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7 Costa Mediterranea Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

So this was the first time we've sailed on Costa so we went in with fairly low expectations (Due to other reviews, the sinking of Concordia and crash of Classica) and we only paid £210 for the week. But they exceeded expectations and ... Read More
So this was the first time we've sailed on Costa so we went in with fairly low expectations (Due to other reviews, the sinking of Concordia and crash of Classica) and we only paid £210 for the week. But they exceeded expectations and were better than some other cruise lines we've been on. We've sailed Princess, HAL, RCI, NCL, CMV, Carnival and MSC. This Costa ship and experience was substantially better than our last cruise which was the Carnival Miracle to Hawaii (Same type of ship, Vista Style.) Pro's : - Embarkation was the quickest EVER. Most people were boarding the next day in Trieste, so very few in Venice. But it took about 5minutes from dropping bags off to walking on the ship, very impressed - Itinerary, which was what we came for (Trieste, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Split, Corfu, Katakolon) No full days at sea, a couple of half days. They had to switch Dubrovik and Split due to bad weather but it was well communicated and we gained hours in Dubrovnik for losing a few in Split. - Ship is very well maintained, so much better than Carival Miracle which is actually newer ! It's clean, tidy and bright - Breakfast buffet is different to most American ships as it's more limited but more European. - Lunch buffet although not huge, it's just right with a good selection and never any queues. Much better than Carnival lunch - Dinner was great ! If you like Italian food then you'll love their 5-6 course evening meals. Really nice. Only down side is that they seem to have a lack of staff so the wait can be long some times. I imagine this is how they can keep the costs down - Cabin - We booked a guaranteed inside and got a free upgrade to Balcony. Great cabin, loads of space and a good size balcony and bathroom. Just a bit dated now though. - Lounges - Lot's of places to get a drink, relax and unwind. - Our room steward was really good !! I realise that you have to pay gratuities as they are not optional like other lines, but the staff were definitely worth it. - Gym, pools, hottubs, sauna and steam rooms are great and all free. - Everytime we left port they would play Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli over all the ship outdoor speakers which was a nice touch. - We were early to pretty much all ports and left bang on time too. Well organised and planned Cons' - Limited entertainment and in about 5 languages, so makes everything seem a bit detracted and less personal. - Drinks are ridiculously expensive. Go for a drinks package if you drink 3 or 4 a day - Food could be hotter in the buffet - Most announcements were in Italian which was sometimes awkward. But all staff spoke English, many of them as their first language. - Not much to do in the evenings or when the ship is at sea. Not as many bells and whistles as some of the newer bigger ships, but more traditional cruising. Overall a much better experience than Carnival and CMV, but not quite the same as most of the bigger American lines i.e. NCL, RCL and Princess. But for the price it was totally worth it and I would recommend sailing Costa for a unique Italian experience. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Our family had a fantastic time apart from a couple of points. Venice departure point is amazing. Embarkation was quick. The ship is lovely and always being kept clean by the hard working staff. Cabin is quite big. The food got a bit ... Read More
Our family had a fantastic time apart from a couple of points. Venice departure point is amazing. Embarkation was quick. The ship is lovely and always being kept clean by the hard working staff. Cabin is quite big. The food got a bit repetitive and queuing system at buffet not very good. The service in the restaurant was very slow, should have an early dining time for families with children. Entertainment shows were excellent but again the times were quite awkward. Kids Club was excellent especially Francois. There was one member of staff who was quite rude and ignored my son and tried to teach a 5 year old German!! Entertainment during the day could be a bit better. Parties at night and food demonstratations were excellent. The guest relations manager and some of the staff on reception were very rude. Overall we really enjoyed the cruise and are planning another one. It is excellent value for money. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
My review is written in 2 sections for reasons that will become apparent. I'm reviewing the service and food etc, then an incident that had a major impact on our trip. This is our 5th Costa cruise. Despite what is written by ... Read More
