Cruise ship outdoor deck at sunset with mountains in the background

(9:19 a.m. EST) -- Taking advantage of its ocean and river ship fleet, Viking is offering combination cruises where passengers do both types of itineraries in one trip.

Called Ocean & River Voyages, the sailings allow passengers to easily go between two cruises by transferring them between ships in a single port.  The line also notes that a combo trip means you only have to fly overseas once, yet enjoy two different voyages.

"Our new Ocean & River Voyages offer travelers the unique opportunity to experience both of Viking's award-winning cruise products with only one international flight, saving them time and money," said Richard Marnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Viking.

"As the leader in small-ship cruising, only Viking can provide a destination-focused voyage that marries the river and the sea in one seamless, unified experience."

Two itineraries are available for 2018. The first combines the traditional Rhine River cruise with Viking Ocean's popular Norwegian Fjords itinerary; passengers transfer between a Viking Longship and Viking Sun in Amsterdam. The 15-day July trip runs between Basel and Bergen.

The second itinerary also begins on the Rhine River, on a Viking Longship, starting in Basel and ending in Amsterdam. Instead of heading north, passengers will take Viking Sky to Le Havre to visit Paris, cross the English Channel to Portsmouth and then sail south to Spain, stopping in Vigo, Granada and Cartagena. The 18-day September 29 cruise ends in Barcelona.

--By Chris Gray Faust, Senior Editor