Princess Offers In-Room Fitness, Yoga for Kids

September 5, 2008
Princess Offers In-Room Fitness, Yoga for Kids Princess Cruises is expanding its onboard spa and fitness offerings. Among them:

In an industry first-ever, the cruise line has created a series of in-cabin workouts called Fitness@Sea. This could be an amusing concept -- given that standard cabins range from a mere 158 square ft. to 181 square ft. (and that includes furniture) -- but basically consists of programming shown on in-room televisions that are, according to the cruise line's statement, "designed as a way for passengers to comfortably start off their day with beneficial exercise." Karen Candy, a Princess spokeswoman, assures us that the exercises consist of moves like stretches "rather than cartwheels and jumping jacks." There are nine different programs and they focus on a range of workouts, from flexibility and cardio training to breathing and back strengthening.

On ships with Movies Under the Stars outdoor cinemas, morning group sessions using the same workouts will be held in the open air at no charge.

Princess, which already offers some salon treatments for younger folk, is taking this a step further with its new Yoga program for teens and kids. Classes are offered in conjunction with ships' onboard youth centers. The classes, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, are free and parents are welcome to participate.

In a new onboard fitness program aimed at adults, the line's Core.Balance.Strength offerings, part of the Lotus Spa, will emphasize three different components to well-being. Core emphasizes abdominal exercises, fitball and Pilates with the goal to improve foundations of fitness and alignment. Balance incorporates meditation, yoga and Tai Chi and is the mind-body aspect of the program. Strength, which features Step to My Grove, an aerobics dance program and Tour de Spin, a series of cycling routes, among others, aims to focus on high-energy workouts.

More than 10 Core.Balance.Strength workouts are offered in total. Each class costs $10 per person.

Other enhancements to the cruise line's fitness menu include Wii Fit's balance games such as ski jump, tennis and soccer; "Aerobically Challenged," an aerobics workout for beginners; and Lotus Tai Chi, combining meditation and the Chinese martial arts discipline.