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While we have cruised many times on all of the cruise lines being located only 20 minutes from Port Everglades we had only one experience with RCL on the Oasis, and that was a good cruise so we thought we would try them again. Bad ... Read More
While we have cruised many times on all of the cruise lines being located only 20 minutes from Port Everglades we had only one experience with RCL on the Oasis, and that was a good cruise so we thought we would try them again. Bad Mistake! Our first impression of the ships overall condition was when we walked to our stateroom. The hallways had a severe musty smell to them comparable to a college frat house after a night of partying and vomiting. Disgusting to say the least. FAIL! Stateroom: Ou balcony stateroom was nicely laid out and clean on the inside. The balcony was not quite as impressive with many long black hairs and something the looked like a worm, but more likely was someone's nose snot on the floor gutter. The attendant seemed cheerful and when we needed additional pillows they were brought to us promptly. The bed was firm but we never had any problems like some other reviewers mentioned. Only two of the 8 nights were we welcomed back to a towel animal, contrary to other guests telling us they had a different one every night. The TV had about 20 channels with about 12 of them promoting RCL jewelry, watches or excursions. Excessive to say the least. Four or five more were Latino channels, and the balance of the networks played the same Mike and Molly or two broke girls over and over again! While TV is not a huge priority in the room, it was unbelievable the RCL was too cheap to provide a live feed on most channels. FAIL! Dining room: We had most breakfasts and dinners in the dinning room. While the breakfast offerings were average a best, not once dos the food arrive any where near hot. Lukewarm to cold was the standard. The most annoying thing about breakfast in the dining room was that the servers were so inconsiderate that even with my cane and an obvious difficulty in walking they consistently sat us at the furthest table they could. That was inexcusable. Other cruise ships made the first few tables available hore handicapped guests. We had reserved seating at 5:30 in the dining room so fortunately the seating ordeal only happened once per day. Our waiter Mary, and her assistant Ronnie did everything possible to make dinner a pleasurable experience. A couple of slip-ups but nothing major. They were actually the best interaction with staff that we had throughout the whole trip. A different selection of appetizers and entrees were offered daily as well as about 5 of the same entries offered everyday. Selection was the usual cruise ship offerings but nothing special or above average. Food was usually lukewarm but better than the cold breakfasts stated earlier. BELOW AVERAGE! Pool deck: Probably one of the largest disappointments on the ship. All of the limited amounts of loungers around the pool deck and the adult solarium were blue toweled by 8 a.m. Nobody on 70% of them till much later in the day if at all. by the towel counter RCL has a small sight stating that it's ok to remove someone else's towel and belongings if they were vacant for over 30 minutes. Sure, like we wanted someone to arrive back to start a fight over a lounger. RCL should have their own staff enforcing this policy, not the guests responsibility. The pool hot tubs by the pool were loaded with little kids playing and splashing around while the irresponsible parents ignored their minions irresponsibility. Entertainment was spotty and of poor quality. The adult solariums two hot tubs with a total of 30 back jets had a total of 3 jets between them that were actually working. We provided this information to a crew member and they said they would be fixed. A waste of words, since nothing was ever done, FAIL! Entertainment & Activities: The ice show as others have stated is not to be missed. The performers are a very talented troupe that perform incredible dances on a very small ice surface that looked to be a little soft. The entire show was a delight to all, but I guess the obe elderly man that fell on the stars. No staff in sight to assist him. A definite lawsuit waiting to happen. Lounge acts were good. The usual run of the mill stuff and they offered a Beatles and a Michael Jackson tribute show which we didn't attend but heard they were good too. PASS! Security: The embarkation and debarkation went well as we were placed in the handicapped line due to my disability and and the staff did everything possible to assist us during this process. PASS! The saddest part of our interactions with staff on this ship was when we returned back on ship to go through security. We encountered a smart-ass security crew member that thought it would be funny to insist that my metal can be placed in the scanner while I nearly had to crawl through the security scanner without the cane. He had a possessed grin of satisfaction on his face when I commented that his treatment of a handicapped person was unacceptable. I'm sure that once other people that are handicapped read this, RCL, you've lost another segment of customers.FAIL! WI-FI: Wi-FI cost $40 per day if you didn't sign up for their full trip package. Did I hit a time warp? Haven't seen prices like this since the 80's when dial-up internet was introduced. Coincidentally, the ships Internet was just as slow as dia-up was back then. FAIL! Shipboard stores: While the 12 TV channels constantly hammering out suggestions to buy at the shipboard stores, there was really nothing more impressive than the usual items offered on every other ship. A friend asked us to pickup sone cartons of duty free cigarettes which we did onboard. Four cartons for $137.00 which seemed fair until we toured the islands and found the same cigarettes for $55 for three cartons, about half the RCL rip-off price. FAIL! Casino: We encountered some of the rudest staff aboard the ship in the casino. The cage staff would close up while people were still in line, so we had to go to the back of another line and wait all over again. The slot machines, while nobody expects them to be loose, were the tightest I've ever seen anywhere. Drink service was usually offered about once every two hours, and the ashtrays were never cleaned, or the glasses picked up. It looked like there was one server for the complete slots area and maybe another in the tables area. It was almost laughable when the announcer was repeatedly begging people to enter their slot, blackjack and poker tournaments. Never have I seen any cruise ship have a problem filling tournament slots probably because a re-buy was always offered at a discount. Not on this ship! Full Gouge, or nothing! Bingo: The prices started at 3 cards for $37 and went up to $79 for some additional electronic cards with a free (really?) t-shirt that grandma might use for dusting. Three games wee played with a prize offering from $112, one winner, to $315 for the seven winners that hollered bingo. Now wasn't that a great investment! Overal, the feel of the ship from start to finish was "how can we rip-off the guest, the most". From the $10 (with gratuity) cappuccino to the overpriced Internet and drink packages, this RCL ship felt like it was the Spirit Airlines of the Sea, instead of the Navigator of the Sea. Not one person we spoke to (and there was many) stated that they would ever cruise with RCL again! It's a tired, stinky ship that should become a reef. FAIL! Do so at your own risk. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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