340 Port Canaveral (Orlando) to Caribbean - Western Carnival Glory Cruise Reviews

Have been on about five other Carnival cruises and this one ranks on the bottom. First the way the ship Red Sail Restaurant looked was old looking and dark not like the Liberty or Valor. Some cakes and deserts seemed old like left over ... Read More
Have been on about five other Carnival cruises and this one ranks on the bottom. First the way the ship Red Sail Restaurant looked was old looking and dark not like the Liberty or Valor. Some cakes and deserts seemed old like left over from the cruise before, rest of food was good, but I hate chicken turkey so I ate a lot of sandwiches from the Deli. Lunch and dinner I would eat a salad and bake potato and salad. Could have been more selections on meat items. Other cruise the late party on the Lido deck was a party everyone dancing ,band or music playing and a lot of party things going on and a lot of fun . I took a nap so I would be up for the Lido deck party, on Liberty and Valor they was a blast cruise director and everyone up there having fun. The next day you would hear everyone talking was you up on the Lido deck last night it was great!!!. Well after taking my nap and going to the Lido deck on the Glory we went through the buffet line and got some Mexican food and then off to bed no party no music. Other cruises a lot of music like Caribean music playing around the pool. One day on the Glory they had some teenagers playing some loud music with a electric guitar sound more like Rock. Where was the Jimmy Buffet songs . Going around the ship they would be singers singing Latin songs. I am 63 and I felt like 93 by the music on this cruise, I like lively music and I like the Five a clock somewhere music . Food over all was good burgers and fries and the Ice cream was great. Pizza on Carnival is terrible compared to Princess and Royal Carribean, you have to stand in line to get their pizza, on Carnival you have to ring a bell to get someone to come. On this cruise I ate two piecies of pizza on my princess cruise to Alaska about four slices a day, and people in line waiting to get the pizza. But Carnival has good prices on their cruises and I can eat other things than pizza. Cozumel was great and Belize was good if you had a tour booked and for shopping my wife was ready to go back on ship after 15 minutes,other than the ships diamond places and place had no shopping. I have enjoyed and liked Carnival cruises before this one the live music and the late night party on the Lido deck, will book another cruise on Carnival and hope its nothing like the Glory. Went to the comedy show and he was awful no one laughed around our table, he the comedian kelp asking is everyone asleep. Yes the cruise over all was good, never been on a bad cruise yet but this one ranks as the most disappointing. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
First, let me start with the good. The ship is beautiful and the rooms are as nice as any I've sailed. The room steward was excellent. Everything was cleaned and put where it should be and when it should be. When we boarded the ... Read More
First, let me start with the good. The ship is beautiful and the rooms are as nice as any I've sailed. The room steward was excellent. Everything was cleaned and put where it should be and when it should be. When we boarded the Carnival Glory, I was proud that I had recommended this ship to the two other couples who were traveling with me. The ports on this cruise were interesting enough with Cozumel being the most accessible and having the most interesting excursions. As I said, the boat was gorgeous, but ... whatever possessed a group of people to travel between lounges, casinos, buffets, shows, bars, etc. in their bath robes?!?! Cruise ships are suppose to be fun, but there is also a level of elegance associated with cruising. This behavior was just plain crude and offensive to other travelers. It appears to me that Carnival should have enforced a more appropriate dress code in these areas of the ship. Further, as I said, the room was very nice, but the second you stepped into the hall the cigarette smoke was noxious. I have traveled many cruise lines, but this is the first where the smoke was almost intolerable. Only a few of the ships have trips that are nonsmoking, and there will always be some smoke in the hallways, but this was ridiculous. Finally, the worst for last - the food. I traveled with five other people and the food was so bad, one of our party excused himself from the dinner meal two nights. The food was substandard and so was the service. There were long periods between courses and the food often came out cold. Prime rib arrived cold, au jus had to be requested, and when it finally arrived it was cold. I will say the cornish hen and lobster tail was excellent, but any beef product would have been better employed in shoes or a purse. Selections on the buffet were limited. There were multiple rows of food - but all the same food. To sum it all up, this is the worst Carnival Cruise I have ever taken. As a matter of fact, this is the only Carnival Cruise I have even considered bad. When we were planning this trip and had a choice of cruise lines, my comment to others in my group was, "Let's take Carnival, they always treat you well." Not anymore folks! I'll be making other choices in the future. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
Hi There, I have read this board frequently for many years. In preparation for my latest cruise, I began once again to read daily and became informed of the many changes and cutbacks. I really did not want to believe some of the things I ... Read More
Hi There, I have read this board frequently for many years. In preparation for my latest cruise, I began once again to read daily and became informed of the many changes and cutbacks. I really did not want to believe some of the things I was reading. Prior to this cruise, I had been on 7 Carnival cruises between 1999 and 2006 and I loved those vacations. This was my third time on the Glory. We live about 2 miles from Port Canaveral. So convenient! My husband and I carried on 2 bottles of champagne each with no problems. Embarkation was very smooth with nice personnel. We were on the ship by noon and sat down at the lobby bar for some drinks. It was nice to be back cruising. We went to our balcony cabin to drop off our bags and then made our way to the Lido for some lunch. After muster we went back to the cabin and met the steward. I asked him if he would clear the mini-bar and he said no. So I asked if it was alright that I clear it. He said no. Because if he looks in there and things are missing, he might charge me. So I told him just lock it up. I was somewhat aggravated. I asked him if he would be able to provide a bucket of ice twice a day and he told me to get my own at the Lido. WOW. Have never been told that before. I asked if he wanted us to sign the paper with the steward's info and he said no. Maybe they don't do that anymore? Anyway, he sort of made it clear that he didn't want to do anything extra for us but the room was always very nicely cleaned. No complaints there. We had late dining and our waitress was very, very nice and so were our tablemates. They were just totally the best ever! The chicken tender appetizer was good and the barbecue ribs were great. Really great. Still, it's too bad that the sirloin steak was replaced by the flatiron thing. The Caesar salad had a strong fishy taste like others have reported. Too bad because I used to order that every night. I tried it again the last night and it was still bad. We went to the sports bar afterwards and watched the World Series. Sunday was a day at sea. The weather was wonderful. The hairy chest contest is still fun after all these years. It was formal night and Captain's party. We didn't bother with the party. We like the way it used to be and didn't see the point of $1 off drinks. Big whoop. Anyway, too nice outside to be inside. We got a couple beers and enjoyed watching the sea go by from our balcony. At dinner, Prime Rib was good and my husband enjoyed the lobster tails. Things did not seem as festive as on previous cruises. Many people were dressed up, others not. This was the first cruise that my husband left his ties at home. We again went to the sports bar to watch the World Series. Monday, we were in Cozumel 10-6. I was looking forward to this port because we love Mexico in general and hadn't been here since 2003. We didn't want to go to the beach because we live right next to it at home. Took a cab to town, walked a bit and found our favorite restaurant. Now this was a disappointment. They used to serve only beers like Dos Equis, Sol, etc. Now they are serving Corona, chicken tenders, hamburger and fries. The Mexican menu choices were not as extensive as they used to be and the guacamole was not great. Since they no longer offered Dos Equis, we drank a couple Coronas instead. We walked around the residential areas hoping to find another little local restaurant but they all were closed or out of business. Cozumel just seemed way more commercialized than I remember. Used to love it here but did not enjoy it much this time. I think if there is a next time, we will skip downtown entirely and go to a beach with a little bar and some food. Did not really care for the menu at dinner this night so took the opportunity to order the flatiron thing. Ordered it rare, hoping for it to come medium-rare and that is just what I got. Carnival should be ashamed. It was almost uncuttable. I could see all the tough connective tissue that the knife could not conquer. Really Carnival, it is better to take beef off the menu if you are only going to offer crap like this. I think they also had the nerve to offer this TWICE as a regular menu item besides the nights it was on the Carnival Classics menu. The chicken quesadilla appetizer was not bad but where was the chicken? In the past this item had a few beans thrown in with the chicken. I am not really a bean eater so just picked them out before eating. This time there was a mountain of beans, too much to pick out and if there was any chicken in there, I never tasted it in either of the two I ordered. I only really enjoyed the melting cake this night. We again watched the World Series. We had booked this cruise only 6 weeks out and as soon as I did I realized that it was World Series time and the Yankees might make it in. Thank you to Carnival for having all the games. It was dark and rainy when we woke up in Belize. This was our third time here. The first time we went on the Shark-Ray Alley/San Pedro excursion and enjoyed that a lot. The last time we walked into town. We like to see the local area, not just the horrible port areas with Diamonds International and all that. We were hoping to do that again since we hadn't been to Belize in a few years and wondered if it had changed at all. It kept raining on and off but at 11:30 we decided to take the tender over and see what we could see. The capers said to get tickets at the Ebony lounge but nobody was there. One thing noticeable had changed. There were no signs set up directing people where to go. A lot of people had been waiting to see if the weather would break so there were lots of us wanting to get on a tender at that time. There were no signs or personnel to direct things. Was it an insurmountable thing to figure it out on our own? No. But it made me remember how things used to be. Just like so many things on this cruise that had changed and not for the better. When we got to the tender area, it was in chaos. Lines of people were coming from every direction. All with no tender tickets. There was one security type person there who had no leadership ability whatever trying to keep a handle on things. Finally they sent her additional help. The line was really long and by now it had started pouring rain again. People were getting to the front of the line and turning back because the rain was really coming down. We decided to go anyway and hope for the best. By the time we got over there, it was only a drizzle. We looked around a bit and settled at a bar next to the Wet Lizard. We met some awesome guys from Florida, had a great waiter, and partied pretty good. Never got to go to town as we didn't want to chance being in a downpour and possibly streets with standing water. I don't think I will ever go on an itinerary with Belize on it again. I know lots love it but I don't want to go to a jungle, a zoo, or ruins or a cave. Getting to a nice beach is too much trouble and we don't do ship's excursions. Partied a little more at the ship and then took a nap before dinner. Some nap! We woke at 3AM. I went and ordered a pizza and garlic bread and brought it to the room. That was kind of fun. It was pretty good but I do agree that the cheese is not the same quality as before. So because of our "nap" we missed all activities. I did notice though in the capers that Justin Illusion had two shows. I likely would not have seen it anyway because for some reason the shows were scheduled at 7 & 9. I kind of resented that because with late dining, we would have had to go to the 7:00. Again, not like it used to be, and for us, not for the better. Next day was Costa Maya. I knew from day one this would be the best and it was. Did notice that prices in town have gotten a lot higher than in 2005. We found an awesome little place with $1 beers and great guac and tacos. A little off the beaten path. Since I've mentioned guacamole twice now, I'll add that the ship's guac was kind of watery looking. I was looking forward to it but was another little disappointment as well as the cheese sauce for the tortilla chips that was quite watered down. Anyway, we met lots of fun people and had a great time here. Left the town a little early to leave time to splash around in the pool at the port. That was fun too with lots of people dancing on the bar. I was not one of them though. Too bad on Carnival for having to be on the ship at 3:30. Especially since there are 2 sea days in a row now that Nassau had been removed from the itinerary. Now on to something that really irks me. The new past guest party. YUCK. We take late seating for a reason. So we don't have to rush to dinner, shows or activities after visiting a port or having a great fun day at sea. So with 2 sea days in a row coming up, they have now decided to have a cattle call in the Amber Palace at 5PM right after leaving Costa Maya. It was a nice afternoon. Too nice to be indoors at that hour but we threw on some clothes for the heck of it because I wanted to see for myself what it's all about now. Not impressed. Yeah, I got three glasses of champagne. The appetizers were nothing to write home about. For some reason they had mozzarella and tomato on pumpernickel bread. That was just weird to me. A little thing but something so easy to improve by using baguette instead. Then there was chicken salad on bread and a salmon croquette. Much prefer the old food like the little meatballs and spinach thingies. I do also wonder why they wouldn't have it on the sea day. The old way was so much better to us because it was always on formal night and so festive in the different lounges. Not like a cattle call. We'd be able to nap alittle beforehand or spend extra time at the pool before going to the past guest party at 7. I guess you can tell that we hate this new set-up. The Hypnotist show time tonight for late seating was again at 7. Why, why, why??? I liked better being able to attend these after dinner. These changes are making no sense to me. I ate from the buffet this night. Their beef at the carving station was better than anything in the dining room. Very tasty. The penne with vodka sauce was not very tasty. Just seemed like cream of tomato soup poured on top. Spaghetti-O type quality. The same can be said for several other pasta dishes in the dining room. Most everything tasted the same no matter what name they gave it. The deck party was moved inside due to the weather. Not Carnival's fault but too bad for me because that is always my favorite activity. I like being able to be outdoors and I think Carnival should offer more things like this. I watched the World Series in the room this evening. It was raining and the wind and waves were starting to increase. Now it's Thursday, a sea day. Just did regular type things. Had hoped to use the water slide but was closed due to wind. The pool was really wavy. I realized I was ready to be home already. A feeling I have never had before. By noon I was wasn't feeling very well and went to take a nap. The weather outside was very poor. When I got home I researched sea sickness and I think more than likely that's what I had. Found out that vomiting is not necessarily its main component. Symptoms include general malaise and cold/hot sweats. Didn't know that. Never happened to me before this. The ladies at our table felt the same way. Dinner was nice. Chateaubriand was great. Wasn't prepared for the small portion of meat and potato or would have ordered two. Again, the pasta not very good. How much could it cost to improve it a little? Went to see the Just Rock show afterwards. What happened here??? I've seen it before and enjoyed it. The cutbacks in production noted by other posters are very obvious and the show is a shadow of its former self. In the same vein, the calypso band is pretty pathetic now. I remember when they used to be soooo good. What they offer now doesn't really add anything to tropical, party atmosphere. On our last sea day, it was more of the same. Still didn't feel well but spent a few hours outside. Weather was still iffy but better than yesterday. Had fun just hanging out with my husband at the aft pool. Skipped the stupid 5:00 farewell party. Dinner was nice. I again had the ribs. Loved those ribs. However, when I received the portabello mushroom appetizer, I was in for a shock. They used to serve a huge hunk that had been subtly marinated and lightly grilled. This was unrecognizable. It was like tiny pieces of confetti littering my plate. Sort of like my cat's tender vittles. Honestly, my jaw dropped open when I saw it. I probably would had to have ordered 10 just to equal what 1 used to be. I'm not even sure that's an exaggeration. Attended the Legends show for the first time ever and enjoyed that a lot. Debark was easy with self-assist and we were home by 8:30AM. Final Thoughts: I'm sure to some my review will be perceived as whining. Most complaints are not huge but when I add everything together, for me, the cruise experience is not even close to what it was in 2005 or 2006 even. The prices were pretty low back then too in comparison to 1999 when we took our first cruise. I know I focused a lot on the food. We sort of watch what we eat and don't eat out much at home so ship's dining is important to us. For the first time, I felt that a lot of the food was below Olive Garden level. We talked to a few people who normally cruise with Royal. A couple of them said never again on Carnival, some said they were very pleasantly surprised, especially for the price, and one guy thought Carnival was better. The itinerary on this cruise was not ideal for us because we don't like to stop at ports 3 days in a row, but the draw for us has always been the ship. This time it was not. Would like to have taken the extra stop in Nassau that Glory used to make previously. And I don't even like Nassau but was just not loving the ship. I'm glad I didn't pay very much for this cruise. Our guarantee balcony was $559 per person and we $500 taken off because we had credit card points. With tipping, drinks, and money spent at ports we paid about $650 each out of pocket. I kind of regret that we didn't use that money to go back to Cancun instead. IF we go on another cruise, I will be careful to get a very cheap rate for an inside cabin, perhaps focus more on itinerary and maybe less than 7 days. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
