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Sail Date: November 2009
This was my 11th cruise on 5 various cruise lines. Have done Carnival twice before. Love the value, the exterior lines of the ships, but not the interiors so much. Have also done 3 CTNs over the years with NCL. Traveling with me were ... Read More
This was my 11th cruise on 5 various cruise lines. Have done Carnival twice before. Love the value, the exterior lines of the ships, but not the interiors so much. Have also done 3 CTNs over the years with NCL. Traveling with me were my wife, 21 year old son, 16 year old son, and 28 year old son and daughter in law. It was her introduction to cruising. Four of us had a balcony cabin while my oldest and his wife had an inside. EMBARKATION: B We left our home in Jersey City at 10:10 A.M. and traveled to the ship via NY Waterway Ferry each with one carry on bag. Arrived at the terminal at about 11 A.M., Quickly checked in and were given a group 7 card. The check in clerk welcomed us aboard the "Inaugural Cruise". That would be the one and only time we would hear the word inaugural for the whole weekend. The ship started boarding at about 11:30 and our number was called just after noon. Getting on was different since you had to go downstairs through the customs area to board on deck "0" due to the fact that the extended gangways would not fit this new design. They told us it was due to the size of the ship but since I boarded the QM2 there several years ago before she went to Brooklyn, it could not have ben the size. It had to be the design with the lifeboats hanging below the extended promenade. Slowing down the boarding was the picture taking for the sail and sign card that was done as you entered the ship. Other cruise lines do this at sign in which makes getting on board much simpler. Still, we were on board by 12:30. Once on board the elevators at the entrance were packed. We chose to walk up two flights where a crew member directed us to the glass elevators which were completely unoccupied. this helped us get to the lido buffet without waiting. BUFFET: B Once on board we immediately headed to the buffet. There were two main sections. One had a general buffet and a Mongolian bar, the other had a burrito bar and general buffet. There was also a pasta bar upstairs overlooking the dessert bar where you could order pasta dishes prepared to your liking and they were brought to your table. In addition there was a pizza place, grill for burgers, etc. and a deli. And of course soft ice cream was available. The food at all these places was excellent. The fried pork was especially good as was the seafood scampi. The chocolate chip cookies looked small and store bought but were in reality delicious and tasted home baked. The reason I rate this buffet a "B" is because of the layout which causes long lines. Carnival needs to open a dining room for lunch like NCL does which helps disperse the crowd. One thing I notice on Carnival that I do not see on the other lines: the food is too plentiful and too good. I see more obese people on Carnival than any other cruise line. Talk about gross tonnage! CABINS: A Our balcony was on Deck 6 overlooking the promenade at the Lanai with a hot tub just below our room. I'd expect this to be a real problem with noise and smoke when the weather is nice. Our cabin was roomy and tastefully done. Plenty of storage and room for four of us. The balcony seemed cramped. The bathroom is basic but with a shell shaped bowl filled with sample toiletries. The shower has dispensers for body wash and shampoo as well as a retractible drying line. The TV has the basic broadcast stations from Denver ( something to do with the height of the Rockies for broadcasting the signal) a couple of cable channels and many Carnival channels. The ship's information channel is a joke compared to other cruise lines. You never get wave heights and all other info is in metrics. There was also a free movie channel and two pay per view channels. It was easy to see this was a new ship. I had to remove the plastic from the TV's remote control. Walls in the rooms on this ship seem paper thin and you can hear a lot of what is going on in the rooms next to you. Artwork is tasteful but hung at headboard height which is annoying if you want to sit up in bed and read. The safe has a numeric keypad unlike other Carnival ships where you operate the safe with your credit card. The mini fridge is in a cabinet that you can ask the steward to lock. My son and daughter in law's inside cabin also had good space and similar amenities. Friday night it was hard getting to sleep because of the ship's rocking and the banging noise of the waves hitting the ship. I've been on cruises with 27 foot waves , but never as noisy as this. But once asleep, I slept well on the very firm new bed. I heard that some on decks higher up had things falling off shelves and people hanging on to their beds. On the second night the fog horn was blowing every two minutes but that did not disrupt my sleep. THE SHIP: C The design of this ship is flawed in a number of ways. The promenade is uncovered so you have more places to sit on nice days, but if you like a covered promenade to sit on in wet weather or want to get out of the sun, forget about it. The promenade also has two hot tubs on each side of the ship that are just below balcony cabins, as is the Lanai on each side of the Ocean Plaza. This is a "What were they thinking?!" design. To get to any of the hot tubs on the promenade people need to walk through the ship in robes. Not exactly a good plan. The promenade did have a couple of nice seating areas with wicker furniture and pleather cushions. The waterworks slides look awesome, but we could not use them or the pool because of the weather. I wish Carnival had put a sliding dome over one of the pools as they've done on some of their other ships. Also the pools are way too small for the amount of people traveling on this ship. The pool area also hosts a large movie screen They did run Two movies, "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" and "Star Trek" but it was just too nasty to sit out and enjoy. They also run nightly laser shows here which are an interesting novelty but nothing really special. On the night we went to the laser show it was punctuated every two minutes by the ship's fog horn. Lasers need fog to show up properly so in the midst of dense foggy weather the show is done adding more fog with fog machines. While still in port we decided to play the 18 hole mini golf just below the funnel. It was windy but fun and we knew we'd be unable to play once the ship left port. You need to check out the clubs and balls at a table onthe pool deck, leaving your ail and sign card for security. Had to hunt down the person running the place. She was surprised anyone would want to play in the wind. Since we chose to play mini golf we missed our cruise critic meet and greet, but you can only do so much on a 2 day CTN and this was to be a family weekend. Once we started , others started to play too. We found no shuffle board on the ship but there were extra large chess boards on the promenade. The sports deck looked nice but was not open. MUSTER: F Muster drill was an hour late because the ship was having trouble getting everyone on board. There was no communication and people were confused, some waiting in their cabins. Once the drill began there was total chaos. With the new "safety drill" you do not need to bring your life jacket. A number of people did not get the message. Communication on this ship was non existent. Once at your station, no attendance ia taken. A brief demonstration is given, The crew member giving the demonstration at our station didn't know what he was doing. Then they show a brief video, once they figure ot how to lower the screen from the ceiling and get the DVD player working. In some muster stations they never did figure it out and told people to watch it in thier cabin. It would have been comical except that there would have been a disaster in the case of a real emergency. I had absolutely no confidence that this crew would be of any help should an emergency arise. SAIL AWAY: A Sail away was late but beautiful. I'd never done a sail away at night before and the lights were gorgeous. We went to the front of deck 5 on the promenade and had very little wind and a very smooth sail down river. There are stairs at the very front of the ship that allow you to move from decl to deck. DINING ROOM: B Both the Crimson and Scarlet dining rooms are similarly decorated. We had anytime dining which was on the top level of the Crimson. We went at about 7:15 after sail away and our group of 6 was seated immediately. Once at sea the rocking became more pronounced (70mph winds will do that). A tray of silverware fell as did numerous dishes. Still, we were served well and the food was delicious. I had cream of broccoli soup, a wonderful shimp cocktail and beef tenderloin;. Others tried items such as flatiron steak, grilled chicken, vegetarian pot pie. there was not a bad meal n the bunch. The chocolate melting cake was liquidy the first night but perfect the second. During dinner about 9 loud and not so kind announcements were made to the crew as they got ready for second seating downstairs which would start on time in spite of the late first seating caused by the delayed muster drill. Before the advent of anytime dining passengers would not be subject to these announcements because the dining rooms would be closed for preparations, but with any time dining in the same room these announcements were both annoying and crude. On the Crown princess, anytime dining has its own dining room so this is not a problem. Again, this is a design flaw that could have been handled in the planning of this ship. The second night they offered lobster tail and grilled shrimp, prime rib, and duck. I am allergic to lobster, but it looked wonderful and my wife said it was excellent. The prime rib was perfect, served with potatoes and onion rings, but the duck was dense and tasted more like steak than duck. Breakfast in the dining room was pitiful. The OJ tasted as if it were mixed with Tang and the waffles tasted like sponges. My son couldn't eat his pancakes. The omelets were OK. Very disappointing Room service was fast (10 minutes) and efficient, but with limited selection. SHIP ACTIVITIES: B Normally a two day CTN goes south to North Carolina so people can enjoy some outdoor time in slightly warmer temperatures, but since we were sailing in the worst nor'easter of the decade and the storm was around us in every direction we did figure eights off Long Island just far enough out for them to open the shops and casino. The casino always seemed busy, which is not surprising, especially with everyone indoors. We never felt as if there was nothing to do. There was the marriage show, numerous music venues, trivia contests and more. One Saturday afternoon the wind had died down and I was actually able to read on my balcony for an hour. i even took a walk of 3 laps around the promenade as did a number of people. Before dinner on Saturday all six of us went down to the rather small library and checked out the game "Clue" and had a grand time playing together. A ships videographer spent some time videoing us as we played. Not sure what they'll do with that since they were't making a DVD of this trip. We also spent some time having some family portraits taken, the photographers did a terrific job. Our pictures make me smile because not only do they show how much fun we had as a family, but we are all standing slanted in them because of the movement of the ship. My 16 year old did get sick once Saturday morning but was fine the rest of the time. My daughter in law, on her first cruise, did well with ginger pills and seasick wrist bands. The rest of us had no problems. Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went to high tea which held in the scarlet dining room and was delightful. You could choose from a variety of teas and enjoy with finger sandwiches and pastries. My 16 year old also spent a lot of time at Club 02, the teen center. He actually won a 24 carat plastic ship trophy in a dance competition Saturday night. There were 95 teens on board so many skipped school on Friday. I was somewhat surprised that there was no Bingo on this ship and no art auction even though the art facility was larger than on most ships. The gym and spa looked well equipped. but we did not use them. Entertainment was top notch. The show the Friday night was a Mowtown show with Marcus Anthony who sang well and was terrific at getting the audience involved. On Saturday night the production of "Dancing in the Streets" was amazing but not as enjoyable as the night before. The Encore theater is similar to those on other Carnival ships. Shops on board were typical, but smaller than I expected. CREW: B Other than the muster drill the crew seemed to work well and were courteous, but not overly friendly. On boarding many wore shirts that said "JUST ASK". We did and were always properly directed. The dining room staff was efficient and pleasant although there were no dancing and singing waiters. We did have a Carnival crew member come to our dinner table and do a magic card trick that was fairly entertaining. Have never had that happen on any other cruise. Our steward did a great job and the towel animals were adorable. Gratuities were paid at booking for this CTN. You never saw any officers, probably because the conditions were so bad. we heard that the captain actually stayed on the bridge all night Friday. COMMUNICATION: F Communication was non existent. We were not told why we were leaving late. We were never updated on the weather. On the last night there were no disembarking information provided other than non needed custom forms left on our bed. The next morning after docking at 7A.M. they told us that they would call each deck to leave and immediately called deck one. It didn't take long before all decks were called, but very few had left. Many were still sleeping and most were in long lines at breakfast in the buffet. Announcements were not heard in the cabins. We were told that we needed to be off the ship by 9:15. We ate and left at about 8:30, took the ferry to Weehawken and were home by 9:45A.M. OVERALL: B In spite of the rough weather, we had a wonderful time as a family. I have sailed Carnival before and will sail Carnival again. Currently looking at p the Fantasy out of Charlseton this summer. They offer a solid product at a reasonable price. I will not cruise on the Dream again unless it is at a ridiculously low price. The ship's design just did not work for me. Pictures at Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
Hello Everyone, My DH and I recently returned from a romantic get-a-way (no children) on the Dream CTN. Overall we had a great time and will definitely return with the rest of the family when it homeport's in Florida. Embarkation: ... Read More
Hello Everyone, My DH and I recently returned from a romantic get-a-way (no children) on the Dream CTN. Overall we had a great time and will definitely return with the rest of the family when it homeport's in Florida. Embarkation: The Manhattan Terminal has vastly improved since the last time we sailed from there. It now has a fresh, modern, open look and feel to it. We arrived at about 10am, check-in procedures started by 11am but actual boarding of the ship was closer to noon. There were vending machines and complimentary coffee in the waiting area. For those who complain about the amount of time it takes to board please remember that earlier passengers have to disembark and the ship has to "ready" itself for you. Cabins: We had a balcony cabin on Deck 6. Please note cabin#6208 is an accessible cabin even though not designated as such. the Pursers desk was not aware of this as this was the first full sailing. Fortunately after sail-a-way we were moved to a cabin 4 doors down. Our balcony cabin was similar to other cabins in the Carnival fleet including layout and color scheme. There were 2 large, plush bathrobes for our use and many sample products in the bathroom. The bathroom had ample counter and shelve space. There was also a lot of closet space and counter space and lighting in the bedroom area. The Cove balcony area was not as closed in as you