Seabourn Offers Luggage-Free Travel

July 18, 2002
It's not original but it's still a great idea: luggage-free travel. Seabourn Cruise Line is launching a "personal valet" service that permits passengers to send their luggage from home to the ship -- and back again -- without ever having to lug it past security. The company will team up with DHL Worldwide Express. The fee varies, depending on the weight, size and quantity of bags, but the service includes paperwork (customs and shipping),pickup, online tracking and delivery.
Luggage shipping for travelers is a growth industry these days -- there are a number of companies, from Federal Express to UPS to Virtual Bellhop, that offer the service. What makes the Seabourn program special is that cruise travel possesses an inherent complication: ships typically aren¹t set up to receive luggage that arrives independently of its owner. Seabourn offers both one-way and roundtrip options.