Chat with Captain Gavin MacLeod; Win "The Love Boat" DVD

March 3, 2008

<img src=""
align="right"> Calling all "Love Boat" fans: Join us as we welcome aboard the incomparable Gavin MacLeod -- also known as Captain Stubing -- of TV series fame. He'll be making a special call at the Cruise Critic boards to answer your questions! During the week of March 10 (starting Monday), he'll be responding to as many of your queries as possible. At the end of the week, Mr. MacLeod will choose the 10 members who submitted what he thinks were the best questions to receive a free DVD of "The Love Boat - Season One, Vol. 1" -- which will be released for the first time on March 4.

Ask about the series or the actors, or even pose a question about the man himself! Submit your questions for Captain Stubing in our special Gavin MacLeod - "Captain Stubing" forum.

For those not old enough to recall the show, "The Love Boat" debuted in 1977, showcasing cruise travel to the mass market. "It is safe to say that 'The Love Boat' single handedly introduced the concept of vacation cruising to the masses and made it synonymous with romance," states MacLeod.
"In my mind, there's only one cruise line that has such an authentic connection with love -- and that's Princess, of course." Cruising offers built-in ways to celebrate being together with spa treatments, ballroom dancing, romantic diners and shore excursions.

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