would think. It had more reinforced steel at the seams than the regular balcony. As a parent it felt a lot safer than the other balconies. The forward O/V cabins seemed a bit small. The deluxe O/V cabins with the double bathrooms are perfect if travelling non-solo. I wish I had one. If you have been on Disney, this concept takes it to a different level. The second bathroom has a sink and a half bath with shower. The spa cabins are heavenly. The layout is the same, however the decor gives it an upscale, modern and calming feel and this effect is carried out through to the hallways. There was a Suite on the 12th floor, all the way forward on the port side. Not sure what category or what the cabin# was, it is not shown on the deck plans. My DH disagrees with me, but I felt our Cat 12 on the Triumph was larger and was a better design. Muster Drill: We did not have to wear or carry our life jackets. You meet in a designated lounge area and receive a safety briefing with demonstration, not unlike the Airlines. Quite painless. Food: The welcoming buffet was not crowded at noon, so we were able to wander around for the best selections. Food choices were plenty and varied and tasted like typical buffet food, "adequate" my DH would say. Lemonade, fruit-punch and a selection of teas and coffee were available and my DH's favorite a 24hr ice-cream dispenser. The outside grills serving pizza and hamburgers etc always seemed to have long lines, however everything was being made and served fresh and the lines moved fairly quickly especially if you strike up a conversation with others in line with you. The Steakhouse was excellent. Food was plentiful and of good quality. Like any great steakhouse the raw meats were displayed to you. The restaurant has an open kitchen which unfortunately is not visible from all angles of the room. There is also a dance floor in the center which had tables set up on it during our dining time. Pictures do not do this room justice. It was well worth the expense. My DH had breakfast in the buffet area on Saturday morning, he reported a very dismal experience. Lunch in the Main dining room was a more than pleasant affair. My DH was a little apprehensive about dining with a large table, but soon had a change of heart. Our table mates included a female movie and commercial star and a popular Online Travel Magazine Writer from Nebraska. Conversation was active and jovial. The food except for the burger was good, better than the buffet. Tea Time was also served in one of the Main Dining rooms. It was no QM2, but it was pleasant and a nice change of pace. We had Pre Dinner at the buffet. There were not many people when we went. The Food was ok. We then had "As you Wish" dining at about 8:45pm. We were able to get a table for 2 without waiting. Some of the same food items from the buffet were being served. It was a lot better in the dining room. The chocolate cake was hot and delicious. Debarkation morning we had breakfast in the main dining room. My DH was again apprehensive, but this time he was worried we would not finish in time to get our shuttle home ( We live in Upstate NY) Again we had great tablemates including Carnival Sales Personnel (not PVP's). Food came out fast and hot. The serving sizes were rather small, however I think that is in response to our need to order more than one entree. On our table at least 7 persons ordered at least 2 entrees or an additional fruit dish or other side item. You can always ask for extra of something. Entertainment: Carnival never disappoints in this area. Two days is not nearly enough time to sample it all. We were able to make it to the main shows on both nights. The Motown evening was fantastic, I am still amazed that he was able to get that many people up on the stage especially with the boat rocking like crazy. The new show started to grow on me as it progressed, but I still miss the "Vegas Style" girls in the skimpy outfits. Although I did notice a change in the main shows on the Liberty a year and a half ago. The shows were a lot less "RisquE" the too. The late night comedians were good. I had seen Mr. Cruise before albeit the family friendly version, but some of the jokes had not changed!!. There were a lot of smaller venues scattered about the ship and they all seemed to be well received. The Piano and Caliente clubs were hopping whenever we passed by. The atrium had a Piano player and or other entertainment.There was plenty of seating and viewing areas that appeared to be the perfect place to sit and listen, or to watch passengers frantically search for their pictures in the photo gallery. The Casino: The Casino did not appear smoky. There was a guitarist entertaining and someone walking around handing out "beef patties". It took a good 20 minutes to lose $20 at the slot machines. There are many comfy chairs along deck 4 and 5 corridors along the windows although they are facing inwards and along the restaurant windows facing out. Internet and Fun Hub: There were quite a few laptops to be found. We did not use the fun hubs but I heard Carnival is hoping to take this concept fleet-wide. Unfortunately because of the weather (which we were quite prepared for) we were unable to partake in the outdoor activities. We would have loved to have seen the laser show although the main show did have some. We did hear rumors that some brave souls were seen in the suspended hot tubs. My DH was hoping it would stop raining long enough to see Star Trek on the Giant Screen, but oh well he has already seen it a half dozen times. Complimentary first run movies were also shown on the cabin TV's. Attire: Before I forget let me mention that casual attire on the second evening was the minority on this sailing. Most ladies had cocktail dresses or pants suits on, and quite a number of men including my DH wore jackets. Spa: We did not take a tour of the facility, but we did have the "Couples Mud Lounge" treatment. Of all the spa treatment we have had this was not only the best but also the best value. The name is misleading. This treatment is given in a private "Couples" lounge. There are five areas. There is the foyer type area when you enter, which has a warm bench, a cabinet with towels and a rolling table filled with different products for your body and face. Surrounding this area is a room with a regular shower, and another room with a rain shower. There is a steam room with "3" heated chairs with a waterfall shower over each one, controlled by the touch of a button on the arm rest. And yet another room where you apply treatments. A spa technician explains the different products and rooms, sets the timer by the door for an hour, locks it and leaves you to your own devices. All this for the special price of $95 unbelievable!!. The Carnival Dream felt familiar, not much different from the Liberty. It had some very nice extra touches. Or it could because like most of you I had researched the ship to death, read the blogs and seen all the pictures, that by the time we finally make it on the ship we really have seen it all. My DH said it was if the ship was designed and decorated by the "JOkEr". I told him it was (smile!!) Nonetheless, Carnival promises a fun ship with good food and great entertainment at an affordable cost, and again it did not disappoint. So people lighten up, loosen up, relax and have some fun. BTW We passed Mr. John Heald on the stairs when we were disembarking, he invited us to stay for the next sailing (in the lifeboat) Ha Ha Ha !! Samantha. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
My wife and I have been sailing since our marriage. We have been on about 20 Carnival cruises and almost all of their ships. Our honeymoon was on the Carnivale. The Dream is a beauty, but there was nothing special about this ship, except ... Read More
