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38 Whittier to Alaska Cruise Reviews

This was my 2nd Alaska cruise - 5 years ago I was on Holland America. The weather was perfect for this cruise. We went to Icy Point Strait - I'd never seen it before. There was a cooking excursion that was very good. We got to cook ... Read More
This was my 2nd Alaska cruise - 5 years ago I was on Holland America. The weather was perfect for this cruise. We went to Icy Point Strait - I'd never seen it before. There was a cooking excursion that was very good. We got to cook our own lunch and learned tips on cooking both halibut and salmon. We went to Sawyer Glacier and Hubbard Glacier. We did not get close to either glacier. We could see them in the distance, but we couldn't see any glacier calving and we only stayed long enough to turn around and run to our next port. When I went to Glacier Bay on Holland America, we got really close and the captain spent over an hour turning the ship around so you could get a view of the glacier from no matter where you were on the ship. We also had a naturalist from Glacier Bay Park on board to talk about the glacier and point out whales, sea lions, eagles, etc. We never had anyone on Norwegian point out any wildlife. If you couldn't find it yourself, you didn't see it. We went to Juneau (but only stayed from 7am to 1:30pm) not nearly enough time to explore the city. This is a beautiful city with lots to see and do, but you need more than 5 hours. We also saw Skagway and Ketchikan and they've improved on where the ships are moored. Made it much easier to get in and out of both cities. Food - the bad news. The buffet was always crowed, and the quality of the food was really bad. Pancakes that were too hard to cut in half. Canned fruit that was hard. Eggs weren't fully cooked. Country potatoes were better in the 1st half of the cruise, by the end it was mostly onions and peppers with a few potatoes. We usually ate in one of the two dining rooms for dinner. The 7 Seas was much better than the Four Seasons, but that's not saying much. If you ordered steak it was only 1/4" thick, and poor quality. Dinners used to be fancy and high end, this cruise we were offered turkey, meatloaf, and usually a seafood dish. Never saw lobster, but one night they offered cod encrusted with crab and shrimp. We had to send it back, the table next to us said that they sent it back twice. We ordered risotto, but it was setting in a kind of velvetta cheese sauce that was disgusting. I was appalled at the amount of food that was wasted, because it was inedible. We paid the service charge and went to the Italian restaurant one night for dinner. I ordered lasagna, and had to peel off the top layer because it was a hard uncooked lasagna noodle. The service there was better than in the main dining room, but a lot of the food was similar (salads, appetizers, desserts). The desserts were not good. Boring and tasteless. It was my birthday while we were at sea and my friends ordered a cake to be set up in my room. Our steward decorated the room and threw confetti on the bed and floor. That cake was really good. But they paid extra for it. Indoor wildlife - After spending the day in Skagway we came back to the cabin to the birthday surprise and we stayed in the room playing cards. Sometime that evening I got bit by a spider. It got progressively worse so after I got home I went to the doctor. I'm now on antibiotics and I have a huge open sore on my leg. Who knows what bit me, but it makes me think twice about the cleanliness of the room. Our steward was wonderful and the room looked clean, but who knows what or how those things get into a stateroom. Our cruise director was a bit strange, and I wasn't a fan - but I could put up with him. Just totally disappointed with the food. I expect to be treated and fed like someone special. When you pay as much as I did for 7 days and get fed worse than cafeteria food, it makes me think twice before I'll go on a cruise again. In fact there are 12 of us that were planning a cruise next summer on the Norwegian Pearl. My husband and I backed out because of this cruise. Norwegian really cut costs on food, but they want you to pay extra for the food that used to be standard fare. If I was to give this a star rating, up to 5 stars, I couldn't honestly say their food even earned a 2 star. I doubt seriously if I'd ever cruise Norwegian again. We've been on 3 different Norwegian cruises over the last 18 years, and they've gotten worse each time.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
We have done a majority of our cruises with Princess and this was our 4th AK cruise with them. It was our second time on the Crown Princess. We did a Caribbean cruise on her in 2011 and still consider it one of the best values we've ... Read More
We have done a majority of our cruises with Princess and this was our 4th AK cruise with them. It was our second time on the Crown Princess. We did a Caribbean cruise on her in 2011 and still consider it one of the best values we've had cruising. So, we booked the Crown again for 2014. It was a totally different experience and disappointing. First, the good. The itinerary was exactly what we wanted. The weather was good, and the captain/pilot got us up close to Hubbard Glacier and the glaciers in Glacier Bay. We saw more wildlife from the ship than on three other AK cruises combined. The photo opportunities were abundant and we took full advantage. There were no rough seas the entire voyage. Other than the fact that we got lucky with the weather, the general shipboard experience was not good. The staff was perfunctorily polite and "welcome aboard" and "how are you today" are not substitutes for service. Our room steward was friendly, but did the minimum or less. Written forms that we could leave for him or take to the customer service desk were left in the "mailbox" and I had to take them down myself. The ice was not replenished unless my wife put an empty ice bucket outside our room. He seemed to manage to show up when we had the privacy sign in the lock and not when we were out and left the sign indicating the room was empty and ready to be cleaned, which was most of the day. Except for a few items the food was beyond poor. I could not finish anything I tried on the buffet and I am not a picky eater. It was evident that the food was not prepared meal to meal but prepared ahead of time and placed in cold storage to be reheated before each meal. Too often they didn't succeed in getting the food to a proper serving temperature. Where I live, the health department would shut them down for serving food that cold. These are only a few examples of what was wrong. Scrambled eggs were barely warm on the edge of the serving pan, and cold once you got beyond the first inch or so. On the German theme night the sausage was warm on the outside and cold in the middle. The hot German Potato Salad was so undercooked that the potatoes had a raw taste. The grits with cheese and bacon had no flavor indicating cheese or bacon. The fresh pineapple was only cored and sliced and the knives provided were barely could separate them from the peel. The anytime dining wasn't much better. One of our party got a piece of off tasting fish and became ill. The scallops had so much sand in them I could only eat 3 of the 6. The tenderloin was anything but tender. The lobster was undercooked and the king prawns cooked to leather. I could only eat a couple of bites of my NY Strip steak as it was so tough I couldn't cut it with the provided steak knife. The scoop ice cream appeared to be their soft serve dessert mix (lots of large ice crystals) that was placed in container and hardened. I know that a lot of people like the pizza but to me it can't compare to what we were served on the Celebrity Century. The pool side hamburgers were big but flavorless, and the available toppings