My husband and I are in our 60's and this our first Carnival Cruise. We have sailed once on Holland America and once on Royal Caribbean. I picked this cruise because of the value and itinerary. We flew in to Orlando Friday, ... Read More
My husband and I are in our 60's and this our first Carnival Cruise. We have sailed once on Holland America and once on Royal Caribbean. I picked this cruise because of the value and itinerary. We flew in to Orlando Friday, rented a car thru Avis and drove to Cocoa Beach to the Days Inn. The price was reasonable, the room was very clean and freshly painted with a convenient location. Sat. morning we returned the car and had Avis shuttle us to the terminal about 10;30 where they dropped off our bags and we went immediately in where we were able to wait in chairs after doing the quick paperwork required. We began boarding about 11:10am. Ate lunch and went to our room at 1:30. The Red Sail seemed dark and crowded and the drink and ice machines were not open yet. We didn't eat here much because it was hard to find a table that had been cleaned off. Our balcony room was bright, roomy and very clean with a small but adequate balcony with two chairs and a small table. We were in between cabin floors so heard only a little noice from talking guests walking past our room in the hall. It was quite warm in the room while still in port but quickly cooled down as we got underway. The door leading to the balcony has a tendency to slam shut very noisily unless held onto firmly. Life drill required no life jackets which was wonderful. The ship seemed very stable with minimal rocking as you might notice the stabilizers kicking in. We had lunch on the Lido deck. Pizza was hot and fresh, reuben sandwich very good and good salad selections. At breakfast we liked the dining room food much better along with great service. For dinner we were in the Platinum Dining room with the most fabulous table mates, surrounding table mates and waiter ,Sherman, and assistant waiter, Koko, that could ever be found on any cruise. I think it will be impossible to beat this experience!! The Glory singers and dancers were marvelous. The magician was a bit repetitive but interesting. The hypnotist was a bit slow and boring. PORTS: Cozumel-- went to Nachi Cocum, very beautiful, drinks a bit weak, food good, very clean. Belize-- Stayed near tender dock to shop as it was raining. Costa Maya: Took bus into town, $3, walked the malecon, shopped, had a couple of drinks and some nachos and just enjoyed the beach. Everyone on board, including the few children we saw, were very polite and well mannered. The entire staff and crew were terrific, always smiling and greeting you as you passed by along with great service We noticed very little smoking on the ship. Only once, going thru the Casino on day five did I really notice any and we walked thru that area almost daily. Disembarkation was swift and painless. Overall, a very nice ship (soon to be refurbished) with only minor quirks but a great value and a great cruise experience. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
This was our 3rd cruise on the Carnival Glory, the 7th Carnival cruise. The Glory, although she is a bit older like all of us (!), is still wonderful! Embarkation was great! We left the Radisson at the Port on the 11:30 shuttle, and ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise on the Carnival Glory, the 7th Carnival cruise. The Glory, although she is a bit older like all of us (!), is still wonderful! Embarkation was great! We left the Radisson at the Port on the 11:30 shuttle, and were having lunch on the Lido at 12:15! The people handling embarkation were professional, yet friendly! There were questions about the H1N1 we had to answer, but didn't take a lot of time (by the way - never saw anyone on the cruise who appeared to be "sick") Our stateroom was on the Lido deck, and we loved the convenience. Even though it was on the Lido, it was very quiet! The only time we heard anything was when we were in port with another ship beside us and the Lido deck music echoed off the other ship! We ate most of our breakfasts in the Platinum dining room, which was so quiet and relaxing compared to the Lido deck. The final sea day we ate lunch in the dining room, and really wished we had done this more! Dinners were great! We ate in the Platinum 5 of the 7 nights, and the Lido deck 2 nights (another first for us) because we were tired from excursions. Didn't like the Lido deck as much, but discovered if you take your food to the aft pool area it is very quiet and pleasant! We enjoyed many of the ship activities including the ever-present Bingo and trivia games! The cruise director, Ryan, was great! He is full of energy and enthusiasm and seems to really care if we have a good time! He was also very helpful in setting up a Cruise Critic meet and greet and spent quite a while there with us. Cozumel - have seen it and done it many times. This time DH and I just got off and did some shopping. I don't particularly care for where Carnival is docking now - preferred the middle of town. We have learned in being there so often how to handle the "sidewalk sirens" by just ignoring them! Belize - I was excited about Belize, and understood the reason we had to tender ashore... and it was a long tender ride! We did the Mayan Ruin and River tour and enjoyed it. The guides were excellent, we "dealt with" the rain at the ruins and (thankfully) it stopped by the time we got on the river. Saw monkeys, iguanas, birds, etc. Really enjoyed the river tour in Costa Rica more. Shopping wasn't great at the port, although we did purchase our liquor there as prices were good. LOVED Costa Maya! Did the beach snorkeling and DH did the power snorkeling. I loved the regular snorkeling. However, the DH had a problem with the power snorkeling (hint: make sure you are a strong, confident swimmer for the power snorkeling). The beach and water were amazing, the guides were great! Went back to the port and took a taxi into town and fell in love! What a great area! Sat on the beach, ate some tacos, had one of the best margaritas I ever had... heavenly! Would go back to Costa Maya tomorrow! Did the comedy club one night and really enjoyed it! Would have liked to have done more, but our formal dining ran into the 9:45 show and we didn't want to go to a later one. Suggestion to Carnival - push the 9:45 show back 15 minutes! Debarkation was a piece of cake! Did the assisted, had breakfast in the dining room and by the time we were finished they were calling our zone! We were on the road back home by 10! Loved the Glory...ready to Dream now! Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
My husband and I have been on over 20 cruises...this was our 4th time on the Glory. We live near the port, so we headed to the ship at 10:30 a.m. and were met with a huge traffic jam, which is unusual. We soon found out that the ship had ... Read More
My husband and I have been on over 20 cruises...this was our 4th time on the Glory. We live near the port, so we headed to the ship at 10:30 a.m. and were met with a huge traffic jam, which is unusual. We soon found out that the ship had been involved in a rescue and had come into port late, which is why people were still getting off the ship at 11:00. We are platinum with Carnival and as soon as we finally got to drop off our luggage with the porters, we got in the VIP line and Carnival did a great job of getting us on the ship by 11:30. Headed up to the Lido deck and had a great lunch, then out to the pool for some fun in the sun. We were traveling with 2 other couples. The ship was very clean and the staff couldn't have been more attentive and friendly. We were in cabin #8294 which was conveneint to the lido and very quiet and comfortable. I was impressed with the size of the cabin for an inside room. The bed was two twins pushed together to make a king, with a nightstand on either side. Plenty of room to put away clothes, etc. Nice bathroom with plenty of space for all of my toiletries, and I have a LOT!! We met a couple from Kingsport, TN (Hi Kim and Chris) who were wonderful! They invited us to see their aft wrap cabin with a balcony big enough for 30 people!! It was an awesome way to watch sailaway with a beautiful Florida sunset. They ate dinner with us and we really enjoyed their company all week. Day 2 was a sea day. We spent the whole day on deck. No trouble finding chairs but if you want one near the pool you'll have to get out there early. This was our 4th time on the Glory and they have improved greatly by adding lots of chairs on sea days. Our dining was late seating and our waiter's name was Christopher and he was amazing! We quickly learned not to ask which entree we should have, since he would bring us both!! Every night we had what we ordered PLUS whatever Christopher thought we would like. Best waiter we've ever had but hard on the waistline. I'm dieting for the next month! We tried out the comedy club which is a great new addition on the Glory. Tickets are free and easily accesible. They have an early PG show and a late night R rated show. We chose the R rated. The first guy we saw was terrible, but there's a guy named Happy that was hilarious. Day 3 was Cozumel. We decided to shop right there at the port, and then went to a restaurant to have some chips and guacamole and of course, beer! While we were there a lady came and made us really funny balloon hats. Then before we left the waiter slapped name tags on us with pretty riske names on them. Since we were all adults and had had a few beers we thought this was pretty funny. The shopping was pretty good, lots of bargaining. Day 4 was Belize. We took an independent tour and went cave tubing. We had heard how amazing it was and we were not disappointed. They took us on a bus through the city of Belize, then we drove about 45 minutes through the country until we reached the cave area. 25 minutes of hiking through a beautiful rainforest later, we were at the opening of the caves. Breathtakingly beautiful. We felt safe at all times and were hooked together in groups of 8, each with our own private guide through the caves. Afterward, they took us to a nice covered picnic area where we could get an authentic Belizian lunch for $5 each. It consisted of one small piece of chicken, rice, and cole slaw. Very tasty. I would highly recommend this tour in Belize. They got us back to the ship with about an hour to spare. Day 5 was Costa Maya. I think we enjoyed this port the most. Here you can get off the ship, take a bus for $3 per person to the beach, where you can get a massage on the beach for $20 an hour. You have to bargain with them for that price. It's then $2 per person to get back to the ship, where they have a resort-like pool with a swim up bar and loud music. We hung out at the beach for a while, had some chips and salsa, did some snorkling with our own equipment (wear water shoes because there's lots of sea urchins on the reef)then headed back to spend the rest of our time there at the pool area. It's one of the most beautiful ports I've been to. There's also shopping all around the pool area, and a restaurant. We all agreed this was our favorite day. That night they had a halloween costume party which was a blast. Day 6 was another sea day. The usual games by the pool and beautiful weather. We decided to try the supper club this night. It was our first time trying the supper club. We got a table for 6 right by the window. Nice ambiance. We ordered the surf and turf, which was a 4 oz. filet mignon and a 6 oz lobster tail. Honestly I have to say we felt the supper club was not worth the upcharge of $30 per person. I'll tell you why. In the dining room, you can order as much of anything you want. In the supper club, you are limited to one appetizer, salad, entree and dessert and the portions on some of the entrees are small. We are not big eaters or anything but I felt kind of ripped off. The food was not ANY better than what you get in the dining room. On top of all this, 5 of 6 people in our party got sick to our stomachs all night. So they served us something that was bad. When we complained to Carnival the next day, they said so sorry but no compensation. So, needless to say, that was our first and last time trying the supper club. Day 7 was Nassau. Been there, done that so many times. We usually don't even get off the ship, but we decided to go shopping for a little while just to get some exercise. The next day was debarkation which went very smoothly. The Glory has improved this too over the years. We were off the ship by 8:30, sadly. I always hate getting off the ship after having looked forward to it for so long. We've booked the Carnival Dream in May 2010 so at least we have something to look forward to. Overall this cruise was one of our best ever! Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
I hope this review helps and answers many questions people have concerning sailing on the Glory and/or other Carnival ships and the ports we visited. First off, at embarkation they hand you a form to fill out stating whether or not you ... Read More
I hope this review helps and answers many questions people have concerning sailing on the Glory and/or other Carnival ships and the ports we visited. First off, at embarkation they hand you a form to fill out stating whether or not you have been exposed to H1N1, flu, or suffer from any flu like symptoms. We answered yes because our son had an allergy cough. Coughing was one of the listed symptoms. To our surprise, they were unprepared for someone to be honest and quarantined us to a room awaiting a ships nurse. When she finally arrived she checked temperature and then signed us off. This ordeal leaves you feeling that if Carnival expects people to be dishonest, why the forms? And if people are dishonest, just how safe is the cruise? Next we boarded the ship with no problems and all went well, no life jackets required for the drill. Since it was Halloween, the kids had their party and later the adults had their party. The days at sea had plenty to do for varied tastes of cruisers. The ports days did not. We went to Cozumel first, and since we had been there too many times, we stayed on ship to find nothing going on. No trivia, no games, no dancing, nothing. This was the same on all other port days as well. It seemed that the Cruise Director was fairly new. We spoke with him, Ryan, and explained our concerns and his response left us thinking that he couldn't care less and that what we were asking would not be a benefit to anyone else but us. Maybe we are the only cruisers who like to have activities on port days. I don't think so. Belize was wet and rainy but cleared up and our tour, Raiders of the Lost Mayan Cave went well. You will not need a long sleeve shirt, but long pants are a must. If you have a bandana, bring it to put on your head between your hair and the nasty helmet they give you to wear. The gloves are nasty too. There is a very bumpy ride into the cave area. The cave guides and very nice and fun. There is one repel drop that is just a slide down the rope repel and one zip line run. There are 2 rope bridges to cross and a lot of crawling and wading though a little water. We went during the rainy season but the water was only 8 or so inches deep. We did not need to change clothes. We did toss our pants, shoes and socks in the garbage as we planned on doing so before hand. Gave us more room in the luggage to bring back souvenirs. Final word is that the tour was NOT worth Carnivals $125 fee. The tour independently is $78. But since this is a tender port, we couldn't risk missing the boat. Costa Maya was also rainy but cleared up by the time we reached the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins. We booked this tour independently for $50 instead of Carnivals $85 per person. We had a smaller group and more one on one time with our guide. We booked through thenativechoice.com website. Our guide was David and his relatives worked the Mayan site years ago. His guide partner grew up at the site. They were very knowledgeable about the ruins. Bring water, as the water they gave us was not cold. Be prepared to do a lot of walking and climbing. The views are spectacular. As for the dining room, nothing has changed, they still do the silly "Showtimes". You do not need to get dressed up except for elegant night. Warm Chocolate Melting cake is the most popular dessert. There is also still the same Red vs Blue vs White Color competition, mainly for the newbies as most people I spoke with didn't care for it. They had several competitions like best decorated door; find the flag, mixology, hairy chest, best cheer, etc. Initially some of these offered prizes for the winners, but the Cruise Director in his infinite wisdom thought that it would better to give points to the team color instead of a medal, champagne or ship on a stick. I found that to be disheartening since my kids look forward to getting trophies and medals to take home. But as I said before, it was all in the hands of the new Cruise Director. The shows were good, not great, but good. They did offer something new which I thought was great. Comedy shows at the same time as the other shows. You could choose to do either or in some cases both. They had 4 comediennes on board and most were hilarious. The casinos no longer dispense money, you use your room key and deposit it to your card and withdraw as needed. At least if you forget your money, you can have a casino tech punch up the history and find out who cashed out your money and go get it from them. I found $240 on a machine with nobody around it. So, I took it, then 30 minutes later they asked me if I had found it and would like me to give it back as the rightful owner forgot to cash out and was missing it. I did give the money back as it is the right thing to do, but only to the rightful owner and not the casino. The casino should not be allowed to keep it. Drink cards on this ship were not blue and white. Instead they put a small coke sticker on your room key. I thought this was a great idea. I didn't have to carry 2 cards all the time. This is a trial thing they will be doing. I did meet a couple who brought their drinks cards from a previous cruise and changed the date to work on this on. They were able to use it the first day until I told them that they are using stickers. I don't think they chanced it after that. One last note, we flew into Melbourne, Fl instead of Orlando. We saved a lot of money in transportation costs to the port. Orlando costs up to $80 per person and we had 7 people go from Melbourne to the port for $75 total using Melbourne Airport Shuttle (Highly recommend them). The airfare costs to Orlando vs Melbourne were the same, so it was a win win. No to mention, that Melbourne airport has only 7 gates and no traffic. We had to lines to wait in. The funny thing is that the ticket agent was also our boarding agent and the gift shop employee was also airport security personnel. Kind of reminded me of Wings. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
Day 1 We (Tommy & Shari) left TN at 6 am & headed south. The trip was uneventful and we took our time since we didn't leave for the cruise until the next day. We stopped in Ormond Beach to eat at my favorite restaurant ... Read More
