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Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) Cabins

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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub, & shower. This category's staterooms have fully obstructed views.

Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) (HH)
Decks: Deck 3
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Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) Cabin Reviews
Cabin 3417
Aug 2017
Cabin was nice, lots of storage space and well designed. Even though it was listed as fully obstructed, we did have a fairly good view from the window...probably about 75% open. Being on the lower promenade deck was a bit uncomfortable as we had peope walking by our window at all times of the day and felt as thought we couldn't really comfortably have our curtains open at any time, but wasn't too bad during the day when we didn't need interior lights on.
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Cabin 3381
Jul 2017
The temperature in the cabin was 75+ with the air on the lowest setting. There was a constant banging and drilling noise day/night coming from the ceiling above. We later determined that the kitchen was above our cabin. Water dripped from the ceiling in the hallway outside our cabin.
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Cabin HH 3422
Apr 2016
DESPITE BEING CLASSIFIED AN HH, FULLY OBSTRUCTED VIEW, IT HAS NEARLY 90% FULL FIELD OF VISION. We had this cabin in Sept. 2014 on our Alaskan cruise, liked it so much, we booked it specifically. It is 4 cabins from the double doors leading to the aft deck of the promenade. It is wonderful for viewing whether port or starboard. There is no fridge, and there is but one 2 outlet wall switch. Very comfortable bedding. Very utilitarian bathroom. Sufficient closed space.
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Cabin 3383
Apr 2013
Room 3383; Bad; fuel smells first day, poor A/C entire cruise, toilet broke occasionally. Good; great steward, large room, plenty of storage
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Cabin 3379
Oct 2012
Obstructed view but not a big deal, you can see the water if you look to the right. Very quiet room. Right across the hall from the stewards crew space and yet you never heard any noise at all. We must have been below some sort of a service room because you could hear the muffled sound of something like carts rolling but only late in the afternoon, never during the night or in the morning. Rough seas the first day out but the lower promenade is always a good deck to be on and this room was stable, no rocking.
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Cabin 3386
Jun 2012
Beautiful Alaska By: World_Citizen
Our stateroom was disappointing. In an effort to save money, we booked a "no-view oceanview" cabin on the lower promenade deck. While it was clean, we kept the drapes drawn most of the time due to passersby. It seemed small to us, and it was located under a noisy galley. However, the worst part was that mid-cruise we endured a disconcerting mechanical malfunction: we were awakened at midnight when a pipe burst above our room, and water began pouring into our cabin through the sprinkler. Luckily, it soaked the carpet and not our belongings or the bed. The staff moved us to a (noisy) inside cabin for the night while they fixed the problem, and they also provided a token credit on our bill to compensate for the incident. Next time we would spend more and book a more comfortable cabin.
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Cabin 3381
Jan 2012
Cabin is pretty small and outdated, but it is clean and adequate for our needs. Closet size is really good though, enough room to store our clothing and suitcases. A partial view of the ocean, nice location.
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Cabin 3402
Jul 2011
3402-directly under dr kitchen. Noisy at all hours of night! 7083-great view aft of ship, but has a noisy engine fan next to it. 3377-constant loud engine rumbling from below-very noisy.
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Cabin 2505
Mar 2011
2505-very small with two small portholes;,one chair plus a stool,shower no tub,too close to the anchor chain,no fridge;avoid it unless you are sailing as a single
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Cabin 3431
Feb 2011
Review of Zaandam By: 1gemini
the size was good. The decor was a bit drab. The bathroom was a nice size. There were lots of closet and drawer space. It would have been nice to have a coffee pot and small refrigerator. Being on the promenade deck next to a doorway out, it was a bit noisy at times. We knew our view would be limited but ended up closing our drapes most of the time anyways because we didn't really want to see the people walking by or have them see us.
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Cabin 3424
Oct 2010
Obstructed view, A/C problem, no refrigerator, smelly carpet.
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Oct 2010
Relaxing Hawaii By: liketraveling
When booking this cruise my Dad insisted on the Lower Promenade Deck. We picked our cabin instead of taking the HH guarantee. We were Forward and very bouncy the first few days. Heard allot of hydraulic noises going on. The cabin was very warm at night.
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