My wife and I have been sailing since our marriage. We have been on about 20 Carnival cruises and almost all of their ships. Our honeymoon was on the Carnivale. The Dream is a beauty, but there was nothing special about this ship, except perhaps the numerous water slides. Sailing out of New York in the middle of November required no swimsuit, however out of Florida you may have your suit but wonder where all the pools are at. Don't look too hard as the center of ship only has one small pool and one aft. This is it! For over 4,000 passengers? Yes this is largest ship Carnival has ever launched, but the ship was very crowded likely because the extra tonnage went to personal cabins. Don't get me wrong, it is nice and new, but nothing special. In other words, if you can't book this ship in Carnival's fleet don't worry about it. The cabins are identical to any other cabin in Carnival's fleet and they use essentially the same color scheme. We had a cove balcony, but it was not big deal. I would rather have booked a regular balcony. Because of the number of passengers all of the shops were loaded to capacity and all public areas were so busy it was difficult to walk around. Carvival introduced a Comedy Club on this ship and having been to many in NYC, this is the real deal and the comedians were simply some of the best I have seen anywhere. Additionally, the Dream had the best production show I have seen on any ship and on any cruise line! I was really surprised. Believe me my daughter lives in NYC and has danced on Broadway and these dancers were simply that good! The Spa is large, large, large. If this is your thing then check out the Dream. Other than what I have written, there was nothing that really stood out on this ship where I said, "Wow now that is different, unique, or special." If you are going--you will have fun. But if you havn't booked yet don't worry cause all of Carnival's ships are well maintained and well managed. Sail on!! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
We came down to the piers for our ninth Carnival cruise on this new ship. We were doing a B2B so we had luggage. I found someone to assist me with our luggage on the elevator and he found a porter for me. I gave him my checked luggage. We ... Read More
We came down to the piers for our ninth Carnival cruise on this new ship. We were doing a B2B so we had luggage. I found someone to assist me with our luggage on the elevator and he found a porter for me. I gave him my checked luggage. We got on board pretty quick in spite of the fact that the NY port couldn't use the regular means for boarding the ship and had to bring us in on Deck zero. My wife uses a walker and it took me and four other passengers to get my wife and walker safely up the slippery ramp. It was raining and no one from Carnival assisted. We got on board and the rooms would not be ready until 1:30 which was more than an hour and one-half away. We got something to drink as the food stations were not open as yet. We tried several stations including the famed Mongolian Wok. Even the mild sauce was too hot for my wife. The mild sauce I thought was okay. Certainly the Mongolian Grille at Sam's Town in Las Vegas, Nev is much better. This food station leaves a lot to be desired. Other food stations were better. The Carnival chef's really did a good job on the buffett. Although, I will say that the pizza station was not quite ready. Whenever I went there it was a five to seven minute wait. Go back and another five to seven minute wait. It failed to meet the Carnival standard. This did not happen when I sailed on the Triumph a month ago. The Safety Drill- was another disaster. They pack you into the area without life vests then show you a film about safety aboard the ship. We got the sound, but, no visual. Dining Rooms never actually opened on time. They might have problems preparing for this amount of people. The food for the most part met the Carnival standard. It was very good. The shows I guess weren't bad. Although I find it hard to believe how the dancers could stay up on the stage with all the motion during the weekend. The Stateroom was a nice stateroom. However, they use the same design as do the Spirit Class ships. My wife could not enter or exit the stateroom with walker. I had to fold it and bring it in or out. Same as on Spirit Class ships. On the Triumph last month my wife could walk into the stateroom with walker fully opened. The Casino was by far the worst I've ever played in. The dealers are all young kids. I've been playing Craps for more than twenty years which is longer since most of the dealers were in years on the planet. The Box Men they had weren't much better and exercised little control except to get into arguing over silly matters. We had bad weather and the ship didn't seem to be able to handle it. We were on the Triumph last month and we were in bad weather too. The ship was more stable. On Triumph Class ships they could enclose the aft pool area. Can't be done on the Dream because of an open deck on the aft of the Lido Deck. It is an okay ship, but, one would have thought with all the ballyhoo about this ship Carnival could have done better. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
Hi, Here is my experience. I hope it helps others. We arrived at the port at 11am and by 1140 am we were on the ship. My sister needed Special Assistance so we were one of the very first on board. We did have to walk total of 15 ... Read More
Hi, Here is my experience. I hope it helps others. We arrived at the port at 11am and by 1140 am we were on the ship. My sister needed Special Assistance so we were one of the very first on board. We did have to walk total of 15 to 20 minutes. My sister must use a cane and we all were not happy at the distance to the point of entry. It truly was far...and mind you we had to carry our own suitcases since it was a CTN. No one at Carnival warned us ..if they had we certainly would have put her in a wheelchair. Once on board we made our way to deck 10 to the buffet to wait for rooms which opened up at about 100pm. Since we were first we were able to get some food very quickly. The burrito bar was very good. Service was good there. Most of the rest of the items were typical and just ok. We were disappointed that there were many servers that looked not busy at all. We never had dirty plates cleared or were offered drinks or drink refills at any time during the entire 2 days. There was a noticeable lack of activities on board..this was surprising since the weather was definitely going to keep everyone inside for the next 2 days. The rooms opened early and we were able to get into our balcony room on the starboard side. It is gorgeous. The lighting is great and closet space was great. The bathroom was laid out well and my sister had plenty of room to navigate the bathroom area. Many amenities were provided and that was cool even though we didnt need them. Shower gel and shampoo are in dispensers in the shower. The shower has knobs to control the exact temperature. Nice...and the shower does go from spray to massage. So we go to our Cruise Critic Party..AWESOME!!! Thanks to all who made this possible. I met many new cruise friends and I hope to sail with them in the future. So its 450 PM and we are on our balcony...we hear blaring from the port. Every one sit down. We will stop embarkation until the area is cleared...evidently at that point there were 600 unhappy people still waiting to board the ship. It is correct to assume...we did not leave on time. Muster was fine although it was too easy to just go to your spot and zone out. The screens were small and no effort was made to get people to pay attention. So we leave port. Thank goodness we were starboard. We could go on our balcony with out a coat and enjoy the view of Jersey and the Statue of Liberty...awesome...Port was another story. I went to go get a picture...and was met with 90km winds and rain...I snapped a couple of pics and ran back to my room feeling very sad for the port balconies who were battered the entire trip. Speaking of balconies...the ship has 2 over hanging hot tubs on each side. If your balcony is between will smell smoke. That is the smoking area on the ship and in the am many butts littered the deck area. It was not bad but we were deck 9. But ...we could smell it. That night we saw the headliner. He had a nice personality and a good voice. He was very good at getting the audience engaged. I'm 47 and enjoyed the music. It was a tribute to Motown and was well done in my opinion. Oh Dinner..hahahahahaha yes we