were very basic. The best food on the ship was the pastries in the International Cafe. The coffee there was good too. Maybe the food would have been acceptable if my expectations hadn't been raised by my previous experience on the ship. But overall it was beyond disappointing. Because of our excursions we could only get into anytime dining venues at later hours and that limited our opportunities to take in the ship's entertainment unless we wanted to be up very late, which we didn't. We did make it a priority to see the comedian who was in the theater and not a small venue. He was OK until a couple of families arrived late and had to find seating in the front row. They tried to be polite and discreet and not interrupt the performance, but he seized on the opportunity to heckle them. It might have been OK if they had been native speakers of English, but the comedian kept pushing the issue and made it personal to the point where the father of the family got up and started shouting at the performer. This response was to tell the man that, "If you don't like it write Princess a letter. They'll show it to me and your address will be on it so I'll know where you live and can come burn your house down." Totally unacceptable and really ruined the mood for the evening after a great day of scenic cruising. By the end of the cruise I couldn't wait to get off the ship. The previous cruise on the Crown I wanted to stay forever. It is really a shame about the deterioration of food, entertainment, and service that has taken place since I last sailed on the Crown It was a cruise of extremes. Extremely good weather, itinerary, and opportunities to see things we have always wanted to see. Extremely bad food and entertainment that left a very poor impression of Princess Cruise lines. I was surprise to have read so many negative reviews of the ship before my cruise because of my prior experience. Now I know why. Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
The ship and the crew were not 100 % prepared for one of their first Cruises in Alaska. We took the land tour first, seeing Mt. McKinley and Denali. For the most part that was fine, except when our luggage was unloaded from being ... Read More
The ship and the crew were not 100 % prepared for one of their first Cruises in Alaska. We took the land tour first, seeing Mt. McKinley and Denali. For the most part that was fine, except when our luggage was unloaded from being transported from Mt. McKinley Lodge to the Denali Princess Lodge, the luggage was covered in fine dust / dirt and damaged. Apparently no one had the foresight to clean out the luggage carts from last season. This happened to other travelers as well. When we arrived at Whittier on the train from Denali, we had to wait for our room keys to be handed out on the train car, even though they had been promised to us, when our passports were scanned on the Train by Princess representatives.. The stairway was at the rear of the car, but they started handing out room keys from the front of the railcar. This was a really bonehead move, somewhat like deplaning an airplane from the rear then working up to the front to First Class. Upon arrival to our cabin on the ship, we found only 2 sets of towels and a broken refrigerator . Upon calling Guest services to get a new one, they asked me to wait until the next day. Also, some elevators were reserved for transporting luggage that arrived late. In fact one Mid-Ship elevator was broken for the first 3 days. There were many questions we posed to various crew members and soon learned they didn't have many correct answers. We finally had to resort to ask the same question of multiple cruise personnel and use the consensus answer which was not always correct. The second day we needed to do laundry on deck 14. We found out the hard way that two of the four dryers would take your money, but not generate heat to dry the clothes. I reported this to guest services, who sent up TWO repair people, who put their hands in the dryer to feel if there was heat, and concluded that yes, they needed maintenance. They only had one Out of Order sign with them, so they removed an out of order sign from a broken detergent dispenser and placed it on the dryer. When I inquired as to why they didn't fix the dryer, they said they had to get an electrician. That afternoon, the ship visited the Hubbard Glacier and there was a Naturalist who was describing the sights of the Glacier. However, for anyone trying to watch the view from the Web Cam on their television sets, they were out of luck as the Webcam was covered with water and ice droplets and was totally useless. For many late risers breakfast was a journey to the Horizon food buffet. The food selection was good, but the seating inadequate. Princess had an adjoin buffet area called Caribe, but would let anyone sit there after getting their food from the Horizon buffet. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
The good: The St. Thomas suite is rather roomy and could easily accommodate six people for cocktails canapés and even dinner. The main atrium was generally well-done, and the offerings (vines) above average. Our itinerary voyage of the ... Read More
The good: The St. Thomas suite is rather roomy and could easily accommodate six people for cocktails canapés and even dinner. The main atrium was generally well-done, and the offerings (vines) above average. Our itinerary voyage of the glaciers southbound seemed to be superior to the itinerary of a number of other cruise passengers we met throughout the week at the pair of overlapping ports. Embarkation for passengers traveling in suites could not have been better- dedicated line and expedited handling. Complementary use of the thermal suites and access to the spa gym was a very nice touch reserved for suite passengers. Similarly the expanded room service affording complete menu offerings for suite passengers also proved to be valuable, as the quality of the food received from room service was superior to hash being slung in the main dining rooms. The food and service at the Crowne Grill and wheelhouse pub (although only open for lunch two of the seven days) was generally very good, the breakfast in Sabatini's for suite passengers also a very nice touch. The bad: Despite throwing the cabin steward an extra hundred beginning of the trip service was average at best. While the room was clean and well refreshed daily and ice was omnipresent, getting the correct daily menus was a challenge. Speaking of menus, food in the main dining rooms could best be described as a bland version of bland. Why in the hell a suite contains two twin beds smashed together to create a queen is beyond me. How often has a passenger(s) booked a suite and specifically requested two twin beds? Several of the other public areas of the ship or downright pathetic and included the mini golf course, arcade, boards that contained a map of the voyage were 25% map and 75% exposed plywood. The evening canapés were pathetic and when specific items were ordered (chocolate covered strawberries) and claim to have been delivered only to realize they had not the excuse became "We must of been out of those." The ugly: The spa and associated services go well beyond being a bad joke and border on the criminal. After specifically declining a number of product's my wife was still charged almost $400 for said product's. After objecting she was told that the transaction had already been completed and it was suggested she just take the product's and try to return them at a later when a "Supervisor" was on duty. This was obviously an attempt to extract as much "additional income" as humanly possible and a source of great aggravation for my wife and by extension me. On the first day of the cruise we were told that the specialty restaurants could be booked the day of and not in advance, as suite passengers we had preferred