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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub & shower. Approximately 174–180 sq. ft.

Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) (HH)
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Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) Cabin Reviews
Cabin 4117
Jun 2017
Our cabin (outside obstructed view) was spacious and comfortable with plenty of storage space and a very comfortable bed. The bathroom was functional and comfortable. Our steward did a good job - I liked the extras such as shoe shines and the thick bath robes. Some areas looked a bit tired and requiring some minor maintenance ie cracked tiles, adjustments etc. The carpet in the room and hallways looked a bit tired to.
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Cabin 4119
Apr 2016
Great Food and Service By: sharonskye
Cabin was a fully obstructed view, although we lucked out and the lifeboat only covered 40% of the window. Cabin was comfortable and had tons of storage. Bathroom was small, but had a full tub/shower which was nice. Fold out couch was uncomfortable, but manageable.
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Cabin 4081
Dec 2014
We thought our room was great. It was naturally lit and bigger than my room at home! Fully obstructed just means there's a lifeboat RIGHT outside your window. But if you're tall enough, you can see land above it and hey, I was able to see the water rushing by below, too! When you walk in, there are two nice sized closets to hang items in and you can also pull the shelves down. There is a third closet that is fixed shelves. If you were staying on the ship long term, there was PLENTY of room to make it home. They also have two comfy robes you can use on the trip. My family member used theirs daily. The stateroom also had a thick curtain you can close off to have some modesty in the hallway of your stateroom to change or whatever. It also had the bathroom in the 8 foot hallway, so if you closed the curtain, the other passenger(s) staying with you would have to wait.The bathroom was right sized for us. We're not tall people, so the location of the toilet facing the tub at an angle was just comfy enough for us to NOT be uncomfortable. There is a fun sign inside that says "water is precious, please conserve it," so that's what my family member I was travelling with and I kept randomly repeating to each other on the trip and still now.The shower has 3 handles in it, which seems like overkill until you think, hey, do I want to fall in the shower? So I used it every time to steady myself. They realized it's cheaper to NOT have to replace bottles daily and there are shampoo, conditioner and bodywash dispensers in the shower. I used shampoo and conditioner with no complaints. I loved the smell! The showerhead is a wand that comes off, so that was great. It was just weird to have to move it back everytime after the steward came in, or you'd get the floor wet. The floor next to the tub had a drain, so they prepared for this.We stayed in a room that had a flatscreen tv (to remind us what time it was!), a desk with a lighted mirror for makeup I guess and a huge mirror behind it, as well as a loveseat and a table. Our room was twin beds with small dressers next to each one that had two drawers and I discovered on almost the last day each bed also has a drawer underneath it at the end! Extra pillows were stashed in it. At the head of the beds, there are small reading lights and each bed has controls to shut off the room lights. This was great when you're back in bed and don't want to get up again. The good thing is, the room is in the middle of the ship and like 5 doors down from the elevator. So we never got motion sickness or had to walk far from the elevator or worry about noise of everyone passing. We barely noticed we were moving, just with the occasional swaying to remind you, hey, you're on a boat. There are also heavy curtains and a sheer curtain over the floor to ceiling windows that look out to El Lifeboat. So you could block out a little or all light.As first time cruisers, we had nothing to match this one against, but heck, we were very pleased! We did not feel crowded at all. If we had a third passenger, they could have just slept on the couch fine....if they were under 5'6" and still not have crowded the room.
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Cabin 4058
Dec 2011
Quiet room, good location to Crows Nest and theater
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Cabin 4066
Nov 2010
ROOM 4066- obstructed view, blocked by life boat. Full floor to ceiling windows allow some view and a lot of light, much better than an inside. We would take this cabin again.
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