did go to dinner at 6pm in the Crimson restaurant. The lower level is mostly 4 tops. It was not crowded but the server was very nice but VERY overwhelmed. She had little help and all the tables of 4 really monopolized her time asking her for every little thing. And other servers who had empty stations did not come over to help her. It was funny because we missed every other course...but we were so happy to get what we got...we didn't say a word..she was that busy. The chateau briand (excuse my spelling) was tough and over cooked. The mash was nice. The broccoli has crumb sprinkles which were a nice twist. My sister took in the comedy show. We cant remember his name but my sister said it was just ok. I went to the casino and played Let it Ride...I can't complain as I did win a bit of money. The dealers and managers were EXTREMELY engaging and friendly. I would have walked away with the same feeling had I lost all my money. They were THAT NICE!!! After that we hit the room but we did stop for PIZZA. I liked it. Nothing special but I enjoyed the crust. I went again after they fell asleep...hehehe pizza is 24/7. Our room SHOOK all night. It was a bad night. People sick..but fortunately we love the motion...didn't bother us at all. The shaking and banging though did make some of us was that loud and unusual. So we wake up and go to Scarlett for breakfast...Eggs Benedict looked scary but was some of the best tasting EB I have ever had on a ship. Cooked perfectly...Plus after our experience dining in Crimson we switched to Scarlett. Table of 10. We went to the casino there was not much planned on board. We then ate lunch at the Buffet...outside at the Tandoori bar because it was a madhouse inside....what a crazy setup for a buffet...lines that converge at the middle to a single station that has the food that people want the most. Needless to say...lines were out the door. Getting back to our lunch....I don't usually like Indian food. However, they made it look so good I had to try it...I got the Tandoori Chicken, the Pork Vindaloo, and some other meat. I had no idea what it was. I went back TWICE..OH MY GOOODNESSS YUM. They had Naan and I had 3 servings of that. I had to load it with butter and it was heaven on earth. YUM YUM YUM. At the Indian Food station they also had a Greek Salad that my sister said was awesome. We then went met friends and chatted and at 3pm we did TEA. It was too funny. It really looked like a high tea until they brought out the lipton tea bags. I think they missed an opportunity to introduce people to new teas...but it was cute to see the servers open the wooden presentation chests to display the lipton tea. The small desserts and sandwiches were well done and elegantly displayed and served. Get rid of the Lipton and bring in some fancier teas with some education about them and you have a winning activity Carnival. We then went to Trivia. Well done..quick and fun. Then back to the room to nap before dinner at Scarlett. We were in the aft corner at a window ....Excellent service and the lobster and shrimp were cooked PERFECTLY. Service was brisk and efficient. The only excitement was when the ship turned and we hit a wave. The back of the ship rose and slammed down and our plates rose off the table about an inch from the force of the slam. A big woooo came out and everyone went on with their meal. The caesar has the anchovies built in by the way...too fishy for me. Cherries Jubilee came advertised as did not. The cherries were firm and delicious. The ice cream with it was icy, hard, hand flavorless. We then saw the production show. A M A Z I N G !!!!!!! Kudos to celebrity. We then saw Percy who was very very funny. My sister said he was the better of the 2. We got more pizza and I wanted to test out room service. I called before 11pm and within 15 minutes my food was delivered. We got a reuben....the meat had an odd color..but we thew caution to the was just OK and we are fine. The doors to the hallway do not stop noise at all. At 430 am we were woken up by someone clucking like a chicken down the length of the hallway. We got up in the AM and went to brave the madhouse buffet again. 30 minutes and we finally got some food. Lines were Super Long...and be careful...the honey and pancake syrup dispenser look the same...I won't comment on the food as it was obvious they wanted us all of the ship by 915. We got off just fine. I will say in general. I felt all the ceilings in the rooms were low. I felt closed in at all times. The dining rooms were nothing special to look at. It is a beautiful ship for sure..but it is a maze to navigate. To be honest..this was my first Carnival sailing. I expected more from their best ship. I thought too they would present themselves better since they talked a good game the 2 days. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
Upon arrival at the NYC terminal, we got through security and check-in quickly, then there was a long line to get onto the ship. Maybe 40 minutes from the time we got to the port to being onboard which isn't bad at all. It was a bit ... Read More
Upon arrival at the NYC terminal, we got through security and check-in quickly, then there was a long line to get onto the ship. Maybe 40 minutes from the time we got to the port to being onboard which isn't bad at all. It was a bit strange to board at deck Zero instead of into a beautiful atrium, but we got a ground view of the cove balcony cabins which looked cool from the outside. We checked out our 8C cabin, L-shaped aft just before the wrap 9c cabin, and it was very nice and very new. Awesome double-wide balcony with chairs and lounger. Note the safe uses a code—not a credit card to lock it. Flat screen tv on wall, and the navigation channel is better than on other Carnival ships. Small refrigerator, nice closet space and bathroom, blow dryer in the drawer, full length mirror on one of the closets. Love the amenity basket too. We then set out to explore. Waterslide is incredible though it was too cold to go on it. Nice seating areas forward on the higher decks near the spa. A lot of access to forward outside viewing areas too. Outdoor movie screen was good with lots of poolside seating—not in stadium setup like other Carnival ships—all one deck level. Mini golf and basketball are farther back. Center of deck 5 is Ocean Plaza which is a nice open area that has a bar and band, margarita bar, and coffee/dessert bar (for fee). Also outside access with seating areas and hot tubs. I really liked this area and it was always full of activity. Promenade deck went all the way around outside which was great and there were hot tubs and seating areas here and there. Balcony cabins on decks 6-9 overlook this deck. Very tall atrium was very nice and this ship actually has couch seating on the decks above and overlooking the atrium so you can still be part of the activities. Scarlet and Crimson dining rooms were beautiful and we had a nice table for 4 by a window, though both nights they opened later than 6pm to a lobby full of waiting people. Not sure why they weren't ready at 6. Food service was good, drink service was slow. They appeared to be understaffed. Food was very good and I was thrilled lobster was featured the second night. I missed seeing the dinner menus posted outside the dining rooms though; doesn't appear there is anywhere to post them. There was a $30 upcharge steakhouse on deck 10 or 11 aft, but we didn't try it out (as we just ate there on Carnival Liberty and the menu was the same). Lido food: Setup a bit different than other Carnival ships but always crowded. Outside on Lido aft is the deli and a fabulous Indian food station. Upstairs inside is a pasta bar—you fill out your order sheet and the food is cooked to order and delivered to your table. We enjoyed lunch here. More forward on Lido is another buffet and the Mongolian grill which always moved slowly, but then again, the food is cooked to order. Farther forward outside is pizza and burger grill. I do think a Carnival supervisor needs to watch the lines in order to facilitate things moving along quicker. Also need to keep other food venues open longer than just lunch; mid-afternoon the pizza, deli and