reservations and not overly concerned. Halfway through the cruise we found out that the specialty restaurants were completely booked for the remainder of the voyage, and could not accommodate any any additional reservations. Given the lackluster food options, this was particularly infuriating because in addition to the preferred reservations for suite passengers not being applicable, at no point were any of the specialty restaurants more than half full on nights that were supposedly "Sold out." Summary: Most of the other reviews about the Princess line slipping into and below mediocrity are by in large accurate. This is particularly disappointing given that we popped for a suite, as we were traveling with a group of 16 people. Our group consisted of a suite, a family suite, a mini suite, a premium balcony, and two premium Oceanview cabins. At the end of the day if you're looking for a bargain, sale with Norwegian, Carnival, or Princess. If you're looking for a better boat, service, and overall experience sail with Celebrity or Holland America. Full disclosure I am a carnival cruise stockholder Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Like all things in like, there is generally some good parts and some bad parts. The overall experience is which side outweighed the other. I will start with the good points. The scenic cruising through Hubbard Glacier and Glacier ... Read More
Like all things in like, there is generally some good parts and some bad parts. The overall experience is which side outweighed the other. I will start with the good points. The scenic cruising through Hubbard Glacier and Glacier National Park was simply breathtaking. Because the Margerie Glacier was extremely active the captain allows us to stay in front of it longer. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. The housekeeping staff was impeccable. They were in and out of the room quickly and rarely noticeable. Only one small negative, they need to learn to make towel animals. The casino staff was very friendly and made it a joy to play at the tables and in their tournaments. Now, I will go over the bad points. These overwhelmed the good and made this an experience one I would like to forget. The food was on the level of a Furr's Cafeteria. It was very bland and borderline tasteless. If you like full flavored food, you'll hate the food on any Princess cruise. None of the steaks that I ordered were cooked as I ordered it. They refused to cook my salmon to temperature. Their presentation was lacking and in some cases very unappetizing, especially with their pureed vegetables in a gelatin mold. The food service was slow, inattentive, disorganized, and at some points rude. There were several meals that I thought about walked over to the wait station to fill the water glasses on the table. There were times we sat for a half hour or more with empty plates waiting for the next course to be served. Rarely did they come over to see how we were doing or if we need anything else. At one point, the waiter asked me if I was done with my plate, I say yes, and he left without taking my plate. This happened 2 more times, with the same waiter, before they removed my plate and I nearly bused the table myself. There were also a couple of occasions that they got my order incorrect and it was painful getting their attention to correct it. The cruise staff was not as friendly as previous cruises. On most of my cruises, the thing I remember most is the cruise staff because they go out of their way to make my cruise memorable. On this cruise, my most memorable cruise staff is Casper because I showed up to several events that no cruise staff showed up to organize. At a minimum, they should have sent someone to say that it was canceled. We didn't even get greeted by the cruise staff as we entered the ship. The customer service has been abysmal and it started with booking the trip. I was on the phone for over 3 hours just to book my trip. The Princess representative was very friendly but was severally under-trained. I was constantly put on mute so she could talk to someone else to find out how to do something. During my land excursion, I asked a representative which bus I needed to get on. They sent me to the wrong bus. The organization was horrible and the Princess personnel seemed lost. When to Denali, they got my rooms incorrect. First off, they game me two adjoining rooms when I only needed one. Secondly, it was a room that was already occupied. During the tour from Denali to Whittier, I was told that the bus was better than the train because it'll stop so you can take picture. We sped by a moose on the side of the road, even with the entire bus yelling "MOOSE." We didn't even slow down. We also saw a bear and several other scenic spots. All of which are blurs as we zoomed by them. When my cruise ended, the customer service was still bad. They neglected to send me a survey for feedback on the cruise. I asked customer service to resend it and I still have not received it. I contacted customer service to tell them that I still have not received it, and their response was terse; "Sorry for your disappointment, the survey's were sent on {Date} and resent on {Date} to email address {Email Address}." With this response, they gave no options in remedying the situation. Throughout the cruise there were tons of minor glitches that all add up to making the experience miserable. Little things like not getting your coffee order correct or giving you a look of disgust when you ask them to rinse your refillable cup out before the refill it. I purchased the cruise video. It has a lot of stock video that was not part of the cruise so it probably not truly worth it price. However, regardless of the price, I received a bad copy. It has been over a month now and I still have not gotten a working copy. This cruise was my second with Princess. I would not recommend Princess to anyone. Neither of the Princess cruises were extraordinary. In fact I would not place them in the good category. I know I can generally get a Princess cruise for a cheaper price, especially to Alaska, but you definitely get what you pay for. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
We just returned from our cruise and I wanted to share our experience with the wonderful members of cruisecritic.com. Our cruise had been planned for a year and included 15 family members from all over the US. We were travelling with 4 ... Read More
We just returned from our cruise and I wanted to share our experience with the wonderful members of cruisecritic.com. Our cruise had been planned for a year and included 15 family members from all over the US. We were travelling with 4 couples and kids ages 1 - 15. My parents are experienced cruisers, having sailed with Holland and Royal but this was their first time on Princess and my first cruise. We all flew into Anchorage and stayed at the Anchorage Grand Hotel (would not recommend this hotel). We had arranged private transportation to Whittier from Anchorage the following day. We did make a stop at the Wildlife Conservation Center en route to Whittier which I really enjoyed. You have the opportunity to see bears (up close and personal - only separated by a thin wire barrier), moose, bison etc.. Embarkation in Whittier A very smooth process - we were checked in very quickly and our reservations were all correct - 4 suites Suites We were in the Family Suite (and my sister and her family were in the other Family Suite). Pros- The suite was nice and spacious for a family of 4. There were nice amenities included such as canapes, fruit, chocolate strawberries and profiteroles delivered daily Steward was very nice and attentive - and even did special little things for our kids (like making animal figures out of the bath towels each day). Cons- Suite had 2 bedrooms with a sitting area connecting them. Both bedrooms had 2 twin beds. Great for our