and FOX. They would squeak out an occasional news story until McCarthy abruptly dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House. After then, most news coverage was reduced to a 10 second video loop for the remainder of the week. In today's information age, you would think NCL would throw in The Weather Channel, CNN, and perhaps HBO? Nadda. So, no television to speak of, no Internet, no email, no text'ing, and no cell phone calls unless you wanted to spend another few hundred (thousands?) of dollars. Drinking was out - I was too dizzy. I really didn't wish to participate in the various rounds of Bingo and Trivia contests. I had also signed up for an inside cabin so just hanging out and looking out the window was impossible. I found a spot to watch the waves go by at the outside buffet area until everyone else saw me sitting there day after day and crowed me out of "my spot." Where is Sheldon when you need him? The food was good, not excellent. It was certainly better than my routine home cooking staples, but the Chicken Parmigiana consisted of a thawed breaded piece of meat, a single slice of processed cheese with no sauce, and pasta with canned tomato sauce. This prompted me to try the available steak house for an extra $30 bucks, which was amazing. Many grumble over wait times for dinner, yet most people demand to be seated exactly at 7:45pm. Should just half of them dine an hour earlier there would be far less crowds. Most restaurants open at 5:30pm and are empty for nearly all that time. My Fellow Passengers My fellow passengers were shockingly rude. Examples. Entering a completely empty elevator, the two people walking just ahead of me pushed the button for their floor then quickly pressed the close-door button, closing the doors right in front of me. I pushed my way in by blocking the closing doors with my body. It's difficult enough to find an elevator during busy times, partially from people like these two who were apparently unable to wait the extra 5 seconds for the doors to stay open to let others on. Another shocking behavior was a woman who was mocking the young Filipino girl. She stood at the Forward entrance of the buffet with a bottle of hand sanitizer spraying everyone's hands as they entered. Each and every time, hundreds of times each day, each spritz of her trigger was accompanied by her singing, "Washy washy - good morning" in the morning and "Washy washy - good afternoon" in the afternoon. She sang with a smile, no matter how many times she saw me, no matter how many times she's said it before, she sang "Washy washy - good morning" to me every time I entered. I overheard a woman mocking her, telling her children, "It's time for washy washy time." WHY would anyone mock such a lovely gesture? I can only speculate they were expecting a more traditional New Yawk greeting, "Hey! Your hands are dirty. Let me get that for ya!" Many brought suitcases of bottled water on the cruise with them onto the Breakaway. NCL tries to discourage the practice by greatly inflating the price of bottled water, but they do allow passengers to lug their own water supply on board if you are ignorant enough to do so. The ship's water supply is filtered, purified, chlorinated, quarantined, and tested for bacteria at multiple stages. It is the best tasting, most pure water supply on Planet Earth. It felt good on my skin when I showered. It felt smooth and silky on my tongue as I drank. If I had one complaint, the chlorination taste could be easily resolved by filling a glass of water and leaving it sit for a while. Yet, many choose to drink bottled water simply because it has a label on it, yet posed more of a health risk than the ship's tap water. I found an ample supply of lounge chairs. Passengers complain they could not find a lounger but I saw no evidence of this. Perhaps, if you are demanding a chair in the Sun by the pool, closest to the bar, first not second row from the pool... yea, you might not get that particular spot on any particular day. But chairs were everywhere on all the sun decks. If there was space, additional stacks of chairs were available, lightweight enough for the average person to sling into an empty spot. Once the sunny chairs are taken, two rows of shady chairs went around the outside of the ship. Never, not once did I not see an empty lounge chair. The Daily Itinerary There are some annoying things which NCL does. Make a reservation at a restaurant and it is cast in stone. No, you cannot cancel it. No, you cannot change it. And, if you do not show up for your time slot they will charge you for a meal you did not eat. No refunds. I can understand why. Without the hostile "no refunds" policy, passengers would book the specialty restaurants each day of the week and the seats would go empty while people were locked out. It was NCL policy to be unbending. Book a show, excursion, or a meal and they will not offer refunds or changes. Yet, they'll change their own minds if it suits them. I booked an all-day excursion of Bermuda to travel by private van with a small group of people. What they put me on was a bus load of people (not the van I asked for). The organizer shoved me into a tiny jump seat rather than a regular spot because I was traveling alone. My feet kept falling painfully asleep after being stuck in this small bus for over five hours. Fun. No refunds! Other annoyances from NCL include signing for each and every drink of soda or alcohol, filling out a slip, totaling it, signing it, for each and every drink. There was Pepsi but no Coke, which stinks more of corporate influence than popularity. Arriving in Bermuda everyone is greeted by ice cold Coke in vending machines. They know what people really want. Even room service, which was once included for free is now a horrific $8 additional fee for each and every order. Briefly, very briefly NCL staff blocked passengers from bringing food to their rooms as well. That did NOT last long. They backed down, rather than suffer the bad press. At one time, there was a pizza service which prided themselves on bringing you a whole pizza to you for free to any part of the ship. Gone, replaced by room service for an additional fee. In fact, the only free food delivery is the continental breakfast items, while adding something as simple as a cooked egg will incur additional fees. Traveling Solo I had no place to eat breakfast in my Solo Studio cabin. I went for the hype, a new way to cruise without the Singles' Supplement. Cruise ships are notorious for pushing single travelers off their ships by charging per-person, double-occupancy prices. Some lines, like Royal Caribbean, are rumored to charge more than double for single travelers. NCL introduced the concept of the Solo Cabin - smaller than an inside cabin, if you can imagine. It is the size of a small bedroom, sans the dresser which is replaced with a shower stall and the head. The cabin lacked a table, chair, and mini-bar but gave travelers a common lounge area to have snacks and mingle. I thought I would not miss a balcony but lament not having a quiet place to watch the ocean go by, other than an open table at the outdoor buffet. NCL is a leader in the "Solo" (not necessarily single) traveler experience. Solo passengers encompass a wide diversity of people including unmarried, widowed, or those who have a partner who wasn't interested in the trip. Every evening we gathered in the Solo Lounge to organize our dinners and activities as a group, subgroup, or individual. Our cruise director was in charge of the Solo's - our ombudsman, leader, issue eradicator, and all around nice guy by the name of Antuan. Despite the diversity of our group of random solo passengers, Antuan spoke to each of us as individuals. Any problems, issues, concerns? One woman's television had no power for 3 days. Guest Services was ignoring the problem, most likely confusing the issue with a network outage. Antuan put it right. Someone reported hearing wind chimes over the Public Address speakers. I confirmed hearing something which sounded like wind chimes. Antuan started an investigation as to the source of the chimes, which turned out to be the sound of the eight elevator chimes during peak traffic. One young lady was spotted waiting on a long line at the omelet station at the buffet. Once again, our cruise director resolved the problem by getting the chef's attention to make a "special omelet" for her, a la Antuan, shaving a full minute off her wait time on line - asking if there was anything else he could do for her. Another passenger complained about the heavy entrance door by his cabin which made a loud slam when it shut. This was the only issue which Antuan could not resolve, lowering his head, raising his eyes, replying, "I do not lighten doors." He made our reservations for the shows, often getting us reserved seating and little perks whenever possible. He made dinner reservations for the group so it was unlikely any of us would need to dine alone, unless we really wanted to. Each night he would print personalized letters for each us, delivered to our cabin in the morning recanting the day's activity plans, show times and meeting places. Even when we all went our separate ways after arriving in Bermuda, we returned to the lounge for Antuan's daily meeting just to socialize and chat. It was like being on a cruise within a cruise. The Bermuda Excursion Because of the Coast Guard rescue operation, we arrived 12:30pm instead of 8am in Bermuda. Many excursions were cancelled. I gave up on my plans to take a bus to the Fantasy Caves on the other side of the Island, opting to find some WiFi to answer emails instead. Kings Wharf is wired for Wifi. That's a fact. But, there were few places to stop and setup a tablet and keyboard to do some heavy surfing. The trick is to purchase something at a restaurant or shop to obtain a security code for their network. An alternative was to hop onto the public network and pay the $5 bucks. But, with thousands of passengers all turning on their electronic devices simultaneously, the network was hopelessly deadlocked. I decided to buy a couple of rum cakes and head back to ship. