U.S. vs. U.K.: Who's Paying More for River Cruise Fuel?

July 16, 2008

With cruise passengers on both side of the pond fretting about fuel surcharges, Peter Deilmann Cruises has made an unusual move. It's assessing a fuel surcharge on U.S. passengers for its 2009 river sailings -- but not on travelers from the U.K.

U.S. residents sailing on a river cruise in 2008 do not have to pay a surcharge, but will face a $10 per person, per night, charge on all 2009 voyages.

However, Peter Deilmann's U.K. branch is opting instead to redesign its fares to be more inclusive (and, likely, more expensive). Not only will the line not assess an additional fuel surcharge on U.K. travelers booking 2009 river cruises, but one shore excursion per person, per day, will be included in the cruise fare.

Between the different currencies and fare inclusions, it's difficult to say whether U.S. or U.K. travelers will ultimately pay more for their river cruise. But regardless of how cruise lines structure their fares, you can bet they're taking fuel costs into account when they're determining prices for next year's cruise season.

--by Erica Silverstein, Associate Editor