Group Cruises

Group Cruising

Group cruises come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you are vacationing with a large family group and need help planning a trip and looking for cruise deals. Or maybe you want to join a group of likeminded people on a theme cruise with your favorite band, reality TV star, fitness guru or political figures. We share our best advice on both types of group cruises.

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  • came along as a group of 25. wish we had chosen either another ship or different time of year to sail. my least favorite of all cruises i have been on. second cruise to alaska. suffice it to say, i am not a megaship kind of cruiser. breakfast in the ... Read more
  • Love it.
    We picked this cruise because the price is reasonable/cheaper than Carnival. 1. The embarkation and disembarkation were smoothly. 2. Ship is new and clean 3. Cabin is small just like any cruise ship cabin. The shower area seems small. 4. ... Read more
  • Lunch Box Let Down!
    I first experienced "Your World, Your Way" service on the Riviera in 2017. A 21 day Med cruise, It was fantastic! This was largely due to the fact that Peter Roberts was the Cruise Director and his partner Jason Parsons was the Assistant Cruise ... Read more
  • 1st Cruise Vacation
    Wife and I decided to book cruise since the Hard Rock vacation didn’t turnout very good last year at Punta Cana with her getting bad sick. As title says this was our 1st so nothing to compare to other than resorts we stayed at. Overall it was ... Read more
  • Just save your money
    Royal Seas. Let me first say that there is nothing Royal about this. Don’t let the pictures of the brand new cruise ships fool you. The ship we got on was rusted and corroding away. They called us with an all inclusive package that in reality, was ... Read more
  • Best Ever!!
    This was the best cruise ever! The staff was friendly and very helpful as well as cheerful. The food was delicious and plentiful.Every evening it was arranged with care and lovely.Our dining staff was wonderful, especially our wine girl ... Read more