Might Travelscope Continue?

December 23, 2007
Travelscope Ceases Operations; Van Gogh Cruises Affected

Travelscope, the U.K. tour and cruise operator that announced on Friday it would suspend sales and cancel trips, continues to provide updated information on the status of its efforts to fulfill current obligations -- and survive until a new day.

On its Web site, Paul Clark, one of Travelscope's newly appointed administrators, confirms that "for those customers who already have a booking for travel due to depart on or before Wednesday 2 January 2008, we can advise that the Company cannot fulfill its obligations to any of those passengers and these trips have now been cancelled."

However, there appears to be a chance -- and there will be no further word until tomorrow, our sources tell us -- that departures after that date may be able to go on. Of prime interest to cruise travelers of course is the world cruise of Van Gogh, the line's primary cruise ship (it also operates river vessels).

"The position regarding departures due on or after Thursday 3 January 2008 remain uncertain," Clark writes. "There are certain parties who have expressed interest in stepping in to fulfill the Company's obligations to permit those holidays to continue however these discussions are ongoing. Further information will be provided to all customers as and when it becomes available."

We will keep you posted.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief