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5th deck patio bar staff
"5th deck patio bar staff"
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5th deck patio bar staff

(Dec 2017)
Decorations around the ship
Cabin 3012
Perfectly-sized ship.  You can walk around the entire ship when the bow por
View from Deck 9
Celestyal Crystal in Cienfuegos.
How clean and proper the room was that i left behind as I disembarked. They serve you the smallest portions of food, one day we had 3 raviolis for dinner, 3! And no one speaks english, the crew are Greek stubborn googans. When politely dissed with my answer of no thank you, crew members would begin to become harassful, multiple times. There are no wash clothes so get prepared to scrub your body with you hand like a bum. Payed to have laundry service and got bleached clothes back in return. The list of how ridiculous this cheap stake cruise is will go on for days. Ps the ac does not work in the rooms.
Hot dogs they called sausages for breakfast, with fishy scrambled eggs.
Bon appétit, be carful you are only allowed one drink with that meal
Last stop before leaving Cuba
Weather was beautiful
5th deck, back of the ship
Cruise ship in Havana
5th deck patio bar staff
Edwin and his American fans
Emerson and his new friends
Cabin 5012
Deck outside cabin window

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5th deck patio bar staff