Celebrity Galaxy to Get $4 Million in Upgrades

March 5, 2008

Cruise ships generally enter dry dock about every two years, but when Celebrity Galaxy has its next appointment on April 18, 2008, it won't be just a routine checkup. The 11-year-old ship will undergo a $4 million makeover during its two-week stay in Freeport.

While many cruise lines are making structural changes in dry dock these days, Celebrity's enhancements mostly affect carpets and upholstery to give the ship a fresher and more modern look, according to Celebrity. Keep a look out for the following changes:

The main dining room will be completely refurbished with new carpeting, waiter stations, and floor-to-ceiling columns, as well as reupholstered and newly varnished chairs.

The Rendezvous Lounge, Stratosphere Lounge and the Martini Bar will receive new upholstery. The Stratosphere Lounge will also get new carpets.

The Celebrity Theater will get a total makeover, with new carpeting and upholstery throughout.

Casual dining and buffet areas will be upgraded with new chairs, carpeting, upholstery and lighting.

The pool deck will receive new teak decking and glass tiling around the pool.

The retail area will be enhanced with refurbished jewelry boutiques and brighter, more contemporary product-display areas.

The remaining 250 staterooms yet to be upgraded will receive new carpet, sinks and upholstery to match the rest of the cabins.

The Michael's Club piano bar was recently refurbished and will not receive any additional upgrades.

Galaxy will emerge from dry dock on May 2, just in time to pick up guests in Miami on May 3 for a cruise across the Atlantic. The ship will show off its new look in Europe, as it sails Eastern Mediterranean cruises through November.

--by Erica Silverstein, Associate Editor