My review is written in 2 sections for reasons that will become apparent. I'm reviewing the service and food etc, then an incident that had a major impact on our trip. This is our 5th Costa cruise. Despite what is written by others we have always had a great holiday. Yes, there are issues, things aren't quite what is expected, the management are surly and short (not height!), but that happens with many holidays, not just cruises. And perhaps many things are down to language differences. Booked this a month after the last one, in November last year. Got an excellent price and the Euro was cheap. We book it with a travel agent in Italy and got on board credit as well. Was looking to get an outside cabin, I am aware that on Mediterranea the outside are behind the life boats, but they are like a balcony. Sliding door and all. But....they are categorised as Classic and for breakfast and room service, we need Premium! The price of a premium Balcony was too good to miss. We flew Ryanair to Treviso the night before, after school finished! Got there around 22:30. Stayed opposite the airport. It always amazes me that here in UK we have such tight security around airports but in some European destinations, the terminal is doors off the main highway! We walked across the road to the (cheap) hotel. (Reviewed as are many things from the cruise, on Trip Advisor). Up next morning, breakfast on the street looking in the terminal and waited for our transfer. With smallish kids and luggage for 12 days, (we were staying on after the cruise), I couldn't face bus and train. Transfer arrived on time and we were in Venice at 10:30 at the terminal. Boarding was from 14:30 so we left the bags and went into Venice for a walk around. Many must have done this as were given a boarding number, 4, to present on our return. Took the boat ferry bus to Venice, that's not cheap! Enjoyed our walk around, bought a few bits, were amazed at the amount of water traffic. Headed back from a different ferry bus stop as we walked so far! And had our first Ice Cream!!! Back at the terminal for 15:00 and we were on the ship in about 15 minutes. It was busy but with the number 4, we were waved through. First stop lunch. Then the cabin, it that was made up for 4. Standard Costa cabin, room enough for us but mental note that as the children get bigger, we might need 2 cabins...... We were one person short this year as the eldest decided at 18 not to come with us.......or we would have had 2. The Mediterranea is decorated out in an amazing fashion. Its surreal!! I think its the best Costa ship so far. Has to be seen to be believed. Odd figures dotted around everywhere, very Gothic. Very over the top...typical Costa and thats why we go! Now here is one controversial bit. We usually go all inclusive drinks. But this time my wife said lets not...lets get the packages for soft drinks and water. buy anything else. Have to confess, we aren't big drinkers and we would drink more because it was included! But we didn't need a bottle of wine a day....etc. I was sceptical. I didn't want to worry about drinks but she won the argument so we purchased 40 soft drinks around 110 Euro i think and 15 bottles of water 35 Euro i think. If we needed more water we could fill up at the dispensers, Ice in the room from room service. We had asked for early dining, but found our cards said late. So we went to the dining room and the man in charge looked at the girls and adjusted it with no problem. Last time we had to join a throng and wait for hours...... Food at dinner was as always, great. Lots of choice. Except for the children. The childrens menu is a little restricted, but saying that, the 7 yr old always found something in combination with the main menu. The 10 yr old ate from the main menu each night, always enjoyed it. And this is where I started to see, my wife may be right not going all inclusive. Each night there was a wine special. Generally half price. So I bought a bottle every other night, drank half and the rest was waiting for me next day. Bottle of fizzy water and still plus soft drinks. Take the water away if any left. I was also surprised that the kids started to request water not soft drinks! But no ice cream for desert. Ridiculous, no ice cream for the children's menu. A cost saving too far. So our first day was perfect. Good and everyone was as always, very attentive. Woke up in Trieste. This place is so close to Venice I find it an odd choice for next day. I think we could have been there in a n hour or 2....but if you look at the route we take, we go out into the gulf and meander around for a while!!! Then into Trieste. Ship docked in town. Walked through town, more ice cream, stopped and watched a wedding party, made our way to the Tram up the hill. Nice trip, interesting rife, great views. Had lunch at the town and made our way back to the ship to walk along the waterfront, looking at jelly fish in the water. Nice stop. We always dress for dinner....its a tradition, off we went, had another good meal. Woke in Split where we had arranged a private tour with bike tour and sea kayaking. Had a great day, picnic lunch on the way, did many firsts! Normal routine in the evening, dinner, cocktails, some non alco others normal, show, walk around, outside, then bed about 11. Kotor next, again ship docks in town, I mean right in town! Not here long, so walked in old town, coffee, ice cream, shopped. Back on for lunch and off we go. Very scenic sail out, sat on deck as the girls were swimming and wife baking, this really is the life! It was on this night there was a very strange and unfortunate incident. Not the crew who were looking after us, but the officers and Captain. It made the rest of the cruise a bit difficult but I will list it after this and scoot over the rest of the cruise. Katakolon, visited Olympia, walked off the ship and booked a local coach, 10 Euro, kids free. Interesting place! Normal routine on the ship in the evening. Corfu was a nice day, we walked to town, took about 20 minutes. Had lunch and just walked around seeing sights! Dubrovnik we didn't get off, arrived early and away by lunch. Seemed a waste of a stop for the ship really. Nice to relax on board. As we were independant, we got off the ship in Venice at around 11:30, had breakfast and snacks, then off to a beach holiday for a few days. Couple of other comments. The shows were typical Costa. Easy on the eye, just good all round stuff. The singing was a bit off, but hey, I'm on holiday and it was good to have dinner and a show, we saw them all except 1, when we felt we couldn't listen to the off notes any more!!! We knew what to expect from previous and got what we expected! The room steward was nothing like the other cruises. We aren't early risers, rarely get cooked breakfast. (That's another bug bear, too early finish for cooked!). But he was knocking at 9 saying he needed us out to make up the room. I explained he couldn't as were still in it. So he looked at me as if I was mad! Off he would go....only to come back 10 minutes later....you have to go!!!! He got the message eventually, broke an ornament we purchased in Venice (he told us), no folded towels. I think he didn't like it! But I also don't think he is representative of cabin staff. Now, the incident. My children are very media aware. The study news at school and watch TV. They have watched disaster movies, have heard about the Concordia when everyone asks us what ship and we say Costa! The 7 yr old is a nervous cruiser...she thinks we might sink. The 10 yr old similar but lesser, age makes it better i think. They like to be in control! So the first few days she is listening and looking....but eventually it goes away. Life boat drill is always trauma, lots of noise, lots of people. I don't think its done very well, as I am tall I am separated and put to the back of a line and they are small so they go to the front. They both cant be next to my wife. It needs done, I'm happy for that. I also sit them down and give them a brief about not leaning over...where we go....what to expect. That sorts it! We left Kotor going to Katakolon. I showed them the map, its a straight line down the sea, nothing on our side of the ship, just water! Simple. We went to bed at 23:00 as always and they were asleep in minutes. I leave the balcony door open to hear the sea and feel the breeze, the weather was still and calm. I dropped off about midnight. At about 01:00 we were woken by the ships horn blasting. I knew that's not right, it jolted me awake and I guessed something was up for this in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. It is very loud. I decided to have a look outside, see what I could see. Imagine my horror to look out on the balcony to see a cliff. It seemed only a few hundred metres away. I looked down and could see we were making way forward, and at that moment the emergency sound went off in the cabin and throughout the ship. Go to lifeboat station. The ships horn continued to blast, the go to muster stations alert was sounding. Its piercing as it needs to be. By now the children were distressed. That's an understatement. I actually thought we should be far out to sea, we had come in and were about to go aground. I grabbed the life jackets, put them on the kids, looked outside the cabin and others were on there way. Just as I managed to get them sorted, the sounds stopped. Dead silence. Nothing. What should we do. To try and see where we were I put the TV map on, far from being at sea we were in a narrow channel between mainland Greece and Corfu. I turned the forward camera on thinking perhaps a ship was in front of us, nothing. People were now still in the corridor and faces were looking out the balcony railing on the ship. After 10 minutes, a voice, the off note singer, came on and said only in English it was a false alarm and