Slideshow: The Top 11 Haunted Ports for Spooky Cruising

Sudden chills, strange moans and the feeling someone is watching you.... No, we're not talking about the cruise ship cabin with the broken thermostat and noisy neighbors. We're referring to ghosts, especially the kind that (supposedly) haunt popular cruise ports around the globe.

In honor of Halloween, we're paying tribute to the darker side of your favorite ports. You may head to Jamaica to catch some rays, but did you know about the mansion in Montego Bay that once was home to a human-sacrificing, voodoo-practicing madwoman? Paris makes a romantic stop on your river cruise, but you may cross paths with a spirit or two if you set foot in its Catacombs or cemeteries. Closer to home, a few turnaround ports are infamous for haunted ships, prisons and hotels.

Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, these ghost stories are sure to add another layer of intrigue to your pre-cruise planning. Time your visit right, and you can book a ghost tour to go looking for paranormal portside activity…if you dare.

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