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8 Night Bahamas Cruise from Baltimore

8 Night Bahamas Cruise from Baltimore

Grandeur of the Seas
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Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Smaller size, veteran crew and repeat clientele give the ship a homey feel


Cabins feel old; ship lacks line's newest bells and whistles

Bottom Line

Affordable ship in Baltimore draws families, seniors and everyone in between

Cruise Reviews

Since we live within 45 minutes of Baltimore we decided to book at Gandeur of the Seas. The embarkation was so very easy to board the ship and parking was very plentiful. When arriving we went to the Windjammer for a quick meal and then ... Read More
Since we live within 45 minutes of Baltimore we decided to book at Gandeur of the Seas. The embarkation was so very easy to board the ship and parking was very plentiful. When arriving we went to the Windjammer for a quick meal and then our room was ready. We had booked an oceanview room and it was very clean and a good size. I thought we would get a port hold but I was thankful for the large window. The bed was very comfortable and a king size. The room was very clean and our statesroom attendant was fantastic and took care of us (Rolanda). Whenever we left and returned it was ready and the towel animals were very cute. We ate breakfast at the Windjammer and it was alright but I am not a breakfast person but my husband truly enjoyed the variety. Every night except one we ate at My Dinning which was very good every night. The dining room is a a pretty decor of white and a soft blue. Our waiter Ikango and his helper Henri was the best. Every night he remember that I took mint leaves with my water and hot tea for my husband. He recommended the items that we should try and they very good. One night we ate at Chops Grill for a kind of celebration and I will give a C because our food was not cooked as we requested and my husband's steam was cold. It would not be on our list when we go again. The shows are alright except for one comedian which kind made remarks that were not socially acceptable to us. They had a group called UpTown and they were fantastic singing the Motown songs so they decided to have them two nights. Overall we really enjoyed our trip and will definitely return. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
Just a little background info. This was our 3rd RC cruise. We have cruised 2 times on Celebrity and 1 time on Emerald Waterways. We were very pleased with our Adventure of the Seas Cruise and anticipated to have a great time on this one. ... Read More
Just a little background info. This was our 3rd RC cruise. We have cruised 2 times on Celebrity and 1 time on Emerald Waterways. We were very pleased with our Adventure of the Seas Cruise and anticipated to have a great time on this one. We were only Gold ranked peeps on the ship and it was first apparent upon embarkation. We chose this cruise because of timing and we had never been to Key West before. The other times it was apparent is when they had a "private event" in the Viking Crown Lounge area. We flew into Baltimore the day before and stayed in a cute B&B called 1840's Carrollton Inn. It was very charming and breakfast was made to order and very good! It was raining most of the day (October 16th), but we still walked around to explore the city a bit. Had fun walking in the rain! We ate a wonderful Crab Cake lunch at the Lexington Market. Since we did not wear our rain gear, we got soaking wet. The wonderful people at the 1840's Carrollton Inn let us use their washer and dryer. We were told that Embarkation wouldn't be until later in the afternoon, but checkout was at 11:00, so with luggage, there really was not much we could do but go to the Port. We were not the only ones in the same boat, so to speak! ;) We got to know our line-mates and that was fun. It was still cool and windy and it would have been Really Nice if Royal Caribbean would have let us in out of the cold. We were towards the front of the line and the line behind us quickly grew very long. There was another line for another door as well. And, for some unknown reason, people thought they could form a 3rd line...huh?? what?? Now for the frustrating part........After a long wait, the Guard of the Door finally opened it and started his spiel announcing for all the people who have lots of points (Emerald, Diamond, Key, Etc.). Well, that was fine, for the first few times. I get it, they spent a lot of money cruising with RC. But......when he kept on announcing the same thing every few minutes, and then more stragglers would come up and go in the door....and that happened for a very long time and got the rest of us more and more impatient (it was not warm breezes we were experiencing outside). We came up with a Brilliant idea ---- Why can't all those people have the other door just to themselves? It sure would have solved the problem of the rest of us getting miffed at the Guard repeating himself every few minutes (and miffed at the stragglers) and us thinking we can finally go in, and then another set of stragglers would show up and our wait would continue. Anyway, it could have been done a lot more efficiently. I really felt badly for the older folks and the folks who could not stand in line well. I am normally a cup half full type of person, but this kind of annoyed even me. On the other hand, we were able to get a later disembarkation time. Our flight wasn't until later in the day. By the time we had breakfast in the main dining room, sat a while