Shot of Carnival funnels from Carnival Valor exterior deck

(8 a.m. EST) -- How do you have your fun on a Carnival cruise? Whether it's the Guy's burgers, the IMAX movies, the shore excursions or something else, the line is looking to its "Fun Ship" persona to craft a series of "Choose Fun" videos and commercials around.

The new ad campaign is designed to appeal to those who have never cruised and have reservations about doing so, and loyal Carnival cruisers who already know that Carnival is the "Fun" line.

The slogan "fun is a choice," is a bumper sticker tag line that Carnival hopes those who haven't cruised before will be intrigued by and current Carnival cruisers will identify with and be willing to share with their friends and family. (Actual bumper stickers bearing the slogan may be released in the months to come.)

"The campaign will inspire those who have never tried cruising or a Carnival ship before by leaning into the fact that what they love to do on land is also available at sea," Kathy Mayor, Carnival's senior vice president and CMO, told Cruise Critic.

At the same time, Carnival cruisers will be able to relate, Mayor said; they already know about all the fun that's available.

Reaching both, she added, is important to Carnival whose cruises are regularly filled by a mix of loyal Carnival cruisers and people who have chosen a Carnival cruise for their very first cruise experience.

Fun on Carnival isn't one-size-fits-all, Mayor said, adding the campaign emphasizes this with different ads showing off the variety of fun one can have. For instance, as part of the campaign Carnival created five six-second videos to be shown on websites as people are browsing. Which spot you see depends on where you're browsing the web. For instance, if you're on a food site, you might see a video focusing on the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast or Guy's Burger Joint. On an entertainment website, you might learn about IMAX at Sea or Lip Synch Battle.

The "Choose Fun" ad campaign will come to life digitally on various websites, as well as via online videos on Amazon Video, Hulu, Roku and Vevo; and on TV in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles during high profile events like the Grammy's and NFL playoff games.

"Carnival has always delivered on our brand promise of fun, memorable vacations at a great value," said Carnival's president Christine Duffy. "This new campaign promises to be an irresistible invitation for prospects to rethink their beliefs about cruising and consider Carnival as their next vacation."

--By Dori Saltzman, Senior Editor