Cruise Line Tipping Policies: Soft-Adventure Lines

Celebrity (Celebrity Xpedition Only)
The Process: Unlike on Celebrity's larger ships, all tips are included in the cruise fares for the much smaller Celebrity Xpedition, which operates exclusively in the Galapagos Islands.

Alternatives: If passengers wish to reward someone for extraordinary service, they can do so by giving a cash tip to that person. The amount is up to each individual.

Extra Charges: None.

The Process: Hurtigruten has two separate tipping policies. On its coastal voyages in Norway, there's a no-tipping policy. On expedition trips, Hurtigruten recommends a gratuity of 80 NOK per passenger, per day, but the actual amount is left up to each passenger. Forms are left in the cabin for passengers to fill out and give to the purser before the end of the cruise. The amount will be charged to your onboard account.

Alternatives: If you do want to reward a particular crewmember for exceptional service, you may tip him or her individually.

Extra Charges: No gratuities are added to wine or cocktail purchases.

Lindblad Expeditions
The Process: On Lindblad Expeditions, gratuities are at each passenger's discretion. Tips can be paid in cash or by traveler's check.

Alternatives: Passengers who wish to give an additional tip or gift to individual crewmembers may do so at their discretion.

Extra Charges: None. Bartenders are included in the general gratuity and do not need to be compensated separately.

Orion Expedition Cruises
The Process: Gratuities are not included in the cruise fare on Orion Expedition Cruises, but tipping is neither required nor expected.

Alternatives: If you wish to express special thanks for excellent service, you may tip directly to individual crewmembers.

Extra Charges: Tipping is not expected for bar staff or tour guides, but, again, passengers may tip if they wish.

Star Clippers
The Process: Star Clippers recommends tipping 8 euros per person, per day, deposited in a box at the purser's office, but gratuities are at the sole discretion of each passenger.

Alternatives: If you prefer, you may also charge tips to your shipboard account instead of tipping in cash. Passengers are free to give additional cash gifts to other crewmembers they feel deserve recognition for outstanding service, but it is not required.

Extra Charges: A 15 percent service charge is added to all bar bills.

Voyages of Discovery
The Process: Voyages of Discovery suggests a gratuity of $7.50 per person, per day, which covers the cabin and dining room staff.

Alternatives: Passengers typically present cash to any crewmembers who go above and beyond, or they can leave envelopes at the reception desk for specific crewmembers.

Extra Charges: Tips are not added to bar or spa bills onboard. Passengers may tip tour leaders at their discretion.

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