Carnival Corp. Alters Ship Debuts

April 29, 2003

In addition to its announcement yesterday that Princess was adding a new
ship to its fleet, Carnival Corporation is also tweaking new build projects
at some of its other cruise lines. Among the changes the corporation, which
owns 13 different cruise brands in the U.S. and Europe, has made, include:
A reduction in Holland America's "Vista" class. The 85,000-ton,
1,848-passenger Zuiderdam, the first in that class, will now get just three
more siblings instead of four; Vista class vessels will be launched through
Mark your calendars): The corporation has made a fairly minimal adjustment
of delivery dates for a handful of ships. Carnival's Valor's original
delivery of September 2004 has been moved to December 2004.  Cunard Line's
Queen Victoria will now come out of the shipyard in March 2005 instead of
January 2005. Holland America's as-yet-unnamed fourth (and now last) Vista
class ship will be completed in January 2006 instead of October 2005.