kids - flashback to "I Love Lucy" for my wife and I. Balcony was large but totally unusable when the ship was moving due to the wind and lack of overhead shelter (it was totally open). Family Suites are the first cabins at the front of the ship (D101 and D102) so we felt the movement a little more. Because the suites are at the front of the ship you have to walk pretty far to get to dining rooms/public areas (but was a good workout everyday). The other members of our family had suites midship and my parents had a huge suite at the rear of the ship that was quite nice. Ship Layout The ship was very confusing to navigate. Most of the decks did not go from one end of the ship to the other and we continually were hitting "dead-ends" as we tried to get to different areas of the ship. I think I finally figured it out on our 5th day onboard. Shows Pros-Shows were well done and great for all ages Cons-Hard to get a seat for the early show Casino Pros-The Casino manager was very pleasant Cons-No free drinks while gambling - not even sodas.. Incredibly smoky - there was one night that was no smoking but the rest were almost intolerable Slot machines were very dated and worn (faded reels, fuzzy resolution) Dealers did their jobs -but definitely didn't go to any great lengths to engage the players. Pools Pros-Nice assortment of pools for all ages Movies Under the Stars This was great on our last day when the weather was pleasant enough to sit outside to watch the movies. The other days when it was windy/rainy there weren't many people willing to sit out to watch.. Spa Pro-Had some great treatments Con-Lots of "hard" selling and pressure to purchase add'l treatments/items. Food This was my greatest disappointment. Everyone had told me about all the wonderful food we would have on the ship - 24/7. I ended up losing weight between the horrible food and long walk to our suite several times a day. The first morning we were told the International Dining Room was serving breakfast from 7:30-9:30. We arrived at 9:25 and were told we could not come in and had to go to the Horizon Court Buffet. Awful - I felt like I was at a hospital cafeteria. Sandwiches wrapped in saran wrap that didn't appear fresh, weird assortment of items, servers who had no idea what items were, long unorganized lines, temperature was hot and stuffy, tables were left with dirty things until we requested they be cleaned.. It wasn't until the 3rd day that we realized we could eat breakfast in Sabatinis because we were in a suite. Noone had told us this - we just happened to walk by and see the sign. We ended up eating breakfast there each morning and it was the highlight of our food experience on the ship. International Dining Room - Food was awful and we always had to wait about 15-20 min for our drinks. Our servers were pleasant but we'd only see them when we sat down, when we ordered and when we were done. If you had a problem you were on your own.. We didn't have one decent meal the entire week. Sterling Steakhouse - Nicer and more attentive than the International Dining Room - but they cooked everyone's steaks wrong (I mean really wrong).. Trident Grill and Prego Pizzeria were both good - but the seating options were awful - you could either sit outside in a very cold uninviting environment - or try to find a table at Horizon Court where it was hot/stuffy and smelled like a cafeteria. Sundaes - Ice Cream Bar- Awful - Bad soft serve ice cream on bad cones with one topping option -colored sprinkles. The servers were incredibly "put-out" when you'd walk up and interrupt their personal conversations. Calypso Bar - the only decent bar on the ship and made an awesome latte. Customer Service In addition to the disappointing food we found the overall customer service to be incredibly lacking. The general feeling amongst our group was that the staff did not really care about accomodating the guests. It really was about what was the most convenient for them (the crew/staff) and if you made any inquiry outside of that it was quickly shot down. We were disappointed that on port days all of the stores on the ship were closed and unless you were in port there was not much to do. When we boarded we realized there wasn't anyone to help explain the different services, dining options etc.. While our steward was very helpful -he was from another country and incredibly hard to understand. All that said -we were left to figure out everything on our own. I also was a little annoyed that we had to have our bags packed and outside of our room by 9:00 the night before we arrived in Vancouver. Disembarkation in Vancouver We had to be out of our room by 8:00 a.m. the day we arrived in Vancouver. We all felt it was a little early to have to "check-out" given our flight wasn't until 2:00. While not the fault of Princess - the process once we arrived at the Vancouver Airport was horrible. We arrived at the airport by 9:30 a.m. and by the time we'd cleared customs it was close to 12:00 (and stood in not less than 5 lines with 2 small kids). Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
We just came back from 7 days Alaska cruise from Whittier to Vancouver on Carnival Spirit. Alaska is unbelievable beautiful, I am sure we will go back again. Carnival or even cruising, we are not so sure. Food: Very very bad. We ... Read More
We just came back from 7 days Alaska cruise from Whittier to Vancouver on Carnival Spirit. Alaska is unbelievable beautiful, I am sure we will go back again. Carnival or even cruising, we are not so sure. Food: Very very bad. We have read from several books that Carnival has one of the best cuisines among mainstream cruise lines. All I can say is I can't imagine how the food can be worse. I actually lost a pound after 7 days of cruising. Main Dining room: Starters are generally good, though some are on the salty side. Steak, Rib, Free-range chicken are very good. Veal meat is too rough, like leather. Pork Loin is terrible. And if you are a seafood lover, you are out of luck. Lobster is way toooo salty, crab leg, fish and shrimp all have no taste at all. The only good seafood is cured salmon, a starter. Spa menu should be low-fat, low sodium, not low taste. Buffet: Ehhh. How can soup be saltier than ocean water? How can hamburger meat taste like candle? How hard you have to try to make eggroll taste bland? The only things eatable are sandwich and pizza, though they are far from good. Cabin: Very nice. Small, but comfortable. Nice bed, pillow and comforter. The only complain is the constant foul smell in the bathroom, even with the fan on 24 hours a day. Entertainment: N/A We only went to one show, not our cup of tea. Besides who has time for indoor entertainment when it's so beautiful outside. One fellow passenger who has cruised Carnival 7 times commented that this is the worst entertainment she has ever saw. I will take her word for it. Family & Children: Bad The whole reason our travel agent recommended Carnival is because of their Camp Carnival program, what a letdown. The problem with Camp Carnival is that they organize their program strictly based on age 2 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 11, 12 - 14. As any parents would know, a great activity for 6-year-old might be cruelly boring for a 8-year-old, while a great activity for 8-year-old could make 6-year-old very confused. I wish Carnival would loosen up the age limitation so a 8 or 11 year old kids can choose with age group they want to join. Service: Uneven The room service was great. The steward seems working ALL THE TIME. Our room would be clean and tidy every time we went back. She is also very friendly whenever we met her at the hallway. Dining room, well, the fixed time dining is OK. Not good, not bad either. However, the any-time dining was a nightmare, I wish Carnival would just get rid of it. The first time our drink arrived when we are finishing dessert. The next time, our waitress toke our order and disappeared for 45 minutes leaving us sitting there, wondering what's going on. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