good night. As you all know, Costa have many languages, English is usually 2nd or 3rd. So now, the very few English people knew something, but not the French, Germans, Italians. After another 10 minutes, other languages came on one at a time. And they kept saying it for an hour or so as I don't think people believed them. Im not suggesting we were off course, they can sail any where they want, just I wasn't expecting it having looked at a map of a route. It seems they usually go between the many islands. But like I say, I nearly had a heart attack to look out and see in someones lounge. We never heard another thing. No information about the cause, nobody wanted to talk about it. I asked officers when we saw them, which isn't often, they shrugged shoulders and walked away. It was like it was a dream, only it wasn't. This incident caused our children to want to sleep in life jackets that night. It took a long time to get them to sleep, and each night after, was trauma to get them to sleep. Daylight was fine, Breakfast, lunch, swimming. All normal. It would start at dinner. Any strange sound, which you will get on a ship, any vibration out of the ordinary, they would start getting nervous. The dining room is right at the back of the ship, I have to say, there was more vibration and resonance than other ships we have been on, that would not help. And as soon as it was bed, the 7 yr old was terrified. I don't want to say it ruined the cruise, but the effect was devastating on all of us around her. Its not her fault, that's how she felt, she would eventually fall asleep and we would wake to her crying. And that never stopped until we got off. And my wife and I were helpless to give her confidence, there aren't many places to go in the middle of the sea. The 10 yr old was affected but not so much, but when the small one started it set her off too! If we had been told what happened I think it would have helped. But the fact it was ignored was an error. Interestingly she said that on previous cruises, the Captain has been seen in many different places, being kids they think he is the boss! They have always said hello to him and the Captains have been good enough to have conversations. This time no Captain anywhere. I believe he did go to the Costa Club evening for a quick picture, we didn't make it. I think this is a mistake on Costa thinking. The Captain is a figurehead, they seem to be separating the hotel side as the main part of the trip, the ship is just a method of transport. No weather charts up as it always was, no route charts displayed as before. It seems they want to sell a hotel holiday. So that's our cruise. A tale of 2 cruises. Would we go again, that depends, I have written to Costa and lets see their response. We are Pearl club members so they can see we cruise a lot with them, it would be a shame for this to ruin that relationship. Plus where would we go next..... Time will fade the memory for our children, and I love cruising! Read Less
Sail Date May 2016
We had a great cruise, spoiled by a few incidents and poor follow up. We embarked at Trieste, a great town where I would have liked to have spent more time. We visited Split, Kotor, Argostoli (very forgettable - stay on the boat), ... Read More
We had a great cruise, spoiled by a few incidents and poor follow up. We embarked at Trieste, a great town where I would have liked to have spent more time. We visited Split, Kotor, Argostoli (very forgettable - stay on the boat), Corfu, and Venice. The ship was great and the fellow passengers very friendly, although few spoke English (not a fault of Costa and we expected this). We purchased some wine in Argostoli, which were embargoed when we returned to the ship. These were to be returned to us when we disembarked - however they were never seen again. Upon disembarking, one of our bags was damaged to a point where it was marginally useful. Also I had additional charges added to my account (two lots of internet use - btw the internet is extremely slow, difficult to access, and extremely expensive). I tried to address these matters on board. I thought that I had corrected the additional charges, but no; they were just directly debited from my card. We had crew acknowledgement of the "lost" wine and damaged bag, and because we had booked with Costa USA, we were asked to refer these matters to Costa USA Customer Care and we had some dialogue with that office, who at first appeared to be interested but eventually failed to return any communications. Having been in business myself for many years, I acknowledge that not everything goes according to plan. However how a complaint is dealt with is often the determinant as to how the company's performance is viewed. The lingering aftertaste of my Costa cruise is: 1. I suspect that Costa have an on-board staff theft issue. 2. Costa's follow up service, Customer Care, is very unresponsive. 3. With random charges applied to my credit card, and no opportunity for redress, why would I put myself in this position again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Costa Mediterranea Eastern Mediterranean October 2015.  It can be very difficult to get a picture of a cruise line by reading cruise reviews. People experience the same thing but their opinions can differ. The case of Costa might be ... Read More
