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7 Night Baltic Sea Cruise from Copenhagen

7 Night Baltic Sea Cruise from Copenhagen

MSC Meraviglia
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MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia - MSC Cruises


Fantastic for families; foodies and for those who just want to have a lot of fun


The endless activities and constant noise, plus kids up all hours, can be a little overwhelming

Bottom line: Big, fun, family-friendly ship with good food and endless entertainment

Cruise Reviews

We booked this trip one year ago on the MSC Seaside. When we booked there were various “packages” available. We choose Aurea experience which included the deluxe package which became the Premium drink package. During the year MSC ... Read More
We booked this trip one year ago on the MSC Seaside. When we booked there were various “packages” available. We choose Aurea experience which included the deluxe package which became the Premium drink package. During the year MSC changed their packaging but we didn’t change our booking. I give you this background so you can fully appreciate the misadventures we have had. The first issue was embarkation- over 3 hours to get on from curb to the ship. An hour an a half of it outside in the cold schlepping our bags the whole way . Now I am not lazy but we had our 80 year old mother with us who walks with a cane. There was no where for her to sit and we had to deal with our bags and hers - making for a lot of maneuvering. Once finally in we went to get wheel chair assistance only to find out there were people who had been waiting over two hours already . Mom was so tired she just wanted to get on board so we proceeded to the priority embarkation (black card status privilege) to line up for another hour and a half. Again no seats or refreshments. Then for the first time ever we waited another 1/2 hour to get up the boarding causeway . There was a number of travel agents in for the day for a cruise ship tour and so we couldn’t go on if they were coming off . We made sure each agent was aware of the issues - probably offsetting any goodwill gained in the tour. Eventually a MSC staff said there was another walkway at the back of the ship but by then we were actually almost on the gangway. Our next issue was that the alcohol package we booked wasn’t on our card at all. We tried to discuss this with guest relations but they said nothing they could do. The bar and catering manager finally quasi fixed it but only gave us a classic package rather than the premium we had under our original booking . I am so We are now on day three of the trip and have had the port cancelled due to a delayed sailing on account of weather . So I don’t blame MSC for the onboarding - that sounds like a port authority and port agent issue. I don’t blame them for the weather - we all know that no one controls that. But........when a company of this size refused to honour the contents of their contract there are bigger issues at play. I have also now found that they have charged items to my account that were not signed for - with again the horrendous guest relations comment of - well I guess they forgot to get you to sign . With absolutely no remorse they said they would put a note on the file. At this point I am ready to remove the daily gratuity charge to offset the additional charges I am getting hit with (those known and those unknown) however I know that hurts those staff that have no ability to change this sucky situation. So instead I feel a review to warn people about this situation is better . By the way we are seasoned travellers and my husband is a cruise agent so it is not like we don’t know what we are doing . My advice at this point is to avoid this cruise line until they get their act together . Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
The cruise started with a horrible embarkation. I never received the wheelchair that I had reserved for embarkation and spent over 2 hours standing in line which is very painful for me. The lounges on the ship are way to small for the ... Read More
The cruise started with a horrible embarkation. I never received the wheelchair that I had reserved for embarkation and spent over 2 hours standing in line which is very painful for me. The lounges on the ship are way to small for the amount ofpassengers. The food was horrible. Almost all the food in the buffet was cold, the dining room not much better. The meat was very tough. One day a headwaiter watched me unsuccessfully try to cut 3 steaks. Another night I injred a tooth on atough pork chop and had a toothache the rest of the cruise. and now have a dentl appointment scheduled. I reported this to the headwaiter and the reception desk. I was promised by reception that someone would get back to me. This never happened. A lot of the food such as the horrible chicken cordon blue is not prepared on the ship. My waiter explained it comes in a box and is just heated onboard. I had arranged to have a wheelchair pick me up in the cabin at 9:15 and was told it was ok to stay there even though they ask you to vacate the cabin at 8. After numerous calls by me and the cabin steward they finally got me at 1030. Luckily I live in NY so did not have to worry about missing a flight. One other note, they cut our stay in Quebec City by 12 hours so we arrive in NYC before 2am Why? One more note. There was no Kleenex in the cabin and my cabin steward said it is by request and he needed his supervisors permission which he got. One passenger I spoke to was told by their steward there is no Kleenex on the ship. I hace done close to75 cruises and this joke of a line was by far the worst. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