Day 1 We (Tommy & Shari) left TN at 6 am & headed south. The trip was uneventful and we took our time since we didn't leave for the cruise until the next day. We stopped in Ormond Beach to eat at my favorite restaurant there-the Charlie Horse. Love their crab legs! We also tried their wings this time. We went into Daytona beach & went to a candy store near the pier so that I could pick up some caterpillars-caramel covered marshmallows! Love them too! We headed towards Port Canaveral finally. We had reservations at the Radisson. Found it no problem & checked in. Went to our room & it was great. Loved the sleep number bed.. Day 2 Got up & got ready for the busy day ahead. When we booked the room, we selected the cruise package which came with a hot breakfast. They had given us a breakfast voucher the night before. It was pretty good. They had an omelet station and a pretty good buffet. We ate our breakfast & then had a little time to kill so we went in search of a Walmart. Needed to pick up a few things. Found one with no problem & made it back to the hotel with plenty of time to spare before the shuttle. Got our luggage in place & noticed a guy wearing a shirt from our home town. Turns out, he is from our home town too. He actually works at the same place as Tommy-Eastman for those who know where Kingsport is. Turns out, our room on board was right next door to his, very small world! We made it on the 2nd shuttle & was on board by 12. Very smooth embarkation. No problems at all. We had taken Tommy's suit jacket on board rather than checking it in so once we got on board, we found our room & wanted to drop the jacket off. We met our room steward but he said our room wasn't quite ready but he let us put the jacket in there anyway. Our room was on deck 10-which was great! Especially when leaving, was plenty of room up front on the deck. More & more folks are finding out about this special place. We went down one deck to the lido deck & grabbed a bite to eat. Hamburgers for us! We then found us some chairs near the pool & lounged until we had to go to our muster station. The drill seemed quite long this time. We got done & noticed we were already moving so we went up front on our deck & watched us pull out. Once we were out to sea, we decided to explore some since we decided to do the late dinner seating this time. We went to dinner that night & one of our table mates asked where we were from, we said TN & he asked what part. We told him Kingsport & he said "no kidding?" Both of his parents were from Kingsport. He now lives in NC. Once again, we found out just how small this world is. Our other table mates were from Chicago. We enjoyed having dinner every night with them. It was great being able to share our plates too. After dinner we went to the Welcome aboard show & had a good time. We walked around the ship some more & then headed to bed. It was a long day so we went right to sleep, looking forward to the rest of our cruise. Day 3 Woke up all rested up. Went down to Lido for breakfast & ate a feast! Scoped us out some more chairs-there wasn't many chair hogs that I could see. There were always chairs available. Spent the day just lounging by the pool. Realized early on why this cruise was fairly cheap-man was it HOT! We kept having to get in the pool to cool off. We went to our room to get cleaned up for supper that night. We had gotten tickets to the 6 pm comedy show so we had to get ready a little earlier than normal. The comedian was great! We went ahead & got tickets for the adult show for the next night-this night was already sold out. We went to dinner all gussied up & had a great dinner. We then went to the show & it was also good. Went to sleep dreaming of Paradise Beach! Day 4 We got up but didn't have to rush since we weren't arriving in Cozumel until 10am. It was a little weird because they had us change our clocks back. So we got an extra hour of sleep that night but I have never had them ask us to change our clocks. We ate breakfast & went up to our deck to watch us pull in. We were up there when the first folks walked off the ship. We hung out a bit since we weren't doing an excursion through the ship. We were just going to get a cab & go to Paradise Beach. We got our things together & headed down to the gangway. We walked to the taxis & there was another couple headed to Paradise Beach too so we shared a cab with them. Arrived & it was just beautiful. We were the only ship in port that day so it was very quiet & not crowded at all. We ordered some smoothies that were awesome! I had watermelon & Tommy had a peach one. I could have drank a gallon of the watermelon. We also ordered some quesadillas-they weren't that great. We had ordered nachos before & probably should have gotten them again. We just hung out by the water & when it got to hot, we jumped right on in. We also decided to take a ride on a waverunner. It's a little pricey, I think. Its $35 for 15 minutes but we gave them $40 & got to stay out for 20 minutes. That was a deal since 10 more minutes was $55. It was such a great day. I highly recommend going here if you just want to chill out & enjoy the day. Headed back to the ship with about 2 hours to spare. We shopped a little bit & then got back on board. When we were leaving the port, we went back to our little deck up front & watched us untie & head on back out to sea. We especially liked watching the pilot boat pull up next to ours to pick up the port pilot. We went & showered for dinner & went to the lobby bar-we started doing this every night before our dinner. We would head down there & have a drink before our supper. We had some goldfish as a snack the first night & then they have us a pretzel mix but we liked the goldfish so we started asking for it instead of the other snacks they had. They were more than happy to get us some. Was the perfect snack right before dinner. I had sushi a couple of times before dinner too. All the ones I had were pretty good. We went to dinner & had a great one once again. Our assistant waiter had started showing us a some tricks after dinner each night. He had said he had read a book with the tricks in it & he was great. It was a highlight of our supper each night. We headed to R rated comedy show & he was really good. Laughed our heads off. I really liked having the comedy club to go to. It gave us something to do when we didn't really want to go to the show. Since they offered 5 or 6 shows a night, you could see one or two every night. Day 5 We arrived in Belize at 8:00. We went to get our tender tickets & got tickets for the 2nd tender. We had originally signed up for Cave tubing with an independent excursion company but after reading stuff on here about getting left behind because the excursion ran too long, we cancelled & tried to find something else to do. We wanted to do the Captain your own boat excursion but we needed 2 more people to do it with us but couldn't find anyone. So we decided to do the Bannister Island excursion but right before we left for the cruise, I went to reserve it & they were not offering it on the day we were going to be in Belize so we decided to do the Sting Ray Alley snorkeling & Cay Caulker excursion. I have snorkeled before but Tommy hadn't so we took the excursion as observers. He got to see what it was all about without actually doing it & now thinks he would like to try it next time. They were very informative on the basics of snorkeling and how to do it & all of the equipment. I have talked to other people that have gone on snorkeling excursions-even through the ship & they weren't given any instruction at all. For the beginners on the boat, it really helped. We took off on our boat & went to Cay Caulker first to drop off the folks that were just going to beach it. Then we headed out to the first of 2 snorkel spots. Once everyone was in the water, the boat captain said we could get in the water too & hang out on the life raft in the water. I took him up on it & swam around a bit while the others were out looking at wonders of the sea. They all climbed back on board & we headed to the second spot. This is the spot where all the sting rays are. Sure enough, they all started swimming around & it was exciting seeing them all. We hung out for a bit & then headed back to Cay Caulker for lunch. We got the local favorite-stewed chicken & rice/beans. The chicken was delicious. Had such good flavor. Wouldn't mind getting the recipe for that one. When we got to the island, we had about an hour to eat & check things out. I wished we had had a little longer to explore. It was such a pretty place & we missed over ¾ of the island. We shopped a bit & then took some awesome pictures. Postcard quality, if I do say so myself! Pretty soon it was time to head back to the port. It seemed to take a whole lot longer to get back than it did to get there. We made it back with about an hour to spare before the last tender. We shopped a bit at the port & then hopped on a tender & went back to our ship. We got back on board & went to our room to get ready for dinner. Even though we had late seating, we had to get ready early since the show was at 7 for the late dinner folks. The show was Justin Illusion & was FABULOUS! It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The dancers were great & the illusionist was just wonderful. We made our way to dinner & had a great meal with our now new friends. It was great sharing what everyone had done during the day since we all seemed to do different things. Went to bed very excited about the next day. It was Costa Maya & I was really looking forward to the $20 massages I had read so much about. Day 6 We arrived in Costa Maya at 8 am. We didn't have anything planned for this port so we took our time eating breakfast & went down to the gangway to get off. We never had any problems getting off the ship at any of our stops. We walked through the little shopping area & eyed the pool but went in search of the cab for $3 that everyone on here talked about. Well, we didn't find any cabs, its actually a bus. But that was ok, they hauled all of us over & it was a little confusing because we stopped once & only one couple got off. We weren't quite sure where we were supposed to get off but the next stop the driver said Downtown/Beach. We got off then but only 3 or 4 others got off too. We have no idea where everyone else ended up. Once we got off, we could see the boardwalk & I knew we were in the right place. We started walking up the boardwalk trying to scope out what beach we were going to lounge on. Then I saw what I have been most looking forward to. The little ladies asking people if they wanted a massage. Tommy had never had a massage so I asked what he was going to do while I was getting my rub down, he said he thought about getting him one too so he forked over his $20 bill & we both jumped up on a table & had the best massage. It so helped that it was cheap, it was on the beach & we were on vacation! It was everything I had hoped it would be. After our massages, we walked further down the boardwalk in search of our beach. We found what we were looking for at the Nacional Beach Club. The guy that owns it is from Tyler Texas and he was super friendly. It did take a while for him to bring us our drinks & even longer for food but he also has a bar across the boardwalk & he was working by himself for a while. Instead of the standard beach lounge chairs, he had hammock style chairs & they were so comfortable. They were right next to the water & the breeze was perfect. We sat there all by ourselves for the longest time. It was our very own private beach. Then a couple of girls from Oregon joined us for a bit. It was the most relaxing day. It was one of my all time favorite days! We went looking for a cab & didn't have to look too far. We jumped in he drove us back to our ship. It was just $2 a person to get back. We spent a small amount of time looking over the wares folks were selling here & watched all the people having a good time in the pool. We got back on board & waited for us to set sail. We set sail pretty early at 4pm so we went back to our little deck up front & watched us sail away. The show was early again tonight so we went ahead & got ready & went to it. It was a juggler that was pretty good. We had gotten tickets for the 9:45 R rated comedy show so we didn't get to order dessert at dinner but that was ok because we went to Creams after the show & bought some chocolate covered strawberries. They were so good too. They were having the Mexican buffet tonight but we went to our room to dream of another day sea Day 7 This was our 2nd day at sea. We were told to change our clocks back so we & everyone else seemed to sleep in a little later than normal. We went & chowed down at the breakfast buffet. Kept meaning to eat in the dining room but just didn't make. We both had gotten too much sun the day before so we went & found us a place in the shade to chill out for the day. The breeze was very nice & we stayed out there for quite a while. It started sprinkling rain & I looked & saw this huge dark cloud we were heading towards. No sooner had we seen it when a what looked like a monsoon hit! Huge sheets of rain were coming down. We went inside & decided to eat some lunch. By the time we got in line for lunch, the rain had stopped & it was all hot & humid again. We decided to just stay inside & took the galley tour & watched some trivia. We got ready for supper and this was our second elegant night & I must say, it seemed like a lot of people waited until the 2nd one to get out their frilly duds! Everyone was looking so sharp on this night. We went to another comedy show before supper & then went to the late show that night too. I hated that part because the show started at 10:15 and the comedy show started at 11. We missed the ending of the show so we could make sure we got seats for the comedy show. I hated leaving because it was good & they had just started the 80's decade! The comedy show was great though. Went off the bed with thoughts of Nassau. Day 8-really day 7 but we started our vacation 1 day before the cruise started We arrived in Nassau at 9:30. This isn't one of my favorite places-I have been here 3 other times & its just not a place I really enjoy but hey, if you are on a cruise, who cares where its going, I just enjoy the entire experience. We only had one thing in mind & that was a little shopping at the straw market. We really took our time getting off since we weren't going to be spending a long period of time here. When we got off the ship, it was overcast & had rained quite a bit that morning. We went to the straw market & found what we were looking for. I think we spent a total of an hour & half off the shop, if that long. We went back to the ship & decided to spend the rest of our time there by the pool on board. I had gotten up this morning with a migraine & wasn't having any luck getting rid of it. Despite my aching head, I did take a turn down the waterslide since there wasn't a lot of people around-I didn't want to make a fool out of myself in front of hoards of people. It was a lot of fun & then I went back to nursing my headache. At 3:30 we went up to our deck to watch the people running for the ship. Sure enough, we had to wait over 30 minutes for some people to realize they were about the miss their boat. They came running down the dock & we all stood there watching. We were supposed to set sail at 4 but it was after 4:30 before we did. It had started to rain right as we started pulling out but it wasn't a hard rain, more like a heavy sprinkle. It was amazing watching them turn the ship around. There was 3 other ships besides ours in Nassau. We were kind of spoiled before this stop. The other 3 ports we went to, we were the only ship there so we were sort of catered too. It was so nice. But Nassau wasn't bad even with 4 ships there. We hung out in our room for a while & then got ready for dinner. We of course went to the lobby bar & had our usual before dinner drink & goldfish. I really enjoyed this every evening. We had a good dinner with our tablemates & exchanged email address. We went to the Legends show this night & it was really good. We did some last minute shopping & took some pics of the ship at night & then headed to our room to finish packing. We always do the Self assist so we didn't have to hurry to put outside our door. Day 9 We got up early & showered. We decided to skip breakfast & get something once we disembarked. We went to the elevators expecting to have to wait forever since we were on the 10th floor & we needed to go to the 3rd floor. We were pleasantly surprised when an elevator opened & not a soul was on it. We headed on down & got in line to get off the ship. The line inside the ship was longer & seemed to take forever. I can't really say that though because once we got off the ship, waited for our shuttle to show up & got back to the hotel, it was 8:45. That isn't bad at all. This vacation was so awesome & we had such a good time. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Our tablemates were great & we had a great time getting to know them. The only thing I really have to complain about is really a very petty thing. I love French toast but everytime they offered it at breakfast, they had used raisin bread. I HATE raisins! I know I could have picked them out but it just isn't the same. See, I told you it was petty! A shout out to our room steward too-just can't seem to remember his name, our towel animals were great! I took their picture every night. That is one thing I always look forward to & I have read on here where some folks didn't get one every night. I hope you enjoyed my review as much as we enjoyed our cruise. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
We had a super good time although the Glory has to be the most difficult ship to move around on that I've ever dealt with, nothing but dead ends and very slow elevators. Everything was clean and tidy, we even noticed that the shower ... Read More
We had a super good time although the Glory has to be the most difficult ship to move around on that I've ever dealt with, nothing but dead ends and very slow elevators. Everything was clean and tidy, we even noticed that the shower heads were taken off and cleaned every couple of days. Unfortunately our steward never took the time to introduce himself but still managed to take very good care of us throughout our journey. We had two shore excursions that we did not book through Carnival. The first was a super fun adventure booked through cave-tubing.com where we took a long bus ride through the wilderness in Belize (apparently there is a LOT of wilderness there) to the cave tubing site. After an endless slippery hike up and down some pretty steep hills, we put onto the river to explore some pretty fabulous caves. We did two caves on our tour and never once did we feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Keith and his gang entertained us royally through the long bus ride with a mini-tour of Belize City and the surrounds. Their English is impecable so instructions were easy to understand. We had the best time ever! We could have floated that beautiful river forever. It was all 'safety first' with no nonsense tolerated. (Carnival has removed this tour from its list because of a death in one of the caves earlier.) When I looked that cave-tubing.com's website, I saw that they were very safety oriented, so we took a chance. We are so very glad that we did. Butts UP. In Costa Maya we tried out the new zip-line. I was pretty sure it would be the last day of my life and had written a couple of codicils to my will to cover the contingency of my immediate demise either by heart attack or falling over 100 feet to my death! Who but Americans would allow themselves to be taken into the backwoods of Mexico by a driver unknown to be loaded into a thatch covered trailer/bus attached to a 1954 vintage Ford truck that took us through the jungle (ok, rain forest). A rather bumpy ride, but 'Dabid' told us all about chewing gum and it made the trip more interesting. The zip lining itself was incredible. Absolutely no climbing (my husband has a titanium hip). They 'hoist' you up....interesting way to scale the heights. The views from the towers were amazing and we were treated to a flock of parrots who dazzled us with their bright colors. Dabid (could it be David?) and his gang of merry men were extremely safety conscious and made certain that we were tethered to something at all times. There was a lot of snapping and unsnapping of lines and clamps that continued throughout the adventure. What a thrill! There was a huge language barrier, but one of our group spoke Spanish and could ask the questions that were needed. Now that I know I can fly, I can retire to my rocking chair! The rest of the voyage went pretty much as expected. Lots of urging to buy lots of jewelry onshore. The food was not as good as I remembered from a year and a half ago. It wasn't BAD, it just wasn't GOOD. Edible for the most part. Lots of fresh fruit, etc. with a lot of pretentious stuff at the evening meal. All in all it was a great time. We relaxed a lot and challenged ourselves. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