Costa Mediterranea Eastern Mediterranean October 2015.  It can be very difficult to get a picture of a cruise line by reading cruise reviews. People experience the same thing but their opinions can differ. The case of Costa might be the the most confusing of them all since reviews are so diverse when it comes to this particular company.  Does Costa offer a really nice cruise experience, or is it the worst thing that has ever happened to the seven seas?   The simple answer is -YES, both of these opinions are actually correct, which also explains the recycled headline of this review.  THE GOOD  The pricing  Because of Costa's horrible reputation you can get great deals, even if you have to add the ridiculous “service fee” (bakshish) no matter how bad they treat you.  The ship  Costa Mediterranea is a fabulous ship, the most beautiful thing I've ever sailed on. It offers some awesome public areas. They've managed to create great venues without making the ship look the same all over. I'd like to highlight the gym which is absolutely marvellous. Compared to some other cruise lines the policy of this section is rather generous. You can use the saunas, the steam bath and the hot tub without extra charges. The stern is interesting with all its venues but rather complex. The flip side would be the theatre. All the pillars and windows leave very few seats with full view of the stage. Another inconvenient arrangement is the beautiful buffet restaurant which is placed between the different sections of the sun deck. The fact the the passage between the lifts and the sun deck has been closed off for passengers forces swimmers and tanners to walk through the restaurant, and that really doesn't please anyone.  Entertainment  Shows in the show lounge and elsewhere are surprisingly good. The welcoming is in five languages, but for the rest it's easy to enjoy by anyone.  The atmosphere on board  It's truly enjoyable to sail with The Costa Med. Fellow passengers and the crew together create  The ports  I've never been on a better cruise when it comes to the ports, it was just fantastic.   Split with the old town and the beach is well worth a visit.  Everything is within walking distance.  Kotor is a gem that should be included in any cruise in the Adriatic sea.   Early in the morning the vessel slowly made its way into the end of the fjord in the mist. It was still possible to realise that we'd come to a place of remarkable beauty. Across the street from the pier is the magnificent old town. If you have the physical strength you can walk up the mountain to catch the stunning views. Try to do it as fast as possible, because it gets hot later on. The tenders were very efficient, because Costa had hired a large number of local operators for this purpose.  Argostoli When we got to Argostoli (Kefalonia) I first wondered why they had dumped us in such a place. There was little or nothing of interest. After lunch we took a taxi to the nearest beach (7 Euro), and it turned out to be one of the best beaches I've ever been to. The water was amazing, and we got this beautiful spot to ourselves.   Corfu has a lot to offer if you just walk around town. Apart from old fortresses and nice views of the island it's a pretty town in itself. If walking is a problem you can reach the town centre by taxi, bus, horse & carriage or a very expensive shuttle provided by Costa.  Dubrovnik is as good as they say. The stop in port is short, but long enough to make it over to the Old town which is an absolute must. The taxis are extremely well organised, and the price per car is fixed.  Venice   Instead of the scheduled overnight stay in Trieste Costa added on Venice as a pleasant surprise.   One can use the People mover or walk into town. A free shuttle bus from the ship to the people mover is provided by the port.  THE BAD  The food  Can eating options and food quality really be as bad as a lot of reviews claim? - Yes indeed!  Breakfast  If you are new to the concept a few guide lines will come in handy. We very rarely go á la carte for breakfast, but this time it was different. We normally went to the MDR in the morning.  This is the explanation; the buffet restaurant is dysfunctional in a few ways. Apart from the traffic situation mentioned earlier the station for drinks and cereals is undersized and placed in the entrance/ exit and therefore a chaotic place to be.   The hot items that you can expect are only to be found in the MDR.  