My husband and I booked a 13 night Alaskan Cruisetour a year before it sailed for our 25th anniversary.  The cruisetour started on May 24th with the tour first.  We splurged on a full suite (costing us $14,500.00 with air).  This ... Read More
My husband and I booked a 13 night Alaskan Cruisetour a year before it sailed for our 25th anniversary.  The cruisetour started on May 24th with the tour first.  We splurged on a full suite (costing us $14,500.00 with air).  This proved to be a huge MISTAKE.  We should have gone with Royal Carribbean for $3,000.00 less and more services.This is how our vacation went:We flew 10 1/2 hours from the east coast to Alaska (this was the best part of our trip since we flew first class).Upon our arrival for our 2 night stay in Fairbanks, Alaska (after a very confusing start at the airport as to where to leave our luggage and which tags to put on it) was very dissapointing.  We stayed in a Princess lodge that had no ammenities except a restaurant and a gift shop.  We went panning for gold which was fun and on a Riverboat which was very boring.  The excursion that we chose was to the North Pole, which we had to wait until the second day to take since it did not start until May 25th.  What a huge dissapointment that was.  It cost us $100.00 to go in a bus to a gift shop with a partially dressed Santa and then to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.  I could not believe that they actually charged $50.00 a person to go to a gift shop.  Our room was facing the parking lot, near an ice machine and the air conditioning barely worked (it was 78 degrees when we arrived and we did not bring summer clothes to Alaska).  Very dissapointing  room.  The food at the lodge was extremely expensive and not good at all.Next we went to Denali.  The train ride was awesome, but you can go on the train with ANY of the cruise lines.  We were right behind the train cars for Royal Carribbean.  We arrived in Denali to again get the room facing the street and this time near a door that kept opening and slamming shut as well as being near the room cleaning staff's station.  We were to get NO sleep here!  We went to a Denali Dinner show and paid $100.00 to eat the worse ribs I have ever had in my life.  The second day we went to Denali park which was the highlight of our vacation.  We left Denali on a 9 hour bus ride to Copper River on a dirt road.  What a waste of an entire day!We get in Copper River and again we get a room facing the parking lot, near the ice machine and near the stairs.  More than half of the excursions are not even available yet since the salmon are not running yet, so we do NOTHING.  Since there aren't even hot tubs or a pool to enjoy, we spent the day reading books inside since it was raining out.  They really need to have some ammenities.  It's not like you can hop in your car and go for a ride, you are totally dependent upon the busses.  The food was aweful and the service just as bad and very expensive again.  Finally, after 2 days of complete bordom and lack of sleep, we are going to the ship for pampering - so we thought!We get to the Diamond Princess after a very long day of traveling on a bus and then on a catamaran to Whittier.  We have booked a full suite and are very happy with it.  Unfortunately, we were very dissapointed to find out that we were lied to by customer service over the phone and told that we had a Concierge (which we have had on other ships as well as a butler on other ships when we book a suite) but now find out that we have no Concierge.  I want to clarify something:  the first day we get on the ship I go to customer service and wait in a very long line.  Finally I thought I hear someone say "next" but wasn't sure so I waited in line.  Apparently, the woman at the end of the counter did call me and yelled out "NEXT" very loudly this time.  I started to walk towards her and actually saw her roll her eyes at me.  I couldn't believe it!  This was day 1 of the rude staff on the Diamond Princess.  It only gets worse.  Not one crewmember, with the exception of our room steward, ever said Hello, smiled or moved out of your way when you were walking in a common area.  They would cut you off, walk right into you or actually step on you if you were in their way.  We were also told that we had priority seating in the specialty restaurants by customer service (when we booked the cruise); however, this again was untrue as we found out when we attempted to book the Sterling Steakhouse on the evening of our 25th anniversary.  After a lot of arguing, we did get a reservation  but were very unhappy that it had to go to that point.  Entertainment on this ship was all but non-existant.  They had the same 3 entertainers on all nights and the last night they played a movie in the theatre - no entertainment at all, unless of course you wanted to go to an art auction or learn square dancing.Basically, we booked a suite to get the extra "perks" that we usually get from other cruiselines; however, apparently Princess feels that unnecessary.  We paid a lot more money for our cruise than most of the other passengers and expected to get what we paid for.We were told that we had priorty disembarkement by customer service and in the Princess cruise book; however, upon disembarkement we realized that this again was a lie.  We were instructed to wait in a special area for suite members but we were the LAST people off of the ship.  We were staying in Vancouver on a post-cruise package but did not get to our hotel until after 12:00 when all of the tours had already left for the day, so we did not get to tour Vancouver as we planned.  The ship docked at 7:30 a.m. but we did not get off of the ship until 10:30 and waited an hour to get on a bus to be brought to our hotel, which was having rennovations made to the entrance that you had to walk around and through red tape - what a mess!When I got home I wrote a letter to Princess and the response I got was shocking.  Basically I was told how sorry they were that I did not enjoy my cruise, but they do not offer any extra services to persons staying in a suite and they hope we will sail with them again.  Why would I ever do that?  This was my first and LAST cruise with Princess.  They are very expensive and gave the WORSE customer service I have ever experienced on a ship.  Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
My partner and I cruised from Whittier to Vancouver in July 2008. This was our first cruise but we were a little disappointed with several aspects. First impressions were that the Island Princess cabin looked a 'little tired', ... Read More
