Carnival U.K. Brands to Drop Fuel Surcharge

October 14, 2008
The Carnival Corporation recently announced plans to drop fuel surcharges on new bookings for 2010 cruises and to refund fuel surcharges on certain 2008 and 2009 cruises. The bummer for Brits and European cruisers? The new policies would only affect the company's U.S. brands.

Perhaps sensing the unfairness of that disparity, Carnival has just extended its new surcharge policy to its U.K. brands -- P&O Cruises and Ocean Village. So as of 31 October 2008, fuel supplements will be eliminated for all new bookings on 2010 departures, though base cruise fares will increase. Moreover, fuel surcharges might be refunded to passengers booked on 2008/09 departures, based on the price of oil (read our original item for the very complicated details). If your cruise is eligible, the fuel supplement will be refunded in the form of onboard credit.

We'll keep you posted if other lines decide to follow suit and institute similar fuel surcharge elimination or reimbursement policies.

--by Erica Silverstein, Associate Editor