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt - a vented fishing shirt which was supposed to keep me cool. It failed. Sweat poured off the top of my head as if I were a water fountain, carrying a 20lb backpack full of computer accessories yet failing to find the Information Superhighway aka the Internet. Sweat stung my eyes as I made my way back to the air-conditioning and peeled off my soaking wet clothes after reaching my cabin. The following day was even more humid and raining. I blew off taking a bus to the caves in favor of staying within reach of a shower. Others braved the humidity and explored the Island, returning soaking wet, either from sea water or rain water. Friday was my scheduled excursion, a private van tour of Bermuda so I could take a few vacation photos. I failed to read my ticket more carefully and didn't realize until Friday morning on the pier that my van tour was replaced with a bus tour packed with tourists. The organizer crammed me into a jump seat which made my legs fall painfully asleep for most of the trip. Yet, the weather was beautiful, I collected my snapshots of the gorgeous Island, and had the opportunity to walk on the pink sand of Bermuda. Disembarkation Arriving back in New York, we chose our disembarkation time and attached colored tags to our luggage indicating our predicted time to leave. Luggage was collected the night before and collated to correspond roughly with the flow of people walking down the ramp. Many restaurants extended their hours to provide one last breakfast as people packed up and left before 10:30am. I chose to wake at 5am, packed by 6:30am to watch the ship pull gently up to the pier. My scheduled time to walk off unassisted was 7:30am, yet I chose to make my way back downstairs to deck 7 to see how far I could get to the ramp. I was 10th in line to disembark at 6:30am, the gotcha being that I stood in line for the full hour waiting for Customs to accept us. The woman directly in front of me held up the entire line of people, stopping at the top of the escalator. She didn't know how to negotiate the wheeled luggage on the escalator, putting on her best helpless face which received no sympathy from the Customs Agent who explained how this worked, "Take five steps and pull!" The idea of the walk-off's was for those who did not need assistance with their luggage, a concept which was apparently lost on her. Yet, Customs was not entirely unsympathetic. They provided someone at the bottom of the escalator to grab luggage at the bottom to prevent a painful pile-up of people and suitcases being chewed on by large, metal teeth. They directed us to keep clear of the landing and they would tackle any stray suitcases which got away. Right across the street was a taxi stand. As one of the first walk-off's, I grabbed a cab to Penn Station and transferred to a quiet train car back to Long island early Sunday morning. The rolling and pitching of the ship will probably be with me for weeks as I re-learn my daily home schedule. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
This was my first cruise ever. I couldn't have been any more pleased with the level of comfort and satisfaction on my stay. The service was wonderful, the food was delicious, the entertainment was exciting. Not only was the vacation ... Read More
This was my first cruise ever. I couldn't have been any more pleased with the level of comfort and satisfaction on my stay. The service was wonderful, the food was delicious, the entertainment was exciting. Not only was the vacation itself a luxury but entering and exiting services were simple as well. I would absolutely recommend this cruise! Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Solo traveler who appreciates the availability of NCL's solo traveler cabins - my last several cruises have been NCL's Epic, Dawn, & Breakaway 8/2-8/9/15 - was very disappointed with Breakaway, started off on a very bad ... Read More
Solo traveler who appreciates the availability of NCL's solo traveler cabins - my last several cruises have been NCL's Epic, Dawn, & Breakaway 8/2-8/9/15 - was very disappointed with Breakaway, started off on a very bad note: around 5:30 PM I started to wonder where my luggage was, I finally wound up behind customer service desk in a storage area for "unidentified"(?) luggage & there was mine (with the NCL provided luggage tag missing, it's chintzy paper you know!) - still took me another visit down there before someone would deliver it - oh yeah, my name shows prominently on a PLASTIC id tag, but I guess they couldn't match name to cabin # - other very disappointing notes: during the day pool area was very hard to walk through let alone get a seat at the bar - worst cruise I've ever been on as far as allowing the saving of lounge chairs, impossible to find one anywhere near pool - walking space dangerously right in middle of jogging track, saw a few collisions & many more near misses - very crowded on outdoor deck; (15&16) - many of favorite shows, ie; Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy, Newlywed Game, etc were held in The Atrium, certainly not as many seats as the theater, again mad scramble for available seats, with many, many being "saved" - enjoyed 2nd City Improv, Dueling Pianos - not a fan on Broadway/Vegas reviews, but am a big blues music, looking forward to hearing Slim Allen, alas, not so, Charlie Love, who was in Fat Cats most nites, may have been good in Chi town years ago, not now: a real "tired" act - as you might guess, entertainment is a big part of a cruise for me, sadly, my last cruise on NCL's Breakaway was sorely lacking - oh yeah, food was very good - I mainly used Garden Cafe & Sheehan's - will be looking for different entertainment options for future cruises Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
I am not sure why but this cruise was way more expensive than the Caribbean. I have a feeling that it is because you spend 2 nights at Dockyard. My cabin was $1200 for a studio which I have never paid before. This trip just wasn't the ... Read More
I am not sure why but this cruise was way more expensive than the Caribbean. I have a feeling that it is because you spend 2 nights at Dockyard. My cabin was $1200 for a studio which I have never paid before. This trip just wasn't the value for money the Caribbean is. Unfortunately, it was blowing a gale the whole 3 days we were in Bermuda so most of the excursions were cancelled. I was annoyed that I wasn't offered an alternative excursion that hadn't been cancelled. Had I known I could've swapped to scuba diving instead of the glass bottom boat I would've definitely gone for it. The food on the ship was always luke warm which is just unacceptable. I ordered what I thought was a burger to order from Uptown Grill but when it arrived it was like a cold brick. In fact it was so cold the slice of cheese hadn't melted at all. Every morning my Eggs benedict would be cold which was infuriating. I don't understand what the issue is here. Are the kitchens miles away? Also, we went to Wasabi the sushi bar twice and although the sushi is to die for we waited an hour on each occasion for our food which again isn't acceptable. Burn the Floor was excellent as always but the other shows were mediocre at best. They need to change the game shows now as they are the same on every ship and once you've seen one you've seen them all. Again, the jogging track is in a stupid position and joggers get nasty when you need to cross it to get into Uptown Grill or Spice H20. There was a terrible noise in my cabin that kept me awake all night every night which turned out to be an ice machine above me. I was in cabin 11547 in the studios. The ice would automatically drop into the bin every 15 mins and make one hell of a racket. My neighbour in 11551 was also kept awake all night by it and although Guest Services said they would ask it to be turned off in the night it wasn't so I spent the whole week trying to sleep outdoors in the day. Guest Services did try their best to comp me but why didn't they turn it off like they said they were going to? Dockyard isn't brilliant but there's a few shops there. Bonefish Bar and Grill was good at night and there's a little shop called the dock shop by clocktower mall which was very handy for your basics at not too stupid a price. Snorkel Park Beach has a nightclub which was fun but again expensive. Disembarking in New York was a nightmare. There were queues going from one end of the ship to the other. Disembarking in Bermuda was fine though. It was so windy in Bermuda the ferry to St George's was cancelled but the ferry to Hamilton was good at $4,50 one way and only took 20 mins. The main issue on these ships is the number of sunbeds and how they are jammed together so tightly you have to climb on the sunbed and turn around and sit on it. There are too many guests and not enough deck space for everyone so you are crammed in like sardines. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
I had the best time on the ship & on the island of Bermuda! The food, entertainment, most of the staff, environment was awesome. 2 things I just didn't like though.. 1. some of the bartenders were really rude, I guess bc we were ... Read More
I had the best time on the ship & on the island of Bermuda! The food, entertainment, most of the staff, environment was awesome. 2 things I just didn't like though.. 1. some of the bartenders were really rude, I guess bc we were asking for water & they aren't getting tips off of that. 2. while being in the club Bliss, me & my friends were bombarded by the security to check our IDs to see if we're we over 18.. We were between the ages of 20-22. I understand they are doing there jobs but to have 3 security guards rush up to us & embarrass us asking for IDs wasn't cool. They did it 3 times to us the first 3 nights then I guess they knew who we were the rest of the nights so they stopped. It made me & my friends feel uncomfortable. BUT besides that, the rest of the staff members were awesome & so much fun. I will be sailing again with friends soon! Thanks for starting me & my friends summer off right! Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
Ship is huge which I loved because it was more space to walk since I love walking. But it also meant more to do as well and believe me it's hard to fit in everything in one week! The restaurants were great, ate at the Garden Cafe ... Read More
Ship is huge which I loved because it was more space to walk since I love walking. But it also meant more to do as well and believe me it's hard to fit in everything in one week! The restaurants were great, ate at the Garden Cafe quite a bit but also ate at the specialty ones like La Bistro and Brazilian restaurant (the salad bar that they had at that one was amazing) Saw some shows my favorite being Rock of Ages - now I'm not into rock music really but WOW I loved it! I stayed in a Studio Cabin which was very nice room is small but really cute and the bed was very comfortable. Bermuda is beautiful and the service was fantastic so happy I went. Loved the parties at Spice H2O every night. I will be going again this October with two friends that I made while on my first cruise how cool is that :) love NCL Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
About Me: I’m a 32 year old gay male who sailed solo in the Norwegian Breakaway studios. It was my second experience in the studios with Norwegian. My first was on Norwegian Epic. Overall, this was my 28 cruise and my 18th with Norwegian ... Read More