My partner and I cruised from Whittier to Vancouver in July 2008. This was our first cruise but we were a little disappointed with several aspects. First impressions were that the Island Princess cabin looked a 'little tired', the carpet in our mini suite looked as though it needed a good clean, the bed valance had a tear in it and the outdoor deck chairs were splattered with paint! On a positive note the bed was very comfortable and our steward meticulously maintained the cabin although we saw him only twice during the trip. We chose anytime dining and found the food and service in the dining room excellent, special requests or variations to orders were no trouble at all. Food in the buffet was quite good but there were some occasions when it appeared that it had been left in the warming dish a little too long. Service in the buffet was very enthusiastic at the beginning of the cruise but waivered towards the end. It was disappointed we didn't have a coffee machine in our cabin, it's a bit annoying having to call room service and wait 20 minutes or more for coffee or alternatively make one's way to the buffet. I do think the ships could provide more inclusive additions in their costs, why can't they allow passengers at least one cappucino or coffee of their choice and perhaps one ice cream a day as part of their fares, also fruit juice, seems a bit ridiculous that you can order it free for breakfast but have to pay for it at any other time. Pottery classes and computer classes were around $25-35 each, massages etc very expensive, it just seemed that we had to pay for almost everything we chose to do in addition to the standard activities. The entertainment seemed very out dated and reminiscent of what one may have experience in cruise ships 20 years previously. Daytime entertainment was bingo, trivia, pottery, computers etc - what about some debates, book readings, daytime movies, guest speakers - after all we were cruising Alaska and there is lots of wonderful history to share. We did have a lady who won the Iditarod on board for a presentation and she was excellent. We attended a musical performance, hypnotist show, an Elvis hour which was a farce - the DJ played Elvis music for 20 mintues then simply replayed the same music over and over! The chocolate buffet was held one night about 10 or 11pm but the queue was round the deck so we didn't bother to wait around. Perhaps they should consider offering this at several locations throughout the deck, the champagne fountain was at 11.15pm, some people are asleep at that hour!The bar staff were excellent and the range of cocktails very good but also quite expensive. We enjoyed the ranger's talks but were disappointed that the Captain did not update us as to where we were travelling throughout the day. We received Princess Patter every evening which told us where we would be going but on the day we had no idea where we were. Bridgecam which transmitted through the TV simply showed the boat travelling but no indication of where we were. A friend recently took a cruise ship through the European rivers and said their captain kept them regularly updated as to their whereabouts throughout the cruise. We paid a lot of money for this cruise and while we are pleased we had the opportunity to see Glacier Bay and we did relax on the trip we both felt it was overrated and overpriced for what we got. Read Less
Sail Date July 2008
Just returned from Alaska cruise-embarked in Whittier, took AKRR train, which was best way to go, great trip,easy. Embarkation went smoothly. Our room was an EE category with a large window, with only a few things blocking the ... Read More
Just returned from Alaska cruise-embarked in Whittier, took AKRR train, which was best way to go, great trip,easy. Embarkation went smoothly. Our room was an EE category with a large window, with only a few things blocking the view...partially obstructed, still a view, and well worth it, we saw whales right out the window one morning! The room had two twins on floor, that didn't connect to make one bed, and two beds that came out of the ceiling and folded down to basically become a bunk bed over top the twin bed on the floor; cabin steward folded it up/down for us, to keep it out of the way. The upper bed was hard, the ladder to climb into was sketchy and not easy to traverse. Having last cruised Carnival Liberty last June to E. Carib, I will use that to compare this cruise to. Overall it was simply a huge disappointment. The ship is small and the layout is poor, lots of floors that do not go all the way through, making certain places only reachable by certain elevators, etc. Very broken up, confusing. Last cruise, we knew where we were/going after 2nd day, this cruise, not so! The signs for the gangway had arrow on them, one would tell you to go up, so we did, only to get to that floor, and see another sign saying gangway was down, very confusing, not to mention when we would ask where is the gangway today, princess staff would all tell you something different! The room was very standard, not near as nice, or as many amenities as Carnival Liberty had. The ship itself, also didn't compare, not as nice, opulent, clean, etc. Service was incredibly poor, except for some of the meals in the dining room, where is was pretty good, although usually very slow. The wait to get a drink in skywalkers was sometimes 25 minutes or more, we usually gave up and went straight to the bartender ourselves. The others clubs/bars were usually the same, we actually had to track down the server to get our receipt, or even to ask if they could come over and take our drink order. The buffet, horrible, in one word. Lay out was so small, not enough space to have a two-sided buffet and still have traffic passing in between. They often ran out of silverware, and coffee cups, incredible! So needless to say, no silverware, no coffee, and the last day of the cruise this happened, and during the 30 minutes we spent eating, still no coffee cups, no silverware, no explanation. The buffet seating area was always so crowded, we often had to sit with others, or had to allow others to sit with you, which is ok, we enjoyed talking with others, but not every time. Sometimes we walked around for several minutes, food and trays in hand trying to find a table and chairs to sit on and eat. Terrible! None of this ever happened on our last cruise. The Dining room meals were horrible compared to Carnival Liberty, and completely subpar compared to any nice restaurant you may eat in in states. Honestly the buffet was far, far worse than home town buffet or one of those buffet only type restaurants. Fresh fruit was great, the rest was not. This was probably our biggest disappointment. Only twice did I think a dining room meal was was good. Meals there were very small servings, poor presentation, just lacking all around. I am not a picky eater either, yet I found it hard to find something doable other than salad bar and fruit in the buffet! Room service menu was only a few items, and they make you pay for things like juice. The ship was simple, very basic. No teak floors like on carnival. Indoor/outdoor carpeting instead. There were several pools and hot tubs, which was nice, but the air temp was so cold all week(never above 50F until we arrived in BC). The ports of call: skagway, juneau, ketchikan were all very nice, and unique compared to each other. In Skagway we did the hike and float, highly recommend this trip (book it directly through skagwayfloat.com to save $). Hike was amazingly beautiful, and easy if you can hike basic trails. The float on Taiya river was fun and great scenery. We fished in Juneau, (I booked this myself directly) through Devilfish charters, but didn't catch anything (no salmon/halibut), but saw lots of wildlife and whales! The owner and his wife are really awesome people, very interesting stories, very accommodating, and very nice--would call them again if in Juneau, plus their prices were best I could find. The boat was really nice also. Got weathered in at Ketchikan, so no Misty Fjords flightseeing. The shows were ok, a few were a little better than just ok, but more like highschool drama productions, not near as big, elaborate, or first rate as on carnival. The stage was small and the theatre was even smaller, you had to get there 30 min prior to showtime to even think you were gonna find a seat. Small, unaccommodating, waiting...same thing all around. There were not many activities on the ship. It was about 95% age 65 and older, so activities were bingo, trivia, bridge, etc. Nothing like a carrib. cruise would have, and not much to do for more active, younger folks. We were pretty bored on sailing days, and so thankful the scenery was so great. Laundry room day before disemb. was crazy, and busy, and people got into arguments; cabin steward even remarked its nothing to have to have security come down there. Pursers desk was a horror. Inexperienced and rude. There were 3 of us in our cabin, two of us