Cruise Passengers Arrested in Bermuda for Drugs, Weapon

May 22, 2010
Update, 2 p.m. EDT: A statement issued by Royal Caribbean says that the marijuana found by customs officials actually numbered eight grams. Enchantment of the Seas arrived at the Port of Norfolk on May 20, at the conclusion of a roundtrip five-night Bermuda sailing that departed on May 15. There is still no word on how, specifically, cruise officials caught wind of the drugs or how the passengers responsible were able to sneak them and the Taser past security when boarding the ship.

While some cruise passengers are having trouble getting blow dryers and power strips through security, two reportedly managed to bring 6.68 grams of cannabis -- and a Taser gun -- aboard Enchantment of the Seas this week.

According to Bermuda's Royal Gazette, local police were tipped off to the fact that cruise passengers Kymberly Taylor, 32, and Shayla Reid, 34, of Virginia were in possession of drugs while the Royal Caribbean ship was docked in King's Wharf. Officers searched the cabin yesterday and found the bag of cannabis (reportedly valued at $3,625) and the Taser gun, after which the women were arrested and charged.

The defendants were each fined $500 for drug possession, with Taylor paying an additional $1,000 for bringing the Taser gun onto the Island. Their lawyer told the Royal Gazette that the five-inch plastic stun gun -- capable of delivering 500,000 volts of electric shock -- was legally obtained in the U.S. for self defense, and that the cannabis was not brought ashore.

Bermuda has notoriously strict laws against illegal substances and weapons.

Who blew the whistle -- and how did these items slip past shipboard security? At this point, those questions remain unanswered. A Royal Caribbean spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

--by Melissa Paloti, Managing Editor

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