The different sections of the buffet has different cold items and long lines. This means that if you would like to have bread, butter and cheese you would have to line up three times spending more time in lines than the whole meal would normally take. This is a pity since it's the most beautiful self- service restaurant I've ever been to.  The MDR serves set breakfast menus with the choice of English, American, Belgian, Norwegian or Mexican breakfast combos, and it's really nice apart from the fact that the quality is poor.  Another thing that makes the MDR the best option is the fact that it also has the very same buffet as the buffet restaurant, with the exception of the lines. If you just want to eat from the buffet, then it's a lot quicker to do it in the MDR provided that there isn't a long line to get in.  Lunch  For lunch there is also the choice of the MDR and the buffet restaurant   The BR offers a limited choice and sometimes dished based on the theme. The quality is definitely below average. The MDR has free seating for lunch. The time it takes to get served depends on how crowded the place is at the moment, so it varies a lot. The same goes for breakfast and dinner.  Dinner  This is Costa cuisine at it's worst.  The buffet restaurant becomes a pizzeria at night, and you have to pay extra to eat there, so unless you want to spend more money on the smaller restaurants it's the MDR or starving.  Consequently this is where everyone seem to be, and you can therefore expect to spend a lot of time here. The waiters don't seem to enjoy their work, but they could be worse. Most of the time they get it right.   The quality of the food is surprisingly poor, since I've always eaten well at sea. In the case of Costa the quality ranges between below average and hardly eatable.  Children  Kids mess around the adults only area without any action from parents or crew. Relatively few children attend the ship's kids' club. The reason why our kids rejected a kids' club for the first time ever was that it was too boring. Having to sit and listen to long and complex instructions in five languages just wasn't their cup of tea. Another complaint was that the staff didn't care about the children. My daughter felt like she was invisible to them.   The poor quality of the children's entertainment remains a mystery. The animation team managed very well to entertain the adults without much use of spoken languages. Why is it so difficult to do the same with the children when other cruise lines manage so well?  The Ugly  Being poorly treated at your cruise is no joke. Unfortunately, these stories about unfortunate  Costa cruisers are plentiful. So if you don't think that you can stand being mistreated on your holiday then you should definitely choose another cruise line because Costa is anything but civilised.  It started at the boarding process. It all went fairly quickly through the different stations until the moment when we were about to physically enter the vessel. Everyone else got their tickets scanned and were allowed  to board with us being the only exception. The security guard claimed that our ticket wasn't good enough for passage, and simply refused to scan it. We were supposed to have been given a special slip by the first crew members in the line of stations. I got no help to sort it out, they simply thought that it was my problem, so I had to run backwards and forward between security checks (a long walk) without getting any result. The people who were supposed to give me the slip claimed that the had given it to my children (!)  In the end we managed to get on board. The slip issue was a lie from both sides, because such slip just does not exist. The security guard finally let us on board with our ticket and its perfectly working bar code and the comment “ sorry, I just didn't look at it carefully enough”.  The Costa Mediterranea does not give you any options for dining other than the MDR if you “only” pay for the cruise that is supposed to give you everything you need when it comes to food. They have decided that you you either eat at one specific table or not at all. Our table was at the lower level right below the edge of the upper level. The people in charge had decided to place the one family with troublesome children at the table right above us. Apart from being generally messy, these kids were hanging over the edge and throwing down objects to the lower level. The first night my daughter got a fork thrown at her. A falling fork landing right on your head from that distance hurts a lot. Fortunately it did not hit an eye. The management in the MDR did not see it as a problem. We did indeed. When we got no response we went to “Guest services”, but it really is no good place to ask for help. They would just tell you to go away to get rid of you. We kept complaining and squeezed in four in a row style trying to seek cover due to the falling objects. Eventually the whole thing got too embarrassing for them, so on the third night they offered us a safe place to eat.  