together, with the same credit card to charge, and a third single person on their own check. I cant tell you what a nightmare it was the last day, up to today, days later, still trying to sort out our bills, because princess so royally messed it all up. The single person, paid their bill the night before disemb. in cash. The guy at desk put the cash on our bill, the separate, and different account, but told us that it went on the right account, but it printed on our account, and that he wasn't sure why, but he assured us the single person's account was paid indeed paid in full, and correct. SO, the next day, we went through h*ll dealing with very rude, clueless pursers desk people, because sure enough they posted the cash payment on the wrong account, also charged the single person's card for that same amount, put the cash credit on our account, then said they couldn't make another change to try and fix things, so we had to come back to the desk (all the while we had been in line with all our baggage at the other end of ship in line to get off the ship!). They have since charged us an incorrect amount, twice in one day, two different charges, and after a long phone call, two customer service people, they say they fixed it, but it will take 10-14 days to see the correct amount billed and refunds rendered. A disaster, all their fault and their mistakes snowballed, and we paid in money, time, aggravation, etc. They never apologized, and were actually rude. Very unknowledgeable, and inexperienced. We never, ever had any issues on carnival. This whole experience was a complete 180! Alaska is simply wonderful, and British Columbia may be even better, it was all very beautiful scenery, just do this trip on a different cruiseline. We loved the scenery, nature and ports, although weather was dreary and cold until last day getting into British Columbia. We are not picky people, but I like to think you should get what you pay for or something close, and this was just not at all worth the money. Service, activities, food, ship, all a disappointment. Read Less
Sail Date June 2008
BUYER BEWARE! What a disaster! This was my family's first cruise, and we have all decided that maybe cruising isn't for us. We came to this decision because: a) the food was awful, b) the ride was horribly choppy and bumpy, c) ... Read More
BUYER BEWARE! What a disaster! This was my family's first cruise, and we have all decided that maybe cruising isn't for us. We came to this decision because: a) the food was awful, b) the ride was horribly choppy and bumpy, c) the entertainment was poor, and d) did I mention the food was awful?! I want to say this about our cruise - we loved Alaska. Princess did do a great job of offering really fine excursions. You just can't beat the natural beauty and stunning views Alaska has to offer. Really, we want you to go to Alaska. But think twice about taking the Dawn Princess. So the second night at sea, I've never been so sick! The sea was rough, but I thought that 77 ton vessels were supposed to be able to handle it. Throughout the ship there hung a stench of sewage. The entertainment was really very poor. Have you ever heard of Lovena B. Fox? I thought not. But Princess made her sound like a Grammy award winner. When she came on stage, I was so miserable in my disappointment that I didn't have the heart to stand up and leave. It's hard when you pity the performer so much that you stay until the bitter end. Now about the food. When I announced to my colleagues at work that I was going on my first cruise, everyone said that it was the best way to travel, that the food was just divine, and that I wasn't going to want to leave the ship. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. On the first night, we ate at the Pizzeria. Every review I read about the ship said that the Pizzeria was wonderful...wrong. The pizza was bland and dry. And the plate of blah that they served for antipasti was beyond my wildest nightmares. Overall, the quality of food that the kitchen purchased to prepare so awful, so revolting, and so cheap that even Wolfgang Puck couldn't have made the fare appetizing. And that was how it was for the rest of the week. The buffet was disgusting. I mean it. It was so gross that we knew not to get anything that wasn't in its natural state (i.e. salad was the only safe thing). Throughout the trip I had this horrible sense of dEja vu - I was back at my first year in college, dreading each meal that I had to eat at the commons. I know you know what I'm talking about. Then the dining room was just lamentable. On the last night I ordered a meat dish, I can't recall right now what it was (I've tried to block it out) - and sent it away without touching it because it looked wholly disgusting and even smelled a little sour. All-in-all I mean, really, we paid good money for the cruise - so why couldn't Princess afford to buy and serve better quality products? Now, I knew that it was really bad after talking to a fellow shipmate in the Laundromat on the last sea day. This woman was from Hawaii and has cruised 16+ times. She said that she'd been on several different cruise lines, and that this cruise - on the DAWN PRINCESS - was one of the worst she has ever taken. Ever. Thank God for her, because I know now, that we were not alone in our displeasure. Will we ever cruise again? I don't know. But thanks to Princess and their awful vessel, the Dawn, the odds aren't looking good. Will we ever go to Alaska again? You betcha. And you should too. But whatever you do, don't book on the Dawn Princess. BUYER BEWARE! Read Less
Sail Date August 2005
First off I will give you a little background about my husband & myself. I am 38 & my husband is 49 (acts a lot younger). We have been on 2 previous cruises with Princess & Royal Caribbean. This was our 1st with Carnival. We ... Read More
First off I will give you a little background about my husband & myself. I am 38 & my husband is 49 (acts a lot younger). We have been on 2 previous cruises with Princess & Royal Caribbean. This was our 1st with Carnival. We are both pretty easy going & love cruising. Plan to do a lot more of it in the future. We arrived in Anchorage the day before. We had transfers (through carnival) to Whittier so we went back to the airport Wed. morning to catch the shuttle. This is where I started to get a little concerned. We actually received 5 different answers on what time the 1st shuttle to Whittier was leaving. It started to get a little comical. My parents were also traveling with us & were a bit concerned when the staff at the desk left their baggage in an unsecured area. We stayed close by to monitor the situation. There seemed to be lots of confusion. But no problem ...we knew we would get on the ship some way some how. Once on the shuttle the ride to the port was great! Very pretty & interesting sites along the way. The bus driver was very informative about the area. Once we got to the pier there was some more excitement with the Long Shoremen picketing Carnival. They actually had to arrest a guy that laid down in front of our bus. We where finally there!! Embarkation went pretty smoothly. The only down side was having to stand in the rain for a while. The gangway was not all covered. The room & the ship were very nice & comfortable. The first night in the dining room was open seating. They pretty much threw the plates at you. Service was not very personable. We got back to the room & were ready to settle down for the night. The Carnival Caper said to be up at 6:00 to see College fjord. We were up about 5:00 bright eyed & bushy tailed to see what we heard was spectacular glacier scenery. Room service coffee was late but I had read previously that they were so I was prepared with a hot water heater, coffee singles & mugs. No Problem. It got to be about 7:00 a.m. & still no glaciers. We got showered thinking that we might be running