About Me: I’m a 32 year old gay male who sailed solo in the Norwegian Breakaway studios. It was my second experience in the studios with Norwegian. My first was on Norwegian Epic. Overall, this was my 28 cruise and my 18th with Norwegian Cruise Line. I’ve sailed on other brands including Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean and sadly once on Carnival. I sailed on the Norwegian Breakaway Inaugural Trans-Atlantic crossing (see my user name above to find the review for that) and wasn’t impressed with her then. Also, this cruise was booked last minute using Norwegian’s newly announced Buy One, Get One free promo and during Bermuda bonus days. The price was too hard to pass up and I booked a week prior to sailing with onboard credit. Would this time be a completely different experience? Transfer to the Pier: At this year’s Boston Globe Travel Show, Academy Bus Company was handing out brochures for people who wanted to take a bus rather than fly or drive to NYC. I booked with them and learned in Woburn, MA at the pickup site that Academy was the bus line used by Norwegian officially. After being stuck in traffic and waiting for a passenger and her daughter in Springfield, MA, we arrived to the pier just before 2PM after leaving Woburn at 7AM. It was a long bus ride but at least we made it! Norwegian Breakaway – May 18 – May 25, 2014 Embarkation: Arriving as late as we did, the only check in line with a backup was new to Norwegian. I sailed right through Platinum Latitudes and was on the ship within 10 minutes of arriving to the pier! Immediately I headed to the room to drop off the bag and do a little unpacking of things I’d stuffed in there before heading up on deck for a quick bite at Uptown Grill. Studio Cabin 11573: This looks exactly the same as the Epic with a few subtle differences and ones that if you’re not paying attention, you wouldn’t notice. On the left as you enter the cabin is the compartment for the toilet (not see through) and the see through shower stall. I chose a cabin which was not connecting so I didn’t keep up my neighbor with my music playing. The connecting door would’ve been between the shower and the toilet stalls. Ahead on entry is the sink and it is in-cabin. To the left of the sink is a row of cubby holes to put towels, sundries and the bottom one is the trash. Storage is plenty under the sink and two closets with doors which slide to the left over the sink and TV. Differences to Epic’s studios is the lighting schema. On Epic, there are four lighting options for the lights surrounding the wall of storage spaces and sink and along the top of the bed. On Breakaway, there’s only one option: White. I missed the multi-color setting. It was like having your own disco! Also, the shower head on the Epic had alternating settings between pulsing and rain and on Breakaway it was only the rain setting. Studio Lounge: The studio lounge on the Breakaway is about one quarter the size of the one on Epic. Comfortably it cannot fit all the members of the studios which holds about 50 passengers. The studio lounge could comfortably seat 20 people on the bottom level. There was a nightly hosted social hour with Jovan, a member of the Cruise Staff. If Jovan wasn’t so friendly and out-going, I don’t think I would have met the great group of people I did throughout this sailing! The rest of the cruise review will be in chronological order based on how I did things: DAY 1: NEW YORK CITY – Embarkation Day: After dropping off the bag and grabbing a quick bite at Uptown Grill, it was time to go to lifeboat drill. I had embarked so late I couldn’t really poke around the ship but had been on it for 7 straight days before so I was comfortable. I headed to the Breakaway Theater and sat through lifeboat drill. Immediately thereafter I headed to Spice H2O for the cast off party. The cast off party featured typical modern line dances, Nickelodeon characters and a walking Statue of Liberty on stilts. After the ship was past the Staten Island, Statue of Liberty and Verrazano Bridge, I went to the Garden Café for a salad and a slice of prime rib! After freshening up for the evening, it was time for the studio lounge social hour hosted by Jovan at 6PM. Jovan did a good job of going around and introducing himself to people. My primary concern was dining alone at night in the main dining room. I asked if he was arranging nightly dinners for people and he said he would arrange something for the next night. He was very friendly, personable and really out-going. A perfect fit for the job of singles social host! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Welcome Aboard Show It was an introduction to some of the entertainment we’d see throughout the week on the Norwegian Breakaway. We had a performance by Fire and Ice, a Motown-soul group, Nickelodeon characters and then the magician who would perform later in the week. In between each act Julie, the Cruise Director would take the stage and talk anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes promoting different, largely pay for items on the ship. I like Julie, she’s fun and outgoing but during this show it was too much talking and not enough performances. Between her this night and the magician who was tacky at best, I got up and left for the 7:30PM Friends of Dorothy gathering. It wasn’t worth staying for Burn the Floor’s bit because I knew I’d be seeing them later in the week already. My recommendation, if you have something else conflicting with this on the first night – do that instead! The nightly Friends of Dorothy gathering was held at Shaker’s Martini Bar on Deck 8 midship. This is where I met Maurice (Morris) Robeiro. He was a great bartender who knew my drink after I ordered the first one and would remember it for the rest of the cruise. If he saw me and I gave a thumbs up, my drink was ready in seconds! This night I dined in Manhattan towards the tail end of dinner service and sat by the back windows. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Welcome Aboard Raffle Party Something new-to-me was Norwegian Breakaway trying to get people to stay out late night at Bliss by giving away prizes to people who entered Bliss and hung around. I stayed for a bit even though I was dog tired from a long travel day. People were winning nice prizes and the music was great! DJ Keith was at the helm but Bliss was too small and cramped to host an event of this size. On the Trans-Atlantic I commented how small Bliss was and for a full passenger load it wouldn’t be able to handle it, I was right. It can’t! Now tables and chairs have been added to an already small dance floor to make more seating available but there was no room for people to stand anywhere except being on the dance floor. I really hope Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Bliss have a larger and more thought out Bliss Lounge! DAY 2: SEA DAY: After a leisurely breakfast in the Garden Café it was time to hang around the ship and get to see things and check out the gift shops. I met some of the nice gift shop staff during this visit and had a nice conversation with them. Ultimately the only thing I would buy the whole week was dental floss (last minute packing means not everything gets packed)!! CRUISE CRITIC MEET AND GREET: The senior officers and Julie, Cruise Director, stopped by and Jovo, the Hotel Director spoke to us about the ship. It was a very nice reception from the senior staff of the vessel. He encouraged us to speak up during if something was askew that he could fix, which I did take him up on later in the week. Following the meet and greet was a cabin crawl organized by another CC’er. I only booked a week prior so I wasn’t active in the roll call but they did allow me to tag along and I did! It was a great time, from the interiors on the lowers decks to the ocean view to the balcony, mini-suite, spa suite and a small group of us got to see the forward Suite in the Haven, it was a great tour of the ship. The Haven is a nice place for a nice price. Maybe someday when I win the lottery! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: 3D MOVIE: Gravity On the Trans-Atlantic, the Breakaway Theater didn’t have 3D movies or at least I don’t recall them. The cruise staff provide you with Dolby 3D glasses. I chose to sit three rows from the front so it was like an IMAX 3D film. I’d always wanted to see this movie in IMAX but never made it. Wow at the Breakaway Theater sound system and 3D technology! It was like being at a movie theater! I loved the experience and loved the movie! After the movie it was back to freshen up for the packed evening which lay ahead. I went to the singles social hour and had a 45 minute gap in which to squeeze in an appetizer and main course in the Manhattan Room. Big thanks to Amee Balauro, Waitress in Manhattan for recognizing my crazy schedule this night and getting me the food I wanted quickly, with fast, efficient and friendly service! Without her I would’ve been late for my next social engagement which was a cocktail party. Thereafter, it was a stop at the Friends of Dorothy gathering. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: BURN THE FLOOR (SECOND SHOW) I love most styles of dance and loved Burn the Floor before on the trans-Atlantic. I was more than excited to see their production again with a new cast and they didn’t disappoint. From the Tango to the Foxtrot to other styles of dance, you have got to see the show. It’s not boring for anyone. The music has the energy to keep you going alone and the dance styles have a whole new flair for a new, younger generation. It is the BEST show on the Breakaway in my opinion and family friendly! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Norwegian’s Night Out Party – Spice H2O It was a little chilly to be topside at Spice H2O but not too bad. The music was great with DJ Keith spinning the tunes until the wee hours of the morning. Drinks were flowing by Morris and new found friends were dancing the night away! The party shut down somewhere around 3AM and I had a blast compared to the trans-Atlantic. DAY 3: SEA DAY: I woke up and turned on the window (television) and saw it was raining. I was extremely tired and after a stressful semester coupled with an insane couple of nights on the ship meant I slept the day away and watched TV in the cabin. It was low key and the sun did appear in the afternoon but too late to go topside so I stayed in until it was time for the single social hour. Together with another solo we headed out for the Manhattan Room for dinner. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: BURN THE FLOOR – “Steppin’ Out” – Manhattan Room The best part of Burn the Floor is that they perform in the main dining room. I timed the dinner so the main performance would come towards the dessert course. We got a seat close enough to the dance floor to see their feet movements and the show was again astounding. It was nice to have great company for dinner, the show and the food. Norwegian’s new main dining room menu was actually quite good and had a lot of different options. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: 70’s Disco Groove Dance Party With DJ Keith at the helm and Jovan, Singles Social Host bouncing around looking for people, it was a great night of dancing to beats from the 70s! Lots of people turned out with the ship’s early arrival into Bermuda the next day. Early on no one was out there so when Jovan approached me to be in the Village People, I said yes. When we were introduced, the dance floor area was a LOT more packed then what I expected. I have never laughed and “danced for my life” so hard before! The YMCA went off nearly flawlessly (or so I thought since I had enough adrenaline rushing through me) but it definitely made the crew remember me all week and some passengers too! It is definitely a lasting memory I’ll have from this cruise. Thank you to Jovan for talking me into it and for a solo cruiser who took a ton of pictures that I will forever cherish! DAY 4: HERITAGE WHARF, BERMUDA – Day 1 I watched the ship pull in from the Waterfront. After we were alongside, the throngs of people rushed off the ship and I went to a leisurely breakfast in the Taste/Savor complex. On the way to and from breakfast I noted a significant odor of smoke on Deck 6 starting at the Art Gallery and all the way past Le Bistro and Headliners towards the entrance to Taste/Savor. The smoke smell would get stronger as the week progressed. Once I was finished with that the ship was largely deserted so I went the gym and enjoyed the ship largely to myself. The crew had a drill and it lasted for my entire workout. I went back to the cabin and took a shower and headed up to the Garden Café for some lunch before going to Spice H2O which was also a ghost town to lay out for some afternoon sun. Spice H2O features cool beats from the stereo at a soft level and the screen features the Window Channel with different images from all over the world. The only thing which was not working was the waterfall, cool off area. It was completely drained. It was blistering hot up there and you had to go into the shower to cool off. I wrote a Dear Jovo letter to have it fixed and it was working the next time I laid out up there. At about 3PM I headed off the ship to snag some wifi from some crew recommended places. There are several places to get wifi but the best option is the Wifi Zones offered by Island Outfitters with prices packages from $3 for 1 hour, $10 for 24 hours and $20 for 72 hours. I purchased the 24 hour package. The service was slow in the dock yard during peak crew times off and I can understand why as they spend long amounts of time away from their family and friends and want to keep in touch. I tried to avoid using it during their peak times as it was slow. It worked in other parts of the island, including Hamilton! Back on the ship it was time for the Solo Traveler’s Meet-up hosted by Jovan. Irma was our bartender from O’Sheehans pub and grill for the hour. She always looked after us and made sure we were ok. She even remembered me from an earlier Norwegian Spirit sailing and asked about my mother. You know you cruise too much when crew remember you from other ships and years back! Met up with another single and went off to the night’s featured entertainment. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: ROCK OF AGES (FIRST SHOW) Either people didn’t book it because they were ashore in Bermuda or weren’t interested in 80’s music. This show is as risqué as I’ve ever seen at sea. It’s a true Broadway representation of the show at sea. Not having mom next to me this time meant I got to enjoy it more. However, it’s still not a show for children – don’t bring them, no matter how young! Skin is still in and plenty of it! If you have conservative values or easily offended, then this show is not for you. I enjoyed it this time around but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again should I sail on Breakaway. The solo cruiser I saw it with said she was surprised by some of the content and would also not bring her mother to the show. After dinner in the Manhattan Room listening to the Manhattan Room band, it was time for Dancing with the Breakaway Stars at 10PM in the atrium. The teams were downright crazy this cruise with people going all out for the plastic trophy crown and bottle of bubbly. It was a great time. I went to cheer on Jovan, our solo cruiser host, but sadly he was eliminated before the finals. The losers lounge portion is always a laugh riot! Tonight was Party under the Stars with DJ Keith. I stopped by for two drinks before heading ashore to the party at Snorkel Park’s Club Aqua. Wednesday night this place was happening with crew and passengers from both the Norwegian Breakaway and Celebrity Summit. As the night went on more crew showed up but the energy seemed to wane as the beats slowed from dance to hip hop so I went back towards the pier and grabbed some wifi with crew before turning in for the night. DAY 5: HERITAGE WHARF, BERMUDA – Day 2 Today I got up fairly early and snagged some breakfast at Taste / Savor. The service was fast and efficient and allowed me time to get off the ship to grab a green tea latte at Buzz in the Dockyard Pharmacy. I’m still waiting for Norwegian to partner with Starbucks and get their tea menu! Now that’s a partnership I’d love to see on Norwegian! Snagged some more wifi and checked on a few things before heading back to the ship and hastily packing my backpack to go to a last minute trip to Hamilton. Ferries to Hamilton run every half hour from the Royal Naval Dockyard, except during the lunch hour. In the afternoon there is an hourly ferry back to the Dockyard from Hamilton. I took the ferry over and walked up Front Street going into the gift shops. A tip is to keep walking up Front Street because the further you go from the ferry terminal, the better the deals that can be had on souvenirs. I looped up by the Bermudian Parliament building and the Episcopal Church before stopping at City Hall for their free museum on Bermuda’s history and then looped down to the park on Queen’s Street for a little people watching before heading back to the ship. It was a nice little jaunt to get me out of the sun and get some exploring in. Having been to Bermuda five times previously, I’d done most of the island highlights I wanted to do. Back on the Breakaway, it was time for the solo’s gathering hosted by Jovan. He did a great job tonight of getting everyone together and organizing us for a Dolce Gelato on the following evening and also put up a sign up for the final night’s meal in Manhattan. He really was keeping our group engaged and keeping the people who wanted to be social together. SPECIALTY DINING: MODERNO CHURRASCARIA After the solo’s gathering, it was time to dine on the waterfront. I used the Platinum Latitudes rewards dinner for Moderno Churrascaria. On this voyage Moderno’s waterfront location overlooked the sunset over the Royal Naval Dockyard’s museum house. It was picturesque. The food was great, service efficient and the portions plenty! The solo who I dined with only wanted specific meats so she told the waitress at the beginning of the dinner service and they brought her a plate with every meat except beef. The salad bar was filled with plenty of options as well. Moderno can be sometimes hit or miss, if you go earlier in the evening I found the meats to always be tender and juicy and this time was no different as we dined at 6:30PM. The sunset happened and it was truly beautiful! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Deal or No Deal Happening in the atrium, I came upon this while heading back to the cabin forward from Moderno on Deck 8 in O’Sheehans. It caught my attention as I’ve never made it to this game show before but always wanted to see how it was played. One person is selected to play on the big screen and gets the prizes while everyone else plays on the floor and tries to match what is in the cases that the person opens. Since they are all scanned into the computer before the game is played, the computer tracks how many people have matches and at the end of each round displays them. Not one person won a cash prize out of the game, most won a strip of pull tabs and some won a free photo from the photo gallery. For the price to play the game, it wasn’t worth the money for me to go back and want to play again but it was fun to encourage the person which case to open! She ended up with $419. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: GLOW Party – Spice H2O Prior to heading up to Spice H2O, we met up for a drink in O’Sheehan’s served by Irma who is the studio solos bartender as well. One of several theme nights on the Norwegian Breakaway, Spice H2Glow features fast paced beats spun by Norwegian’s best resident DJ at sea – DJ KEITH! He didn’t disappoint and kept the party going until the wee hours. Glow sticks were handed out to early guests such as myself and some studio solo folks. A splinter group of us went off ship and headed to Club Aqua at Snorkel Park. We regretted that decision as it was dead and we left at 1AM. The DJ at Snorkel Park on Thursday night was hideous. He wanted to keep hearing himself blabbering and calling out people for whatever stupid reason, either to encourage people to drink or people who were celebrating something. I think he was doing a better job of driving most people back to the ships from where they came including us! Back on the Norwegian Breakaway after 1AM, the party was still going strong up in Spice H2O. It went until about 2AM and then went to after hours at Bliss. Bliss was still hopping for the late hour but the music and beats were different. Music in Bliss was provided by DJ Rick. I stayed until roughly 3AM talking with some folks in there before going to bed. DAY 6: HERITAGE WHARF, BERMUDA – Day 3 Today was Norwegian Breakaway’s last day in port and I started the day with a breakfast in the Taste/Savor complex. I joined a solo who had already placed her order but the server came right over with a table setup and the waitress took my order. We talked and she wanted to try the Wii Dance 4 in the Atrium at 10AM. I swung by that on the way back to the cabin and got sucked in! What a fun time dancing in the middle of the atrium and trying to keep up with what was on screen. People were stopping by and watching but thankfully most people were off ship so it wasn’t so embarrassing! I still can’t believe I danced to a Justin Bieber song… um, yeah… that