Our recent Cruise with MSC aboard the Meraviglia October 8th – October 18th, 2019. This was a 10 NIGHTS – Canada Fall Foliage Cruise with Overnight in Quebec, Sailing the St Lawrence, and 3 other ports. We Purchased the following Aurea ... Read More
Our recent Cruise with MSC aboard the Meraviglia October 8th – October 18th, 2019. This was a 10 NIGHTS – Canada Fall Foliage Cruise with Overnight in Quebec, Sailing the St Lawrence, and 3 other ports. We Purchased the following Aurea Class Balcony (B3) Unlimited Beverages Included & Spa and we also did status matching which gave us MSC GOLD Status. Embarkation Day. We (group of 6) arrived at port around 11:15, unloaded our luggage, but there were no porters, or nobody around give directions as were to go. Luggage everywhere, so we proceeded to lug our luggage to a conveyor belt upon getting to the conveyor we were told only Even number taken here (what did that mean floor or room) again no signs or personnel providing directions. Finally, we found a porter who took our luggage. Now on to security, again no one providing directions to the mass of people it was chaos, we finally wiggled our way in line. We had a few folks in our group that had medical issues (1 with cane and another with a boot on foot) we finally we able to moved to the head of the security line (again they were only going to let the 2 folks go, but we are traveling as a group). Now on to the check in line, once again no one there to direct the crowded (multiple lines from security trying to funnel into check in line). No one separating folks for Priority check in (which I believe gold status had). So once again we wait while we are in line we are hand a piece of paper notifying us that we will not have the second day in Quebec and they were giving us a $50 room credit (25 a person) for missing ½ a day in Quebec. We finally reach the check in counter, folks there did not seem to know what to do we were hand an immigrations document of Canada and told we need to hand it in somewhere did not know where or by when. We only had 1 key card ready, we had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the second card. Cards in hand now we are on our way, caught up with our group and had on boarding picture taken now on to the Gang Way…guess what another line. There were only 1 gangway open and 1-person scan cards. Really, 1 gangway and 1 person to scan 5000 passengers. Finally, 3 hours later we were on board the ship, but we were the lucky ones others had greater than 4 hours to check in. The Safety Drill was a JOKE, for muster station (tv Sound room) there was no one by the doors at meeting point to check in with, finally my partner went out to find them standing by the elevator and direct them to the group of people who were waiting. The actual drill was not good either as compared to other ships. They only did the directions for life jackets, no directions of what to do if not in your cabin, what about those traveling with children...etc. We finally set Sail about 730PM which is 2.5 hours late Dinner first night was okay no issues with using our Beverage package, however Starting Day 2 Beverage Package Issue…. This was the thorn in our side the whole cruise. When I boarded, I checked with bar in Market Lounge to find out our dollar limit (which I was told 10). Dinner second night was a disaster wasted almost 30 to 40 minutes on Drink Package I order a glass cost $ 8.50 and was told not on package. We explained we had the Aurea Experience (it was even on our sea card) which included unlimited drinks. But they kept saying but when scan our cards that is not what is says. They said I could have the house wine, which they serve to everybody at dinner, but the point is WE PAID FOR A BEVERAGE PACKAGE which included drinks anywhere This issue continued throughout the trip; some bartenders and wait staff knew how to ring it others did not. Our travel agent XXXXX and 100 other guests were on board, he kept working with the staff to correct this problem, with no luck. XXXXX even asked my partner to attend a meeting with Ship personnel to address this issue. During that meeting is was quite apparent that no one knew which plan was included. It appears that had been some changes since we booked. But again, that should not be an issue for Guest aboard the ship. The issue was never resolved so we spent more time and aggravation trying to get charges removed for our drinks. We also began bringing and getting our own drinks for dinner when we found a bar tender that knew how to ring up our drinks