Crystal Raises Fuel Surcharge

June 19, 2006

Crystal, which in response to rising fuel costs had levied a $4 per person per day fuel surcharge for 2006 (see related article from November 2005), will raise it slightly for cruises booked for 2007.

The higher fee will go into effect on bookings made on July 17 and onward. Existing bookings will not be impacted by the dollar-a-day increase. And there is no change to the fuel surcharges implemented for all 2006 cruises; that stays at $4 per person per day.

Passengers who pay cruise fares in full at time of booking are not subject to the fuel charge.

Crystal's the first one to raise its surcharge in response to the latest price wars for fuel. Others include Silversea, American West Steamboat, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Star Cruises.