Carnival Triumph Passengers Talk of Conditions on Fire-Disabled Cruise Ship

February 17, 2013
(6 p.m. EST) –- The vast majority of Carnival Triumph passengers are back in their homes and returning to normal life. Firsthand accounts are everywhere from national and local news outlets, to right here on Cruise Critic. Reports range from apocalyptic to merely uncomfortable.

Here's a sampling of what Cruise Critic members who were on Carnival Triumph have to say:

heirloomz (February 17, 10:02 pm) -- We were on it too! The first day was scary because we/they did not know the extent of the damage. Bathroom situation was not good, but you do what you gotta do. We slept on deck in a makeshift tent, met really nice younger people who adopted us and called us Mom and Dad. Actually, we calmed them down and we enjoyed their company. We are certainly glad the fire did not spread. Food was adequate. Yes, you could wait in line for long times, but we started to wait until a little later and then it was about a 20 minute wait. The crew was incredible! Always a smile when either mopping or cleaning the non flushing bathrooms, serving food or whatever they were expected to do. Everyone was thanking them all the time. Arriving in Mobile was very emotional. Hundreds of people were yelling, screaming, whistles, signs and balloons. McDonalds gave out sacks of food, Coca Cola gave cold drinks and when we got on the bus for Galveston, there was a boxed lunch on the seats from HoneyBaked Ham. I called HoneyBaked Ham yesterday to thank them. They said they just wanted to do something. We are thankful to be alive and home safely. Planning another cruise next year!

StackBG (February 17, 9:25 pm) --First off my wife and I were on this cruise. What I find more intolerable is ignorant people that give their uninformed opinion on how rough it was or how Carnival was out to screw over others. As far as I am concerned those who like to hear their lips flaps are no better that those who are trying to get paid by sueing without knowing the facts. While the cruise after the fire was stressful and very uncomfortable, in my opinion we were never in a life threatening situation. The Carnival crew were excellant and in my opinion again The Carnival Corporation made the right decsion even of it extended the length. Keep in mine that we all had plenty of food and water, we were sheltered and we had people waiting on us hand on foot. People like to compare it to other disasters. In my opinion we were much better off than Sandy or Katrina victims, who had no housing or not sure where their next meal was coming from. Yes we had toilet issues and it smelled bad at times, but compare that to Hurricanes or Earthquakes is without merit. Yeah some had to sleep on decks and alot choose to because it was more fun, but they had mattresses, blankets, were in a safe environment ... We are very happy with Carnival. We are booked on two other Carnival cruises and planning others. This will not stop us or even give us second thoughts.

Ilovehunny (February 17, 1:03 p.m.) -- This was our first cruise. Will it be our last? Doubtful, but it certainly won't be anytime soon! We fully understand the mathematics involved in the odds of this happening to us again... All said, the entire staff was OUTSTANDING! They worked tirelessly and literally helped a lot of passengers maintain a calm demeanor.

MelAnne (February 16, 8:24 p.m.) -– Yes, I was on the Triumph. It was a girlfriend cruise. I am now home and have my swollen feet propped up... I know bad choices were made and the company will correct themselves accordingly... I love cruising... This was a 5 day oceanic camping trip - mis fortunate adventure - following a 'brilliant' 3 day cruise... I was frustrated at times. Ex: after standing in line for a hamburger for 3 hours and the power going out and shutting down the grill when I was a mere 8 people away from a delicious greasy burger fix -- after standing in line and seeing food portions run out - and so much WASTE of those who took way more then they could eat... I was so happy at times... as we moved from our tent camp on deck 10 to the elevator area below the buffet on deck 9 and above the working restrooms on deck 5 !! I met some wonderful people and new friends. I bonded with my friends and cabin mates over red bag humiliating moments... I met some awful sour attitude people who just want to sue Carnival... our cabin had a window but the kids do not - being in the pitch dark was something that bothered me - when I had to enter the room I just kept feeling like someone had snuck into the room and was hiding when I entered and it made me jumpy. (we would have to leave our door jammed open cause of the smell and raw waste on the floor).

Heather Lawley (February 16, 7:47 p.m.) -- In no way should any of the passengers have their experiences downplayed by another passenger or the public. Experiences varied pending the location of their staterooms. Those in balcony and suites found it more manageable though as Carnival says “challenging”. Those in lower decks and interior staterooms had a much more difficult time due to lack of AC and sewage issues. Therefore, the public might become a little confused as to why some fared better than others. Also ages onboard ran from small children to the elderly, those with special needs to those very healthy. All of these factors play into their personal experiences. I was in a balcony, I'm healthy, and therefore found it manageable. Others did not. Please don't excuse one story for another.

--by the Cruise Critic Editorial Staff