The cruise line decided to not complete the cruise in terms of final destination without giving us a reason, so we all had to disembark in Venice instead of Trieste. We got no assistance to get back toTrieste offered by Costa. They considered it to be our own problem. Upon complaining we got told that the terms of transport clearly states that Costa has no responsibility to actually bring us back to where they planned the cruise to end. Some German speaking people got a bus transfer to Trieste paid by Costa, so I tried again, this time speaking German, but it did not help. Everyone who earlier had claimed that they speak a certain language all of a sudden lost their ability to speak that language when you tried to get help, and used that as a reason to not to assist in any way.   Will we cruise with Costa again?  Well, this might have been our last cruise with Costa. For our next cruise we've chosen to pay more to get a better experience using another cruise line. However, if no one else takes us where we want to go, or if the offer is incredibly good then we might consider it.  Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Having traveled on dozens of cruises, several in europe, i feel well qualified to review this cruise. It provided excellent value for money paid, terrific service in our cabin and in the dining room, and was a gorgeous ship. Everything ... Read More
Having traveled on dozens of cruises, several in europe, i feel well qualified to review this cruise. It provided excellent value for money paid, terrific service in our cabin and in the dining room, and was a gorgeous ship. Everything was immaculate and easily accessed. There could be tea and coffee available all day if that is one critique. We dont eat meat, so we would have liked more chicken and fish choices, but since that is a personal preference that is not necessarily attributable to Costa. They did try to give us choices however. Our cabin, inside ondeck 7, was always clean and comfortable. Our cabin steward was perfect. As was our waiter, did everything he could to please us. Ports were exceptional, loved Montenegro,a fascinating place. Trieste was a happy surprise, best Greek meal ever in a little cafe in Corfu. Of course Venice is always perfect, Split interesting, Argostoli not so much. If you go with realistic expectations you will have a great time. Be respectful and appreciative and give out what you want in return. And give the cabin steward and waiters a little extra for their efforts. They really appreciate it. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
*6= Having booked this Cruise as part of a 2 week package including a week on Crete we were slightly nervous of what to expect as the Price was ridiculously cheap even having upgraded to outside Cabins.We were a party of 3 as we took our ... Read More
*6= Having booked this Cruise as part of a 2 week package including a week on Crete we were slightly nervous of what to expect as the Price was ridiculously cheap even having upgraded to outside Cabins.We were a party of 3 as we took our disabled 84 y.o. mother (who is totally wheelchair dependent) and this in itself can be problematical if things don't go smoothly with Transport,Transfers,Access,etc. From the moment we stepped on Board until the very last moment we disembarked we had NO criticisms or disappointments with the Ship & its' Crew & the whole experienced surpassed our expectations. The Ship is awe inspiring in the Decor & Flamboyant "renaissance" styling of most recent Italian Cruise Lines & the lay-out is excellent with all 3 Lift Stations (Bow Mid-Ships & Stern) giving swift & easy access to all amenities. The Food & Service were impeccable especially as my Wife has Coeliac Disease & cannot tolerate any Gluten or wheat items....there was always ample & delicious options during the day & the Evening Dinner was a unique Menu individually prepared by the Ship's dedicated Special diet Chef. The Ports of Call varied from Dirty Industrial Docks (Limassol) to beautiful Scenic Harbours (Rhodes) but we couldn't partake of any of the excursiosn as none were WheelChair friendly......this did however mean that we thoroughly enjoyed the quiet & peace of a mostly deserted sunDeck on most days. The Drinks on board are seriously over priced as individual untis from the Bars but this is easily overcome by any of the Range of Drinks "packages" on offer and by far the best VFM option would be the all inclusive deal at E19.50 per person per day. In summary a fabulous Ship with amazing Service,Great Food & INCREDIBLE value for money....we will certainly travel again with COSTA Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
Costa Mediterranea Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.2
Entertainment 3.0 3.2
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.4
Enrichment 1.0 2.9
Service 4.0 3.7
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.9

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