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6 Must-Try Dishes on Norwegian Bliss

Dessert offerings from Coco on Norwegian Bliss (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)
Dessert offerings from Coco on Norwegian Bliss (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)

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With nearly 20 restaurants, eateries and lounges serving food onboard Norwegian Bliss, no cruiser can try every dish they wish in just a week. You need to be strategic about what you order -- but how is a cruiser to know which are the must-try dishes?

To solve this problem, Cruise Critic spent 12 days tasting dishes and talking to passengers and crew to discover which of the hundreds of dishes offered on the ship shouldn't be missed. Our final list of the six dishes you must try includes appetizers, main courses (lunch and dinner) and a dessert -- and will have your mouth watering in anticipation.

Updated May 9, 2018

1. Tuna Pizza (Food Republic)

You'll find this yummy personal pizza at Food Republic under the "Hand Helds" section of the menu. With the tuna baked onto a crispy pizza-shaped tortilla, it's more like an oversized crunchy cracker than a traditional pizza. Add in a touch of aioli sauce and truffle oil, and it's a delightful lunchtime main course -- filling but not too heavy. (It's available during dinner hours too, but we prefer it as a lunchtime option.)

2. Escargot (Le Bistro)

This recommendation comes straight from hotel director Jovo Sekulovic on Norwegian Bliss. Escargot is the signature appetizer on the menu at Le Bistro, Norwegian Cruise Line's French restaurant found fleetwide. Be a little daring and try something oh-so-French; you'll remember the rich garlic herb butter most of all. Even better, the escargot are a steal at $5.99 a serving.

3. Tableside Guacamole (Los Lobos)

We love tableside prep; it's always fun to watch and, of course, the end result is usually something yummy. That's certainly true of the tableside guacamole ($5.99) at Los Lobos. Starting with whole avocados, half limes and bowls of jalapeno, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and salt, your waiter will mix and mash until the end result is a delicious bowl of this good-to-the-last tortilla chip Mexican standard.

4. Pit Master Platter with Sweet Potato (Q)

You really should get a T-shirt or some sort of prize if you can finish off an entire Pit Master Platter ($24.99) at Q, Norwegian Cruise Line's newest eatery. This platter features a quarter pound each of brisket, pork spareribs, jalapeno and cheese sausage and smoked chicken, and it's the most popular item on the menu. On top of all the meat, you'll also get small servings of coleslaw, chunky potato salad, pickles, pinto or barbecue beans and a slice of jalapeno cheese cornbread. While we know most people couldn't possibly eat all that, you really shouldn't miss the massive sweet potato side ($1.99), which comes smothered in pecan honey butter and cinnamon.

5. Ribeye (Cagney's Steakhouse)

For meat lovers, no cruise on a Norwegian Bliss sailing would be complete without a stop at the ship's fine dining steakhouse, Cagney's. You can't go wrong with any of the steak cuts here, but we heard a lot of buzz about the 16-ounce ribeye ($20) in particular. You've got seven sauce choices to go with it, from bearnaise and green peppercorn to chimichurri and lemon garlic butter. If you like a fine cut of meat, we doubt you'll be disappointed.

6. Decadent Brownie Ice Cream Coupe (Coco's)

When you're ready for dessert, day or night, Coco's is the place to head for indulgent gelato sundaes. We recommend the Decadent Brownie sundae, but really any of them will delight your taste buds. In addition to the gelato (we opted for scoops of dark chocolate, but there's also a double fudge option that'll make any chocolate lover happy), you'll get fluffy marshmallow cream, graham cracker crumble and whipped cream. (There's no actual brownie, despite the name.) We're salivating just thinking about it.

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