TDI Cuts Yorktown Cruise Short For Electrical Issues

November 5, 2013
(10:20 a.m.) -- The most recent voyage on Yorktown, an expedition vessel run by Travel Dynamics International, was cancelled mid-trip due to electrical problems on the ship.

The 138-passenger ship was on the 10-day Shore of History itinerary, which explores Civil War sites on a mid-Atlantic coastal route starting in Alexandria, Va., and ending in Charleston, S.C. When the problems presented themselves, the ship docked in Norfolk, where the company offered extra shore excursions for its passengers, said Kristin Liebowitz, TDI's director of marketing.

Although the electrical problems were fixed, expected high winds and choppy seas led the company to cancel the rest of the voyage, Liebowitz said. Yorktown is expected to begin its next trip, a 7-day tour of the Antebellum South and Georgia islands running from Charleston to Jacksonville, Fla., on Nov. 7.

As compensation, passengers will be given a partial refund for the cruising days that they had to skip, Liebowitz said. She also said that they'd be given credit toward a future voyage and that the company assisted with changing their flights.

--by Chris Gray Faust, Destinations Editor