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13 Night Transatlantic Cruise from Miami

13 Night Transatlantic Cruise from Miami

Azamara Pursuit (Photo: Azamara Cruises)
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Azamara Pursuit

Azamara Pursuit - Azamara


** Comfortable home base for exploring unique itineraries, with warm and accommodating service


** Most cabins, especially the bathrooms, are small and feel tight

Bottom Line

** Pursuit is perfectly sized to sail into more remote ports; onboard atmosphere is quiet and congenial

Cruise Reviews

Embarkation was the best I have seen. Staffed very well. State room seemed smaller than other ships. The shower was tiny. Noticed leaves on floor when we moved a table. The robe in the closet had a empty beer bottle in it. I do not ... Read More
Embarkation was the best I have seen. Staffed very well. State room seemed smaller than other ships. The shower was tiny. Noticed leaves on floor when we moved a table. The robe in the closet had a empty beer bottle in it. I do not think the rooms get a deep cleaning between cruises. The Mini bar in room was very disappointing. Drinks are included on the cruise. If you want the wine or beer from your mini bar, you are charged for it. I can not find any logic to explain this. While waiting for the room to be ready, "hard sells" were all over the ship. Crew in your face selling "premium drink, dinning and WIFI packages" It got annoying fast. I could not find a list of included beverages before sailing. We bought a WIFI and Premium beverage package. It was grossly over priced , and we were terribly disappointed in both. The WIFI worked less than 50% of the time. When it did work, it was painfully slow. Azamara changed what drinks that were on the premium package during the cruise. They took drinks away from the Premium package and moved them to the Ultimate package. I feel this is wrong to take items away from a package mid cruise. Dinning Staff were all excellent. Almost all of the staff were excellent. The only flaws were in the coffee bar and shore excursion desk. Coffee bar staff seemed to like to arrange coaters and napkins while ignoring you standing in front of them. The shore excursion staff were probably tired defending some really bad excursions. Food quality was good. Meals in the main dinning room were hot when served. Portions varied. Most fruit was canned.. That may have been due to the region of the cruise. The dinner buffet had specialty nights. Indian was especially good. Lunch and dinner buffets selection was much less than other ships. Many dishes were bland. I think this was because the average age of the passengers was quite high. Ice cream was very good. other sweets missed the mark. Breakfast was OK. They did a great job with the bacon. Entertainment was limited. the trio only played two 45min sets. they tended to play the same songs in the same order. Was a bit old by day 3. Jazz Band were good, but only seen when not needed in show lounge pit. Lectures were a mixed bag.. One was good, the others not so much. It was nice to be able to watch recordings of the lectures on the TV. TV in the room was poor. Very few options. This was really noticed on rough sea days. Bar staff were friendly. Bar tenders did not know how to make the drinks listed in the drink menu. The drink menu was limited. Shore excursions are a disaster. The description and what happens on the tours are very far apart. Azamara says the tours cost more because of the small groups you are put in. But when 5 busses of small groups are put on the same tour, it is not a small group tour any more. You need to dig in to the small print to make sure you are not dumped someplace you do not want to be. We did have some tours we enjoyed. The cost was high. Problems were not fixed by excursion staff. Many people booked tours themselves. this seemed to be a better way. Only 50% of our tours were enjoyable. We paid over 2400$ for Azamara tours. Disembarking was interesting. The cruse port we were to use was closed due to Weather. Azamara did a great job shifting ports. Overall we though the staff made the cruise. Azamara would not be our first choice for another cruise, but we would cruse on them again if we liked the destination. We would book our own shore excursions. Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
We are a family of four cruising with Azamara for the first time. In the past, our family has cruised with Celebrity Cruises for over 15 years and has experienced every holiday itinerary that they’ve offered. But, we wanted to try ... Read More