happened! Next it was time to spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon in Spice H2O sunning. Lunch was from the Uptown Grill with spicy meatballs and vegetables served. I love the menu in Uptown Grill. It’s fast but it’s healthy if you want it to be! I returned to the lounger in Spice and more people started to trickle back to there as the ship was going to be leaving at 5PM. At about 3:30PM I headed off ship to Buzz at Dockyard Pharmacy for one last green tea latte. On the pier the Norwegian Breakaway crew and senior staff were throwing the welcome back bash with Julie on stilts and the beats provided by none other than DJ KEITH! Most of the crew were dancing and had on shirts that said I love NYC. It was cute but going against the flow of passengers returning and crew dancing proved a bit of a challenge. I made it with plenty of time to spare and returned back just as the party was winding down and they were getting ready to pull up the gangway. Back on the Breakaway it was time for cast off. This coincided with the single’s solo gathering so I told Jovan I would meet him and the fellow solos outside Dolce Gelato at 5:30PM because it closed at 6PM which was the time it was originally scheduled for. I watched the ship pull away and turn and as we were sailing up the side of Bermuda towards St. Georges, the rest of the solos who were in the lounge came down and we all ate Gelato together and talked and watched as Bermuda faded away into the setting sun. It was a nice group gathering and very thoughtful of Jovan to do this to utilize the waterfront and see off Bermuda. Tonight was the Platinum Latitude’s Cocktail Reception where Martin, the Future Cruise Consultant, basically tells you about the new itineraries and sells the Cruise Rewards program. It’s a nice program and definitely has its benefits if you’re a loyal Norwegian. I talked with the Assistant Hotel Director (Djamel?) and the Restaurant Manager Iulian during the reception. Both made me feel less awkward sitting there by myself (no solos could accompany me as it was invite only). Thanks to them for that! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Awesome 80s Party – Spice H2O Most of the people who were up in Spice H2O were up there to see the fireworks display at 10:45PM. It was never as crowded as it was for this night during the entire cruise up there. People were pushing and shoving and the port side of the deck is closed off for safety reasons for the fireworks display so everyone was packed onto the dance floor and starboard side by the bar. The 80s music was playing and some of the fellow guests dressed up like Bon Jovi, Tina Turner and one even as Madonna. They were good sports and aptly rewarded with a free drink afterward. They put on a good show. When 10:45PM rolled around, the music stopped and people were looking around for a good few minutes and then it was announced that due to the windy conditions on deck and they’re trying adjustments (I’m assuming to ships course and heading), they would be unable to safely perform the show. People grumbled and started the mass exodus towards the exit. The solos who grouped together stayed up there and drank while DJ KEITH continued to play the 80s music. I’m not a huge fan of 80s music and the wind and chill were just too much to stay up there so we decided to float around the ship and see what was going on. We headed to Bliss where at 11PM the evening nightclub was supposed to begin with DJ Rick. When we arrived people were dancing to ballroom and they still were at 11:15PM. I’m not sure what happened to the party but lots of people were going into Bliss and leaving. We decided to head over to O’Sheehans and grab a drink from Irma while sitting at the bar. I was hungry so I ordered spicy chicken wings which were awesome! We had our drink and then went back over to Bliss. In Bliss, I was stunned to hear what I was hearing when I walked in. A song was playing where nearly every other word was the f-bomb with one renegade b-word thrown in for good measure. Norwegian always plays clean versions and when I give music to the DJ’s its always clean. I was stunned this guy was playing such trash music! I did write a Dear Jovo comment card about this night and about DJ Rick’s song choice. The 80’s party came to an abrupt end when I returned up there hoping the music would flip to something a little more current when the sky opened up and the ship sailed into a downpour. 80s music is not for me. With the one hour time change, it was truly a wasted night for me when it could have been an awesome one. Norwegian needs to seriously re-consider signing this DJ Rick. He’s not good for the brand image and reminds me of the music I heard in the nightclub on the crappiest cruise I’ve ever taken – Carnival. Also, a stronger theme night such as Spice H2Glow should be on the night of the time change. DAY 7: AT SEA On our final full day on the ship, I started off with a leisurely breakfast in the Taste/Savor restaurant complex. I followed it by attending the Tango Class by a Burn the Floor dancer. I watched as people learned how to tango from O’Sheehans. I didn’t feel like participating as the floor was too crowded. Lots of ballroom dancers on this voyage! I’d see them dancing at night to the Manhattan Room band as well. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Wine Lovers: The Musical This was a new experience on the Norwegian Breakaway for me. It replaced the Dysfunctional Family Reunion Second City was putting on during the Trans-Atlantic. This is a wine tasting with a lunch while watching a musical performance about wine. There are a total of 6 wines tasted. Five are presented when you sit down, the sixth at the end after dessert. The meal consisted of salad with duckling strips, an entrée of shrimp and steak and dessert was a coffee flavored cake. The wines varied from Chardonnay to Norwegian’s Signature blend. The show was not overly entertaining but it had moments, like when the lead forgot his lines and everyone thought he was joking – but he really wasn’t or when he was making jokes about the red wines and the high school prom dress (I’m not explaining it)! For the wine tasting and the lunch, it was a good pairing. The show was just added filler for the wine tasting. I would recommend doing it! BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: International Crew Talent Show At 2PM in the Breakaway Theater, crew largely based from the Philippines performed songs, modern dance, traditional cultural dances and then the grand finale with the staff and crew joining them to the You are Norwegian Now song. The show was entertaining and some of the crew while seemingly shy and nervous put on a great show. Go and support your crew members, they work so hard for you and cheering them on is one way of giving back! Tonight was the final solo’s gathering of the cruise hosted by Jovan. He arranged for a special meal for all of us to dine together in the Manhattan Room. It was a great idea and we really enjoyed our final night together. Shortly after dinner concluded I stopped by the photo gallery to get a stock photo of the Norwegian Breakaway to add to my cruise ship photo wall. Immediately after I headed to Shaker’s Martini Bar to see if anyone was showing up for the Friends of Dorothy gathering and during this time an announcement was made by Julie saying the fireworks were going to be attempted again tonight at 8:30PM so head to Spice H2O. BREAKAWAY ENTERTAINMENT: Fireworks at Sea – Spice H2O I took the photo and headed up to Spice H2O where DJ KEITH was hastily setting up to spin for a few minutes and create an instant party while the crew were standing by with the port side roped off. It was looking favorable. To keep us warm DJ KEITH played some modern tunes we danced to as a group. We stayed out on the dance floor which is the best vantage point for the fireworks display. The fireworks went off choreographed to the 80s playlist and were absolutely beautiful. I had a better vantage point then the Trans-Atlantic crossing and everyone in the group loved the fireworks. Thanks to Jovo, the Captain, Julie and the fire safety team for getting the show in before the cruise ended. We returned to our cabins to pack up and get the luggage out and returned to O’Sheehans one final time to say goodbye to Irma and get a drink. We talked for a bit with her before heading off to Party Music with DJ KEITH in the Bliss Lounge. When we arrived it was dead as we got there early but the solos agreed to all meet up there and say goodbye one last time while partying the night away. Jovan even stopped by and danced a few songs with us and we all exchanged information and danced the night away. Shortly after midnight I headed to O’Sheehans for some hot wings and then joined some of the solos in Howl at the Moon for a few songs before going to bed. It was a great night and thanks to DJ KEITH for providing some great tunes for us! DAY 8: New York City – Disembarkation I woke up at 7:30AM and turned on the TV bow cam channel and we were already docked. Shortly after that an announcement was made that all guests with easy walk off should start to disembark the vessel. I chose to have my luggage taken off for me and went to Taste / Savor one last time for breakfast. The ship had run out of bananas on this morning but it wasn’t a big deal. I still had everything else I wanted and was on my way back to the cabin by 8:30AM and the announcement came for the motor coach transfers at 9AM to disembark so I headed to the gangway. I was outside customs in less than a half hour after disembarking the ship. I was booked with Academy Bus Company and so I was looking for their busses. The folks who booked the transfer from Norwegian had Admiral’s Bus Company on their return vouchers. The drivers for the Academy busses were nice and told us the bus for Woburn would be along shortly and to wait, which we did. When the bus arrived, the driver had my name and the rest of the other folks going on the same route on his manifest so that was indeed the company. Norwegian printed the wrong name on the bus transfer voucher for them. On the bus, we had a comfort stop when we got out of NYC to pick up food and drinks as it was going towards lunch time. We headed back on the highway driving through Hartford up I-84 to the MA Pike and then into Framingham, MA for our first stop. Woburn, MA was the second stop and Salem, MA was the last stop. I was home by 2:45PM. All in all, Academy Bus wasn’t a bad method of transportation from New England to the pier in Manhattan. It is traffic dependent as to how long the ride is but on the way back the bus ride flew by! It definitely beats flying and takes just as long when you factor going through an airport. Plus, it’s cheaper than flying at $110 round