As a cruising virgin, I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by our Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean. Embarkation was a breeze! The biggest tip I can give you: DON'T GET THERE EARLY! It ... Read More
As a cruising virgin, I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by our Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean. Embarkation was a breeze! The biggest tip I can give you: DON'T GET THERE EARLY! It started at noon and we arrived around 1:30. I heard people saying the lines were really bad early on. We only had to wait in line for 20 minutes and it moved FAST! Once we got on the ship we checked out the room. That's another advantage to getting there a little bit later. You can go right to the room. It was VERY spacious. I couldn't believe how much room we had for our clothes. Probably one of my biggest gripes would be the muster drill. You have to go... but trust me on this... Don't go until the very last minute. They line everyone up in rows against the ship. Ours started late because an airplane full of Carnival passengers was delayed. Some people had to stand, squished in line, in 90 degree weather for an hour. We waited inside the ship, enjoying the AC, until we had to go out. The drill itself didn't last very long. After that, it was pina coladas and smooth sailing! Ladies: it gets pretty windy on the boat... which can be really annoying if you have long hair. It whips right in your face. I will definitely be bringing a hat and a headband on our next trip! Next up, dinner. We actually had a table for 2. I couldn't believe our luck. We didn't request it and I'm not sure if it would have made a difference if we had. Some people really enjoy the dinner conversation at big tables but by the end of each day we were exhausted. It was so nice not to wait for 8 other people to finish before getting up. As for the food... it was good and again, better than I expected. Don't expect big, bold flavors. Everything was pretty bland but it was well done. My hopefully soon to be mother-in-law would have loved it. She doesn't like a lot of spice in her food, but I do! We also enjoyed the Red Sail Restaurant on the lido deck. It was buffet style with 4 different lines. It seemed like they had something different every night. On the floor above the Red Sail restaurant we finally found the fish and chips station. It took me forever to figure out where it was... which is sad because that along with the Supper Club, was some of the best food I had all week! DELICOUS! Once we found it, we stopped by every day.. but be warned it's only open during the early hours of the afternoon! The Supper Club, was the best meal I've ever had! It's totally worth the extra money... but come hungry. I physically could not walk afterwards... I ate so much and I couldn't stop because it was so good. At night... there are tons of options. Shows, Comedians, Piano Bars and the Casino... but I didn't enjoy any of them. I'm just not into that kind of stuff. The shows seemed geared towards old people. The 65 year old man sitting behind me during the Rock n' Roll show was actually screaming in excitement over the perfomance. I was a little turned off by the lead performer who was wearing a fish-net shirt. My boyfriend wanted to leave immediately but we stuck it out for about 45 minutes. That was all I could take. We did check out a comedian too. He was horrible. His biggest joke was about Lorena Bobbitt. Hello, it's not 1993 anymore... get some new material! Please don't let my lack of enjoyment with the night-time activities deter you from this cruise. You're probably going to be too tired to do most of it anyways. We are in our early 30's and I was so tired that I went to bed before 11 everynight. Lame... I know! Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Background: We have both cruised with Carnival multiple times and are both now Platinum. We traveled with our friends we met last year on the Carnival Valor doing a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise that included stops in Cozumel, ... Read More
Background: We have both cruised with Carnival multiple times and are both now Platinum. We traveled with our friends we met last year on the Carnival Valor doing a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise that included stops in Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau. We drove to the port so no hotel was needed. Embarkation: We left Gainesville at 7:00am and were at the port by 9:45am. We decided to grab a quick bite since we were so early and were back at the port by 10:45am. We dropped our bags then proceeded to park our car in the garage. Total for the week was $105.00. We liked parking in the garage and our car was nice and cool when we returned. We proceeded to check in. We were all VIP so we had our own line to enter the terminal and were inside, through security and at the VIP check in within 5 minutes of arrival. There were 3 wedding parties being checked in so they took us to the counter and checked us in there then took us back to the VIP section to wait for boarding. They have their own cheerleaders getting everyone in the spirit before boarding and had beach balls flying all over the terminal. We started boarding at 11:20am and were on the ship by 11:25am! Check in was a breeze and love the process at Port Canaveral! Day 1 We boarded our new home for the next 7 days. Cabins weren't ready until 1:30pm so we made our way up to the lido deck and the Red Sail Restaurant for a little something to eat. We started our cruise out with the drink of the day, The Funship Special that was quite yummy! We had cruised on the Valor last year so we were familiar with the layout of the ship and walked around for a little while. At 1:30pm, we were able to go to our cabins. We had hand picked our cabin and really hit the jackpot! We chose cabin 2470 on the Main Deck. It's a category 6B but was the size of a suite! The cabin had 2 windows a large seating area and lots of floor room. We were very pleased with our cabin! Our friends had a regular ocean view and it was very nice as well. We did the spa tour and registered for the drawing, didn't win either. We went through the standard lifeboat drill then we sailed away around 4:25pm. I guess they still were waiting on people arriving from Orlando,but didn't matter, we were on vacation. We ran into our friend, Kim Harrison who happens to be one of the best comedians out there and got the scoop on the new Comedy Club they have been testing on board the Glory. I will go into more details about that later. We had late seating in the Platinum dining room and got exactly what we wanted, a table for 4 which actually was a booth and we loved it. We sat with our friends we had traveled with and had the best wait staff around! Elmer was from Columbia and Irina was from Russia. Both were very professional and VERY FAST! We never had to wait on anything and enjoyed our time with them. We went to the Welcome Aboard show with the cruise director, James Charlton and it was great. James was filling in for Ryan Fitzgerald and is doing a great job as "acting" cruise director. They also had both comedians, Kim Harrison and Mike Macy perform a 5 minute "teaser" to promote the new comedy club. After the show we spent a little time in the casino then off to bed! Day 2 - Day At Sea I had agreed to meet my friend Kim for coffee before she did the morning show with James and Mike and actually got to meet them as well. Their morning show was great and started the day off well. We had been to so many of the shopping talks and port information talks we skipped those and enjoyed other activities on the ship including trivia and bingo. They had so much going on, if you got bored, it's your own fault. This was formal night so we had our pictures taken and instead of free drinks for the Captains Cocktail party, they offered $1.00 off any drink at any bar as well. This has been changed on all cruises now and seem to be fine with everyone. We didn't miss the free drinks and were happy to get what we wanted for a lower price. COMEDY CLUB: Tickets were needed to get into the comedy club to control the crowd. They had 6 shows a night. 3 shows were PG and 3 shows were R rated. The comedians (Kim Harrison & Mike Macy) alternated doing 3 shows each for 2 nights. We saw both comedians PG & R shows and had a blast! This is a test ship as this program will be ongoing on the new Carnival Dream. On the tickets there is a $1.00 off the 1st drink at each show. We used them at every show and it really helped keep the bill down as well. Kim & Mike did shows on Sunday and Monday. Al Ernst & Percy Crews 2 did shows Wednesday and Thursday. We saw all of the comedians and loved the program. It is possible from the response that this will be added to other ships as well. The opener for all the shows was Jeff - The Fun Dude. He was a very nice man but seem to have a harder time as a comedian. We liked his jokes but did here some more often since we went to multiple shows. He will be heading to the Carnival Dream for the comedy club on there. I just found out our friend Kim Harrison will be one of the comedians on the very first sailing of the Dream in Italy. She is very excited and will do a fantastic job! Day 3 - Cozumel We arrived at the port right on time and were cleared very quickly to go ashore. We all went to Paradise Beach that was a first for my husband and I. We always just shop. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was free to get on the beach and as long as you bought something, chairs and umbrellas were free as well. We bought one bucket of beer $15.60 (5 beers) and that is all we bought. We stayed there for 2 hours and it was just so hot and no breeze so we headed back to the port area. We did a little shopping then went back to the ship and actually took a nap before sail away at 6pm. We had tickets to two comedy shows so that took most of the night up. We did make a donation in the casino as well. Cozumel has recovered very well from the hurricanes and the pier area is very nice! Day 4 - Belize This port is the only one we had to tender from. We went down to get our tickets about 9:30am and were off the ship by 10:00am. The tender ride is about 20 minutes away from Belize City. We had decided we wanted to go to Traveler's Liquor/Heritage Museum and hired a driver to take us there. We paid $10.00pp (8 of us went) and he took us there and gave us 30 minutes to shop. We got done a little early and he told us we could have cocktails at the bar next door so we all did. We got back to the Tourism Village around 12:30pm. We did a little more shopping then decided to head back to the ship. It was very hot there as well and outside the gate were some vendors but some in our group were not comfortable so we did most of our shopping inside the gates. That night we had reservations for the Supper Club/Steak House and really enjoyed it. The filet was fantastic. It took about 2 hours for dinner but was a nice pace and had a nice sunset while we were there. We played in the casino and listened to the bands around the ship before retiring. Day 5 - Costa Maya This is a port we all had never been to so we were excited to see what this port had to offer. The pier is very long there and they do have a trolley that will take you down the pier to the shopping plaza. This is a very nice area that has a Hard Rock and other bars and shopping as well. There are hammocks, beach chairs and even a large pool with a swim up bar! We chose to head downtown to Majahaul to shop. We bought our tickets for downtown $3.00pp and they took us down there on a charter style bus. We LOVED the area. It is set up like a boardwalk with the beach on one side and then shops on the other side. Everyone there was very nice and would offer great deals as well. We did some shopping and found that they would come down on the prices quickly if you started walking away. We got several really nice things down there very reasonable. We also decided to get something cold to drink and got 6 beers for $10.00!!! We had a nice table with an umbrella and enjoyed the breeze there. Two of our group decided to get massages. They got an hour massage for $20.00!!!! Both loved them and would do it again anytime. We hope that Carnival decides to bring more ships to this port as it's a jewel! We saw Percy Crews 2 this night and loved his show. We had seen him before on the Valor last year but he had all new material. We were all very tired from all the sun this week all of us crashed after the show! Day 6 - Day At Sea This was our last sea day as we would be in Nassau on Friday. We all slept in and just took it easy all day. We did trivia, played bingo, did the slot tournaments (didn't win) and ate. This was also our 21st anniversary and James, the cruise director sent us a bottle of champagne to celebrate since I wrote him a note telling him we were celebrating. It got there later but we enjoyed it with dinner on Friday. We saw Al Ernst show and enjoyed it as well. This was the second formal night and more pictures were taken. We did a little shopping and picture hunting and then called it a night. Day 7 - Nassau We arrived at 8:45am in Nassau and were the 1st ship there so we had the closest slot on the pier. We were soon joined by the Carnival Destiny, Disney Magic then later the Carnival Sensation. We had planned to go to the Crystal Palace at the Wyndham but after getting on the #10 Jitney, we were informed it was closed for renovations. We were disappointed but the driver gave us a little tour and pointed out as we drove back to town then we took a taxi to the Atlantis to gamble. It was very crowded and most of the machines were at least .5cent machines. We loved the penny slots on the ship! We stayed there until 1pm then headed back to the shopping area and picked up a few things before going back to the ship. I went to James upclose talk and enjoyed getting to know more about him. At 5pm, they have a Farewell Party in the back lounge with free drinks instead of at the Captain's party. We had a couple then did some picture shopping and liquor shopping as well. We went to our final dinner in the dining room and as this was the 8th Anniversary of 9/11 the crew and guest sang God Bless America! It was nice to see a tribute. I almost forgot, they did have the American flag hung in the lobby on this day as well in tribute. After dinner we got everything packed and called it a night. Debarkation: We were all Platinum so we were given #1 tags. We had to be down stairs in the lobby by 7:15am. We were at our car by 7:30am. It was one of the fastest times through customs ever! Final Thoughts: This cruise was FANTASTIC!!! We had great service all week. We did see some decline in the food but could always find something we liked. Drinks have gotten higher but with the prices we are paying for a cruise, it is still a great deal. The all of the crew were very caring and helpful. We loved the new Comedy Club and hope it continues on other ships. Our stateroom steward was ok but nothing special. He did the minimum to get by without getting fussed at like not washing the glasses or replacing a couple towels. It's small stuff but when you have cruised several times, you notice things that you are used to having done. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Background: I'm 30, DH is 31. This was my 4th cruise (2nd on Carnival), and DH's second. However, this was both of our first cruise on our own, without parents, as the other trips were family cruises when we were younger. ... Read More
Background: I'm 30, DH is 31. This was my 4th cruise (2nd on Carnival), and DH's second. However, this was both of our first cruise on our own, without parents, as the other trips were family cruises when we were younger. Embarkation: We had no problems with embarkation. We used Carnival transfers from the airport. We had to wait for about half an hour for shuttle, as we were the first ones after the cut off for the previous bus. Once we arrived at port, everything went very smoothly. We waited in line outside the terminal for about 10 minutes, and then upstairs for another 10 or so. DH was disappointed after the staff downstairs told us to give one of our forms to the "pom-pom girls" upstairs, and he discovered that the "pom-pom girls" were 50+ year old women! LOL! Ship: The Glory is a clean, well-maintained ship. I have to say that I liked the dEcor better on the Fascination, when I was on it 10 ½ years ago. I didn't see many signs of aging or wear and tear on the Glory. I noticed that the carpets were a bit faded, and this was only noticeable when compared to areas that don't get walked on as frequently, as the colors were much bolder. DH and I were able to navigate our way around the ship with little difficulty. Having to go up or down and around in order to get across the 3rd and 4th floors was a bit annoying, with the dining rooms breaking up the levels. However, it wasn't that big of a deal. We used the stairs a lot to counteract all of the eating. When we did take the elevator, we never had to wait long. Room: We were on Deck 6 - Upper, Room 6427. This was a balcony room. I was a little concerned about being above the Promenade, but we selected a room in an area where there was little noise. We were basically above the couches in the hallway of the promenade, kind of across from Sushi Salmon. It was a great location. Slightly aft, but pretty much central to everything. We met our room steward, Gusti, on the 2nd or 3rd day, when we had a problem with one of the light bulbs. Until then, we hadn't seen him. After that, he was always pleasant when we saw him in the hallway. Our room was well-cleaned and maintained daily. The bed was very comfortable. I was amazed at how much storage space they were able to create in such a small space! We had more than enough room for all of our clothing, toiletries, etc. Dining: This is the one area in which we were slightly disappointed. We ate 2 breakfasts at the buffet on the Lido Deck, had room service once, and ate in the dining room the rest of the time. Dinners were always in the dining room, except for one night at the Emerald Room, Glory's steakhouse. Lunch was either onshore or up on Lido. In regards to breakfast, we found the portions in the dining room a little small, but overall, the food quality was good. Not outstanding, not bad, but fine. We didn't like the long, slow lines for breakfast at the buffet, but again, the food was good. The omelettes were very good at the Red Sail Restaurant on Lido. I also enjoyed the French toast in both places. For lunch, I wasn't thrilled