CostaTropicale Runs Aground

July 30, 2001
The newly inaugurated CostaTropicale ran aground last week in Mykonos. The ship, which had been rerouted to Mykonos because of an archeological site strike in Katakalon, its regularly scheduled port-of call, ran into trouble July 24 while departing. Fortunately, sister ship CostaAtlantica, also in Mykonos, helped to refloat the ship. According to a Costa spokesman, “a technical inspection revealed no damage to the ship’s hull or navigation equipment.” CostaTropicale resumed its voyage but as a result of the delay had to skip one port (Kusadasi). Otherwise, CostaTropicale, sailing Saturday - Saturday voyages out of Venice, returned on schedule to its Adriatic homeport and is back on its regular itinerary this week. Passengers on the “grounded” voyage were given a free excursion in Corfu (the port-of-call that followed Mykonos) and a 20 percent discount on a future cruise.