trip per person! CONCLUSION I always start concluding my reviews by thanking the people who made the vacation memorable, either through great service or for a lasting memory. First and foremost I’d like to thank Jovan Dostanic (Single’s Social Host) for his amazing work all week long in getting me and others engaged together and creating lasting friendships and crazy memories (YMCA on 70s night to name one). Jovan is full of energy and enthusiasm and definitely loves his job. It shines in the work he does. Second, I would like to thank DJ Keith for his excellent sets every night of the cruise. He kept the party going, clean and strong until the wee hours. He’s the best Norwegian DJ and always delivers a good party! The Boston market misses him on the Dawn but I’m saddened to learn he’ll be further away as his next deployment is on Getaway!! Keep him in NYC or bring him back to Boston! Third, I would like to thank a special bartender Irma Tuazon for her incredible memory for remembering me from Maharini’s Lounge on the Norwegian Spirit a few years back and for taking care of us solos in the Studio Lounge and when we would visit her in O’Sheehans. Another bartender who memorized my drink the first night was Maurice (Morris) Robeiro. All I had to do was give him a thumbs up and my drink was ready in no time! Now that’s service. The entire staff and crew of the Norwegian Breakaway were exceedingly friendly and offered excellent service and thanks to them all I had a vacation that I will remember for years to come. The smoke issue from the casino drifting up to Deck 8 forward towards Fat Cats and on Deck 6 through the art gallery to the atrium was one problem from the Trans-Atlantic which seemed to have worsened on this voyage. The smoke was further reaching. The air cleaning scrubbers were not working in the casino and more are needed throughout the open air on the decks above and below the casino. A suggestion would be creating a walled area for smokers who want to play table games and slots and trying to contain the smoke there. In the end, I did enjoy my last minute Breakaway Bermuda cruise much better than I did the Trans-Atlantic crossing and have great memories and friends for life! Norwegian Breakaway offers a better nightlife experience than the Norwegian Dawn out of Boston despite her design issues (Bliss) in some areas. I look forward to my second, free sailing with Norwegian in the future on the Norwegian Sky later this year or early next year! Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Okay so this is the first time in a single ( studio room). I have to say I am sold. even though I was traveling with a friend we chose studios for the privacy. ( Also we each got onboard credits and a full size bed.)The studio was ... Read More
Okay so this is the first time in a single ( studio room). I have to say I am sold. even though I was traveling with a friend we chose studios for the privacy. ( Also we each got onboard credits and a full size bed.)The studio was surprisingly adequate for a 7 day cruise. I'd say bigger than a dorm room but smaller than a balcony room. Everything was easily accessible including the sink and bathroom. There was a nice HD tv in the room and lots of closet space. There was a weird window with a one way shade but from the outside you could still see a silhouette in the room. I met a lot of nice people who were what they called "solo" travelers that had access to the studio lounge. This lounge had snacks, a bar ( only open 5-6) and a concierge.Many of the solos as they called themselves were repeat solo cruisers and knew each other from previous cruises. This was a nice touch to have a place to casually meet other folks on the ship. So not only do you get the privacy of your own cabin, you get the social activities of the lounge. Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
I live in the Bronx so my trip to the port was about 25 minutes I arrived at port around 10:30 a.m check in was a breeze it was all done in less than 10 minutes. By 11:30 I was ready to go on board. I was greeted by friendly staff as we ... Read More
I live in the Bronx so my trip to the port was about 25 minutes I arrived at port around 10:30 a.m check in was a breeze it was all done in less than 10 minutes. By 11:30 I was ready to go on board. I was greeted by friendly staff as we boarded. I was in a studio cabin 11507, I had read about how small they were and the lack of storage, in my opinion the room was very functional. My luggage was delivered to my cabin before 5. I was able to store everything without any problem. I loved the studio lounge, had our first meeting in studio lounge at 6 p.m day 1 it was a small group but we soon got together for dinner and other activities that night and I always met up with 1 or 2 of the other solos in the studio lounge. In the morning I had my first cup of coffee there before heading to garden cafe for breakfast, and it was the place to get together with other solo cruisers. The studio lounge was a big hit for me, I got to meet lots of great people. Food was good, went to Manhattan room, Savor, Sushi Bar, and the Cirque of Dreams I loved Burn the floor, so much energy in the dances, enjoyed Rock of Ages, Slam Allen, enjoyed Headliners, Bliss lounge, Spice H2O in the day time as well as the nightly events. Dancing with the Breakaway Stars was awesome! The ship is amazing, great decor, love the spa, thermal pool and sauna, ceramic loungers, lots of activities throughout the day and night, most people find it to be too big, I guess since living in NYC and living on an 18th floor it seemed quit fine to me, the few times I felt it was over crowded was on sea days by the pool, but their was plenty of places you could go and find a spot, another was the night of the fireworks seems like the whole ship was trying to get into Spice H2O that was a bit chaotic, after fireworks people leaving and others trying to get into Spice H2O for the next event. Everyone using same stairs and elevators instead of walking to front of the ship. The pools to small for ship size, and toooo deep, most people were holding onto the sides, why?? the need for 6' 8" it's not like they were many 7' tall cruisers can't quite understand that. In all I had a great time, always found something to do. Would I cruise on Breakaway again, yes I would. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
I was on the 18 Aug sailing from New York to Bermuda and my first trip on NCL. I am a solo cruiser and given the high premium of being on a brand new ship, I took a studio room designed for that purpose. I have just returned from this trip ... Read More
I was on the 18 Aug sailing from New York to Bermuda and my first trip on NCL. I am a solo cruiser and given the high premium of being on a brand new ship, I took a studio room designed for that purpose. I have just returned from this trip with some very mixed feelings. Firstly embarkation was relatively easy, 45 minutes from curbside to being onboard the ship, not bad at all given we are 4200 guests. A warm welcome by the check in staff gave me a good feeling this was going to be a good experience. The cabins were made available at 1pm and at 130pm my bag was delivered to the room. Lunch in Savoy and some lively conversation with the wait staff. We departed Manhattan at 4pm after the safety briefing an sailing out of New York is something all aspiring cruisers should do once in their lifetimes. It is spectacular and many glasses held high to the lady on Ellis Island as we passed by. Dinner in the main dining room proved to me that earlier reviews of the food on NCL versus other cruise lines were without any merit and the service was equal to many other lines. I think NCL could do well by employing a beverage staff who know their wines rather than relying on the already overworked waiters to do both tasks. My chosen wine was not available but no problem, I chose something else. Having made a very long journey to get to the ship I took an early night to bed and was unable to sleep because of the room temperature. At full heat the room was freezing cold and I ended up during the week with a bad cold as a result. Day 2 was a sea day and breakfast in OSheehans was good. The only cruise line that asks you if you want more juice and as much as you liked I thought was a neat touch. The service was typical of what I experienced all week, excellent and efficient and very concerned to confirm you were having a good time. The staff on NCL are every bit as good as the premium lines which came as a pleasant surprise. I decided to spend some quality time on top deck with a good book and discovered that all 4200 guests were crammed into a tiny available space. Half the top deck is covered by an aqua park and heaving busy. Not one single seat was available to sit and I found nowhere onboard for quiet relaxation. Even the library is next to the room where people play cards and is the opposite extreme from relaxing. I would have spent time in my cabin if it were not for the artic temperatures. What makes Breakaway different from the rest in the Waterfront on Deck 8 which is a masterpiece of design. Restaurants have inside and outside covered space so you can choose to dine in or out. How come no other line did this before is amazing but it works well. So I chose to spend time here reading my book and NCL spoiled it by playing music through speakers everywhere. The first of the shows was held that evening and was beautifully produced by an excellent crew. This was Burn the Floor and I saw 4 shows during the cruise. All good but none to my particular taste including Rock of Ages which I have to say could be replaced by something more memorable. Day 3 we arrived in Bermuda and the island redeemed itself by being beautiful and well worth the visit. This cruise is unusual in that it spends 3 nights docked at the Royal Dockyard and if you like to be in 1 place with your own floating mega-resort you will love Bermuda. You can buy a 1/2/3 day pass which covers buses and ferries and is good value for money at 15/25/35 dollars respectively. You don't need to buy this from the ship. There are booths outside that sell the passes and no problem. Back onboard and following the Rock of Ages show about 1000 people are looking for a place to dine at the same time. They gave me a pager for a space in the main dining room and got a seat about 40 minutes later. However the wait staff again running around like maniacs and trying to get a bottle of wine almost an insult to their suffering. I didn't get the impression of being nickel and dimed any more than with any other line and have no issue with the daily 12% auto gratuity. The staff earn their money and work hard for it. I had two contacts with guest services, the first to ask when the special laundry offer would be made available. I had learned this was 24.95 for a full bag of laundry and they told me they had no idea about this and if it happened it would be 30 dollars. On my bed the following morning was a 24.95 offer for a full bag of laundry. My second contact was to ask if they offered transportation to Newark airport on arrival in NY and they said no, only to La Guardia. On the disembarkation form were times for NCL departures to JFK/LGA/EWR and when I enquired I was told it was now too late to book. This annoyed me as being unprofessional for such a service based company. So my overall view of NCL as a first timer is very mixed. Their staff in general are excellent and try very hard, the food is perfectly adequate and at times, really very good. Steak in Cagneys is one of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten anywhere. And yet I have this nagging feeling that this cruise wasn't anywhere near as good as I have enjoyed on other ships firstly because there are too many guests onboard and no real thought has been given to folks that want to have some quiet downtime. Once I get through my antibiotic course for a chest infection, I will start looking for a cruise that fits my needs. I also have in mind that paid about the same for an inside studio as I would have done for a balcony on a older ship so this is not good value for money.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