We are a family of four cruising with Azamara for the first time. In the past, our family has cruised with Celebrity Cruises for over 15 years and has experienced every holiday itinerary that they’ve offered. But, we wanted to try something new and Azamara’s 15 night voyage celebrating New Year’s in Rio de Janeiro attracted our attention. We brought our 17 and 20 years old kids to this cruise. We worried they may not like it because of older crowd. But, our kids actually like it and had a great time. The ship is clean and well maintained, but it does not feel luxury. We really like the white night, BBQ brunch served by the officers, and special breakfast at one of the specialty restaurants that we were invited to. I am pleasantly surprised that people dress very nice during the evenings even if there are no formal nights. Because this is a holiday cruise, there are some younger passengers on the ship. We also like the fact that the hot tub and pool are never too busy. You always can find a chair and a spot in the hot tub, so we ended up spending more time in the hot tub than we would have on other mega ships. We will cruise with Azmara again. I also want to give our kudos and high praises to Azamara’s ability in helping us avoid a disastrous holiday. One of our family members holds a non-US passport with a US green card. Once aboard, the guest relations manager informed us that this family member would need a Brazilian visa or he would have to leave the ship. After paying tens of thousands of dollars on the cruise fare, flights, and hotels, this horrible news hit us like a ton of bricks. But, luckily, the Guest Relations Manager, Wresly Fernandes, came to our rescue. Wresly met us and recommended that, when the ship landed in Montevideo, Uruguay, we should try to obtain a Brazilian visa at the Montevideo Brazil Consulate, which gave us a ray of hope. Wresly gathered us in his office and personally helped us fill out the Brazilian online visa application. Throughout the entire process, Wresly was very thorough. For example, he had the photo shop staff take a visa photo and crop it precisely to the size. He was also very knowledgeable about the visa process and its requirement. First, we had to download a bank statement, which Wresly kindly had his staff print out for us. He then arranged the transportation and Amazara’s port agent to meet us the next day at 8:45am to accompany us to the Montevideo Brazilian Consulate. We were very impressed by Wresly’s attention to detail. Not only did he stress to the Azamara port agent to be with us all the time but he also took the port agent’s cell phone number and told us that he would call us every two hours to get a status update. At the Brazilian Consulate, we had a very smooth process. It was obvious that the Azamara port agent knew everybody at the consulate. We got the visa in 3 hours, which relieved our entire family. Overall, Wresly and his team demonstrated great care, efficiency and hard work in solving the issue for us. We are extremely impressed with Wresly’s calmness, his resolve under pressure, and of course, Azamara’s client first attitude. Thanks to Wresly’s leadership we were assured that his entire team was working collectively to assist us with this visa process. Azamara has done an amazing job. Because of our recent experience with Wresly and his team, we will definitely cruise with Azamara again. We have also shared our story with friends and have encouraged them to try Azamara. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
Azamara Pursuit does not, imho, meet the standards that frequent cruisers with Azamara are used to. This was my 10th cruise with an Azamara ship within 10 years. In a way it was special to me because Azamara was one of my favorite ... Read More
Azamara Pursuit does not, imho, meet the standards that frequent cruisers with Azamara are used to. This was my 10th cruise with an Azamara ship within 10 years. In a way it was special to me because Azamara was one of my favorite cruise lines, and having cruised 10 times between 2009 and 2019, made me feel like celebrating a milestone. Well, nothing was really special about this cruise with the Pursuit. There were positive aspects. One of them was the itinerary. As a matter of fact I have chosen this cruise due to the itinerary. My cruise was from Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires cruising in Uruguay (Montevideo and Punta Del Este) and in Brazil (Santos, Para Ti, Buzios and Rio de Janeiro). It was a 13 night cruise. I have been in those ports many times with Azamara and other cruise lines, and I like them. I just enjoy walking around and discovering new things each time we dock or tender at those ports. I do see changes happening, for example In Buzios, but the ports are still worth a visit for me and I would not hesitate to cruise again in the area. Another positive observation is that my cabin attendants and the managers and waiters from the main restaurant were as usual friendly and efficient. Thank you! Also positive was from my point of view, the white night in which samba dancers and capoeira performers came to the ship to do the entertainment. I have also enjoyed the Azamazing evening in Montevideo, because I have learned something new about the culture of Carnival in Uruguay. I would not like to repeat though. Other entertainment, like lecturers or solo performers were not to my liking. In room entertainment on the TV was bad. No interactive TV, repeating series on house improvements or ghost... I have found several negative aspects during this cruise, which have contributed to my overall impression. First