near Starbucks and the windows....and then disembarked; there was No Problem at all exiting the ship, getting our luggage and going through security. That was a Very Good experience. We also were able to catch a ride (cab/limo) to the airport right away. We had never been on Grandeur, but have read reviews about it here on cruisecritic. We knew it was an older and smaller ship. A couple comments I have about the overall ship is that on Deck 5 (I believe), where the Starbucks is located, they were continually replacing/repairing the area around the rail. The walkway was partially blocked the whole time. Not a very good first impression. Also, there were a lot of not nice odors all around the ship that seemed to get worse as the cruise progressed. We did not notice a lot of cleaning/disinfecting of the hand rails on the stairs nor in the public restrooms. We had a balcony cabin on Deck 7. It was a great location for us; down the stairs a few flights to the dining room and up the stairs a few flights to the pool and Windjammer. We always take the stairs to hopefully help a bit with all the calories being consumed! Our Stateroom Attendant's name was Ikomang Wijahya. He was such a pleasant young man -- always greeting us with a smile and great attitude. For my birthday he made a 3 layer birthday cake out of towels :) Our room was kept spotless and had plenty of closet space, drawers and shelves. The bed was actually comfortable! A Very Nice Surprise! I'm not a fan of the curtain for the shower and the all in one shampoo and body wash though, and the size of the shower. Since it is an older ship, I doubt there is much they can do about it. We did not go to any specialty restaurants. We ate breakfast in the main dining room. Lunch in the main dining room for the 3 sea days and in the Windjammer for the port days. Dinner in the main dining room. We had the roast beef sandwich (beef on a kimmelweck bun) a couple of times in the Park Cafe. It was better the 2nd time (new beef and I was first in line). We were a bit disappointed in the lack of variety of the food, especially in the Windjammer. It would be nice to have different stations: Italian, Asian, Mexican, etc., with different types of those foods each day. It was really nice that servers walked around and took drink orders while you were dining in the Windjammer. Service was very good that way. Also, the Windjammer needs an ice cream station :) I know, there is the soft serve just outside....We really enjoy the salads they make for you in the main dining room during sea days at lunchtime. The last formal night in the main dining room - lobster tail and prime rib - was very good. I remember our last RC cruise that for Chocolate Breakfast day they offered a chocolate shake. I did not get it that time and was looking forward to getting it this time ---- but it was not on the menu. :( We went to a couple of the shows. Were not at all impressed with the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers. However, we were Very Impressed with Rookie. That show was really good and enjoyable! I wish his band would have played by the pool and in other areas of the ship. We did not go on any shore excursions. Our first stop, Port Canaveral, it was raining.All of the water based shore excursions were canceled. We would not have minded just walking around, but you can't get anywhere without taking a bus. When we go on cruises, we like to be able to walk into town, or to a beach and explore on our own. That is one of the reasons why we rated this cruise so low ---- the lack of being able to do that in both Port Canaveral and Miami. It was nice to finally be able to do that in Key West. We arrived an hour earlier and departed an hour earlier than it was originally planned. We walked to the Southernmost point in the Continental USA and meandered back, doing some shopping along the way; had lunch on the ship and went back out for more exploring. Was a nice way to spend my birthday :) And, yes, I wore a tiara :) We then went to Coco Cay. It was a nice, relaxing beach and pool day for us. We walked all around (where it was open). Not a large isle. Beware.....it looked like they rake the sand and sandy pathways, But there are small and large coral type rocks everywhere. If you have tender feet, you might want to put your flip flops on while going on the paths to/from places. The ocean water was great -- a bit cooler than the pool on the Grandeur (which was a bit warm). The pool was very nice and big enough to swim and make your way around the different areas. The liner in the pool was not intact in places, especially around the 0 entry area where the little kids were and the steps near there. Those steps could be very dangerous and I had to be careful stepping up and out of the pool there. Something RC Needs to fix before someone gets hurt. The swim up bar was packed and it is a lot easier to get a drink on the dry side of it. Speaking of drinks ---- we don't think they use the best alcohol to mix their drinks there. On a brighter note, we thought the food was better than most of the food on the ship. Yummy Mexican food and a good Cuban sandwich. We did not buy the balloon ride nor any of the waterpark extra fee things. I think Snorkel equipment should be a freebee. It would have been nice to be able to do that. We had no problem finding 2 lounge chairs and table an umbrella on the beach side; but harder to find 2 chairs together near the pool (with some shade). We Really enjoyed the pool! Plenty of room for all the people. The pool on the Grandeur has a very small space that is not just for