I just got off the Norwegian Breakaway (NYC-Bermuda / 07/7-14/2013) and wanted to provide some feedback for those thinking about sailing on her. I had read many reviews here on CC prior to boarding and while I was excited to finally get to ... Read More
I just got off the Norwegian Breakaway (NYC-Bermuda / 07/7-14/2013) and wanted to provide some feedback for those thinking about sailing on her. I had read many reviews here on CC prior to boarding and while I was excited to finally get to see her, I had fairly low expectations based upon what I read. I was pleasantly surprised. I will say that this cruise was a very different experience than any I have ever had. I'm not sure if I can explain it, but it was just not a typical cruise experience (maybe due to a very different ship design, layout, etc.). It felt much like a boutique hotel on water (boutique hotel meaning small). I am giving the Breakaway 4 ribbons for one reason and one reason only (I really wanted to give her 5 but just couldn't). Overall, it was a great experience once I let go of the one and only thing wrong with her - it was the first time in all of my cruises I ever felt crowded on a ship. I will talk more about that in a bit. * My Cruising History * This was my 9th cruise (2nd on NCL). I have done 5 on RCL, 1 on Celebrity and 1 on Carnival (my first cruise, 8 years ago). I have done everything from 7 days to 18 days and have sailed most of the Caribbean Islands, sailed through the Panama & Suez Canals as well as the Mediterranean. I would count myself as a "Frequent Floater" with a varied set of experiences on varying sizes of ships. I have my next one already booked on NCL (Jade) for this November sailing the Eastern Mediterranean. 1.) Embarkation (NYC): [5 ribbons] Because I am a Latitudes member, I got through the lines very quickly. I arrived at 1:00pm and was on the ship by 1:30pm. I was able to go right to my cabin and then went to the Garden Cafe (buffet) for lunch. 2.) My Cabin (Studio Lounge - #11573): [5 ribbons] I was excited to finally get to sail alone and to try out these cabins for solo travelers. In a word, it was AMAZING! You can see my video review of my cabin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjVb7gCjHEY&feature=c4-overview&list=UUthA0SxLm_-thzllH-ykyZw . I loved the Studio Lounge that you get access to and I liked that NCL posts a crew member there every day at 5pm for a Solo Travelers Reception to help you get acquainted with those solo travelers cruising with you. The arranged several outings for us together. It's of course, optional, but it was a nice touch. One cool thing to note is, in the lounge there is a high-end coffee machine that allows you to make good latte's, cappuccino's, etc. which was very nice (and free). Overall, I would do this cabin type again many times. The only thing I missed was the balcony (my 1st cruise without one). I didn't take long to get used to not having it - I mean, how much time did I really spend in the room anyway? :) 3.) Dining: [4 ribbons] I do love NCL's Freestyle Dining format. I had dinner in Taste 2 nights, Shanghai Noodle Bar 1 night, La Cucina 1 night, Garden Cafe (buffet) 2 nights and Cirque Dreams 1 night. I found the food across the ship to be good (not great - but certainly good enough). RCL's Italian specialty restaurant is better than La Cucina. I liked the Garden Cafe for breakfast and lunch. I wanted to try Moderno but didn't get around to it. The service was good to great in most venues, but I still felt a little like a herd of cattle in most places (not usual for me). Overall, the quality of food was good and the experience was good (not great). 4.) Pool: [2 ribbons] In all my cruising, I have never seen something so ridiculously small. for 4,000 passengers, NCL simply did a very bad job of thinking this through. The water slides are very cool (I did all of them and they were great fun), but they take up so much space on the pool deck that the main adult pool simply didn't have the amount of space it needed. The comments I heard around the ship from other passengers was the same. It is just too small and the space allotted for chairs to sun is just terrible. I saw people become very aggressive in the saving of lounge chairs. I saw the crew place small stickers on chairs with a time on it. Supposedly - there is a time limit of 1 hour to save chairs - but I saw people ripping those stickers off just as soon as they were put on - haha. I am not much of a sun bunny (even though I do like to lay out by the pool under the coverings), but for those who are - you will want to walk into this with real expectations so you are not disappointed. 5.) Spa/Fitness: [not rated] I took a break from exercising on this cruise and didn't hit the fitness facility or the spa at all this time. I normally do a massage but chose not to this time. I did tour the facility on day one and it is very nice and well outfitted. The only thing I didn't like is that I love to sit in the steam room to relax and normally, they are in the individual men's/women's locker rooms, but on this ship, the only steam room is in the Thermal Spa that comes along with a charge. But from what I understood, you can't buy day passes (don't quote me on that) - you buy access to it for the whole cruise or nothing. And I didn't want to spend the $199 to get access to it. It looked very nice, but was doing this cruise on the cheap I guess. 6.) Beverage Packages: [3 ribbons] I don't drink alcohol so I always buy the soda package and I did on this cruise as well. It was priced well and I was happy with it. The reason I gave this only 3 ribbons was because I had a friend on the ship who wanted the Premium Beverage Package that includes alcohol and when we went to inquire about it on day 2, they said you have to pay for all 7 days for it, even if you buy it days into the cruise. They wouldn't consider pro-rating the package because some days had already passed. Now, I think if I were a drinker, $49 per day for unlimited wine, beer & liquor is a GREAT deal, but to not be flexible with it depending on when you buy it is not very good customer service. She opted not to buy the package. In the end, she probably spent more on her alcohol than the price of the package (which is probably the ships strategy), but still…. So, if you are interested in purchasing that alcohol package, make sure you do it on day 1. 7.) Entertainment: [5 ribbons] As I mentioned, I have been on 8 cruises prior to this one and I can tell you - the quality of entertainment on this ship is by far, the very best I have ever seen. Being a musician/performer myself, I am a bit jaded by cruise ship entertainment for the most part, but was happily surprised at the level of talent on this ship. Every single venue I experienced that had entertainment (e.g., Fire & Ice, Howl at the Moon, Fat Cats Blues, Burn the Floor, Cirque Dreams & Rock of Ages, etc.) was spectacular. I was a little forgiving with ROA because the show is silly, but the quality of vocal performances was outstanding. My favorite by far was "Burn the Floor." This show was on Broadway and I can tell you it is that same quality on the ship. These dancers are AMAZING!!!!!! It is a must see! Overall, I was incredibly happy with the entrainment. Oh, and Julie, the Cruise Director - best CD I have ever had on ANY ship! 8.) Service: [4 ribbons] At every turn, the service was good, verging on great. From my cabin attendant, Winston, to the various crew I interacted with all over the ship, it was a good experience. I did have to take into account there were 4K people on the ship and sometimes the crew seemed a little rushed to "get it all done", but over all, I was happy with the service. There were many crew who seemed genuinely happy to have me on board and to meet my needs. My mantra for this cruise was "Feed Me & Flip Me" and I will be happy. :) 9.) Bermuda: [3 ribbons] I guess I am a little jaded in that an island is an island (and I have been to so many on cruises), but I was not all that impressed by Bermuda. Remember, I am not a sun bunny so I didn't go to the beaches (which I heard were beautiful). I did, however, make one very strategic move that paid off big dividends. We were docked in port 3 days and I chose to stay on the ship on day 1 & 2 and get off on day 3. Smart move! The ship that felt crowded most of the time, was perfect on those days. And because everyone went off ship on day 1 & 2, day 3 was quiet in St. Georges. I didn't go to Hamilton, but enjoyed the laid back, "old town" atmosphere of St. George's. If you want picturesque, go to St. George's. If you want shopping, go to Hamilton. In the end, I was glad I took this cruise, glad I got to experience this new ship and glad I got to see what NCL has on the horizon for it passengers. I will say, however, I don't need to sail on her again. This also means, I am not jumping to sail on their sister ship, the Getaway anytime soon. I enjoyed it, but don't need to repeat the experience. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
I have taken cruises on NCL before and wanted to try there new ship the Breakaway. I am a young single guy that has cruised both with my girlfriend and my family. On the Breakaway I went with a couple of buddies. For the record I have ... Read More
