Concordia Survivors Told To Stay Away from Gigilio Memorials

January 11, 2013

(12:08 p.m. EST) -- Survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster are being asked to stay away from Giglio on the first anniversary of the capsizing. The commemorations, they've been told, are in honor of those who lost their lives, not those who survived, according to The Associated Press.

The request came in the form of a letter from Costa Crociere telling them they were not invited to the official anniversary memorials. According to the line, the memorial events are specifically focused on the families of the 32 people who died.

"On Tuesday we received a letter from Costa asking us NOT to go to Giglio on the 13th of January," Michelle Barraclough, aka Mickey_d_Mouse on the Cruise Critic boards, told Cruise Critic.

As reported by The Associated Press, Costa chief executive Michael Thamm wrote, "We are sure that you will understand both the logistical impossibility of accommodating all of you on the island, as well as the desire for privacy expressed by the families at this sorrowful time."

According to The AP article, printed in The Detroit News, some survivors say they understand the restriction but others said the letter "added insult to their injuries."

"I was almost tempted to go just because they asked me not to," Barraclough said.

Some 4,200 passengers and crew survived the capsizing of Costa Concordia on January 13, 2012.

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--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor