Cruise Industry Observes 9/11

September 11, 2002
Cruise passengers who are currently sailing on vessels in waters from the Mexican Riviera to the Mediterranean and who want to participate in observance of the first anniversary of September 11 haven't been limited to CNN on the in-cabin television. Among the lines reporting that ships have organized special remembrances are:
*Carnival. Each captain read a remembrance message at noon, followed by a moment of silence. Big screen televisions in a variety of ship locations carried key speeches and coverage in lounges and theaters. And, tonight at dinner, the wait staff will sing "God Bless America."
*Royal Caribbean. Each ship's captain will ask guests to join him in a moment of silence; following, he'll sound the ship's whistle.
*Cunard. Observations today occurred on both Queen Elizabeth 2 and Caronia. Both had a moment's silence prior to the captain's daily noon address-from-the-bridge. One interesting point: "Captain Paul Wright is the master on this cruise which is fitting," says Gary Gerbino, Cunard spokesman, "as he was master on January 7 when QE2 was the first ship (editor's note: actually, it's more accurate to say QE2 was one of the first vessels) allowed back into New York after the tragedy. On January 7, 2002, Capt. Wright slowed the engines opposite the site of the former Twin Towers and a wreath was dropped in the water as soloist sang Amazing Grace. The QE2 then sounded three long blasts of its whistle and was escorted to her berth by fireboats spewing water into the sky."