a little late. 8:00 comes around & still no glacier. Then Michel (CD) comes on the intercom & says we are having engine problems & will not be able to cruise the glaciers. I was starting to feel "not so easy going" at that point. OK well lets pick ourselves up & look forward to Sitka in the morning. I had read & heard great things about this port. Chuck & I head out to take some pictures & do some video of the ship before the mustard drill. Mustard drill -- Royal mess! Took 3 times as long as the other 2 I have experienced. The crew was actually later than the passengers at getting to the designated areas. But again no big deal as long as we all know what to do sense we are having engine trouble. Time for an afternoon cocktail with my parents & discussion on what to do & see in Sitka. About the time we sat down, the captain comes on to say that we will not be going to Sitka in the morning (due to the engine issue). We are heading on to Juneau. We will get there tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Oh & for our trouble we will each get a $50 credit on our sail account. Did I say I was easy going? So much for that. Had a little more trouble getting over that disappointment & the insult of the $50 credit for missing 1/3 of the stuff we where suppose to see thus far. Went to dinner that evening. Now that we were at our designated table with our designated waiter service was much better & I was pleased with the food. The show that evening was very good. The spirit dancers are great! The next morning I went to work out some frustration. The gym was also nice. The naturalist Michele helped us spot whales from the ship. Chuck & I really enjoyed her. Finally got to Juneau (yeah). Everyone was ready to get off the ship!! We used the afternoon to go up the tram & do some hiking. It was a clear day & great up top. Highly recommend doing this. Since we got back on ship later than dinner we went to the Lido area. This is another area we were disappointed in. Very little selection compared to the other ships we have been on & we also encountered some short tempers by servers. One actually threw down her utensils when the guy in front of us politely asked for a little more roast beef. The next day in Juneau we went whale watching with Captain Larry. Again a great excursion. The people in this town are very enjoyable. I really liked Juneau even more than I thought I would. Off to Skagway. We went horseback riding in Deay (sp?) Enjoyed it. Again, 1st class folks in Skagway. In Ketchikan we went sea kayaking with southeast. Wonderful time but a little rough in areas. Didn't see a lot of wildlife but I don't think you really do until the salmon start running. The last day on board we had a lot of pretty scenery to watch as we made our way into Vancouver. Even saw a few more whales. Disembarkation went smoothly. We where ready to get off the ship but not ready to leave Alaska. I was not happy with the service on the ship & will not sail Carnival again. I realize bad stuff can happen but did not feel that the staff on board handled it in the best manner. The last straw was when I heard that the engine had been damaged on the previous northbound cruise. If given the choice I would of rather delayed my cruise than go with one engine & fewer sites. You don't go to Alaska to spend all your time on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date June 2005
My last cruise to Alaska prior to this one was on NCL Norwegian Spirit. I thought I would pay more for Princess expecting a better experience since Princess IS after all higher tier than NCL. But I WAS WRONG. THIS SHIP'S FOOD WAS ... Read More
My last cruise to Alaska prior to this one was on NCL Norwegian Spirit. I thought I would pay more for Princess expecting a better experience since Princess IS after all higher tier than NCL. But I WAS WRONG. THIS SHIP'S FOOD WAS ABSOLUTELY THE WORSE I HAVE EVER HAD ON A CRUISE. I have been on Carnival and Norwegian. Their meals were a pleasure. This ship's meals were torture. It seems like Princess was trying to cost cut in the wrong area on their cruise. The value and quality of the food served was similar to my college cafeteria food, cheap and without taste. The food in the buffet was almost the same everyday. There is very little variety. We would have asparagus au gratin for lunch, then pureed asparagus soup for dinner. For lunch they would serve minestrone soup and pork chop. For dinner they would serve "Philadelphia Pepper Soup" which looks and tastes amazingly like the minestrone soup from lunch. The only difference was it was a bit diluted and we found some cut up pork chop from the lunch earlier in the soup. Dining room food was worse. The "formal" dinning room menu was a subset of the buffet menu. With exception of the lobster and crab leg night, the rest of the dinning room food was just the buffet food scooped on the plate in their kitchen and dished out to you in the dinning room. They were cold and unappetizing. I ordered a "Aged New York" steak, medium. What I got was a well done baked New York Steak. I guess they put that in the warmer for too long. It didn't look like it was even grilled. Those foods don't look like they were cooked to order. So, we ended up eating the buffet every single meal. We avoided the dinning room. I don't care to be served cold buffet food at my table in a formal environment. I'd rather get my own food from the buffet. At least I can see them before I put them on my plate. In my previous 2 cruises, I've every had to eat pizza because the buffet and dinning room foods were so GOOD! For this cruise, I had to resort to pizza for some meals. My daughter had a pint sized carton of milk one day and it was bitter. Yes, I've never tasted bitter milk. When I tried to bring this to the attention of the buffet supervisor, the excuse given was these milk have been the the ship for 7 days and air could have gotten inside. I don't know how much air can get inside a sealed pint sized carton of milk. But I buy milk by the gallon at home and they usually last 2 weeks after opening in my fridge. In short, he was not apologetic nor did he try to check for the quality of the rest of the milk in that buffet counter. Shows how much Princess cares for the quality of their food and the well being of their passengers. In Carnival and Norwegian, hot chocolate (for breakfast) and cappuccino (for dinner) were always offered in their standard menu for free. In Princess, they charge for these 2 item every meal. During breakfast, they have more people walking around selling hot chocolate than people walking around replenishing juices or coffee. During breakfast, there were only OJ and cranberry juice available. If you want apple juice, you've got to ask someone to get it from the kitchen and wait for them to bring it to you. 1/2 hour before the breakfast buffet closes, they stopped replenishing juices altogether. If you want juice, you have to ask a few times before someone will go to the kitchen to get it for you. PRINCESS IS DEFINITELY TRYING TO CUT COST ON THE FOOD THEY GIVE TO PASSENGERS. We have a 6 year old daughter. Of the 7 nights were were on board, there was NOT even 1 animal towel on our bed. We didn't even bother asking. At all the ports were were docked furthest away from town. Princess has tour busses at the dock for you ONLY IF you sign up for their tour. If not, you will have to pay a few dollars to take a 10 min shuttle to town and back. It was worse in Ketchikan, we had to be tendered in from the middle of the water. They couldn't even pay for a dock for their ship. While Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian ships were docked directly in the center of the towns. JUST DISGUSTED WITH THE VALUE AND QUALITY WE GOT FOR WHAT WE PAID FOR!!! LAST TIME WE ARE GOING ON PRINCESS AGAIN. Read Less
Sail Date May 2005

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