the cabin. As I was traveling solo, I have chosen an ocean view cabin since the balcony cabins were out of question in terms of pricing. I wanted to ensure a Midship cabin and they were some ocean views there which were described as having restricted views. This, I have thought would not be a problem. I was WRONG! My ocean view cabin did not have a restricted view, but it was totally obstructed. In front of the cabin there was a tender boat, which not only blocked completely the view but which had permanent somebody working on the boat, so that I could not keep my window curtains open if I wanted privacy. So my ocean view turned to be an inside cabin. Besides this it was a small cabin that had a TV placed in such a way that in order to look at it I had to lay with my head at the end of the bed, becoming a pain in my neck for the unconventional position. I would never book such a cabin again. I would prefer an inside cabin if price is an issue. I had received a guest feedback survey from the Hotel Director on the second day of the cruise and I have mentioned the problems I had with the cabin. The ship was not fully booked. On day 9th the guest relation manager offered me to move to another ocean view cabin on the 4th floor. Since there were only 4 more nights to go, I have declined. The guest relation manager gracefully treated me for dinner at Aqualina. Thanks for that. The ship itself, although it is the same category from the other Azamara ships, did not have the same charm. I am not sure what is the reason. It looks quite rundown and somehow cold in the atmosphere. I have felt this cold atmosphere, which does not have to do with the ship temperature, many times on the ship. I felt that something or someone is influencing the atmosphere. The crew members do not look very happy to me. Difficult to see smiles. The interaction with officers was rather limited around the ship. I have missed the warm and friendly atmosphere from the Journey and the Quest, which contributes so much to the on board experience. The food onboard the Azamara Pursuit was comparable to the food at the Royal Caribbean Ships. I have always considered Azamara, as the premium line from Royal, to be around five stars, Celebrity cruises about 4 stars and Royal Caribbean ships and experience about 3 stars. Well, I would give the food on the main restaurant at the Pursuit with a lot of effort, 4 stars. The special buffet brunch was many points below what it used to be before (I remember very well the dim sum that used to be included in the buffet brunch). The buffet restaurant not more than 3 stars at any time of the day. Breakfast was a disappointment with cold waffles and pancakes. Only eggs to order were Ok. No regional food was served. Frozen pizza... (I had looked with envy at the Italian MSC ship anchored next to us in Buzios, knowing how good their fresh made pizza is). Food at Aqualina was also a disappointment. The Branzino (one of the finest fish in Italy) tasted like a simple tilapia. Overall I did not feel that the food on this ship was meeting the Azamara standards. I have drank the included wines. There were fine for me. However, there was also a difference in comparison with other Azamara cruises. In previous cruises if you liked a particular wine of the included wines, let’s say a Riesling, you could repeat it on other days. This was not possible on the Pursuit. You had to take the wine of the day or buy a wine package if you wanted a different wine. The LCV experience had the usual things: internet free minutes according to your level of membership, a free laundry bag per cruise and invitations to some cocktail parties and events. I have received two small astromelia flowers for the whole length of the cruise which were dead after 7 days. No new flowers were brought. I have the feeling that the LCV representative is still facing the challenge to learn how to interact with Azamara guests and special with frequent cruisers from Azamara and from Celebrity. She would kind of contemptuously mention that there were many higher tier onboard that “came from Celebrity “. Being myself a “discoverer plus” member with 10 cruises with Azamara, I have asked her how many other discoverer plus members were there. She refused to give me the information saying this is confidential. Well, I wonder why. I have been at so many presentations in which the LCV told us the numbers of all frequent cruises in public without exposing any information which was confidential. Overall I have enjoyed myself because I love to cruise. Unfortunately I did not have the wow effect, that I always had before at an Azamara ship. It was the first time in all my cruising time that I have debarked without booking another cruise or even buying a next cruise certificate. I would try to cruise again with the Journey or Quest in order to see if my observations are similar. Being a fan of Azamara for so many years, I do not want to judge its performance just based on my last experience with the Pursuit. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
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