burger lines were too long since they were the only options (besides room svc which we did not use this cruise). Ice cream stations open too. We didn't use pools or waterslides as it was November in NY. Would love to have tried them out though. Largest art gallery I've seen on a ship to date. Launderettes are on decks 2, 7 or 10 only. Ironing on all decks. $3 per wash and dry load; $1.25 for detergent. Theater was beautiful; had seating on outside both sides of lower deck which I've not seen before. So you had the curved seating toward the stage, and then couches lined up left and right perpendicular to the stage. Dancing in the Streets is the best show I've seen on a ship. Drink service was very slow as it appeared only two people were handling the entire lower level theater. One drink we ordered never arrived. Clubs are aft and all were busy at night. Piano bar (too smoky for me), comedian shows (get there early to get a seat!) and one other smaller club. Dance club Caliente was usually active. Casino always busy too. Debarkation was a breeze as with a Cruise to Nowhere you have no customs and take your own luggage. We docked about 7:15 and we left among the first people at 7:40 or so. Yes, there were small annoyances here or there—trays left in hallways quite awhile, long lines at eateries. Yet I would go on this ship again in a heartbeat. It's new—what's not to like? About me: I have sailed Carnival, Princess, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009 Sorry this is so long, but tried to put all my thoughts here. Let me start by saying that reviews should be for individual ... Read More Sorry this is so long, but tried to put all my thoughts here. Let me start by saying that reviews should be for individual ships and NOT the cruise line. Each ship is an individual and it's own management and staff, and that's what makes each one special. We fell in LOVE with the Miracle this past Summer, so that is the only Carnival ship we have to compare the Dream to. Carnival Dream is certainly a big ship but is it an improvement over the rest of the fleet? The design on the Miracle (IMHO), far surpasses that of the Dream. All for fun-fun for all, this past cruise to nowhere put the Dream to the test. Although all were for fun there was not much to be had. Embarkation could have been a more organized. ID picture for the SS card should have been taken at the counter when registering instead of when you board the ship, which slowed the line to board the ship. The line to board the ship was long, this was after you had been waiting inside and your group number was called. Activities were limited to a bean bag toss, trivia (more on that later), putting contest, auction etc. Now I can't expect Carnival really provide more than that with such horrible weather, which was not their fault, it was just really sad to see people lining the atrium rails 10 decks or so high to watch me putt. If I were putting in my back yard I'm sure my neighbors would find this less than entertaining, but once a free bottle of $5 dollar champagne is at stake-one cannot look away! The things that truly have to be seen first hand are the new slides and mini golf course, pictures cannot do them a justice. The slides are huge and will no doubt be enjoyed by many in better weather. The mini golf course is well done and probably beats some land based ones we've played but alas it was not to be (weather). Dining: We did not dine in the main venues as we had reserved Chef's Art for both evenings. Chef's Art is the steakhouse onboard and is every bit as good as any prime dining experience on HAL, Princess, and land-based steak houses, if not better. Decor is subdued and dimly lit for effect. Food and service were impeccable here. We did dine in the Scarlet lower for breakfast and the decor is not glitzy by any means some reds but not over the top like Bacchus on Miracle. Service here was ok but this was open seating breakfast so we can't comment on dinner time. However, the portions for breakfast were a little on the small side. Lido buffet was (I hate to say horrible but I'm going to say it anyway) horrible. What was horrible? A combination of overcrowding, the lack of an organized flow, and the food choices (falafel????). There were good smells coming from the Asian buffet station, but the line was so long it didn't make sense to stand there for 20min. Hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza were outdoors, and again a very long line each and every time we tried to get a hot dog for our Son. My son wanted pizza after kids club at mid-night, we stood in line in the cold for 20 min to get a slice for him. Cabin: We had an aft balcony on deck 9, it was roomy inside and out. There is no privacy on these aft balconies, not because of people looking up or down on you but your next door neighbors. These balconies have their partitions angled back on a 45 so if you're standing even near your railing, you and your neighbor have full view of each others balcony. One can easily see into your cabin without even leaning let alone hop over so keep your door locked and drapes drawn at night.(see photo). The mattress is of gymnasium floor mat quality and a lot of massages will be sold no doubt. The Carnival Miracle had nice pillow top mattresses and had me sleeping like a dog, I wonder why Carnival took a step backward on this. The bathroom was tight but do-able, but as a word of caution, if you plan to use the overhead electrical outlet in the bathroom to charge something, leave the light on as the outlet is only energized while the lights on. The aft balcony we had on deck 9 is sheltered by the pool area overhang of deck 10, you will not get direct sun or rain. Overall design: What were they thinking? The biggest question from all passengers is probably going to be why did they put those overhang spas on the promenade deck? Passengers wanting to use them have to walk through the Ocean Plaza lounge in swimming attire and bathrobes (saw a lot of that). Some of these poor people were red-faced having to walk through a main lounge when people were dressed in formal attire, though it's certainly not their fault. Once in one of these hot tubs, you have full view into all balcony cabins situated on the sixth deck and vice versa. Only one of these Spa hot tubs was open, and with the bad weather, this was the only place to take a dip, thus it was very crowded. All of the balconies on both sides of the ship have been set back so you can no longer look directly down to the ocean. When you look down you see the unsheltered promenade deck and it's users baring the elements. The promenade itself is not only home to these alienated hot tubs but glass walls 8' or 9' high lining the outer edge so you can no longer look over the railing at the sea like the old days (last week). The only place you can do this is on the fantail. Ocean Plaza: It's just an ordinary lounge with floor to ceiling glass windows and a glass door on both port and starboard to access the promenade and the alienated hot tubs. This was used for the majority of the events, however, not enough seating and gets very crowded. Problem here is that when either door is opened, any table nearby is stripped clean of any napkins or anything else that will take flight (not a good place to play that free deck of cards). We played trivia here but on two occasions, we had a full lounge ready for trivia and nobody from the entertainment staff showed up. Used the house phone to call the front desk but that's not easy, you have to go through a full menu of options unless of course it was an emergency. It was not an emergency trivia session. On both the first night of trivia and the last one, no one showed up and no announcements were made. I felt bad for the poor waiter who kept being asked "what happened to trivia". I know this may seem "trivial" to most, however, because of the weather, there wasn't much else to do. Knowing that the weather was going to be so bad, they should have had more entertainment in the other lounges. Sam's piano bar did not open until after 9:00 p.m., same for the Burgundy lounge, caliente dance club and Jazz lounge. Safety: An odd note on the handrails