Group Cruises

Group Cruising

Group cruises come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you are vacationing with a large family group and need help planning a trip and looking for cruise deals. Or maybe you want to join a group of likeminded people on a theme cruise with your favorite band, reality TV star, fitness guru or political figures. We share our best advice on both types of group cruises.

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  • Wonderful Cruise
    Beautiful boat. Great dinners every night. Stayed in Room 3624. Terrific ocean view room right outside 3rd floor dining room - so convenient. Only problem was it was an “adjoining” room so there was a door where the couch should have been, ... Read more
  • Over-priced for what you get
    RCI Veteran
    My husband and I wanted to try another ship from Fremantle rather than fly over east or to Singapore for a short cruise, as we sail about 6 times a year. This was a one night in port celebration when we booked, but later converted to part of the ... Read more
  • I was prepared to have not-so-good experience after reading reviews and because we had tight budget and it's impossible to return the tickets so I flight to Miami with heavy heart, especially when i was a planner for our family trip. But luckily, ... Read more
  • Not too shabby
    We went as part of a big group that reserved the entire ship for a 5 day cruise. This was the 6th cruise of my life so I feel I have some experience in cruising. Royal Caribbean has been a class act and they take of their ships. We left from ... Read more
  • An interesting Cruise
    My cruise was a surprise arranged by my friend. I was amazed. Arriving we were greeted by friendly porters and our suitcases were taken to our booked cabins. We then waited some time in five rows filling out paperwork before being served at a ... Read more
  • Surprisingly Good
    We went with a group of 58 from our community. We do not normally sail Carnival as we are not big fans. I must say I was surprised by a few things. 1) When we were able to access our cabin, one piece of luggage was waiting for us!! This is the ... Read more