I have taken cruises on NCL before and wanted to try there new ship the Breakaway. I am a young single guy that has cruised both with my girlfriend and my family. On the Breakaway I went with a couple of buddies. For the record I have cruised on NCL Jewel and NCL Star and had the greatest time on both. The Good: The food on the Breakaway is great. The Buffet is great and always has great fresh food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Any sit down place is excellent. Beware though that the portions at the sit down places can be small, but the food is great. I suggest you check out Taste, Teppanyaki, and La Cucina. There are bars everywhere and all stocked with your favorite liquor. The Ice Bar is a very fun experience but its a little to cold to enjoy a drink. I had a Mini Suite and it worked fine for me. The bathroom was nice, balcony was great and I loved the flat screen LED TV in my room. Bermuda is the best. I beg you to go to Horseshoe Bay Beach. You will never see another beach like Horseshoe. Pink velvet sand, calm coves for snorkeling, and some waves. They also have chairs for rent and food/drink for sale. I also recommend you take the Dockyard Jet Ski Tour. We actually say many tropical fish on the jet ski including a few dolphins. The events on the boat are cool. I never got to see the fireworks since it was raining but I here they are great. Definitely check out the Deal Or No Deal, Dancing With The Stars, and the 80s Party. The Bad: Crowded, Crowded, Crowded. If you hate large crowds and some tight spaces, do not cruise on Breakaway. Good luck trying to find a pool chair on a sea day. You gotta get there by 7 AM or your going chair less. There are a thousand people in the pool and you will wait 30 minutes to get in a hot tub. The Whip slides are fun, but you will wait in a line for almost an hour. DO NOT GO ON THE FREE FALL SLIDES. I was so pumped to get on it until a girl I had become friendly with on the ship went on and came off with layers of skin off her back. So many people hurt there backs and got stuck on those slides. You really don't get that tight knit feel with the crew and other guests on this boat most likely because the boat is so crowded. You have to pay for most of the shows in the theater, not like on other boats where you could just show up to the theatre and watch the show. You have to keep you card in the slot in your room for the power to work. This means that you will walk to to your room hot because there is no AC until you put in the card. Most of the crew is friendly, but there are few that are nasty and don't want to be bothered. Dolce Gelato, Rope Course, and Carlos are almost never open. You can't get on the basketball on the court after 9 PM because the crew takes over and starts playing games. That really frustrated me. The ship is supposed to be for the paying guests, not the crew! To summarize, I had fun on this cruise but the definitely need to work out some bugs. My suggestion for you is to try it, but I definitely liked NCLs smaller ships more.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Let me start off by saying I have been on 12 cruises which included carnival, princess and royal. This was my first Norwegian experience and I was not impressed. We ported out of New York which was great because we did not have to get on a ... Read More
Let me start off by saying I have been on 12 cruises which included carnival, princess and royal. This was my first Norwegian experience and I was not impressed. We ported out of New York which was great because we did not have to get on a plane and could pack as much as we wanted. Stateroom: I was very surprised to see how big our balcony room was. The bathroom was a very nice size and you did not feel like you were a tiny closet when you were showering. The balcony on the other hand, was tiny for the amount of money we paid for the room. Usually you could fit 2 chairs and a table comfortably. We were on the 10th floor and the balcony barely fit a normal size chair and was very tight. Pools/Sun Deck: Good luck getting a lounge chair on this trip! Passengers would get up at the crack of dawn to hold chairs and we could not even find a chair at 8:30am. I dont understand how you can have 4,500 passengers and one tiny pool which was always packed. There were passengers getting into fist fights over chairs I could not believe it. Dining/ Restaurants: They purposely make the dining room food at Savor or the Manhattan Room bland so that you will book a specialty restaurant. The menu in the dining room had very little options and horrible wait service. We did at La cucina, the French bistro and the Brazilian steakhouse which was worth that money but who wants to pay for food on a cruise when you have already shelled at $1700. The noodle bar was great but charged you al la carte prices, again why do I have to pay for good food. The buffet or cafe was not good at all; it was usually last nights dinner reheated. Entertainment: The outdoor club was amazing and so much fun. Thank god for the glow and the captains night out parties because the rest of the entertainment was not great at all. We tried to watch the rock of ages show but it was sold out. Again not sure why you need to reserve a seat at a show, it was disappointing to see sold out on the various shows just because you did not book them on the first day. Overall value: DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS SHIP! It was very overpriced and they charge you extra for anything of value.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Long lines to board even though I pre registered on computer. No one to direct you once on board. Confused as to where to go. As a solo traveler I opted for a studio cabin. However, a fellow passenger in the room next to me snored the ... Read More
Long lines to board even though I pre registered on computer. No one to direct you once on board. Confused as to where to go. As a solo traveler I opted for a studio cabin. However, a fellow passenger in the room next to me snored the entire trip. Our headboards were connected by a non-sound proof wall. It was as if he was in my room the entire vacation. I did not sleep. I spoke to guest relations - their reply-- get ear plugs. I was so insulted. The woman in the next opposite room had company on several nights, laughing, etc until 2am. I could not sleep. I was told they would try and change my room when we docked in Burmuda but there never followed up to tell that that was impossible. Instead of 4,000 on the ship, they had 4,500 and with bad weather most of the week we were all crammed inside. The closet doors in my studio moved from side to side and unless you held them they slammed. I constantly heard everyones closet doors closing and opening in surrounding rooms throughout the cruise which woke me all the time. By the way, no more than 8 people ever showed up at the studio lounge. Only about a handful of single people on the ship. I was never told that my not leaving a credit card or room card in the wall that the power would go off. When I found out I did not realize that my cell phone was never charging. Also the sheets were only changed maybe twice during the cruise as compared to hotels where they are changed everyday. Bring your own soap, shampoo and conditioner. Just a shampoo and soap dispenser on the shower wall. The shower head had no water power and the head on the shower was huge and awkward to use.Dining Room - As a solo traveler I ate alone. NCL waiters never sat me with anyone and never offered.  I would have like to have joined other travelers. Luckily I knew some married couples from NY and was able to join them on occasion as they had confirmed reservation every night. Otherwise, you had to wait a long time to be seated for dinner. Food was ok. Same menu every evening except they would change or add maybe 4 new items. I had the menu memorized by the end of week.Smoking - Smoking was allowed at all the pool bars which kept me away from them. Other cruises I have taken had areas just for smoking. The pool depth started at 6 feet. You had to hold on to the ledge if you could not swim or tread water. Very few people used the pool areas. you went to the kiddie area of the ship and hung out there. The casino allowed smoking in the entire casino. Once again not in designated areas. To get from the main restaurant to the theater you walked through the casino and felt like you had smoked a pack of cigarettes. The smoke could be smelled on the deck under the casino too and I am sure after a few weeks the smoke smell will spread to more open areas. With 4,500 people on this ship I felt they could easily be a fire. Atrium room - Movies were shown here on the same level as guest relations. Triva, a singing combo played several nights and even the captain and crew gave a question and answer show. However, above the atrium was a bar and bowling alley and hockey puck game. Because of the openness all you ever heard were noisy people and games being played while trying to enjoy the atrium area which only seated maybe 100 or less people. Most people on the ship had to stand to witness any activities going on here. My married friends were on the 5th floor under a nighclub that played music to 1-2am. They were awake all week too . Technicians were sent to their rooms and it was confirmed that the noise was awful. They at least got an onboard credit. The only thing I got was an offer for ear plugs. Bathrooms were plain and not really kept clean. I never saw an attendant or cleaning person for the entire triip The gym was small and separated into 3 rooms. Turned me off I never saw many people using it. I entered an elevator and there was food all over the floor. The elevators were small. Unlike Royal Carribean, you never knew what was on each deck before you got off the elevator you just knew the floor. Royal Carribean even had the day of the week in the elevator and changed it each day. This ship catered to the 30 and under group, kids and families. There were only disco clubs for dancing or the Manhattan Dinner Club had a dance floor while having dinner but few people danced. This is my fourth and last NCL cruise. Bigger is not better. I felt more stressed on this vacation than being at home. There were hidden charges noone expected. Bring your wallet.The only positive thing was some of the entertainment but I suggest staying in NYC for that instead of risking you life on this huge and costly ship. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Norwegian Breakaway Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 5.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 3.8
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.7
Family 5.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 2.0 3.3
Service 4.0 3.8
Value For Money 4.0 3.4
Rates 3.0 3.3

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