Carnival Passengers Booted for Bees

January 8, 2002

Under the heading of do-not-try-this-on-your-next-cruise, six passengers were booted off Carnival Victory Sunday because they brought bees onboard. The passengers, who apparently tipped off security staffers that something unusual was occurring because they kept boarding and exiting the ship while she was in the embarkation process in Miami, were found with 160 bees in bottles. According to wire reports they claimed they were going to use the bees for medicinal reasons.

The ship, which was slated to sail a weeklong Western Caribbean roundtrip out of Miami, delayed its departure for three hours while officials conducted further investigations. Ultimately, they were removed from the cruise ship.

At this point, Carnival continues to conduct an investigation, along with the National Guard, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and state agriculture officials.

Ironically, this is the second cruise ship “bee” incident in less than six months. Last summer on Grand Princess, a batch of killer bees was found on the ship’s outdoor basketball court when it returned to its Ft. Lauderdale home port. There is no proof, however, that they were brought onboard by passengers.