with the buffet, but that may be because I prefer quality, not quantity. I enjoyed the salad bar, as well as the grill and the fish and chips. DH and I both LOVED the fried fish filets. We don't eat shellfish, so I can't comment on most of the rest. The tuna on watermelon was just okay. We never tried the deli, and the one time I tried the Oriental station, I found most of the food too spicy for my taste. The lo mein was made from angel hair pasta noodles, which I found a little strange. I enjoyed my hamburger from the grill, especially b/c there were sautEed mushrooms and onions as toppings. Dinner in the dining room was inconsistent. Overall, the food was okay. I compare it to eating at a chain restaurant like Fridays or Applebees. Decent for a meal, but nothing to write home about. There were a couple of exceptions on both ends of the scale. On the night that I had the prime rib, it looked like it had been reheated from the earlier seating, and was very fatty. I was not at all impressed. On the other hand, the lamb chops that I had a few nights later were absolutely delicious! The salads were typically good, as were the other appetizers. I loved the marinated Portobello mushrooms that I had on the last night. The Caesar salad was very fishy tasting on some nights, but not others. I had been really excited to try the warm chocolate melting cake. My tablemate got it the first night, and it was liquid, almost no solid cake. It was as if they barely put it in the oven. I got it on the second night, and it was similar. I tried it again a couple of nights later, and it was delicious - cooked and cakey on the top and sides, and liquid in the middle. The next night, it was almost all liquid again! To me, this exemplified the inconsistency of the dining room. We were seating with two other couples, who were in their early-mid twenties. They were more into drinking and partying than we were, but we all ended up getting along well, going to shows together, and enjoying each other's company. I was not that impressed with service in the dining room. On my past cruises, the wait staff has been very sociable and we had gotten to know each other a bit. Our head waiter was Jose, and I don't even remember the team waiter's name, b/c he never introduced himself. Jose was pleasant enough, but I always felt like he was rushing us. I know that they are on a tight schedule, but it was annoying when I was still eating my entrEe, and he put a dessert menu in my hand and wanted me to order right away. I am a fast eater in general, so I can only imagine how those who eat slower felt! We ate in the supper club on the 4th night of the cruise. I have nothing but good things to say about it. It was worth every penny of the $30 per person fee. DH is kosher, and eats essentially as a vegetarian while on vacation, and he loved his fish. I had the filet mignon, and it was delicious. It practically melted in my mouth. The French onion soup was wonderful, and very rich. For dessert, I had these four glasses, each with a different chocolate-based dessert in it. It was fantastic! In terms of between-meal munching, we had soft-serve every day, and I was happy that they had frozen yogurt as an option. We tried the pizza, but weren't impressed, except for when I was drunk after Costa Maya. Then, it tasted delicious! We are from NY, and are very picky about our pizza. For us, it was the equivalent to Dominos, which is only good at 2 am when drunk. We tried the sushi from Sushi Salmon twice as a pre-dinner snack, and thought that it was pretty good, even though there was no raw fish. Overall, the food was fairly average, with room for improvement in certain areas. We certainly were never hungry though! Entertainment I was fairly impressed with the production shows during the cruise. The dancers were very talented, as were the main vocalists, Nick and Janae. We also thought that the band was excellent. I'm a big fan of Broadway musicals, so I enjoy all of the singing and dancing. DH and I really liked the first production show, Living in America. The second one, Just Rock, was okay, but they had a fairly loose interpretation of "rock". Since when is ABBA considered rock?! I would have liked some more real 70s-00s rock music, as after they did the 60s, it became more disco/pop. All of the sets were great, and more than I expected from cruise entertainment Justin Illusion is an illusion show that is choreographed to music, and features the dancers. We really enjoyed this show, and were very impressed with the magic. On the last night, Carnival Legends, in which guests do impersonations of various famous singers (e.g., Elvis, Madonna, Garth Brooks), was amusing. The majority of performers in smaller venues that we saw were good as well. The only glaring exception was a blonde woman who played in the lobby on several evenings. She was absolutely awful! DH has a singing background, and he thought she was terrible. Her vocals were completely off-key, and she butchered popular songs. The music by the pool was okay, although DH wishes that there were real steel drums instead of a synthesizer. There was a breakdance team from NYC called Fun Force. We really enjoyed watching them. They interacted really well with the audience and truly seemed to be having a great time. DH and I spent time in the piano bar. During my last Carnival cruise, this was one of my favorite activities. It was crowded and everyone was singing with great energy. This time, it was much quieter, and I didn't think that the flow was as good. The piano player/singer was Russell Villarin. He was a personable guy, but I found that his repertoire of songs was a bit limited, and there was never a high energy level in the room. One treat in the piano bar was that two of the guests (njoycruise and her husband), are very talented, and often did sets at the piano bar. He played the piano, and she sang beautifully! I even watched them perform in the lobby one night! Overall, we enjoyed the piano bar, but not as much as I did last time. I think part of it had to do with location. If I remember correctly, on the Fascination, the piano bar is near the dining room and very visible to all. The cinn-a-bar piano bar is located at the aft end of the promenade, and you really had to be looking for it. As I mentioned in another post, we loved the comedy club. There were four comedians total throughout the week. The first two performed Sunday and Monday nights, and the second two performed Wednesday and Thursday nights. We saw each of the comedians R-rated shows. They were crude at times, but we enjoy that kind of humor. They also have PG-rated family shows earlier in the evening for families to enjoy together. The Ebony Cabaret got more and more crowded as the week went on, and by the time we got to the last show on Thursday night, we were standing! Activities Let me start by saying that we thought that the entertainment staff, led by cruise director James Charlton, was excellent! They were enthusiastic and humorous, and really seemed to love their jobs. One of the many things I love about cruising is that there is always something to do, and you can participate in as much or as little as you want. I love music, so we participated in Name That Tune on both sea days, as well as TV Theme song trivia. I won the first Name That Tune, and am now the proud owner of a ship on a stick! We also participated in the wine tasting in the Emerald Room during the first sea day. It was $10 per person. They gave each person a plate of food samples to pair with the wine. DH and I have been to many wine tastings. This one was good, but not the best we have been to. We enjoyed the wines, but felt that more information about each one could have been provided. However, it is difficult to meet everyone's level of knowledge in such a large group. We did the Galley tour on the second sea day. This was just okay. The information provided by Paul, the maitre d', was interesting. The tour wasn't terribly exciting. For example, we walked by the closed wine cellar, but didn't get to see it. We attended the Marriage Show, which was pretty funny, and played Bingo only once. I've played more in the past, but the timing didn't work out well with other things that we wanted to do. I guess I'll include the pool area in this section. There are three small pools on the Lido deck. We usually went to the pool in the late afternoon, as we are fair and burn easily and shouldn't be out there in the heat of the sun. We easily found chairs in the main pool area every time. The pools are small, but were more than sufficient for us to dip in and hang out in while cooling off. Overall, we enjoyed the activities on board. There were things we never got around to doing, like mini golf, ping pong, shuffle board etc. We could have used a third sea day! Ports of Call Cozumel: We did not book an excursion for Cozumel, and did our own thing. First we took a cab to Paradise beach. You can go to the beach for free, or you can pay $10 per person in order to use all of the water activities (trampoline, kayak, etc.). We just wanted to sun and swim, so we did that for a little while. The weather was overcast and it started to rain, so we just spent a couple of hours there. The water was not as warm as we expected, and there were a lot of rocks, shells and seaweed. Next, we took a cab downtown, because DH collects Hard Rock shot glasses. We did some shopping downtown, then went back to the port and did some shopping there. Honestly, overall, I'm not a huge fan of island shopping. However, we needed to buy souvenirs for family, so we spent some time in the stores. Found a few cute things. We weren't that impressed with Cozumel overall, although I know the people who like getting drunk had a terrific time at the bars by the pier! Belize: We did the River Wallace and Altun Ha excursion through Carnival. We really enjoyed this experience! We got to get on one of the early tenders, a definite benefit of booking the excursion through Carnival. Our tour guide, Joyce, was very enthusiastic and informative. The river ride was our favorite part. At the beginning, before we even entered the river, a pod of 3 dolphins swam around our boat! I love dolphins, so I was super excited! While on the river, we saw alligators, monkeys, iguanas, and bats! We then went to the Black Orchid Inn, where we purchased a native lunch of chicken, rice, beans, and plantains. Delicious! We then headed to Altun Ha to see the ruins. It was very, very hot, but interesting. We climbed up a long flight of stairs to the top of one of the structures. On the way out, I bought a coconut full of coconut water and some fresh mango. Delicious again! After the bus dropped us back at the port, we got on the very long tender line, and returned to the ship. There really wasn't any great shopping in the port. Costa Maya: Our favorite day of the cruise! Honestly, this port could have been anywhere, and it would have been good. Costa Maya itself was nothing exciting. We took a cab to Mahahual, and walked around briefly. The water was beautiful, and when I dipped my feet, there were small fish swimming around me. As we walked down the street, the shop owners kept trying to get us to look in their stores. They all really had the same things. We quickly returned to port, and spent the rest of the day at the huge pool with the swim up bar! It was paradise. I was floating on my back with a yard of margarita in my hand, surrounded by stores. We ended up meeting up with our tablemates, and had a great time with them. As I mentioned earlier, they are all a bit more party-oriented that we are, and with a little peer pressure (& two yard of margarita in me), I joined them dancing on the bar! I'd never done that before, and probably never will again, but it was a blast! I was a little disturbed by the approximately 2-11 year old girls who were dancing on the bar though, as well as the little baby who was being told, "look at mommy dancing!" while she was on the bar. I can tell you now that my children will never see me dancing on a bar, nor will they ever be permitted to do so in my presence! Overall, it was a absolutely fun, carefree vacation day. It's nice to let loose once in awhile! Nassau: We booked the Discover Atlantis excursion. I stayed at the Atlantis when I was 16, and I was excited to visit it again. However, the excursion was not worth it. The aquarium was not as exciting as I remembered it, and the Dig, which is meant to be a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis, was pretty lame. We walked around the grounds for a little while, found the small part of the resort that I remember from 14 years ago, and went back to the port area to shop briefly. We then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the ship. Debarkation Our flight back to NY wasn't until 8:15 pm, so we booked the Kennedy Space Center with Airport Transfer excursion. We had to meet in the Copper Room at 7:15, and debarked very early as a group. It was painless. DH and I took our luggage down ourselves so that we didn't have to have it ready the night before, and didn't have to find it at the baggage plan. We got stuck waiting for awhile on the bus for a family whose luggage got lost. DH is a huge fan of the space program, and really, really enjoyed the visit to Kennedy Space Center and NASA. We really could have spent a lot more time there, as we only got to see a few exhibits. Final Thoughts We had an absolutely wonderful time on our cruise, and would book a Carnival cruise again in a heartbeat. There was a wide range of people on the ship, young, old, and everything in between. I realize that a lot of schools had started their fall semester at this point, but we really didn't find that the ship was overrun with children. There were a lot of families, but we were never disturbed by loud or disrespectful children. I don't think I can easily compare this cruise to other ones I have taken, as during the other cruises, I was with family, and wasn't doing the planning on my own. My last cruise was with DH's family on RCI to Bermuda. I really don't remember much about it, but We enjoyed having a balcony, but spent limited time in the room. I would love to have one again, but if I can afford to cruise more frequently without one, I will easily forego it. I truly think that cruising is the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation option out there, and I can't wait until we're able to do it again. It will probably be a couple of years, but I can dream until then. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Cruised on the Carnival Glory 8/22-8/29 roundtrip from Port Canaveral. We visited Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau. This was approx. my 30th cruise or so so I am very familiar with Carnival and the ports. Carnival is usually ... Read More
Cruised on the Carnival Glory 8/22-8/29 roundtrip from Port Canaveral. We visited Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau. This was approx. my 30th cruise or so so I am very familiar with Carnival and the ports. Carnival is usually not our family's first choice when choosing a cruise line but the price was right on this cruise! I had a wonderful time, Carnival actually exceeded my expectations with the exception of the cuisine of course but that wasn't bad, just not gourmet! We traveled with a group of 8 and somehow 2 people in our party were placed in a different dining room...it took about 2 minutes for the maitre'd to click a few buttons on his computer and get it fixed so that was really nice! The ship I thought was beautiful, I loved all of the different lounges and bars, there was always plenty going on. My only gripe was that of the casino staff...the dealers were like zombies, they had absolutely no personalities, quite disappointing as I like to have fun while making a deposit in the casino! All of our ports were great. Having cruised so much in the past we decided not to book any tours through the cruise line as they always charge an arm and a leg. In Cozumel we went to Playa Mia, for about $50 per person including transportation we had all you can eat and drink plus the use of all of the facilities at the resort, it was fantastic! In Belize again we booked our tour online ahead of time with Coral Breeze tours...this tour was PHENOMENAL! The tour guides were the best! We snorkeled in the most beautiful and warm waters that I've ever been in then they took us to this private island where we had a bite to eat while sipping on the local Belikin beer and groving to the island sounds. On the way back we went on a Manatee watch and actually saw a ton of them! Fantastic tour! In Costa Maya we again got an all inclusive day package to Tequila Beach. The locals here are great, very accomadating and the food was delicious. $20 for all you can eat and drink, couldn't beat that! I had my 11 year old daughter with me and everything was very child / family friendly. Nassau was the biggest disappointment, very over priced and pushy people there. We took a taxi over to Cabbage beach which was supposed to be a "free" beach, don't let them fool you with this! Once you get there they chrage you $10 for a beach chair and $25 for an umbrella, not to mention the "unlimited" drinks you can get for $20 is actually only 4 drinks and it comes from a guy sitting at a folding table with a cooler, not an actual bar! I decided to take a hike a little further down the beach to the Atlantis hotel, we lounged the rest of the day at the pool at the Atlantis. We heard they charge $50 for the use of the pool and the beach at the Atlantis but our group enjoyed the pool, the restaurant, the lazy river and the bar and nobody bothered us about paying! All in all it was a wonderful trip.. The ship was beautiful, the staff was very nice and accomodating and the tours and ports were A+! One last thing, it was the fastest and most organized debarkation I've had in my 20+ years of cruising! Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Trip Down - We had a group of 8...myself, DW DD, DS and another DS and his wife and 2 children (yes I am a Granddaddy and a father of 2 young kids . Kids were 3, 10, 11, 12. (Sorry we missed the Meet and Greet. We wanted to, especially ... Read More
Trip Down - We had a group of 8...myself, DW DD, DS and another DS and his wife and 2 children (yes I am a Granddaddy and a father of 2 young kids . Kids were 3, 10, 11, 12. (Sorry we missed the Meet and Greet. We wanted to, especially considering a lot of folks had kids about the same ages as all of ours). Flew down out of Rochester on JetBlue the day before and stayed at the Hampton Inn on Cocoa Beach. Just relaxed all afternoon and evening on the beach and had dinner. Flight was no problem at all considering the weather on the east coast. Embarkation - Dropped our Avis rental car off at the Cocoa Beach place right down the road from the Hampton and Avis shuttled us to the pier. As always, embarkation at Port Canaveral is a breeze all things considered. Seemed a bit longer this time than in the past but still easy. Got to the Pier about 11am and were on in an hour or so. The Ship - This was our 2nd cruise on the Glory and she is still in great shape but some wear and tear is beginning to show. It would be great if she went thru a refurb and had all the carpets replaced. While not all the elevators will get you where you want to be, if you just remember that Deck 5 goes from front to back, it is very easy. The Food - As ALWAYS we ate toooo much. Even the kids all gained 4-5 pounds. LOL. Can't resist the late night pizza or burger or ice cream. Did breakfast a few times on the lido and a few times in the restaurant. Only complaint was that the egss on the Lido were sometimes too "watery", but hey...it's all good. Portions were kind of small in the dining room also. Lunch if not at a port of call was always the deli. Great sandwiches. But of course the kids loved the lido too because of the variety and the "all you can eat" mentality. I HIGHLY recommend the deli though. Dinners were very good. Plenty of good choices and of course too many starters and deserts. Got into a bad habit of having 2 starters and 2 deserts. I'm a meat and potato guy so the prime rib or baby back ribs with a baked potato were my favs. The rest of the family like the chicken or seafood dishes. The Service - While our waiters and our steward did great jobs, this was the first time where we had folks who seemed a bit more "reserved" than in the past. Both were kind of quiet and didn't atart opening up until the end of the week. We always enjoyed the waiters and stewards who really try to be outgoing and get to know you. Our attempts at being more engaging with them didn't get real far. Don't get me wrong, they were very nice and very hard working. Just that they were somewhat quiet. They did seem to make a connection with the kids however who loved getting up and singing and dancing with them during the "showtimes" of the dinners. Kids are still singing some of the songs. Entertainment - The wife and DDIL loved all the shows and played a lot of bingo. I played a lot of poker and met some great people who became "regulars" at the poker table. Hope to see them again sometime on another cruise. I also came in 3rd in the blackjack tournament but 3rd only got me a hat. LOL. The casino host though, Simon, was a great guy. I asked him why they had to write on the hat "Blackjack Finalist" so he went and got me another one without the writing. Good guy who I talked to a lot during the week. Still wish the poker tables had real dealers instead of the electronic poker pro table, but it's better than nothing. The comedy club is a great idea Carnival is implementing. Some funny shows and the late ones are R rated while the earlier ones are PG. The kids all LOVED Camp Carnival and Circle C. They spent a lot of time doing different avtivities which gave us adults some time do do adult things, like drink and gamble. BTW, this cruise more so than any other we have been on, seemed to have many more unruly kids. Seems like there were a lot of kids between 14-16 that were only interested in being immature and even throwing things around in some of the activity rooms for the kids. I was told security was even called once. I don't mind kids on a cruise (heck we brought 4), but the parents should lay down some rules before someone gets hurt or in real trouble. I even overheard some girls about 11-12 yelling at each other about being sluts. Not cool. Maybe Carnival should think about some curfew rules or something. But all in all, the entertainment and activities were great. There is enough for everyone to do of any age. The Ports - Was our 2nd time to Cozumel and it was in better shape this time. We didn't feel like the beach thing and since we had so many smaller children we didn't do things like zipline or cave tubing so we went with the Atlantis Submarine. While it was a bit pricey ($99 adults) it was great. We never imagined what the bottom of the ocean looked like. We went down 100 feet and it was very cool. Belize we just did some shopping after taking the tender over. Costa Maya we had never been to before and we liked it a lot. Did some beach stuff after a short and cheap taxi ride , then came back and spent time at the pool and swim up bar at the pier. Very nice place with all the shops there also. Even got the wife a birthday gift at one of the shops. We have been to Nassau several times so we didn't plan anything ahead and at the last minute decided just to go onto the pier and walk around. Kids bought some things at Del Sol and some other shops but that as about it. We had thought about going over to Atlantis to the aquarium since the kids hadn't seen that yet but the heat was getting to them some so we headed back on board. We'll take them there in February when we go on the Dream. Bonus Activity - I had been following the status of the shuttle launch all week and it was GREAT that after a few delays it was being sent off Friday night at 11:59. I started to spread the word around to anyone I had met during the week and there were others I am sure that had heard. We were only 150 miles or so off shore heading back to the Cape on Friday night so there were several hundred people up on the top decks to see if we could see it. Sure enough, it was very visible as we watched this orange plume take off. It was amazing for about 30 seconds before we lost in in and out of clouds. The whole deck cheered and it was a great ending to a great cruise! Disembarkation - Our flight home wasnt until 6:30 Saturday evening so we took our time getting off the ship. Had breakfast on the Lido deck and then sat around waiting for the crowd to dwindle. We had also done the Carnival baggage service for $20 pp so we had only carry on stuff to lug around when we got off. If anyone has never heard of it, it is a great idea. They take your bags the night before and you never see them again until you arrive at your home airport. No lugging around the heavy stuff from ship to airport or wherever. Since we had all afternoon, we had Avis shuttle us back to their facility and rented a car for the day (well only 6 hours actually) but at $40 it is still cheaper than paying shuttle services. With the time we had and having seen the shuttle take off the night before, we went to the Kennedy Space Center and did a tour for about 3 hours. Very well worth it and a lot of fun. Actually saw the pad it lifted off from the night before. All in all, another GREAT cruise. We are already looking forward to our next one which is in February aboard the Dream. Kids are already excited about 6 waterslides. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Six of us flew down to Orlando the day before the cruise. We rented a van so we wouldn't have to pay for transfers. We spent the night at the WorldQuest Resort in a 3 bedroom suite which was very nice. After enjoying our included ... Read More
Six of us flew down to Orlando the day before the cruise. We rented a van so we wouldn't have to pay for transfers. We spent the night at the WorldQuest Resort in a 3 bedroom suite which was very nice. After enjoying our included breakfast, we drove to the port and arrived a little before 11. We dropped off our luggage and 4 of us before taking the van to the rental car agency. Their shuttle dropped us off at the port and we were on the ship before 12:30. Our room was on the Riviera Deck and had 2 portholes. The room was nice and the room stewards were friendly and did a good job. We ate breakfast and lunch on the Lido Deck. Sandwiches at the deli were really good as well as the Chinese, pizza, burgers, buffet and of course the ice cream any time you wanted it. We ate dinner every night in the Golden dining room. Our head waitress Rosie did an excellent job. We found out she was employee of the month (it showed). The food was great! It was hard choosing what to get some nights because everything sounded good. The creme brulee was the best!!! We wished they would have served it more than 1 night. We attended most of the evening shows. The illusionist was very good. We especially enjoyed listening to Two for You. We booked a side trip on our own in Belize. We took a cave-tubing trip with Jaguar Paw (rivercavetubing.com). We were in a group of 9 people which was absolutely fantastic compared to the large group of people waiting at the port to go cave-tubing. Several years ago I took a cave-tubing trip with Carnival (they don't offer it any more), but it was twice the price and there was a bus load of people. We took a short hike through the jungle and floated through several caves. When we returned we had an included lunch of chicken, cole slaw, rice and beans and a beverage. After lunch Miguel (our guide) took us on a hike around the resort and showed us the cabins, swimming pool and butterfly farm as well as some native animals. He did an excellent job on the entire trip. This trip was a wonderful experience and we highly recommend it. In Cozumel we took a taxi downtown to shop. In Costa Maya we took a taxi to the town of Mahahual and spent most of the day at the beach and shopped at the local vendors. In Nassau we took an island tour and went to Atlantis with Gladstone McPhee (taxi #998 just outside the building at the pier) for $20.00 a person. He did a great job and we really enjoyed the trip. He was very knowledgable and gave us a tour of Atlantis. We did self assist on disembarkation and was off the ship before 8:00. We took the shuttle to the rental car agency and drove to the airport. This was our 2nd time on Glory - we enjoyed it both times. We can't wait to go again! Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
First let me say that CruiseCritic helped me prepare for what to expect on our first cruise and I highly recommend reading as many reviews as you can. There is great information to be found here. This was just a fabulous cruise for ... Read More
First let me say that CruiseCritic helped me prepare for what to expect on our first cruise and I highly recommend reading as many reviews as you can. There is great information to be found here. This was just a fabulous cruise for myself and daughter(17) and son (14). We are not from the Florida area or anywhere with such great year round weather so Sun, Beaches and warm nights were a must for our vacation. I admit I was one of those parents that let my kids have the run of the ship at night. That seems to be the best place to start. Carnival glory is a 'fun ship' and they sell it as such. If what you are looking for in a vacation is upbeat fun and a friendly relaxed atmosphere then this is for you. For those who prefer a more elegant cruise experience I would have to think you might want to look elsewhere. There seemed to be a high percentage of families on board and the general attitude was its all about fun and relaxation. The one thing I am most thankful for is that we had great weather the entire cruise. My one fear was that we would miss ports and be stuck in our cabins due to bad weather. Aside from that possibility the only way to not enjoy this cruise was if you chose not to. Pre-Cruise - we stayed at the Radisson Hotel in Port Canaveral. Beautiful Hotel with a great pool and on-site lounge. Free shuttle service to the port. My only complaint was that it is not within walking distance to the beach. Luckily we had a rental car and spent a day at the 'Jetty Park' in Port Canaveral. Nice beach and picnic area and I recommend a day there if you can. Embarkation - We took the shuttle from the Radisson hotel scheduled for 12:00 (left closer to 12:40). Upon arriving at the port we were a little lost but following the lemmings we quickly figured out the process and although the line took a bit it moved at an ok pace and I think we were on board by 1:45. We were able to go straight to our rooms and luggage started arriving about 3:30 with our last piece arriving just before dinner. Setting up our documents and sail and sign cards on-line saved a good deal of time in line. Main Dining Room - This was a highlight for our cruise. I give Carnival full marks for setting us up with a family of 5 that had kids the same age as mine and we got along exceptionally well. This made for a desire to share dinner with them nightly and compare notes on the different daily excursions we did. For my kids this also helped them to quickly relax on the cruise having found some friends(who were on their 5th cruise) . The first night was come as you are with most nights cruise-casual and a few nights cruise-elegant. I wish we would have packed a couple outfits a little more formal to get in the spirit of things on the elegant nights, but our more casual attire was not a problem. Food was great and the parents from the other family took a night to pamper themselves at the more formal Emerald Room for a small charge. Ship in General - I thought the ship was in very good condition. The staff were all polite with our dining room staff and room steward being exceptional and the Cruise director Ryan did an outstanding job. We purchased fountain fun cards the first day and neither myself nor the kids had any problems throughout the cruise with getting service from the bar staff for non alcoholic drinks. Every night there was an itinerary left in the room with ship activities for the next day and for anyone who wants to be out doing something there is always something to do. Room service was pretty good. Deck chairs could be hard to find in the main areas but if you weren't too picky you could always find one somewhere on the upper decks with sun. usually late afternoon they became easier to find. The kids loved the 24/7 free ice cream and pizzeria at the back of the lido deck. We never really utilized the Red Sail restaurant/buffet although it looked busy. Most of our meals other then dinner were at the grills which served a great basic hotdog/hamburger with chili/fries or at the pizzeria. You will be constantly approached to have your pictures taken. Go For it. There is no real pressure to buy but if you get some great pictures the option is there. They post them all the next day and you get the chance to look them over at your leisure. Club O2 - Was a great place for the kids to meet and stay busy. We received a weekly itinerary when we boarded the ship which was great for me to keep tabs on what my kids were likely doing when they weren't with me. My 14yr old was allowed to join because of his older sister. I wasn't a big fan of the activities scheduled until 1:00 every morning when we had excursions the next day but it wasn't that big a deal. The kids said Brianna did a great job and although they spent most of their time with their group of 8 friends outside Club O2 they always checked out its daily activities. I quickly learned that the kids mostly spent their evenings going from photo spot to photo spot taking pictures with each other and in the later evening I found them in the aft pool/hot tubs on the lido deck. Late night the kids spent either in Club O2 dancing or just outside talking in groups in the booths along the wall. Entertainment - I didn't partake in the night life as much as I could have although there were always places to go. Every night the cruise had different lounges set for things like singles meet/greet or karaoke and the Ebony Cabaret had comedy shows running every night both for family and adult entertainment. The amber palace had bingo every night and a show every night with great dance performers and although one might get tired of them after a cruise or two they were a nice addition for my 1st cruise. I forced myself to stay away from the casino but it looked well laid out, had a number of 'poker training' sessions and events and did not smoke up the near vicinity that bad. Throughout the cruise there were events held either on the lido deck or various lounges/areas of the ship that were all geared to fun and gaining points for your Team. (every cabin was assigned to 1 of 3 teams). This added a friendly competition to the cruise and although you didn't win anything other then bragging rights it was hard to not get involved at some level. Debarkation - we chose self-assist and was fairly painless although the line took awhile. The ship was fairly organized about it calling people by decks and if you weren't in a rush it was fine. Ports of call - Finally I get to see my kids!!! We didn't do much shopping so can't help you there. Cozumel - We walked off the ship, went straight to the cabs and asked for a beach. We were shown a couple brochures, chose Paradise Beach and for $13 we found ourselves at a great beach where for $10 each we were able to use Kayaks,water mattresses, the floating slide and the floating iceberg all day long. Plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas. Massage tents were nearby, We went parasailing for $55 each and for $5 I got some great pictures of my daughter holding a monkey, a snake wrapped around her head and a tarantula sitting on her shoulder. Was a great excursion. Belize - Definitely a country in transition. We booked an excursion through CAVE-TUBING.COM for $45 each and I highly recommend this. We got a bus-ride through the city (cheap tour) followed by a 45min walk through the tropical rain forest and then a nice leisurely 1hr trip down the river on inner tubes through 2 cave systems and a nice section of tropical forest. Bringing a camera is iffy but can be done. (Bring a Ziploc bag) I never did and am glad I never had to worry about it on the river but missed some great pictures. The guys who ran the excursion were the MOST appreciative people I've ever seen. Costa Maya - We walked off the ship with the idea of finding a nice beach. Instead we walked into a shopping plaza that was walled off from the local people and actually had some armed 2 man patrols walking the area. In the middle there was a LARGE swimming pool with deck chairs around it and a swim-up bar. Consider our excursion found. Was a great relaxing afternoon free of charge except drinks/food. Nassau - We booked the deep water dolphin excursion through Carnival and although it was a great excursion and one my kids will remember for life I found it pricey and it took us an hour to get a picture package after (again pricey). We barely made the last buses back to the ship. HINT: Dolphin Cay is inside a multiple resort development and cash is basically useless. Don't forget your credit card. Worse case you can find a couple places to purchase a Gift Card with cash that will allow you to buy food. Awesome vacation and I can't wait to plan my next cruise!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
The cruise was very nice overall. The Glory had a new program to test using a "comedy club" program. We traveled with 12 people in 5 cabins, and everyone loved the comedians. They were a real high point on the ship. I ... Read More
The cruise was very nice overall. The Glory had a new program to test using a "comedy club" program. We traveled with 12 people in 5 cabins, and everyone loved the comedians. They were a real high point on the ship. I called Carnival before this cruise (our 9th) to see if the cabins had clocks. They told me yes, so I was disappointed to see that there were NO CLOCKS IN THE CABINS. It makes it hard to guess the times especilly in an inside room. Also, there are no outlets in the bathroom (no nightlight options). The beds were very comfortable, and the service on board was adequate. I do think that the new automatic tipping is far less awkward, but I feel some of the staff aren't working as hard to please as before. The ship was pretty clean in most areas, but someone had thrown up on the miniature golf course on the first day, and it remained there for the rest of the cruise. The Glory has hired Funtastic Fun Dude (Jeff) as the warm up act (he also runs some contests/ trivia on board). We all felt that he tried too hard, and while nice enough wasn't funny. He could talk very fast, and maybe should try being an auctioneer for the onboard art auction instead. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
First off, we did enjoy our vacation.  The ship was spectacular and very clean. However, if I had to compare this Convivial cruise against my last two Carnival cruises, on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 5.  Other than feeling that ... Read More
First off, we did enjoy our vacation.  The ship was spectacular and very clean. However, if I had to compare this Convivial cruise against my last two Carnival cruises, on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 5.  Other than feeling that Carnival was trying to hustle me out of every dollar I had, the cruise was fine.  -Spa:  My wife signed up for a spa treatment, $195.  This included 1:15 see weed wrap and a 45 minute message.  She was done with in 90 minutes.  (what's up with that).  Well, it gets better, they next day the same service were offered at $125.  Needless to say, my wife feels as though she was ripped off.  THANKS CARNIVAL. - Food:  Service was a 10; Food was not, I would rate it at a 5 (and I am being generous).  The main dinning was very disappointing as far as the quality of what was being served.  Out of 7 meals, I personally enjoyed 3 of them.  Steak and Chicken was very dry and blend.  Paste tended to be over cooked and the food that made it to the table was cold. I was told that we did have an alternative, the Emerald Dinning.  I could pay an extra $30 a person to get a better meal with white glove service.  In the past, we use to call that main dinning.  - Buffet Lines:  They did have a nice breakfast and lunch buffet.  The mid night buffets were non existing.  They consisted of the Pizza Bar and hamburger stand.  The nice midnight buffets that carnival use to have are now gone. No mid night deserts, (unless you buy it at their coffee shop), No Ice Carvings and no parties on the Lido deck.  Night Life:  Carnival only offers one live show, a night, with the exception of a late comedian show for two nights.  The late shows were designed to get people to the bars and casinos. Nothing happens on the Lido deck anymore   No nightly bands or contests, no special buffets, bake offs or ice carvings.  EVERYTHING IS DOWN STAIRS IN THE CASIONO OR THE BARS.-Over all Service was 7.  The only reason that rating is high is due to the wait staff and the cabin steward.  If not for those folks, I would rate carnival at a 3 or 4.  Their dealers in the Casinos actually were telling people to bet more if they wanted to win. It was like gambling in the streets of New York City. Than there were professional hustles, "drink waiters".  Every 5 minutes, someone was trying to sell me a drink.  On more than one occasion, I had someone wake me up, at the Pool, to ask me if I wanted a drink. At the Casino, I told the same waitress 12 times in one hour, no thank you. -Purchases.  When purchasing alcohol from the gift shop or on a shore excursion, the bottle is confiscated.  You can not keep it in your state room.  It is returned to you the night before you dock. -Drinks.  The only thing offered was water, tea or lemonade. The coffee, outside of meal times was either empty or cold.  To get a drink, you have to go to the lido deck and walk to the other end, unless of course you wanted alcohol or a soda, which could be purchased at a very nice mark up rate.  A quick note, they will sell you a bottle of water for $5.00 as you leave the ship for a shore excursion. - Pools.  While I was there, I personally carried one child out of the pool and seen three others injury themselves by jumping in the pools.  Parents were not around to watch their 7 years olds, jumping.  Several times, someone's child jumped on me or kicked me while I was in the pool and the hot tub.  There are no adult pools or adult swims.  (its something you have to tolerate).  There is an adult only hot tub, but the kids pretty much have claimed that one to. I am sure this will be fixed the first time Carnival, (rightfully so) gets sued.  -Shows.  Out of 7 nightly shows, Carnival conducted 3 and they were good.  One was a talent show and the other 3 were talking and 15 minutes of a comedian promoting his late night show.  -Late night shows.  Very talented comedian shows.  However, they were over crowed.  Standing room only, unless you got there 30 minutes early. People were blocking isles and standing in door ways to see the show. The unfortunate thinking is that instead of having the shows in the theater (like the regular schedule shows) They were done in back of the ship, (Ebony Lounge).  This, ( I am sure of) was done to market the Casinos and bars on the way.   It was apparent Carnival is cutting back.  We still enjoyed the cruise and got a great rate, but we did not like what we had to sacrifice.  I do not think I will every Cruise again with Carnival.  Cheating my wife, constantly trying to hustle everything form drinks to bingo and their "marketing of the clubs", I don't think I will be back.  I am sure the first time cruiser will enjoy it but only because they have not experienced "when Carnival was really good".  I understand, RC does a better job with maintaining standards and now I will find out.  Thank you Carnival for pointing me in the right direction. Submitted by, Former Cruiser Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
Let me start by saying that we took this vacation for no reason other than the price was right and I had to have a get-away before my wife decided I needed to remain married to work rather than her. That being said, I had some ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we took this vacation for no reason other than the price was right and I had to have a get-away before my wife decided I needed to remain married to work rather than her. That being said, I had some trepidation about going on Carnival (I'd heard mixed reviews) and I, personally, didn't want to go to the Western Caribbean (based on what my in-laws had said). I was much more than pleasantly surprised by this experience! I had so much fun, I am already making plans to go back. The ship itself was not top on my list. As many of you know, Carnival has a theme for each of its ships, and the theme for the Carnival Glory is "All the Colors." It can become sensory overload. The ceiling is constantly changing color in bizarre patterns. The black tile floors are broken up with random colored tiles. The nice part is that the public areas are easy to find, as they each carry their own color theme (White Heat Disco, Burgundy Bar, Bar Blue, etc.). While the dinner meal was wonderful, and Elmer/Benito were top notch waiters, I didn't much care for the other eateries aboard. The eating schedule in the Red Sail Lounge never seemed to match when I was hungry, nor were any of the three grills on deck active when I was looking for a bite. The only place open 23 hours (they say 24, but it closed every morning at 7 for an hour so they could clean) is the pizzaria. The pizza was awesome, but when you consider it was the only place open, and there were several hundred (if not more than a thousand) teens and kids aboard.... I did appreciate that there were always juices, tea, and water available at no extra charge. Perhaps I was spoiled by Princess and their 24 hour food service. Overall, I would sail Carnival again (I'd just try to avoid the colors of the Glory) and I would go back to the Western Caribbean - they both surpassed my expectations. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
My name is .............and my family and I took a cruise leaving Port Canaveral on July 4th on board of the Carnival Glory, (stateroom 1064.) and it was one of the most disastrous experiences we've ever had!!! We are repetitive ... Read More
My name is .............and my family and I took a cruise leaving Port Canaveral on July 4th on board of the Carnival Glory, (stateroom 1064.) and it was one of the most disastrous experiences we've ever had!!! We are repetitive clients of Carnival, since this was our fourth cruise with the company and we have taken several cruises with other companies as well, and this was by far the worst one of all. I have been cruising since the age of fourteen and I am now 54. My father retired after over 30 years of service with the best Italian cruise line on board of ships like Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo Da Vinci and Andrea Doria. Let us start from the beginning. On the first night, we had a flood in our cabin and after calling guest services three times, someone finally showed up to stop the water flood from the connection on the back of the toilet and start to dry up the cabin. (See attached photos of the busted pipe, cabin, and toilet floor!). After 2 am. and an all night/day traveling from Vegas to Florida to take this cruise, we had been moved into a cabin made to sleep three people and there were four people to fit in this smaller room, not to mention that it was all the way in the bottom of the ship. (In the second floor) At 7am, some very smart cabin attendant woke us up because he needed to prepare the stateroom for the people that where supposed to board in Nassau... Was he for real??? We slept four, five hour tops and here we are moving back again in our stateroom. A huge blower was placed on the floor to dry the carpet up and to get the humidity/smell out of the cabin. We had to deal with the noise and the inconvenience of try to move around this huge piece of equipment for two days. For all this inconvenience, the guest service officer credited our account for $ 75.00 What an insult!!! I do not need charity from anyone!!! I let the on board representative know immediately to get rid of the credit!!! (Which he did not) In addition, for the entire cruise, there was a bunch of kids screaming at the top of their lungs and running around the bar/piano lounge in front of the guest service office, the casino bar and several other bars around the ship and security did nothing about it! In my opinion, especially late at night only adults should be allowed in those areas, so that you can have a peaceful conversation, if you choose to do so! The service in the dinning room was great, the food berely acceptable, hard meats, over cooked pastas, tasteless generally speaking with few exceptions. In addition, because my many years of cruising my family and I always wanted the late sitting since we do not like to be rushed, well wrong choice, we had to run if we wanted to be able to see the shows, because they kept changing the times. Cabin attendant? We berely saw them a couple of times (and one right before the end of the cruise, to make sure he was getting a little extra tip. I could go on and on but then it will be a too long the critic and not enough space. Just one more thing. On the day of debarkation, here we are again with the pipe bursting. My wife and my son were the only ones able to take a shower, what a disaster! Dulcis in fundo, to use a Latin expression that means the sweetest for last, when we finally get to pick up our luggage, the garment bag containing my wife and daughter evening gowns is lost!! Do you need me to explain you in very down to earth language, how happy my wife was to know that two of her best and most favorite designer name brand dresses where gone... Or you can figure it out on your own? Thanks Carnival for ruining our yearly family vacation!!! For sure Carnival Cruise will NEVER see us again Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
First, let me say that if you have read other reviews like I did before we left, do not fear. The Glory is a terrific ship. It is clean, the staff is so friendly and attentive and the food is wonderful. This was my 8th cruise and it was ... Read More
First, let me say that if you have read other reviews like I did before we left, do not fear. The Glory is a terrific ship. It is clean, the staff is so friendly and attentive and the food is wonderful. This was my 8th cruise and it was one of the best I have ever taken on any cruise line. I'm a former travel agent and I have seen a lot over the years. I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews, but I realized that it really all depends on the individual. A trip is what you make it. Some people will find something to complain about no matter what, while others will always see the best. The Glory staff went out of their way to make this a great vacation from start to finish and I would not hesitate to recommend the ship. We were a party of 7-me, my husband, my 83 year old father in law, our 3 daughters, ages 21, 17 and 12 and my daughter's 21 year old friend. Our embarkation at Port Canaveral was a breeze. Tom, the agent that handled our multi-cabin, multi-sign and sail issues, was an enthusiastic pro that got us on our way in no time. We were on the ship by 11:30 and having lunch in the Red Sail Restaurant. The only thing I will say is that it is probably a better idea to get on the ship a little closer to 1:30 because cabins are not ready until then so you have to lug your carry ons around with you, which can be a bit of a hassle. Promptly at 1:30 you can go down to your cabins and drop off your stuff. Our luggage was delivered within a couple of hours-MUCH earlier than any other cruise I had been on before.  We were on Riviera Deck, the bottom of the ship, as it was the least expensive. I did not regret it for a minute. The cabins were very spacious and had plenty of room for storage. There was a hair dryer in the room, and a basket in the bathroom filled with amenities such as razors, Advil, and Pepcid AC. There was a liquid soap/shampoo dispenser in the shower as well. Everything was extremely clean. We had originally booked 2 inside cabins and 1 outside cabin, but Carnival called us 4 days before departure and offered to upgrade the inside cabins to outside for $100 per cabin more so we took it and were very glad we did. My father in law had never been on a cruise before and the ability to have a window(and these were windows-not portholes) made him really happy! We were in the Golden dining room and had table 101, right by the window. The view was spectacular. Our waiter and assistant, Kelbert and Chad, took great care of us. The Maitre'd Paul came by each night to check on us and make sure all was okay for us. The food was great. The only thing we had a bit of an issue with was that the beef tended to be very done. Order it much less done than you might prefer. If you normally like your meat medium, order it rare. Other than that, it was great to try different foods. The wait staff sang to us on several nights and it was so much fun. The food on the Glory is AWESOME. If you can't find something good to eat, it's a personal issue-seriously. The selection and availability is great. There is the 24 hour pizza, the deli sandwiches, the Asian bar, the sushi bar, the grill, and of course free room service 24 hours a day and I could go on and on. You will NOT go hungry. There is always something to do on this ship. My last cruise on NCL felt like a 24 hour sales push. Not so on this cruise. This was more like I remember from cruising days gone by-fun things like trivia, the hairy chest contest by the pool,etc. The shows at night were great fun and there was always live music playing somewhere on the ship. It felt like the cruise staff were really there to make sure you were their guest and just had a great time. The ports were terrific and we enjoyed them all. We only booked 1 shore excursion through the cruise line and it was the least favorite of anything we did. My husband and father in law booked the Atlantis submarine in Cozumel and were very disappointed in it. They really didn't see anything other than "moonscape" as they put it. Us girls, meanwhile, booked a private snorkeling charter through Cozumel Charters and had the time of our lives! We got a private 4 hour, 3 reef tour in the marine preserve for less per person than the ship charged. It included a cooler full of cold drinks, snacks and even the taxi fare to the marina.  In Belize we went cave tubing and it was the highlight of our trip. All 7 of us went and even my 83 year old father in law agreed it was AMAZING. We booked it through Coral Breeze Tours. They taught us so much about Belize, kept us laughing and then took us for the most delicious lunch on the way back to the ship. We even had about 45 minutes left to do a little shopping. Belize is a tender port for all cruise ships, so just keep that in mind. Do NOT miss this beautiful country. I felt sorry for the people that didn't venture past the gated area that the cruise ship had set up. They missed out on a lot. Costa Maya was our next stop. I booked a tour of the ruins for my husband and father in through Natice Choice and they had a great time. Us girls took the very convenient local bus, they leave every few minutes, to Mahahual for $3 per person. Then you catch a cab back for $2 per person. The beach was gorgeous and the shopping the BEST. This area was very hard hit by Hurrican Dean in 2007 and is still recovering. In addition, ships were not stopping there for the last 2 months due to the swine flu outbreaks so the local economy is really suffering. They rely completely on cruise passengers and it was clear they were anxious to "make a deal", from food and drinks to the wares they were selling. Massages on the beach are $15-20 for an hour. We all got one and it was HEAVENLY. We all agreed that Costa Maya was one of our favorite stops and we wished we could have spent more time there. Nassau was our last port and I must say it is not my favorite stop, but then I've been there many times before. We just got off the ship and went to the straw market and walked around Nassau. The shopping was...okay. Not great, but okay. My girls loaded up on fake Coach and Dolce and Gabbana bags so they thought it was terrific! A few notes: I never saw any lounge chair hogging at the pool, even by 10-11am. There were always chairs available somewhere. Make SURE you have watches-the ports are on different times and most people are not using their cell phones due to the outrageous fees charged when in international calling zones. A travel alam clock is really helpful as there are no clocks in the rooms. Bring more tip money than you think you will need. The staff works so hard and we tipped extra-they really earned it. The drinks onboard are expensive-be prepared. You can bring some bottled water and soft drinks and 1 bottle of wine or champagne per person on board with -I highly recommend doing that. Bring an insulated water bottled with you for each person. The drinking cups are small and you will want to have more water than what a cup holds when you are on deck or going ashore.You don't need to bring beach towels-they are provided each day. Yes, the pools are a little small for the number of people on board, but there is so much else to do I don't think you will miss it. We had a great time on the Glory and I would not hesitate to recommend it. Go and enjoy!  Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
This was our 2nd cruise. we went on a eastern Caribbean cruise last year on the Triumph, so this year we wanted to try the western Caribbean. We chose the Glory. We stayed at the Springhill suites in Orlando the night before. It was a ... Read More
