More Millennium Troubles

January 12, 2001
More mechanical trouble for Millennium: According to a Celebrity spokeswoman, “one of the electric motors operating one of the two Mermaid pods on board Millennium was recently discovered to be under performing.” Bottom line for Millennium passengers is a slight inconvenience -- the ship has cut back its time spent in ports of call on the ship’s Eastern itinerary (because islands are relatively far apart and the ports were designed with the ship’s speedy 24 knot capability in mind). No calls have been canceled. The ship’s Western Caribbean itineraries aren’t anticipated to be affected because the distance between islands isn’t as great. A Celebrity team is currently evaluating what other remedies could be done to maximize Millennium's performance and speed capabilities. The term “another drydock” has not yet been breathed. You may recall that shortly after being launched late last year, Millennium found herself paying an unexpected visit to a shipyard in Norfolk, Va., to address an unsettling vibration at slow speeds that required hull modifications. That defect set back Infinity, Celebrity’s newest ship, which has moved its debut from February to March. Somewhat worrisome to cruise passengers, who are not only booked on Millennium but also on forthcoming ships like Infinity, which is the line’s hot new vessel in Alaska this year, and Summit, later this year, is what impact the mechanical difficulties will have on those vessels. Celebrity is mum at the moment. We’ll keep you posted.