Pacific Sky Has Severe Corrosion

March 20, 2003
Pacific Sky, a P&O ship operating out of Australia and New Zealand that previously was Princess Cruises' Sky Princess, was forced to return to Auckland when it was discovered the ship had taken on 160 tons of water. The cruise to Tonga was abruptly canceled, as was the ship¹s next voyage, which was scheduled to depart this weekend. Authorities there said that the 46,000-ton 1,550 passenger ship, which was launched in 1984, showed significant rust in a water-escape duct. Damage, according to a New Zealand newspaper, was "so severe the bulkheads (internal walls) had parted from the hull on both sides of the ship. The hull plating had also corroded and there were reports that daylight could be seen through the hull." A London-based spokesman for P&O did not respond to a request for comment.