sitting in the water, and then 99% of the people in the pool part of the pool just stand and watch the TV. Not great for someone who would like to do a little bit of swimming or moving around at all in the pool. So, I was really glad for the Coco Cay pool! We had 2 sea days on the way back. The first day was nice and warm, the 2nd day got cooler and cooler, of course. It was pleasant. Had time to read and took walks around the ship on deck 5, having to detour when parts of it were closed off for some reason or another. Saw some dolphins swimming along one day and that was really fun! We did see dolphins at the dock at Cape Canaveral and I have a picture of one that caught a fish for breakfast. That was really cool! Regarding the Beverage Package and the bartenders......It seemed to us that the only bartenders who automatically gave us "the good stuff" was Christonio -- in the Viking Crown Lounge. He also knew how to make drinks, even if not on the "menu". And Amit in the Lobby Bar was very good and friendly. Deborah at the Scooner bar did a good job for us one day. All the other bars/bartenders, if you don't specify a certain liquor, they give you the "house" or lower quality brand --- in our experience anyway and a lot of the bartenders made the same drink differently. I'm glad we were able to get away before the cold and snow of winter sets in. Grandeur has been sold (to another RC part of their company, I think). There were A Lot of people on the ship that were Regulars on Grandeur. Sometimes it seemed like we were invading "their space/special club". There were a lot more people on this cruise that talked/bragged about their status than in all the cruises (6 of them so far) we have been on, put together. All in all, I would not go on this ship and go with this itinerary again. Our other cruises were much more enjoyable in every way. We did meet up with a couple from our very first cruise -- on this one -- and that was really special! :) Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
We went on this cruise because we won a "free" cruise from listening to a time share presentation. (Hubby and I have sailed on Carnival before but this was our first time on Royal Caribbean). By the time we upgraded to a cabin ... Read More
We went on this cruise because we won a "free" cruise from listening to a time share presentation. (Hubby and I have sailed on Carnival before but this was our first time on Royal Caribbean). By the time we upgraded to a cabin with a view (no balcony) and paid the taxes and fees it was far from free.. Embarkation was a nightmare. We received an email the day before saying the ship would arrive late and that we should arrive between 5-7 pm. Apparently all the other passengers received the same e-mail because it looked like everyone was arriving at once. Traffic was a nightmare and dangerous. Stood in line for an hour. Once we finally got on the ship we were in our room for a couple minutes when a crew member came in and said we had to go to the muster drill. Some passengers were not even on the ship yet. Then we went to the main dining room where there was open seating for dinner. Service was very slow and food was okay. We heard later that it was a rough trip back and even the crew got sick. So I'm willing to give them a break, but it wasn't a great first impression. Our cabin was nice enough and bed was comfortable. There was enough storage but the bathroom was small. We usually had breakfast in Windjammer and it was okay. Omelet made to order was good. Lunch in Main Dining Room (MDR) was good but slow. We ate dinner in the MDR every night. It was good but there wasn't much variety. Steak was too thin. The desserts and service were very good. Our cabin steward, Oliver, did a good job keeping ice bucket filled for my husband's bum knee. The decor of the ship is nice and understated. There are kiosks that give directions, what's happening on the ship, and menus. Good job on those. We docked in Bermuda on the third night. Arrival there is another story but we did get our overnight and partial day. Before that we went to a couple of lectures about Bermuda which were interesting. We took a shore excursion to a secluded beach that included lunch, beach equipment, access to a nature reserve, and rum swizzles. My lunch (local fish sandwich) and swizzles were good. The man who served us did a good job. But the beach was rocky and we spent almost as much time getting to the beach and back (almost an hour each way) as we did at the beach. On the way the bus driver told us about Bermuda but didn't talk much on the way back. Bermuda was not really what I expected. There were very few flowers. There were lots of colorful houses close together. I certainly wouldn't want to drive on the island. We also took the tour of the ship's kitchen with brunch and unlimited mimosas. Tour was interesting but wasn't thrilled about the brunch menu. I got a refreshment package and enjoyed the mocktails. The hot tubs were too hot. On the last day there was a very nice salute to veterans ceremony. Beatlemania was a good show. Broadway was so-so. I didn't know many of the songs but there was a live band. On the last night the show wasn't presented because the ship was rocking. One of the two comedians was okay. I didn't appreciate the literal bathroom humor from both. Disembarking wasn't as bad as embarkation but was late. I probably would not go on this particular cruise again but I would consider cruising on Royal Caribbean again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
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