This was our 2nd cruise. we went on a eastern Caribbean cruise last year on the Triumph, so this year we wanted to try the western Caribbean. We chose the Glory. We stayed at the Springhill suites in Orlando the night before. It was a fantastic hotel with comfortable beds. My wife's sister and her 16 year old son joined us on the cruise also. The next morning, our van picked us up at the hotel and was a 1/2 hour early. We chose Interplex transportation. I highly recommend this service. They are always on time, have new clean vans, and the price is very reasonable. We got to the ship at 12:30 and was having lunch on the ship by 1:30. It was very easy and fast. Are room was on deck 6 with a balcony. Our first disappointment was the lack of a couch. An 8A balcony stateroom showed a couch on the web site, and we only had one chair to sit on. The room was clean, and roomy. plenty of space for the luggage. My sister in law was in room 6473 right next to us and the kids had an inside cabin across the hall. Room 6479. First night show was fantastic. We had late seating for dinner 8:15 and the show was at 10 PM. But the next night we had to go to the show before dinner and every night after that. We were real disappointed. We always enjoyed late dinner and the late show after, that's why we chose the late dinner.But now they force you to leave the pool area, so have to shower, get dressed early so you can see the show, eat then spend money at the casino and the bars. I don't know if carnival is doing this on all ships, but they did not do this last year on the triumph. Then if you want to go see an adult comedian, you have to try and get a seat 1 hour before the show. the large theater is empty after 9pm, why didn't they just have the shows there. You can fit more people in there. But they want you to walk by the casinos and bars to spend more money. Also there used to be at least one or two deck parties and the midnight buffets. They are all gone now too. If you went a hamburger, you better get it before 10:30 or 11Pm. Because the will close too. Your only choice is pizza after 11 o'clock or room service. They Used to have more choice's too, now you can only get a sandwich or snack. Last year if I was at the grill in the rear of the ship, I can ask them for milk and they would get it for you, Now they say you can only get milk at breakfast or room service. One Night my son ordered a sandwich at 1 am. he fell asleep and they knocked on his door at 3 am to deliver the sandwich. They said they were backed up. Our dinning room was great. We had the 4 floor platinum room next to the rear windows, great views. Jerrome from Jamaica was fantastic. We always had at least 5 choice's for dinner. Missing from the beverage selection was the fruit punch. You can only get Ice Tea, lemon aid or water. One other note. For two nights the ship rocked and rolled all night. My wife for the first time had to put a patch on for Motion sickness. It was hard walking down the hallways in a straight line. It seemed to bother her sister too and my Daughter. But my son ,Nephew and myself were not phased at all. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
We flew into Orlando the day before our cruise.  There was myself, my husband, and our friends who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.   We spent the night at the Fairfield Inn by the Airport.  Great place.  We caught the ... Read More
We flew into Orlando the day before our cruise.  There was myself, my husband, and our friends who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.   We spent the night at the Fairfield Inn by the Airport.  Great place.  We caught the hotel shuttle back to the airport on Saturday Morning to meet up with Mears Transportation for the bus ride to the Cruise Ship at Port Canaveral. The ship was huge and beautiful.  Embarkation process was pretty quick for all of us.  I am not going to go into detail on a daily basis but just give a brief overview of things we liked and did not like.  We loved the buffett(Red Sail) for breakfast and lunch.  They had great food that was fast and fresh.  Loved the guava juice, breads of all types, and any desserts they had.  We loved our dining room experience.  We had the early seating in the Platinum Dining room.  We had requested a table for just the four of us and Carnival complied.  We had a great view of the ocean as we ate dinner everynight.  Our waiter was Adrian from Romania.  He was impeccable.  His helper Koko was very funny.  All of agreed that the favorite desserts are Creme Brulee and Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  The Maitre D gave us the recipe for the Chocolate Cake.    All our dinners were good.  No complaints.  We all gained weight on this trip.We have high praises for the whole staff on the Glory.  We were able to surprise our friends with a cake and champagne for their anniversary with the help of the crew.  The cruise director even announced it on his tv show.All the ports we went to ( Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau) were great.  We enjoyed each stop.  The only issues we had was the length of time to get on our bus for excursions out of Belize.  Very disorganized.  We could not tell if it was the port people or the vendor for our excursion.  We did the sail and snorkel party in Cozumel by Fury.  What a blast.   The best part was the time on our own private beach.The captain did a great job of sailing the ship.  We had two fun days at sea.  These were my least favorite thing.  Too many people and too many kids running around.  There were lots of activities for all ages.  We did bingo, trivia, bar hop, sun bathing, dancing, gambling.  We tried it all.  This was the first cruise for me and my husband.  Our friends have done 4 other cruises.  I think if we do another cruise it will be on a different line just to see what is different.  The Carnival Glory was great but not very restful. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
We had a great time on the ship and the cruise.  Ports-of-call were Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Nassau with two full days at sea.  Overall we thought everything went great.  Being from Florida, and within 20 minutes from the port, ... Read More
We had a great time on the ship and the cruise.  Ports-of-call were Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Nassau with two full days at sea.  Overall we thought everything went great.  Being from Florida, and within 20 minutes from the port, our embarkation experience was great.  We were dropped off around 11:30 am and were on the ship by 12pm.  As advertised the cabin was not ready until 1:30 pm, so we did lunch and the pool. Cabin was fine for the 3 of us.  I would recommend a cabin with balcony.  Haivng that extra space worked for us on any night one of us could not sleep.  The ship was great.  Yes, the pools are small, but we were not expecting large pools.  Our daughter still loved them.  We had read a lot about getting up early to get a lounge chair near the pools, but never experienced that at all.  We were always able to get a chair as late as 10 am.  The may not have been right next to the pool, but still available.  Our 9 yr old loved Camp Carnival.  They had an extensive calender of planned events printed by the hour.  She could choose which ones she wnated to go to from the start.  Of course after the first or second time there, and after making friends, she wanted to be there most of the time.  There was one thing that amazed both of us about the kids program, Carnival actually allows (with parental permission) kids 9 yrs old and above to sign themselves in and out of the program.  Why any parent would leave their 9 or 10 yr old run around the ship unsupervised is beyond us, but to each their own.  We obviously did not allow our daughter to do that.  We did excursions at Cozumel, Belize, and Nassau, but not through Carnival.  I recommend doing all the research you can ahead of time for excursions.  Some offered by Carnival may not be available otherwise.  We actually booked the Belize excursion online with http://www.cave-tubing.com/ and were very pleased.  The other two, Cozumel and Nassau, we just waited to get off the ship at the port and found information on the excursion.  All three were available through Carnival at around twice the price.  And although Carnival will say that their excursions are safer, we certainly did not feel threatened in any way on the excursions and made it back to the ship with plenty of time.  My take on it is this: the folks at these ports-of-call live off of the tourist industry.  Having their livelihood damaged is of no sense to them at all.  Overall a great time.  We are looking forward to another cruise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Carnival Glory - June 27 - July 4 Port Canaveral, Cozumel, Belize City, Costa Maya, Nassau First a little background, this was cruise number 12 for us.  We have cruised most on Princess, a few on RCCL, one each on Disney, Celebrity ... Read More
Carnival Glory - June 27 - July 4 Port Canaveral, Cozumel, Belize City, Costa Maya, Nassau First a little background, this was cruise number 12 for us.  We have cruised most on Princess, a few on RCCL, one each on Disney, Celebrity and Norwegian.  We had some friends who had never cruised join us on this one.  Since we were doing a summer cruise, and we wanted to be able to drive to the port, we wound up trying Carnival for the first time. Embarkation:  We live in Metro Atlanta, so we drove to Jacksonville on Friday night and then the rest of the way on Saturday morning.  We arrived at the port around noon.  This is only the 2nd cruise we have driven to, the other being the Disney.  I have to say, Carnival has the system down very well.  You loop around the terminal where they direct you to one of many "drive through" lanes where porters take your luggage.  We unloaded and I left the wives and daughters to get in line for security.  We were barely able to park and hustle back to the terminal before the girls were to the door.  Security went very quickly and we rode the escalator up to the check in level.  Easy to follow direction here, get your sign and sail cards, and head to the welcome aboard photo stop.  From the time we parked until we were on deck 3 was roughly 30 minutes. Once on board, we headed up to the Lido Deck and had lunch.  By the time we finished, our cabins were ready and we dropped off our carry on luggage and went exploring.  Let's run through the ship - you can get the actual layout on Carnival's web site, so I'll summarize my opinion of some of the key areas. Cabin - we had Cabin 6-404 on the Upper Deck.  This was an outside balcony cabin.  It had a small sofa that was converted into a smaller than twin size bed that our 11 yo daughter slept on.  The bathroom had plenty of shelves and good lighting.  We had off and on problems with the shower drain that caused the bath floor to flood, but it would drain out fairly quickly so no big deal.  The cabin had ok storage, but could use more shelves.  Our experience has been that RCCL does the best job of utilizing all of the nooks and crannies for storage.  The balcony was nice to have for early morning photos.  The AC system in our cabin worked great.  The bed was firm (my style) and the pillows were comfy. Bars and lounges - plenty scattered all over the ship.  Some of which were sort of hard to find if you were not really looking for them. Main Dining Rooms - Golden Restaurant is in the center of the ship on decks 3 and 4.  This room makes it impossible to navigate from one end of the ship to the other on these two decks - causing some back tracking on numerous occasions.  That being said, this was the prettier of the two main dining rooms.  It is smaller than the Platinum Restaurant which is located at the aft end of the ship in decks 3 and 4.  We sat at a table for 6 - number 366.  This room has some windows on the sides of the ship, but more of the window openings had a mirror rather than glass.  I would have preferred to be able to see the outside vs. the people behind me. Main Lobby - This is a 4 deck high area with shops, the guest service desk, shore tour desk, photo gallery, and several bars.  It is very bright with lighting that changes colors.  (The theme of the ship is colors, so each room is based on a different color).  The dEcor was a fun at first, but it begins to seem a little over the top after a while.  We think that the dEcor on Princess and RCCL is more "elegant" overall.  The lobby has one shop that carries clothing, liquor, and souvenirs.  The opposite side of the same deck is a shop of equal size dedicated to "smelly" stuff and "bling". Main Show Lounge - The Amber Palace - very pretty room - horrible sight lines.  The main level is flat, not sloping - so sit behind someone tall and you miss the show.  Also, the room has numerous support columns throughout the room.  Sit near one of these; miss a large part of the show.  The upper levels are sloped, but seem to suffer worse from the column view blockers. Buffet dining area - by far, the best organized and roomiest of all the ships we have been on we think.  Plenty of choices and plenty of tables.  We have been on ships where finding a table in the buffet area is like looking for a parking spot at the mall in December. Pool decks - 4 pools total, although, 2 are basically right next to each other so the area near them is really crowded.  The aft pool was the most peaceful and our main hangout.  The slide is a lot of fun as well.  We did not witness the "chair hogs", but that may be because on the sea days, we were up and out on deck early planting ourselves, not just our stuff in a chair.  Also, we had no interest in being right next to a pool.  We would typically get on Deck 10 right above the aft pool where we had good sun and a good breeze and had no problem with finding a chair. Spa - very nice area.  Limited choices of services so we did not partake. Casino - lots of slot machines.  Numerous blackjack tables (I frequently saw dealers standing waiting for players), not as many poker tables.  One craps and one roulette table- both of which stayed crowded. OK - so now impressions of different aspects of the ship: Dining - excellent.  My wife and I both believe that the food was equal to any other cruise we have been on.  The main dining room food was very good with great choices.  I had read on Cruise Critic multiple comments on how good the melting chocolate cake is.  My wife is not a huge chocolate fan - she ordered it 4 nights - it is that good.  The buffet food had plenty of options both at breakfast and lunch.  The constantly available soft serve ice cream was good and a huge hit with the 11 yo.  They alternated vanilla and chocolate or chocolate and strawberry.  Downside - we did not have the best wait staff.  They did ok, but not great.  Also, slow - the 3 tables handled by our team were consistently among the last few to get dessert. Entertainment - just ok on this item.  The piano bar was good.  There is a guy playing a sort of "electronic one man band" show outside the casino each night and he is pretty good.  The pool deck bands were very good.  They had a magician for the main show one night and it was pretty good.  The first "production" show was not bad, but the two main singers were not the best we've seen on ships.  The second "production" show was really good with different main singers who had better voices.  A major complaint here - on other cruises, bingo would be held during the day and I'd play several times during the week.  For some crazy reason, the Glory staff decided it would be a good idea to do Bingo in the main theater between the shows at night several times.  Two problems - 2nd sitting diners miss bingo if they wanted to play and the same 2nd sitting diners showing up 10 minutes before the show had limited selection for seats because the bingo players were occupying the seats. Activities - overall, there seemed to be fewer things going on around the ship than on other cruises we have done.  Also, the ship activities pretty much shut down at 5 pm.  We choose late seating dinner because it typically gives us more time to enjoy daytime activities.  Mini golf, the sports deck, and the water slide all close at 5 pm.  So if you have late seating, you effectively have a dead period between 5 and 8 when nothing is going on except for 2 nights when your main show is before dinner - but that leaves you with only one pre-dinner option.  There is room for improvement here. Cabin Steward - good, but not outstanding.  Saw very little of him, but the room was serviced very well.  He did keep ice in our small cooler for our Coke Zero's - so extra points for this. Ports:  An important item to note, and a first for us - the ship stays on Eastern time.  Your getting off an on is based on ship's time, not local time.  So if you do like I do and frequently book an independent tour, be careful that you choose a tour time based on ship's time, not local time.  Cozumel - we docked a little early, we got off the ship and headed straight for the taxi stand.  Took a taxi to Paradise Beach and bought a wrist band for the water toys for the 11 yo.  We spent 4 hours at the beach and enjoyed the services of Paradise Beach including several smoothies and some Great nachos.  We then headed back to the ship and showered the sand off and went back to the pier shopping area.  It has been several years since we stopped in Cozumel and the pier area has much more shopping than I remember.  Plenty of shops to choose from for souvenirs. Belize City - We booked the Xunantunich ruins tour through the ship.  I normally do not book through the ship, but since this was a 7 hour tour, I played it safe and paid the extra to book through Carnival.  Based on arrival time and the tour length, we should have had an hour to shop before getting on the last tender back to the ship.  We anchored a little early about a 10 minute tender ride from the pier.  We were supposed to be off the ship at 8:30.  There was a mix up on the tender tickets and somehow the first 4 tenders loaded up with people on independent tours.  We got off over an hour late.  So, we arrived back at the pier 45 minutes late - we were hustled onto a tender with no chance to shop.  As soon as the tender cast off its lines from the Glory, up came the anchor and away we went.  The ruins were spectacular!  They are a 2 hour bus ride each way.  During the trip out, our two guides (Ken and Melissa) gave us some history on Belize and the Mayans.  It was very informative.  You could tell that both of them were very proud of their country.  We walked around all of the major structures and climbed to the top of the main pyramid.  Our 11 yo was fascinated by the history and stories that Ken told us.  There are many mounds that have not been excavated yet.  On the return trip, we stopped at a local watering hole for a traditional Belizean lunch.  Very tasty. Costa Maya - I booked an independent tour to the Costa Maya Zipline and Mayan Biosphere through the internet.  Awesome!!!!  All of the guides were very friendly.  I was very impressed by the attention to safety provided by all of the staff.  The towers are all well over 100 feet tall.  You make three different runs.  The first's main attraction is its height - you are way up in the air.  The second run is long - the longest in Mexico.  And the final one is "speed".  The last zip line run ends over the Bacalar Lagoon.  This large lagoon also called "Seven Colors" is stunning.  We made a mental note that on our next stop at Costa Maya, we will take a taxi to Bacalar and enjoy a day at this beautiful lake.  Nassau - We arrived around 9 am and had to be back on board by 3:30, so we walked around town some, toured the Pirate museum (which was pretty neat) and shopped a little. Debarkation went as smoothly as Embarkation did in spite of some Custom's officials who evidently were not happy to be working on the 4th of July and took their time processing the first few groups. Overall thoughts - this was our first cruise on Carnival.  As I've said, the food was equal to any other cruise we've been on.  The cabins were close to equal to others we've had.  Entertainment, I think Carnival is not quite as good as RCCL or Princess and the same goes for activities.  The dEcor of the ship - a little too much for us, we like the more elegant look of the Princess Ships first followed by RCCL and then Carnival.  Bottom line, Carnival typically has better pricing than RCCL, thus part of the reason we tried Carnival this time, and we would not hesitate to jump on a good deal from Carnival again.  On the other hand, if we could get the same ports on the same date for a price close to Carnival on Princess or RCCL, we'd probably go with one of those two. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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