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Took this cruise as a long needed break and the first proper holiday in 8 years. Boarded at Alicante on day 2 of the of the cruise, which started in Malaga. Embarkation was relatively smooth and we were on our way on time and looking ... Read More
Took this cruise as a long needed break and the first proper holiday in 8 years. Boarded at Alicante on day 2 of the of the cruise, which started in Malaga. Embarkation was relatively smooth and we were on our way on time and looking forward to the week Our cabin was an "Exterior Superior" on deck 6 and was reasonably spacious with a very comfortable bed and small but comfortable pillows. The temperature was about right but I don't think the aircon was switched on at all during the week as it was October and was not really needed. Sadly, the let-down was the bathroom. For a ship that was allegedly refitted in 2013 the shower tray was old and dilapidated, with dirty grouting and tiles, and rust coming through the paint. The water coming from the taps was noticeably brown and the supplied hairdryer was next to useless (according to my wife - I don't need a hairdryer, no hair...) The "Porthole" window was not very clear and was showing signs of de-lamination which made it look cracked in the corners. On the outside, it's not much better. The paintwork is poor with no attempt to make it look like the rust was removed prior to the fresh paint being applied... On the outside of the cabin, there was always a strange smell in the corridor, couldn't place exactly what it was, maybe something they used to clean the carpets ? These were extremely old looking and very treadworn. If your native language is English do not expect to be catered for ! The numerous "Touch" information screens around the ship are only in Spanish. There is an English news channel on the cabins' TV but only one entertainment channel which shows only one movie a day, repeated in a loop. The tannoy announcements are in English occasionaly, but considerably shorter than the Spanish announcements, so we always wondered what was missing from the broadcasts, many of which you couldn't hear properly from the dated speaker system. This brings me to the entertainment.. Oh dear ! The music is almost exclusively the typical Spanish "Rumba" style latin american beat which thumps through the speakers incessently from early in the morning, and on the deck you can barely hear yourself think through the thumping sub bass speakers and the extremely LOUD "motivators" who don't really need a microphone although they insist on shouting down one as if everybody on board is deaf. There were two bands on board providing entertainment in the evening but once again, mostly playing Spanish music, or worse still playing instrumental Jazz for 45 minutes straight.. The musicians were actually very capable and versatile, providing the backing for many of the shows but had NO interaction with their audience whatsoever and looked bored stiff the whole time they were on stage. There were a few shows which were worthy of mention , the "Rock never dies" show provided a brief release from the constant latin music but they still felt the need to stick in some naff Spanish song totally out of context with the show. The "Abba" show is also worthy of a mention, also very good but they still felt the desperate need to sing some of the songs in Spanish. Every show featured a bunch of dancers who must do the same routines every week but still managed to look like an amateur theatrical group. Oh, almost forgot .. the highlight of the evenig shows was a guy blowing bubbles for an hour !!! That was his whole act.. I kept waiting for him to finish so the real entertainment could start but no, that was the whole show... OK, on to the food.. Don't bother looking for a traditional English breakfast. The Spanish chefs don't seem to understand the concept.. Scrambled eggs always runny but somehow lumpy at the same time. fried eggs that were almost unrecogniseable, toast was cooked only on one side and bacon was only available in skinny strips which were greasy and everything was always cold. There was a good selection of "Continental" style food, cheese, sliced meats and cereals etc. so not a total disaster. You could always do what one of my fellow passengers did - stock up your plate with what appears to be traditional breakfast fare and then grab a passing waiter and ask him to microwave it for you - they will do it with a smile ! There is a "Burger bar" at the rear of the ship but it doesn't stay open till late so don't go looking for a midnight meal - you won't get one. Burgers were very nice though and selection of salads was good so not all bad. Evening meals were a highlight I am glad to report. Every day introduced a new menu with a selection of starters, main course and dessert and you could have as many as you liked. Put on a few pounds that week I can tell you, thanks to the Chefs for that ! Would class the evening meal as being "Fine Dining" Don't bother paying through the nose for the excursions !!!! I cannot stress how much we felt ripped off by our trip to Rome. I was warned previously about this but like a dumbass I booked one anyway. Dragged though Rome with a knowledgeable but unbelievably boring tour guide who hardly paused for breath, and stopping to try and take a photograph left you in a crowd of tourists going in every direction while the tour guide jogged off into the distance. Lost him several times and had to search for his raised umbrella to try and locate him, difficult because it was raining and there were thousands of raised umbrellas.. Took the recommended route when visiting Pisa. Grabbed a seven seater taxi with my friends and had a relaxed and comfortable journey to see the sights and then on to a charming italian town called "Lucca" for some more sightseeing for less than half of what the ship was charging. By the way, if you feel the need to stay in touch with your frinds on social media it will cost you 140 Euros for a weeks' internet access ! There are cheaper daily options but these are still hideously overpriced.. Wait until you get to land and find a cafe with free internet - there are plenty of them so relax with a coffee and catch up. I had a few photos taken by the ships' photographer which cost 13 Euros each and were printed at such low quality that even the shiny paper couldn't make it look good. No wonder thare are so many uncollected photos hanging on the wall in the photo display room. On to the service.. All I can say is that the crew were excellent in every aspect. Our cabin was always clean, as were the ouside areas and the bars. The waiters and stewards all worked extremely hard and always seemed to be happy to help with anything. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
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