Mariner Scores 100 After Failing CDC

August 13, 2001
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises’ swanky new Mariner -- the industry’s first all-suite, all-verandah ship -- flunked its most recent CDC Vessel Sanitation Program exam, racking up an 83 score (86 is passing). The low score that resulted from the inspection, which took place in Seward (Alaska) on August 1, is rather unusual for a new ship, not to mention a luxury vessel. But it reflects highly technical issues (rather than food sanitation or cleanliness problems). According to RSSC spokesman David Kleinman, “the problem was two fold...apparently the calibrator that reads the halogen levels was not functioning properly.” Kleinman, who was attempting to convert highly complicated marine terminology into basic English, said that “halogen dispersal relates to the levels of chlorine in the water and bunkering systems.” “The line has already taken corrective action to prevent any reoccurrence of these technical and procedural problems,” Kleinman also said. He noted that Mariner officers and crew expected a reinspection very soon -- and indeed the CDC revisited the ship on Monday and awarded it...a perfect 100.