for the staircases on the Dream (see pic), there's really no way to grab these handrails in a traditional sense, they're about 7" deep and tapered towards the top. To hold the handrails is like holding onto a glossy textbook by the spine and the book is open slightly. If you should loose you balance on the stairs you'll need superhuman strength in your hands or you're going down ,people with limited dexterity or arthritis may want to opt for an elevator. Desserts: The desserts are great at the lido and you can easily grab those without a big line. Lemonade, iced tea are also good and easy to grab but the water has a little funk to it (probably the new lining in the tank). Croissants and danishes are perfect, coffee is pretty good but if you're a big coffee head you can use the nice cafe for a charge. Last but not least - The Muster: Now I don't know if it's Carnivals' fault but the new muster drill is a disaster waiting to happen. A lot of people not paying attention, no attendance taken-this can't be good. There's no substitute for being at the lifeboat station and actually putting on a life jacket. I watched as over 1,000 people slowly file into the dining room through a single set of glass doors and wondered what 's going to happen when it comes time to fill the boats. That's pretty scary. At one point, there was an announcement to watch the safety video. Everyone was looking around for the screen, no screen in the dining room. At this point the Maitre D' starts speaking and making jokes! For those of us who have sailed before and have experience, I know this drill gets redundant, however, once people are panicking in an emergency situation, there's no room for jokes and not knowing where to go. The children's facilities are AMAZING! Our 9-year old SON LOVE every room he saw. We knew that this was only a two day party cruise, and not to expect much from the staff. However, it was a good way to see if we wanted to sail on the Dream again - Notice that I said DREAM and NOT Carnival! Not sure if we would sail on the Dream again. Having seen them try to entertain a full ship during two days of bad weather, I hate to see what happens on longer cruises which also have bad weather. Over all, we had a good time and lots of laughs. If I remember anything more, I will post later. Please feel free to ask any questions. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
First let me start by saying that my husband and I, and the other couple we travelled with had a fantastic time. We were there to eat, drink and enjoy getting together with old friends, and we accomplished all of those things. However, ... Read More
First let me start by saying that my husband and I, and the other couple we travelled with had a fantastic time. We were there to eat, drink and enjoy getting together with old friends, and we accomplished all of those things. However, the cruise itself needs a lot of work. Some background information about us as travelers. The four of us are between 26-29 years old. And both couples have cruised a couple times with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Disney cruises, so we have some idea of what to expect, and what the standard is in this level of cruising. We're not fussy, but we do note when things aren't up to the standard we expect, and we're willing to pay a bit more occassionally for good service. In this instance it was a Carnival cruise, so we went into it expecting large crowds, that the food would be good (but mass produced), and service would be available, but not necessarily as personable as one would like. Overall I would give this ship a rating of 3/10. Emarkation: The embarkation process was horrible. And honestly one of the worst parts of the trip. Our documents had stated that the check-in process would start at 2 and go till 3:30pm, with the ship departing at 5pm. I knew from previous experience that you are usually able to board earlier, but we ended up being a bit delayed and arrived right at 2pm anyway. The first part where we went through security and received our keys/sign and sail cards was quick and painless. However, once we got through that, we sat for about 2 and a half hours on the floor in the terminal waiting to board the boat. It should be noted that water and lemonade were made available to passengers waiting to board, which was considerate. We finally managed to get on the boat around 4:45pm, and we were certainly not the last people to board. On a week long cruise this delay might not have been that big of a deal, but for a two day curise, this sort of delay really eats into your time. There was no communication from the staff as to why there was a delay, or how it would affect the departure/muster drill (which was to have happened at 4:30pm). We weren't sure if we had missed the muster drill, or if they were doing it later for all passengers, or perhaps just for the passengers that were late boarding. Around 5pm, the chime sounded for the muster drill and we reported to our stations, where we were supposed to go over life jacket procedures, and watch a small safety video. After arriving at our muster station we lined up to report in and watch the video. The projector screen came down, however the video never played, nor was the crew able to get it up and running. After waiting for about 20-30 minutes, they finally released us, telling us we could watch the video from the tv in our stateroom if we had any questions. I'm pretty sure we all left hoping that we would have no need of the safety instructions we never received. Since our group had the early dining at 6pm (and we were familiar with the safety precautions based on previous cruises), we shrugged it off, and left to explore the boat for a few minutes and then find our table for dinner. Ship DEcor and Design/Itinerary: Normally I enjoy the Carnival decor. The ships are glitzy and reminiscent of Vegas and generally a lot of fun. I am not a fan of the dEcor on this particular ship however. This may come down to personal taste, but I found the whole thing to be way too over the top even for Carnival, and often felt a bit dizzy You do not want passengers feeling vertigo as the walk down a spiral staircase. It was obvious that a lot of attention went into the detail and decor, and the ship was kept very clean, but I ended up feeling overwhelmed by the decor most of the time. The good news is that the ship was very easy to navigate, especially for as big as it was, We had no problem learning the ship in the short time we were aboard. I had thought that the Dream had a glass dome above the pool area. If they did have it, they never put it up, which I thought was strange. We had really bad weather during the cruise (though the weather was certainly not the ship's fault). We ended up grabbing our spa robes to wear around the ship to keep warm, as some of the lounges were rather cold, and anywhere that had doors to the outside was a little chilly. The picture of the itinerary had made it seem that the ship was going to be heading down south a ways (close to Georgia/Florida) then turn around and come back to New York. Our actual route kept us very close to the coast of New York. This may have been in part because of the weather (lingering effects from the hurricane?), but from what I have seen, most of the bad weather was located right around lower New York and Jersey. As a result of our location we did have really rough seas. I heard from one of the passengers that the stabilizers on the ship were broken, but I don't know if that was true or not. Staterooms The staterooms were absolutely fine. We didn't spend particularly much time in ours (inside state room with no window). If you have one of these rooms, I do recommend turning the tv onto the channel with the ship camera outside and muting it. This will give you the "window" experience, and allow you to approximate what time it is based on the sun. It can be rough waking up in the morning at 9am in a pitch black room with no frame of reference. There were also no alarm clocks in the staterooms. Not a big deal, but it's something I don't generally pack, so it's good to know for future reference. The cabins had decent storage, and the