Star Princess, The World Score a Perfect 100

September 16, 2002

Princess Cruises' Star Princess and The World of Residensea, two of
cruise-dom's newest ships, both aced the Centers for Disease Control and Sanitation's commando cleanliness exam -- on their first ever-inspection.
The exam, notoriously stringent, has actually flunked fewer and fewer ships in the past year or so and part of the reason for that is that the staffers at the CDC's program, which has been evolving for nearly a decade, are so involved now in the design phases of ship's systems and kitchens, that they're eliminating many possible flaws before even becoming afloat.
Both ships were launched in March. Star Princess is Princess' latest 109,000-ton largest-in-the-fleet sibling. Residensea, which operates as a condo-at-sea with 110 private owned residences (and 88 more studio units available for rental) heralded its success in a somewhat self-congratulatory statement issued today. It's a statement that may provide more insights than a passenger cares to hear, claiming that "contributing to the success of The World's recent ratings is its unique Scandinavian waste water cleaning system, whereby wastes are filtered by a flotation system. Solid wastes are dried and incinerated, and the ash is properly disposed of on land. The remaining liquid waste goes through an ultraviolet filtration process, and the resulting water is as pure as technical water."