correctly. During 1 meal one a member of our party went to get Iced tea for a member of our group as the staff could not provide. Dining Experience, Food in Panorama and Waves was subpar. Food was served warm at best, one night I order the Shrimp D’avaoli (spelling) the shrimp was way overcooked and mushy. One evening a member our group decided to treat herself to Lobster (upcharge). Her Lobster arrived 30 minutes after everyone else. We were all done eating before hers arrived. It does not take that long to cook a lobster, fortunately they comp the meal, but still it was frustrating and disappointing and bad dinner experience. The specialty Dining package TRYPTIC DINING PACKAGE was equally disappointing. The package included 3 dinners at the following restaurants Butcher Cut, KaitoSushi and Ocean Cay. However, our documents indicated we had an Italian restraint (which was not on this ship) Upon boarding the ship, we went directly to Ocean Cay to book our reservations as we had a group of 10 so we knew we had to book early. Unfortunately, the next day all our reservations we gone once again we had to go back down and set up new reservations. We opt for the following restaurants Ocean Cay, Tapas Restaurant and Butcher Cut. One of the main complaints for all the specialty restaurants was the limitations set on what we could order with the package (very restricted compared to the cruise lines special packages). The Ocean Cay should provide options for those who don’t want and/or can’t eat sea food but want to go to dinner with the group. Food was okay but not great Tapas Restaurant food was ok, I ordered the lobster burger, which was an upcharge, the lobster was very overcooked rubbery, the wait staff comp the charge on the lobster since I did not like it Butcher Cut offered the best meals of all the specialty restaurants I would have selected that for 3 meals if given the choice. Our Aurea Experience included unlimited access to the Thermal spa and 1 50-minute Massage The Massage was great the Therapist I had done a great job. The Thermal SPA has some needs for improvement. First off, the position of the Women’s locker room is poorly laid out, the changing area is visible to the main public area of the Spa. The Spa Area is much to small for this size ship only 3 Thermal Beds (of which only 2 worked the entire cruise). It was difficult to get time on the chairs. Compared to other cruise lines Thermal areas this was very small and very dark. Need the larger towels placed in the women’s locker room, supplying small towels does not proved a cover up as you walk from the locker room which again is visible to the entrance spa to the thermal area. Providing Robes would be a big improvement as well. Also, it might be helpful to post reminders to folks that this is area for relaxations excessive and loud talking is not appropriate. The saving of the thermal beds is not permitted, I walked in to find towels on bed and people were in the Jacuzzi spa. I know MSC can not be responsible for people rudeness or lack of common sense, but reminders and staff monitoring might help Regarding communications, the phone system on board did not provide the ability to leave messages for other guests. The online app good thing did not charge for app as other cruise line do, but there is need for improvement need to be able to send chat to multiple guest at one time to cumbersome to send chats to people in group. Updates and chats need to be timely. We had issue scheduling our Cirque De Soleil it took 4 follow up conversations to get it right. Disembarking went better than Embarkment but still a bit confusing. Refunding of credit balance to passengers (which was probable more since we got a 150 per persons credit for missing Port in Sydney) for those passengers putting CC on accounts, it should have been a simple transaction to credit our account. Why should a guest have to wait in long lines at guest services to get our money back? We purchased this cruise based on 2 key factors first being to visit Quebec and spend time in Quebec and to view the fall foliage while sailing to and from Quebec along the St Lawrence. Well MSC fell short on both accounts. While standing in line to check in we were notified to that we would not have the additional half day on Quebec on the October 15th. They offered us $50 on board credit (nonrefundable credit) 25 per person. Chump change for time lost in port, we should have been refund for the day. And due to this change in schedule we did not sail during the day light hours along the St Lawrence to view the fall foliage as anticipated. Scheduled was changed to leave Quebec 12 hours early to arrive New York 2 hours earlier at 7 AM instead of original arrival was 9 AM. Note that even with the rough seas we arrived in port after 1 AM 6 hours early. This was the worst cruise experience we have had, and we have cruised quite a bit we have Diamond Plus on RCL and Platinum on NCL. So, we will not be paying for another cruise on MSC and will not be recommending this cruise line to anyone Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
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