Carnival bath robes were provided in the room (those came in handy later on). Basically if you've seen one cabin in this category, you've seen them all. Dining: Main Dining Room: The food in the main dining room was wonderful, and much better then I was expecting. I would even say it was a step up from previous cruises. Still not 5 star, but then anyone who is expecting that from this type of cruise, obviously hasn't done their home worke. Still the meat was incredibly tender, seafood well prepared and seasoned. Beverage service was a huge miss though. I ordered a soda the 1st night, and had to ask for it three times before it finally made it to the table (I had it by the time I got dessert), and the 2nd night the beverage service waiter never even made it to our table. Luckily our main waiter was wonderful, and she worked hard to make sure our water glasses were always filled, and that we always had fresh coffee in our cups. I didn't see an assistant waiter, it's possible that they no longer have them. Highlight: We had a table by the window in the dining room, and watching the Statue of Liberty all lit up float by at night was beautiful. Buffet: We ate at the buffet for breakfast and lunch the 2nd day. This was fairly close to what we had in cruises past. There was lots of variety, and tons of food. Burritos in the lunch buffet were good. Lines were atrociously long at pretty much all the stations, and most of the food was average. We did have pizza late one evening on the 2nd night, which was very good. We also availed ourselves of the frozen yogurt whenever we walked past. Overall I'd give the food here a B to a B-. Solid effort, and if you can't find something to eat you're in trouble. But nothing that really stood out. Other: We also tried the sushi one evening as an "Amuse Bouche" before dinner. It was not rolled particularly well, and our pieces kind of fell apart, but the fish was fresh and tasty. We attempted to find the "Midnight Snacks" on the lido deck the first night, however none were set out. We also went for Margaritas and Chips (advertised on the cruise capers) in one of the lounges at one point. When we arrived there were no chips in site, and no waiters selling Margaritas. We ended up ordering a couple Margaritas from the bar and snacking on some goldfish crackers they set out. While these things really are no big deal in the grand scheme of things (we certainly didn't go hungry, and we managed to find drinks well enough on our own), they do start to add up, and detract from the experience. Room service: This was pretty sad. We called the first night for room service, and it was an hour and a half wait. Second night we ordered from the tv in our room. It never showed up. Not a big deal, we went and found some more frozen yogurt. But this sort of thing really needs to be fixed. Entertainment: We went to both of the shows in the main theater, and to the adult comedy shows on both nights. Our group was thoroughly entertained. 1st night in the main theater was 1 gentleman singing songs from Motown along with a good band, and we all had a blast singing and bopping along. 2nd night in the main theater was the big production, the one that the cruise director had been touting from the beginning. It was a great show, but I'm not sure how "family friendly" it really is. There were sections of the show were the dancers were dressed as pimps and hookers, and one small section were one of the "hookers" takes a spin around a pole. Now the clothing wasn't that revealing, short skirts maybe a little midriff, a bathing suit would probably be more revealing, but it's very clear what they are. The moves are still fairly tame, but there is some occasional grinding. I saw one woman take her grandson out of theater at this point. They've added some acrobatics and some break dancing that was wonderful. They also used some pyrotechnics during the production, but they seemed really out of place and unnecessary. I think Carnival is trying to update it's image for a younger crowd. Both of the adult comedy acts were fun. We laughed and had a great time, but the guy from the Carnival staff who was supposed to do the warm-up set was awful. They had two shows each night, one at 9:45pm and one at 10:45pm with different comedians. We had originally planned on doing the 9:45pm one the 1st night, but left immediately because we thought that warm up guy was the headlining comedian. When we then came back for the 10:45pm and he was back doing the same bad jokes, we realized he was just the opening act. We also participated in a trivia contest, attended the marriage show, and the lounge crawl, which had the ability to be a lot of fun. They had it set up to do a different decade of dance in each lounge. We started strong with the 50's/60's in the atrium, then moved to do the 70's. Then we were supposed to follow the crew to the disco for the 80's music. At this point we overheard one of the staff say that the disco was too full, and the staff wandered off without explanation, and they kind of all dispersed. I have no idea where they went. We shrugged and decided to call it a night, but they need to make that better organized. We were looking forward to the 80's! We had also had a blast playing air hockey, and battleship, which we check out of the ships library. Disembarkation: This was also pretty rough. We received no information on what time we would be arriving in port, or what time we would be expected to leave the ship etc. We did receive customs forms to fill out (which weren't needed, as we did not go through customs on the way out). I recall either having a cruise caper or a paper with info on it about procedures for leaving the ship on cruises past. Neither one were handed out. When we asked about it we were told by the staff that they didn't want to stress out the guests, and that's why we weren't given the information. It was also slightly problematic because the announcements that went over the loud speaker the morning of the disembarkation could only be heard from the hallway. While we were in our room we could hear the chime from the announcement, but nothing else. We could have very easily missed or slept through it. Summary: I want to stress that despite all of the complaints listed above we really did have a fun time. I feel like all I've done in this review is whine, and that doesn't give the whole picture. Part of the problem may be that the ship and crew is brand new, part of it may be that it was only a two day cruise, so things are run a bit differently, thus more bumps along the way. In the end, it was certainly better than a weekend at home. But when compared to other cruises we've taken, it was certainly the worst of the bunch. I doubt any first-time cruisers would come back based on the experience from this ship. My advice, give the Dream another year or two to work out all the kinks, before sailing on it. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
took the two day out of new york. My honey and I wanted time away from the kids, went other fun people and had a blast for two days. The weather was rough, service was poor but my expectations were to have fun, spend time together and we ... Read More
took the two day out of new york. My honey and I wanted time away from the kids, went other fun people and had a blast for two days. The weather was rough, service was poor but my expectations were to have fun, spend time together and we did. The ship overall was clean, the food although not 5 star was good, the buffet was crowded but aren't they all??? The service in the dining room was way too slow, they forgot courses, but it is a new ship and they are still learning. Guys GO TO THE PIANO BAR Vin was the best EVER! Cabins were spacious, we had an aft balcony, a little rocky though. We have been on 8 cruises Royal mostly and I would do Carnival again although Royal is my favorite. And go to the art auction (I've never been before) they give away free things but stay till the end. Read Less
Carnival Dream Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 3.5 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 3.0 4.1

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